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"There are now no insuperable problems with vaccination, whether technical, scientific, trade or cultural,"
Brian Follett, chair of the RS Inquiry Report
"we take the view that food from vaccinated beasts does not need to be labelled"

National Consumer Council April 2001
"The contiguous cull has been exposed for what it was: one of the most bloody, tragic and disgraceful misjudgments made in the name of science."

Anthony Gibson, NFU regional director in the South West - a voice of sanity from the outset.

August 31 ~ "The Science Committee was being asked to make decisions that were beyond their competence." (BBC)

August 31 ~ allegations of harassment, staff intimidation, bullying and possible financial mismanagement at its London headquarters.

August 31 ~ The EU holds secret talks at Johannesburg about scrapping subsidies

August 31 ~ Still too many sheep in England says UK government

August 31 ~ ...In Scotland the NFU all but accused its English counterpart of cosying up to the establishment.

August 31 ~ The whole ghastly saga...

August 31 ~ "the absurd escalation in culling occurred because of premises being declared infected - and hence other farms being culled as contiguous and dangerous contacts - on basis of inaccurate (ie. WRONG) clinical diagnoses in sheep."

August 31 ~ "Surely this doubt, concern, and a belief in a cover up make a Public Enquiry essential." (Robin Page)

Aug 30 ~ the "virus" has been firmly embedded in the system.

Aug 30 ~ It's not rocket science

Aug 30 ~ it is questionable whether a top-down review of this controversial science is appropriate

Aug 30 ~ "Excuse me? Who rules Scotland? What is the point of a Scottish Parliament if we are governed by Brussels?"

Aug 29 ~ Scotland's dairy farmers protest " direct action was the only option"

Aug 29 ~ Ignorance about animal disease among government committees leads to the destruction of small scale livestock farming. "All the money has been cornered by the SEAC people..."

Aug 29 ~ Ignorance? Or a global agenda to depopulate livestock numbers and promote GM arable protein?

Aug 29 ~ An intriguing email

Aug 28 ~ "Anything that does not get through in this session dies and has to start again.... "

Aug 28 ~"....why our media are wholly incapable of understanding the disaster engulfing Britain's countryside."

Aug 28 ~ Ignorance of the realities of farm life has misled scientists

Aug 27 ~ Warmwell on CD Rom

August 27 ~ The legacy of FMD

Aug 27 ~ Haggis alert

Aug 26 ~ "A people who are dependent on foreigners for food or clothes must always be subject to them"

Aug 26 ~: "This is quite simply completely mad."

Aug 26 ~"Eat biotech food or starve"

Aug 26 ~ Jonathon Porritt: The Prime Minister showed 'cowardice' and a 'bizarre and naive adulation of big business'

Aug 25 ~ A two-tier system of ethics in the RCVS

Aug 25 ~ "on medication for depression and high levels of anxiety for the rest of their lives."

Aug 25 ~ Four national inquiries; much evidence taken in closed session; key players not called; awkward questions not asked.

Aug 25 ~ "They can't run their bloated bureaucracies without money. Attack the flow and they have to reform"

Aug 24 ~ "These advisers are the same ones who were running the foot-and-mouth control measures and, as for as I can see, farmers have lost all confidence in them."

Aug 24 ~ "In my dream Margaret Beckett had decided to go round the world with her caravan."

Aug 24 ~ "when it comes to the NFU, old habits grow ever stronger"

Aug 24 ~ "a terrible degree of LACK of understanding of how farming works by the departments dishing out the rules."

Aug 23/4 ~ "The market will recover eventually but when the multiples turn once again to local produce, will it be there?"

Aug 23 ~ "...strong signs that the NFU are losing support were everywhere."

Aug 23 ~ "What strange times we live in. 

Aug 23 ~ The NFU talks of making action plans. The FFA takes action.

Aug 23 ~ "Farmers have informed me that NFU officials were harassing them to give up stock in the cull even though they were healthy"

Aug 23 ~ "Perhaps the relevant documents were so embarrassing to the government that they were destroyed"

Aug 22 ~ Tomorrow's target has been reached!

Aug 22 ~ "We no longer have the virus, indeed it is only a couple of months to the first anniversary of the last case. Yet we still have a regulation in place that is crippling the industry

Aug 22 ~ Which farmers?

Aug 22 ~ This is the first time that UK farmers have challenged their official unions

Aug 22 ~ "It is the inability of the Prime Minister to distinguish between what is politically expedient for the Labour Party and what is proper for the government of the country that highlights the need for an independent external scrutiny of both ministers and special advisers,"

Aug 22 ~ Farmers for Action not amused by Dairy Crest's intimidation

Aug 21 ~ Cover story on S2 The Scotsman: Death, Disease and Profit - how one firm cleaned up

Aug 21 ~ Mike Meredith wins the 2002 ProMED-mail Award for Excellence in Outbreak Reporting on the Internet

Aug 21 ~ Ministers back GM seed contamination by stealth

Aug 21 ~ Police have admitted that they were wrong to claim that anti-GM protesters attacked the wrong field

Aug 21 ~ Next week's earth summit will not only fail to tackle the ecological crisis. It will make it worse

Aug 20 ~ FFA to hit Dairy Crest Severnside and Chadwell Heath plants

Aug 20 ~ In the weeks preceding the final stages of the ill-advised Animal Health Bill ..

Aug 20 ~ "too prudent or intimidated to publicise their opinions."

Aug 20 ~ The mirage of consultation

Aug 20 ~ mesmerised by the hype surrounding the protein, PrP.

Aug 20 ~ "The National Sheep Association know of my long-standing concern about the often unfounded speculations that have been damaging to their industry during the last decade." (Dr Alan Dickinson)

Aug 19 ~ "The code is yet another expensive, rotten piece of legislation, causing unhappiness and harm and administered by bureaucrats who are deliberately misinterpreting rules"

Aug 19 ~ Labour has, it appears, been bought -- politically, at the very least -- by the GM companies.

Aug 19 ~ "I feel ashamed to be British"

Aug 18 ~ Farmer sues for foot and mouth burial 'bungle'

Aug 18 ~ It seems MPs are more irrelevant to the way we are now governed than ever.

Aug 18 ~".. regulations were sneaked through as secondary legislation under a statutory instrument

Aug 17 ~"The NFU in the south does not control NFU Scotland, and it most certainly does not control me..."

Aug 17 ~ "Elliot Morley ..... is "very annoyed" with the lapse in quality control at Aventis Crop Science

Aug 17 ~ "the risk is theoretical and unlikely.."

Aug 17 ~ The film "Sixty Days" is to be shown today - 17th August - Channel 4

Aug 16 ~ After the fridge mountain ..a deceased lamb mountain - we sink further into the mire of absurd, destructive centralisation

Aug 16 ~ UPDATE on Cumbria report. Professor Thomas "in tears"

Aug 16 ~ Faked Blood tests?

Aug 16 ~"Now they are again trying to harass us. We are now chosen for a "random" check for notifiable diseases...

Aug 16 ~ We still await the Cumbria Inquiry results

Aug 16 ~ only when these five rural tests have been passed can it be said that the lessons have indeed been learnt and vital confidence restored into the countryside.

Aug 15 ~ Lord Whitty still confused.

Aug 15 ~ The virus problem persists in spite of Norton's most up to date efforts.

Aug 15 ~ "the wrong type of subsidies, paid in the wrong way, to the wrong people

Aug 15 ~ "If we don't want big corporate-owned production units, then we must support our small and family farmers.

Aug 15 ~ "Goodman plants named as poorest beef payers

Aug 15 ~ "The illegal meat trade is big business and is growing virtually unchecked" Sky News

Aug 15 ~ Houses in Throckmorton are unsaleable

Aug 15 ~ "Few words give as great a sense of reassurance as "and sheep may safely graze"

Aug 15 ~ Legality of culling healthy animals: "The assertion that this matter had been tried and tested in the British Courts is not just incorrect, it is grossly misleading"

Aug 14 ~ Green Party support for the National Farmers' Strike on August 23rd

Aug 14 ~"It is up to us to ensure that DEFRA hears our concerns. They do listen to and consider (if not always act on) the evidence that we present,"

Aug 14 ~"I have also argued from the start that there are alternatives to the 20 day rule" Dr Keith Sumption (30 July)

Aug 14 ~Stakeholders Meetings: "a broader representation of stakeholders, including independent and Pirbright scientists...major items and decisions should be available on the internet."

Aug 14 ~ "Suggestion: an open and public discussion between the chairmen of the two inquiries, participants to include stakeholders and scientists to resolve conflicting recommendations"

Aug 14 ~ "I hope the authorities have learned a lesson and that the Treasury has learned not to let Defra handle a major crisis on its own."

Aug 13 ~".. the public really do care and they don't want to see farmers ripped off."

Aug 13 ~ "It was a question of reaching a balance to help farmers...."

Aug 13 ~ The rising of the rural North is only a matter of time

Aug 12 ~ Discussions with the "livestock industry" went on all last week

Aug 12 ~ Prince Charles - a "deep sense of obligation" to tackle the crisis in agriculture

Aug 12 ~ Virus warning

Aug 11 ~ No 10 genuinely confuses making headlines with government.

Aug 11 ~ "The psychological effect on farmers, already economically under the cosh, was frightening. 'This is Death Valley,'

Aug 11 ~ ".. utterly ridiculous, complete drivel" says Number 10

Aug 11 ~ About Milk Wars Channel Four

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