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Warmwell Front Page Archive - part 1 _ Spring 2004

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June 26 - July 2 2004 ~ "For all the Commission's huffing and puffing, Defra, it appears, has not heard or learned a thing."

June 26 - July 2 ~ Were any animals given emergency vaccination in the "Hornbeam" simulation'

June 26 - July 2 ~ "Too much importance was attached to the trade-policy aspects, with the result that protective vaccination was not carried out even when it had been authorised."

June 26 - July 2 ~ We chose the words suggesting vaccination as a tool of first resort with care, using the same phrase as in the Royal Society's report into foot and mouth

June 26 - July 2 ~ " Vaccination would be used as a last resort. Slaughter is still the best solution," .

June 26 - July 2 ~"Mr Bradshaw's comments caused dismay yesterday amongst those who lived through the 2001 crisis"..."It makes you wonder whether they have learnt anything at all....".

June 26 - July 2 ~ Evening of Day 6 - Exercise Hornbeam - 17,400 animals dead

June 26 - July 2 ~ "the slaughter of animals on infected premises and those suspected of harbouring foot-and-mouth will remain the first options, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said."

June 26 - July 2 ~ DEFRA would not allow the conversation to be filmed.

June 26 - July 2 ~ Bovine TB "... 6 weeks down the road from our last 60 day test, we still have had no notification of the result"

June 26 - July 2 ~ the number of herds logged on the Defra website does not tally with BCMS 'active' holdings.

June 26 - July 2 ~ Hornbeam begins

June 26 - July 2 ~ "...This change will enable decisions to be taken on the proper basis of disease control rather than economic and political considerations"

June 26 - July 2 ~ "We cannot have a situation again where there is no clear-cut policy on whether and when vaccination is used"

June 26 - July 2 ~ Vaccinated (FMD) meat and confusion over the EU Directive

June 26 - July 2 ~ Defra managing the statistics rather than the disease'

June 22 - June 25 ~ Farmers are told that BSE "has caused a harrowing fatal disease for humans"

June 22 - June 25 ~ ".. the prospect of unlimited funding, if only they could keep the scare going."

June 22 - June 25 ~ Supposed drop in TB is not what it seems

June 22 - June 25 ~ Vaccinated meat will not pose a problem for supermarkets.

June 22 - June 25 ~ After vaccination, meat destined for the UK market does not need de-boning.

June 22 - June 25 ~ The EU FMD Directive provides for derogation from heat treatments once the Protection or Surveillance Zone has been in place for more than 30 days.

June 18 - June 25 ~ The EU FMD Directive has to transposed into UK law by 30 June 2004

June 22 - June 25 ~ Brucellosis, the UK Cattle Tracing System - and a threat to the last US buffalo herd

June 22 - June 25 ~ "the department has failed to grasp the fundamentals of good system standards"

June 22 - June 25 ~ "Rufus would have to go, Mr. Norden was told over the telephone. There were no exemptions for back-yard chickens in the sweeping cull

June 18 - June 25 ~ "a legal duty on all 25 EU governments "to prepare all arrangements necessary for emergency vaccination" immediately the first animal is found to have the disease.

June 12 - June 18 ~ greater openness and transparency

June 12 - June 18 ~ Alun Michael refuses plea for pesticide buffer zones

June 12 - June 18 ~ 50th anniversary of the European Foot-and-Mouth Disease Commission held in Dublin.

June 12 - June 18 ~ Exercise Crucible" Australia's first large-scale FMD laboratory simulation

June 12 - June 18 ~ British Columbia: 17 million chicken, turkeys, ducks and geese ordered to be gassed or shot following discovery of avian influenza at one factory farm.

June 12 - June 18 ~ Undiagnosed paralysis, bovine - ProMED posting

June 12 - June 18 ~ Horse Passports - "...the first oddity of the scheme is why it was ever thought necessary"

June 12 - June 18 ~ "undiagnosed nervous condition" in the Cumbrian cow was, according to UK Zoonoses Group, caused by a virus not a new form of BSE

June 12 - June 18 ~ Scottish Executive to appeal against '267,000 Wallets Marts award

June 12 - June 18 ~ Researchers caution DEFRA that some farmers in disease-free areas would be unwilling to pay the "disease levy" while it could be ruinous for those in hotspots.

May 27 - June 12 ~ "...The secrecy surrounding drug licensing is second only to defence policy."

May 27 - June 12 ~ "The minister's comments demonstrate a dismal appreciation of the practicalities of farming.."

May 27 - June 12 ~ " ...the extra funding the Government has allocated to Biosecurity over the next four years will assist in protecting our industry from unwanted pests and disease, and will give us the ability to act quickly to protect our industry and interests.' .. New Zealand

May 21 - 27 2004 ~ Ben Bradshaw talks of "our successful eradication of foot and mouth disease in 2001"

May 21 - 27 ~ Toxic foods killing thousands, UN told

May 21 - 27 ~ DEFRA publishes its vaccination protocol - with its legal basis for pre-emptive culling

May 14 - 20 ~ Horse Passports delay "it would be much better if the Government faced up to reality that this is a hopeless and costly piece of bureaucracy "

May 14 - 20 ~ NSP: "required slaughter" of the so-called "most TSE susceptible" rare breed rams now in question - after RBST genotype survey raises concerns

May 14 - 20 ~ "... footrot is much more of a problem than scrapie."

May 14 - 20 ~ Simulated FMD exercise in Hobart

May 14- 20 ~ "Possibly they were reluctant to give evidence which might expose them to being party to the alleged mistake..."

May 14 - 20 ~ FMD false alarm in Shropshire

May 7 - 13 ~ Foot and Mouth in Israel: "the epizootic is thus seen as closed" No animals dead, destroyed or slaughtered

May 7 - 13 ~ "South America is expected to be certifiably and patently free of FMD within a few years"

May 7 - 13 ~ Hearing the Real GM Story

May 7 - 13 ~"...some seriously unique ideas about dealing with TB in both cattle and badgers"

May 7 - 13 ~The shambles of Defra's"fallen stock" disposal scheme

May 7 - 13 ~ UK need for rats in the sewers compared with Germany's "Green" waste food system

May 7 - 13 ~ International Vaccine Bank (IVB) in Britain to close in June. Update

May 7-13 ~ Germany has not banned pigswill feeding

May 7- 13 ~ 'the proper surveillance system will not be put into place, the proper response system will not exist.'

May 5 ~ Rapid Diagnosis test could have saved "thousands" of cows and sheep from culling

May 5 ~ "..West Nile Virus is non-native, and it is not known how it was introduced into the United States. "

May 5 ~ FMD has become a permanent threat in Southern Africa

May 5 ~ International Vaccine Bank (IVB) in Britain to close in June'

May 4 ~ The US takes the threat of bio-terrorism against agriculture very seriously

May 1 ~ "cooperative research efforts to help fight this disease" Foot and Mouth Disease Global Research Alliance.

May 1 ~ May Day, May Day - who's going to pay'

May 1 ~ "Be bloody, bold and resolute and laugh to scorn the power of man..."

April 30 ~ "Crucially, we also know that cattle would be culled again.

April 26 - May 1 ~ "the Government, far from reassuring people and answering their questions and concerns, have simply chosen to ignore them...

April 26 - May 1 ~ Mr Ben Bradshaw insisted that the Government had learned the lessons of the disaster

April 26 - May 1 ~ Mrs May spoke of the 10 million animals slaughtered during the foot and mouth crisis

April 26 - May 1 ~ Horse export disappointment "There is now nothing stopping the Government from going for a complete ban under the existing legislation..."

April 26 - May 1 ~ "Should the virus reach Australia, rapid diagnostic tests would ensure appropriate control and public health measures are implemented quickly."

April 26 - May 1 ~ China's new RT-PCR reagent kit is able to test three subgroups of avian influenza viruses simultaneously

April 26 - May 1 ~ "We are bitterly disappointed and frustrated..

April 26 - May 1 ~ "The OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code and the Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals have thus been updated"

April 26 - May 1 ~ "...a spokesman for Mr Michael last week refused to divulge whether Mrs Beckett would take public opinion on board...

April 26 - May 1 ~ DEFRA pays one of its bills

April 26 - May 1 ~ Do you or do you not intend to press for the UK opt out'

April 26 - May 1 ~ the Government cannot continue to ignore the evidence of the damage that pesticides are causing

April 19 - 25 ~ OIE International (Vaccination) Conference, Argentina, April 13-16, 2004 Conclusions and Recommendations

April 19 - 25 ~ It's much better than the original scheme, but so long as SFP is calculated on a regional basis rather than the basis of historic payments there are bound to be some losers" (Anthony Gibson)

April 19 - 25 ~ " reasons not to support the application by Syngenta for sweetcorn from genetically modified maize line Bt11 " says Elliot Morley

April 19 - 25 ~ Tories back call for Foot and Mouth Inquiry

April 19 - 25 ~ Owen Paterson will address an Open Meeting in Cumbria on the future of farming

April 19 - 25 ~ '1m awarded for university disease studies

April 19 - 25 ~ EFRA Committee to investigate the issue of bovine tuberculosis

April 19 - 25 ~ "... the ISG is aware of the background scientific information available, but it has not been asked to consider any worked-up research proposals relating to this area."

April 19 - 25 ~ "...Perhaps I may say nice things about Defra for a change."

April 19 - 25 ~ ".. spot checks on compliance in other member states. ..... would carry far more public confidence than the rather wimpish Commission."

April 19 - 25 ~ DEFRA says "it is for the Commission to enforce the standards across the community"

April 19 - 25 ~ New database to track animal movements

April 19 - 25 ~ "International cooperation in epidemiological studies and indeed in the control of FMD is of paramount importance"

April 12 - 18 ~ an "Achilles heel" for the FMD virus

April 12 - 18 ~ "This proposal offers an alternative to the depopulation of millions of animals in the face of a multi-centered foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak."

April 12 - 18 ~ Gamma Interferon, Bovine TB - other views

April 12 - 18 ~ Is there any chance that the RBS (Rapid Biosensor) breathalyser could be or will be adapted for use in detecting the presence of Mycobacterium bovis'

April 12 - 18 ~ TB has surfaced in Anglesey; there are no badgers there.

April 12 - 18 ~ Horse Exports. The Minister for the Horse questions the existence of a moral reason for a ban ....

April 5 - 11 ~ Why "new scrapie"' Why now'

April 5 - 11~ Own goals

April 5 - 11 ~ "we are disappointed to note that several of the points which we submitted in February 2003, in response to consultation on the earlier version of the Contingency Plan, have not been addressed."

April 5 - 11 ~ "National, regional and specialist media are unlikely to devote much space to FMD, now that the controversy from 2001 has died down...."

April 5 - 11 ~ DEFRA has now published consultees' recommendations about their previous Contingency Plan

April 5 - 11 ~ The general "we know best" tone of the DEFRA responses to stakeholders and consultees

April 5 - 11 ~ DEFRA redefines the word "majority"

April 5 - 11 ~ A mock foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak was staged to see how the different agencies would interact. More than 200 citizens attended two bio-security training sessions

April 5 - 11 ~ The Government is coming under increasing pressure over its handling of the foot and mouth disaster.

April 5 - 11 ~ Owen Paterson is demanding immediate answers from Ben Bradshaw over licences to cull badgers

April 5 - 11 ~"... welfare is recognised in the title but remain to be persuaded that it will truly form a major plank of the strategy"

March 28 - April 4 ~ ".. again one is forced to wonder whether our ministers have any idea what they are up to."

March 28 - April 4 ~ ".. the contingency plan as just another step on the road to nowhere."

March 28 - April 4 ~ Suddenly, "the risk of mad cow infection in cattle over 30 months old is almost nil"

March 28 - April 4 ~ Where does this PR exercise, this "process of persuasion", leave the responsibility for many indefensible decisions made in the name of science'

March 28 - April 4 ~ Michael Howard has pledged to pursue the Government over the Dring Report cover-up

March 28 - April 4 ~Horse Exports - a glimmer of hope'

March 28 - April 4 ~ GM "If there were so many difficulties, why did the Government ever give the go-ahead'"

March 28 - April 4 ~ Smelling Rats

March 28 - April 4 ~ The Government's love affair with green energy on the cheap could create a man-made environmental catastrophe which will change the British countryside for ever

March 28 - April 4 ~ "The revised version of Defra's Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency Plan .... laid before Parliament today (Wednesday)"

March 28 - April 4 ~ Horse Exports. The Amendment has been passed. BECKETT MUST NOW WIN BACKING FOR UK OPT-OUT

March 28 - April 4 ~ David Byrne says: "I am pleased that this would effectively maintain the UK's restriction on the export of horses destined for human consumption"

March 28 - April 4 ~ Swill: "Did the PM sanction Mr Brown's attempt to mislead the House of Commons'"

March 28 - April 4 ~ How many research staff re TB vaccines' Four. What assessment made of the relevance to the UK of the results obtained in the Republic of Ireland following use of BCG vaccine on badgers' ...As this work has not yet been published, we are unable to comment on its significance.

March 28 - April 4 ~ GM giant abandons bid to grow crops in Britain

March 28 - April 4 ~ "Political interference in animal health matters is not a new phenomenon; an example thereof was seen during the 2001 FMD outbreak in the UK. "

March 28 - April 4 ~ The Parliamentary Ombudsman has confirmed that she is going to investigate possible maladministration by DEFRA

March 29 - April 4 ~ No Live Exports Lobby takes fight to Europe

March 29 - April 4 ~ Food Standards Agency "It loves GM. Hates organics. Exalts science to the position once occupied by gods. Pays no more account to public opinion than it might to the clucking of a hen...."

March 29 - April 4 ~ James Gray protests against live export of horses "This practice has been banned for the last 70 years with good reason."

March 29 - April 4 ~ It is time to discover new scientific weapons in the battle to detect and control emerging infectious diseases. US Vice President Al Gore

March 29 ~ the Ministry of Defence still finds reasons why it is unable to buy the bulk of its meat and fresh food for military staff from British farmers

March 29 ~ "If they try it again they will have a real fight on!"

March 21 - 28 ~ Growth promoters - still widely used in America and elsewhere - and the link with resistance to antibiotic drugs

March 21 - 28 ~ Horses Campaign goes to Europe

March 21 - 28 ~ Defra's TB consultation document ".. it would seem that Defra fails to define this as the purpose of using gamma interferon, and fails to rule out its use on an individual animal."

March 26 ~ Genetically Modified Organisms Bill collapses - Elliot Morley "did not bother to turn up"

March 26 ~ "We have had to drag information out of Defra day by day"

March 26 ~ "There's a lot of selective and tendentious stuff going on, Mr Scudamore, but it is not coming from the Western Morning News."

March 25 ~ "Clearly, foot and mouth is far too important to be left on the shelf."

March 25 ~"The National Farmers' Union says it will go straight to Prime Minister Tony Blair with a formal complaint

March 21 - 27 ~ EU expansion, the closure of slaughterhouses and the unsavoury practices of Smithfield

March 21 -28 ~ The market is bound to bite back

March 21 - 27 ~ who owns the "genetic rights" to England's wildlife'

March 21 - 27 ~ Defra Urged to Act in Horse Export Row

March 21 - 27 ~ "Outbreaks of diseases such as BSE, foot and mouth and brucellosis could be avoided using animal health monitoring implants designed to raise the alarm at the first sign of infection.

March 21 - 27 ~ How was it that animals from herds not free of bovine brucellosis were imported'

March 21- 27 ~ In order to qualify for disease free status, the UK was obliged to follow the OIE requirement for importing livestock.

March 14 - 20 ~ "This proves that the government has not learned from the FMD outbreak, as sufficient measures are not in place to protect our own farmers from the diseases of other countries..."

March 14 - 20 ~ "They are a lovely family and would do anything to help anyone. Their cattle and sheep are absolutely beautiful - so solid and healthy. It seems so hard on them, and so difficult to believe it could have happened."

March 14 20 ~ " International Conference..

March 14 - 20 ~ "RB51 vaccine has become the official brucellosis vaccine for control of brucellosis in cattle in the United States."

March 14 - 20 ~ More slaughter as response to animal disease

March 14 - 20 ~ Why was vet's report not sent to Anderson'

March 14 - 20 ~ This is not a question of anyone wanting to blame Mr Dring

March 14 - 20 ~ "At the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, there perished in this country a practice that has taken place for thousands of years.."

March 14 - 20 ~ Mr Bradshaw's words during the Westminster Hall debate on Tuesday raise more questions.

March 14 - 20 ~ Ben Bradshaw forgets that it was Mr Dring himself who implied that he was responsible for the foot and mouth outbreak

The Scotsman

March 14 - 20 ~ Bobby Waugh was told to sign the Official Secrets Act

March 14 - 20 ~ "...the first visible signs of FMD would, in his opinion, have been seen on the farm on or about 12 February... "

March 14 - 20 ~ Waugh's pig farm - "in those strictly narrowly-defined terms they were good at their job" says the Dring document

March 14 - 20 ~ The problems arising from the ban on feeding pig swill will be raised in a debate in the House of Commons today by the Conservative MP for Henley, Boris Johnson.

March 14 - 20 ~ Defra under fire after BSE case verdict

March 14 - 20 ~ Dr Ruth Watkins comments, "Mr Morley's remark is so stupid I can't believe he made it."

March 14 - 20 ~ The Podmore case could in effect become the best public inquiry we can hope for.

March 14 - 20 ~" His understanding of the structure and function of FMD led to the development of new vaccines and test kits."

March 14 - 20 ~"In the event of an outbreak, be it an accidental introduction or an act of bio-terrorism, it would be critical to have a fast and reliable method to quickly identify infected animals."

March 14 - 20 ~ DEFRA update on National Scrapie Plan

March 14 - 20 ~ Scotland and Wales 'bullied' over GM crop veto

March 14 - 20 ~ "Mrs Beckett must wake up to the fact that Jim Dring failed to fulfil his regulatory responsibilities under the Animal By Products Order 1999

March 7 - 13 ~ "The revelations will put even more pressure on ministers..."

March 7 - 13 ~ "Withheld Memo sparks Anger

March 7 - 13 ~ China to vaccinate against avian influenza, fears of fresh cases in Thailand

March 7 - 13 ~ Without the mass slaughter policy, say Bradshaw and Morley, foot and mouth "would still be going on"

March 7 - 13 ~ "what strategic discussions or reviews have been conducted by the Department with vets to ensure that we have enough vets in the right places'"

March 12 ~ FMD leak could cost £billions

March 7 - 13 ~ "We have still not got to the bottom of the start of foot and mouth so that lessons can be learned. ...."

March 7 - 13 ~ Full disclosure and accountability - rather than Public Inquiry

March 7 - 13 ~ "I attended this conference... There were seats made available for a formal UK representative but they remained empty.."

March 7 - 13 ~"I sincerely hope that the apparent lack of DEFRA's interest in the Conference... is based on some gross misunderstanding"

March 7 - 13 ~ The disagreement could scupper plans to plant GM maize in Britain

March 7 - 13 ~ Starved of the truth

March 7 - 13 ~ he remained disappointed that, when the disease had first been diagnosed, his advice had not been taken. The mass cull, he said in 2002, was "barbaric conduct" and "a disgrace to humanity".

March 7 - 13 ~ "Each of the 2,026 FMD cases was subjected to a detailed clinical and epidemiological investigation. ..."

March 7 - 13 ~ "airborne spread to sheep from Burnside Farm on a nearby holding, Prestwick Hall Farm."

March 7 - 13 ~ "As pressure mounts on the Government to hold a full inquiry into the foot and mouth outbreak, Margaret Beckett, the Secretary of State for the Environment, has announced that she will be jetting off to foreign parts for nearly two months."

March 7 - 13 ~ "the Government had failed to incorporate into British law part of an EU Directive which banned pig swill from being transferred between farms prior to the crisis."

March 7 - 13 ~ They're now calling it a "memo" or merely an "aide-memoire"....

March 7 - 13 ~ The Trial of Bobby Waugh was given as a reason not to make public Burnside Farm's test results

March 7 - 13 ~ Why did Jim Dring's signed statement to the Inquiry never reach Iain Anderson's "Lessons Learned" Inquiry'

March 7 - 13 ~ Although no evidence about the origin of the outbreak has ever been seen in public, on February 5th 2004, Ben Bradshaw told Parliament that swill feeding was the source of the FMD outbreak.

March 7 - 13 ~ "It may be too late, in this finickety, panicky, hysterical age, to restore the old custom of feeding leftovers to pigs.

March 7 - 13 ~ "(Professor Fred) Brown was the ideal man to push forward defensive measures starting with means of rapid virus diagnosis capable of being carried out on the farm.

March 7 ~ The report could be describing the chaos of 2001 rather than an FMD simulation exercise based on lessons learned three years on.

March 7 - 13 ~ DEFRA " 'It is hard to make a case for the special treatment of horses.'

March 7 - 13 ~ GM -" the most serious threat to the Government's position is posed by the Welsh and Scottish administrations."

March 7 - 13 ~ The Scottish Executive will defy the Blair government by rejecting genetically modified crops, which this week will get the go-ahead in England.

March 7- 13 ~ " If Mrs Beckett wants to be remembered for destroying some of the most famous stretches of England's countryside, she is going about it in the right way."

March 6 ~ Conservatives repeat demand for public inquiry into foot & mouth crisis

March 6 ~ ".. potential for the destabilisation of the whole livestock industry, grassland environment and rural economy..."

March 6 ~ "Row rumbles on over Brown's FMD diagnostic kit"

March 6 ~ ARS RT-PCR for FMD is the new standard for on-site diagnosis of FMD

March 6 ~ renewed demands for compensation from the Government and for a full public inquiry into the outbreak...."

March 6 ~ the admission would strengthen the case for legal action

March 6 ~ MAFF did not ban the use of slops

March 6 ~ Jim Dring says "I could have prevented FMD" - implying that FMD 2001 began at Burnside.

March 6 ~ "Well, that puts you right in it, Jim. You were here 4 weeks ago, why didn't you find it then'"

March 6 ~ In spite of reports of concern about the pigs, MAFF's vets consistently ticked the "satisfactory" box on their inspection sheets and never banned the slops they warned about.

March 6 ~ Jim Dring: "radical revision of the Waughs' patently deficient feeding technique..."

March 2 - 6 ~ Horse export - The UK govt are STILL not showing enthusiasm for including the exemption, and time is running out.

March 2 - 6 ~ "when it was pointed out that he was only bankrupt because Defra had forced him out of business, Mr Podmore was given leave for his action to proceed."

March 2 - 6 ~ Peter Ainsworth "There must be more research before GM crops go ahead...

March 2 - 6 ~"We are stuck in the fight against FMD. It is now time to go beyond the speeches; it is time for transparency and political will. We are all brothers in the fight against this disease and if one of us loses we all lose."

March 2 - 6 ~ "..the ultimate goal, which is to have healthy animals in a healthy continent."

March 2 - 6 ~ government departments could benefit most from scientific investment

March 2 - 6 ~ "Legislation to withdraw the UK from the "disastrous" Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) cleared its first Parliamentary hurdle yesterday

March 2 - 6 ~ "This was a television programme that will get right up the nose of Government ministers, developers, energy companies

March 2 - 6 ~ Ministers are to spend £2m on an "inspirational" communication campaign

March 2 - 6 ~ Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Owen Paterson MP, will be continuing his consultation on Bovine TB

March 2 - 6 ~ " The National Reference Laboratory of China will share experience and offer technical cooperation with diagnostic laboratories of ASEAN countries in terms of diagnostic technology"

March 2 - 6 ~"the UK government is not in favour of retaining its ban on the export of horses and ponies

March 2 - 6 ~ Hope for £100m in FMD bills

March 2 - 6 ~ RT-PCR diagnosis against FMD to be tested in Texas.

March 2 ~ Wind Power: "does not merit continued government promotion or funding" concludes the National Centre for Policy Analysis

March 1 ~ Horse Passports - Discrepancies are set to cause further confusion among horse owners.

March 1 ~ "The problem is the Common Fisheries Policy, which has devastated fishing stocks more than anything else"

March 1 ~ Japan reports its third case of avian influenza

Feb 29 ~ "Can I ask you, if people do go through our Report and if that is not an unreasonable request, why were we not told' "

Feb 29 ~ "Mr Speaker stifles the bovine TB inquisition"

Feb 29 ~ Bayer CropScience has made the heads of its GM operations in Europe redundant.

Feb 28 ~ ".. it raises many issues about the practicalities of implementing a vaccination strategy, while retaining Draconian powers for firebreak and contiguous culling of animals that do not have the disease."

Feb 25 ~ 80% of all state public health laboratories in the US now have and use SmartCyclers.

Feb 25 ~ the situation will get worse without a complete reorganisation of the way public research is funded in the UK.

Feb 25 ~ "As a former member of the Biotechnology Commission set up by the government to advise on strategy for GM use in agriculture, I am dismayed by its apparently cavalier attitude to the licensing of GM herbicide-tolerant maize."

Feb 25 ~Mr Blair thinks the army "solved" the FMD crisis.

Feb 24 ~ "It was a beautiful piece of kit, simple and not costly. This would have had a dramatic effect on the number of innocent animals killed."

Feb 24 ~ Dead Cow Day

Feb 24 ~ The Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Owen Paterson MP

Feb 24 ~ David Byrne "The European Treaties recognise animals as sentient beings"

Feb 24 ~Any horse owner, or anyone with any humanity, should oppose this legislation

Feb 24 ~" a further indictment of the UK's refusal to recognise and grasp the same opportunity three years ago"

Feb 21 - 28 ~ International cooperation - avian influenza

Feb 21 - 28 ~ New DNA-based test speeds diagnosis of avian influenza

Feb 21 - 28 ~ "Lord Sainsbury, was fighting for his political life last night after he was accused of breaching strict government guidelines over his business interests.

Feb 21 - 27 ~ " they are proposing to spend £1 to 2 billion of taxpayers' money, to achieve nothing" Bovine TB

Feb 21 - 27 ~The GM maize trials were doubly flawed

Feb 21 - 27 ~ reports earlier this month that avian flu virus had spread to pigs turned out to be false.

Feb 21 - 27 ~ Farmers tell Prime Minister GM crops would be a disaster for UK farming

Feb 21 - 27 ~ Spinning the science

Feb 16 - 20 ~ Mad cull disease still rages, and logic is no cure for it

Feb 16 - 20 ~ "... the FMD experience should have made the modellers appreciate the limitations of their science and accept at least some responsibility for the misery and expense that their models initiated."

Feb 16 - 20 ~ "...the scientists' report urged investigation of a possible vaccination policy for TB"

Feb 16 - 20 ~ Hill and tenant farmers attack Beckett's claims

Feb 16 - 20 ~ CLA "crops and animals must be treated differently, which the Government's option fails to do. ..... this will be the last straw for dairy farmers already reeling from European dairy reforms"

Feb 16 - 20 ~ 'We have a quaint thing called democracy in the NFU'

Feb 14 ~ China develops RT-PCR method to detect bird flu virus in 4 hours

Feb 14 ~ Why is the 50 million still owed by DEFRA not being paid'

Feb 7 - 13 ~ Decoupling - Subsidies are to be detached from food production and linked entirely to land ownership

Feb 7 - 13 ~ "We seem to get everything wrong"

Feb 7 - 13 ~ What Mr Bradshaw said. (Pig Swill)

Feb 7 - 13 ~" If the virus was only detected in the pigs' noses, then they could have picked it up as a contamination rather than as an infection,"

Feb 3 - 6 ~ Ben Bradshaw tells Parliament that swill feeding was the source of the FMD outbreak

Feb 3 - 6 ~ Breeding for TSE resistant animals may give a false sense of security ..

Feb 3 - 6 ~ "None of the delay is due to ineptness, it is due to the Government -- Defra in particular -- safeguarding the public purse. .."

Feb 3 - 6 ~ ".they wouldn't listen to local people. They were running round like headless chickens and we are all paying the price"

Feb 3 - 6 ~ US - plans to counter "agricultural terrorism"- foot and mouth "pharmaceuticals" to be stockpiled

Feb 3 - 6 ~ "confirmation that large sums of money are to be withheld will spark fresh calls for a public inquiry"

Feb 3 - 6~ James Lovelock has told the Western Morning News that he now regrets his endorsement of windfarms in the Westcountry

Feb 3 - 6 ~ Lord Whitty said the new council was made up of people who could improve the quality and direction of DEFRA's science.

Feb 3 - 6 ~ Franz Fischler to be the key note speaker at Friday's Farming Summit at Portcullis House

Feb 3 - 6~ EU rejects request to grow GM oilseed rape

Feb 3 ~ Avian Influenza: the total number of cases is 14, of whom 11 have died

Feb 2 ~ Defra's pesticide team is funded by the fees it levies on innovative businesses

Feb 2 ~ .. the time has been right for a long time for people to understand the real cost of cheap food"

Feb 2 ~ "At present, no evidence indicates that efficient human-to-human transmission is occurring" WHO

Feb 1 ~ "Defra's officials ... would have been happy to see him forced to sell his home, to pay a fine 10 times greater than the value of the fish they did not permit him to catch."

Jan 31 ~ Three cases of scrapie have been detected in "scrapie-resistant" ewes

Jan 26 -30 ~ 1st official case of avian influenza confirmed in the Peoples's Republic of China

Jan 26-30 ~ "any GM production alongside organic crops will be very damaging"

Jan 26 - 30 ~ ". they're going to start to work together now"

Jan 26 - 30 ~ "Bradshaw's cost-benefit analysis is no more than the most cynical window dressing"

read in full

Jan 26 - 30 ~ "..the response from other farmers, consumers and people passing by was wholly positive... it is so nice to see these happy cattle.."

Jan 26 - 30 ~ "we don't need more strategies"

Jan 26 - 30 ~ "The human dimension of any FMD outbreak must be dealt with sufficiently in any contingency plan."

Jan 26 - 30 ~ International Cooperation

Jan 26 ~ Avian flu :"infected countries must kill all poultry"

Jan 26 ~ Wild boar in England:

Jan 25 ~ "the widespread slaughter of chickens, including burying them alive in Thailand, had failed to stop the bird flu from spreading through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.."

Jan 25 ~ " ... the court ruling that Defra behaved illegally in paying its debt to JDM Accord gives hope..."

Jan 25 2004~ Wind farms 'make people sick who live up to a mile away'

Jan 24 ~"... there is an inevitability about each new panic."

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