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World's current policies on eliminating animal disease "outdated, inhumane and uneconomical"

June 27th 2016 ~ We are very sad indeed to report the death of Roger Breeze

June 2nd 2016 ~ Organophosphate poisoning - an answer from George Eustice

May 23rd-25th 2016 ~ Fracking: drilling in unspoiled Ryedale has been approved by the local North Yorkshire council.

May 19th 2016 ~ EU once again delays vote on whether to reauthorise glyphosate

May 13th 2016 ~ Fracking in North York Moors has been approved by Yorkshire County Council in spite of protests

May 12th 2016 ~ Decisions are about to be made about fracking the countryside

May 9th 2016 ~ Fracking Controversy - Ryedale:Lord Bourne says"It would not be appropriate for the Government to comment on the specifics of any proposal."

May 6th 2016 ~ Farmer says the Frack Free Bakers were "interfering with our farming practices".

April/May 2016 ~ "The fracking threat is worsening, and I am extremely concerned about the effects on livestock and human health."

March/April 2016 ~ Foot and Mouth - recent developments in US and Britain

February 19th 2016 ~ Foot and Mouth: "early detection, animal traceability, movement restrictions and vaccination is essential to averting a very large outbreak"

December 3rd 2015 ~ "Nearly 33% of the world's food-producing land has been lost at a speed surpassing nature's ability to replace diminished soil."

November 26th 2015 ~ BVA "animal welfare was noticeably absent from the announcement, and BVA will continue to press Defra to ensure animal welfare policy and research remains a priority"

November 25th 2015 ~ The "lack of effective vaccines contributes to the excessive use of antibiotics in animal health"

November 24th 2015 ~ National Sheep Association (NSA) and Sheep Veterinary Society (SVS)join forces to highlight disease risk from DEFRA cuts

November 10th 2015 ~ "I'm no computer Luddite, but..."

November 9th 2015 ~ DEFRA has provisionally agreed to cut its spending by an average of 30% over the next four years

November 6th 2015 ~ Hard-up farmers getting nervous about possible payments delay

October 19th 2015 ~ Bluetongue still being found in France

October 1st 2015 ~ "All viruses that infect people or animals can be detected in a single new test"

September 25th 2015 ~ A French Court rules that a farmer was poisoned by Monsanto herbicide

September 25th 2015 ~ Bluetongue UPDATE - Professor Mertens on the risk of BTV reaching Britain again

September 19th 2015 ~ Bluetongue spreads in France

Sept 13th 2015 ~ Bluetongue has been found in France again

Sept 2015 ~ European Parliament votes to ban all farm animal cloning and products from clones and their offspring.

August 30th 2015 ~ "The government targeted killing anything and everything..." The BBC Reunion programme on Foot and Mouth 2001

August 27th 2015 ~ Urgently needed - a One Health, multidisciplinary approach - linking human, animal and environmental health

August 14th 2015 ~ "thanks to the headlong dash for fracking ...all of this is under threat and the farm faces an extremely uncertain future."

August 14th 2015 ~ Fracking: "toxic components introduced into the soils make their way up the food chain"

July 27th 2015 ~ Petition to halt the use of Neonicotinoids on crops stands at 22,660 signatures so far. (Update Aug 3rd - 68,985 signatures)

July 24th 2015 ~ An already cash-depleted DEFRA is to lose a further 40 per cent of its budget

July 22nd 2015 ~ French farmers are being listened to by the Government

July 17th 2015 ~ The Middlesex-London Health Unit says a dead crow found in London (correction: London, Ontario, Canada) has tested positive for West Nile Virus.

July 14th 2015 ~ DEFRA has paid more than £640 million in EU fines in recent years.

July 13th 2015 ~ H7N7 Avian influenza has been confirmed in Lancashire.

July 8th 2015 ~ In America, agriculture organizations are urging the Senate Committee on Agriculture to quickly find a solution for a FMD vaccine shortage. Meanwhile in the UK...?

July 2015 ~ Elephants: China says it will phase out its ivory industry

June 2015 ~ OP/sheep dip health problems. Westminster Hall Adjournment debate

May 23rd 2015 ~ George Eustice attacks West Country renewables:the vast arrays of solar panels and the maize grown for anaerobic digesters

May 14th 2015 ~ Cull sows should not have to be transported over 500 miles away for slaughter

May 11th 2015 ~ Liz Truss will remain as DEFRA Secretary.

May 2nd 2015 ~ 11 million birds affected by 87 outbreaks so far of the highly pathogenic H5N2 outbreak in 13 States of the USA

April 27th 2015 ~ Sheep-Dip scandal is very much back in the news: Cross-party support for a proper inquiry and a parliamentary debate

April 23rd 2015 ~ BBC's Farming Today at NFU HQ on April 21st recorded Mark Grimshaw's session at NFU Council.

April 4th 2015 ~ World Health Organisation says glyphosate (Monsanto's RoundUp etc) is "probably carcinogenic to humans"

April 2nd 2015 ~ "many dog owners don't believe their docile pet is capable of causing damage to livestock"

March 31st/April 1st 2015 ~ "The TTIP's chilling effect has already been seen.....The TTIP poses considerable threats to the ability of the UK and the rest of the EU to make further improvements to the welfare of farm animals."

March 27th 2015 ~ "I don't suppose I'm on DEFRA's Christmas list," says bee expert

March 20th 2015 ~ "the project will disrupt vulnerable ecosystems and challenge the viability of sheep farms."

March 20th 2015 ~ "We thought this was going to end in tears...the RPA has been left in an extremely difficult position by GDS and DEFRA, who created a system that was never going to work."

March 17th 2015 ~ 95% of India's cotton crop is owned by Monsanto. Monsanto now has the same plan for India's food crops.

March 12th 2015 ~ "..horses and ponies can effectively be shipped anywhere, for any purpose, in any condition, despite our laws, which are meant to protect them": Gregory Barker MP

March 9th 2015 ~ An ever-increasing amount of land in India is being set aside solely for organic production.

March 7th 2015 ~ House of Commons debate: Animal Welfare (Non-stun Slaughter)

March 3rd 2015 ~ Link to Sheep Dip Sufferers' website

February 28th 2015 ~ John Humphrys mentioned sheep dip (OP) poisoning at the NFU conference: "I know people that have been affected".

February 28th 2015 ~ Publication of the HSE report means that the potential toxic effects of OPs were recognised in 1990 even though ignored and denied since.

February 27th 2015 ~ Apologies for the technical problems that took warmwell.com down for a few days

February 23rd 2015 ~ Foston mega pigfarm application has been refused

February 23rd 2015 ~ "BVA finds abuse of animals in any slaughterhouses unacceptable."

February 17th 2015 ~ Organophosphates (OPs) A new "Sheep Dip Sufferers Support Group" has been brought to the attention of MPs

February 17th 2015 ~ Anyone tempted to keep goats in this "Chinese year of the Goat" should read this first


February 11th 2015 ~ The Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics to collaborate with FAO on zoonoses and diseases such as FMD and avian influenza

February 3rd 2015 ~ Animal Aid's abattoir filming shows scenes of brutal slaughter in contravention of Islamic practice.

February 3rd 2015 ~ H7N7 tests positive at an intensive broiler unit at Upham, Hampshire

February 1st 2015 ~ 100,000 signatures is a significant step towards ending non-stun slaughter

January 30th 2015 ~ US White Paper on Foot and Mouth "Entities cannot wait three to seven days and see if vaccination is needed."

January 30th 2015 ~ "vaccinating susceptible animals living in a broad geographic area could result in a shorter outbreak with fewer herds depopulated."

January 26th 2015 ~ The end of modern medicine? Dr Margaret Chan's warning

January 23rd 2015 ~ The Food Standards Agency approves a non-stun abattoir in Wales. The BVA registers its dismay.

January 23rd 2015 ~ The US is looking seriously at field tests for new FMD vaccines - but rapid diagnostics?

January 8th 2015 ~ Can the new antibiotic, teixobactin, help in the fight against superbugs in the near future?

January 7th 2015 ~ BVA warns DEFRA that we must not lose the resources to maintain critical work in animal disease prevention, detection and monitoring

January 5th 2015 ~ Meurig Raymond speaks about the need for politics to back farming

December 30th 2014 ~ New vaccine against Bovine Viral Diarrhea

December 30th 2014 ~ Clearer labelling breakthrough is looking likely

December 6th 2014 ~ "Does British agriculture have a death wish?" Dozens of serious near misses in "High-Security" UK laboratories since the 2007 FMD crisis.

November 26th 2014 ~ The growing - and potentially dangerous - global problem of food fraud.

November 25th 2014 ~ How is H5N8 bird flu spreading in Europe? Are "migratory birds" still thought responsible?

November 24th 2014 ~ Third case of H5N8 confirmed in the Netherlands

November 20th 2014 ~ Bird Flu H5N8 - possible links to cases in Germany and Netherlands

November 2014 ~ First case of Bird Flu in England since 2008 - media and government reaction depressingly wrong.

November 2014 ~ Compassion in World Farming: "each day takes us a step closer to tipping the scales against factory farming for good."

November 2014 ~ FMD 2001 "I was still answering questions to just over 200 people after midnight! It had a huge impact!"

September 2014 ~ Elliott Report: "no part can be considered in isolation and cherry picking of the recommendations will not work."

August 27th 2014 ~ Foot and Mouth preparations in the United State STILL suggesting "depopulate and not use vaccinations. This is the likely response"

August 2014 ~ "corners of mainland Europe where whole livestock industries, which evolved amongst mixed farming over centuries, creating cherished landscapes and whole cultures, have disappeared..."

August 2014 ~ Ebola virus. Bush meat is one of the primary sources of the disease's transmission - and a vast amount of illegal meat is imported into the UK.

July 4th 2014 ~ Germany Bans Fracking Until 2021

July 2nd 2014 ~ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)poultry farm wants to sue Compassion in World Farming

June 2014 ~ Changes set by the EU will cost around £150m - and may lead to "a time-consuming and frustrating process for farmers"

June 2014 ~ "small clues in a larger investigation of the practices of the world's largest chemical companies and their proponents"

May 2014 ~ EU's TSE regulations cost Britain's sheep farmers - owing to one single piece of EU legislation - £23 million every year.

May 2014 ~ Independent GM research "those who reveal negative findings are figuratively speaking "tarred and feathered" for their efforts.."

May 2014 ~ "Antimicrobial resistance is a ticking time-bomb not only for the UK but also for the world."

May 13th 2014 ~ "The answer is very simple. Food should be labelled as stunned or non-stunned"

May 9th 2014 ~ France 'definitively' bans GM maize

May 9th 2014 ~ Non-stun slaughter: "Growing concerns over the tone of the debate" The Times

May 2014 ~ FMD virus research. Pirbright fined ~ "the shortcomings in control and non-compliance with licence conditions were considered serious enough to warrant legal action".

May 2014 ~ "What is important now is to record how far science has advanced in the meantime."

April 2014 ~ Online petition hopes to end non-stun slaughter in Britain

April 2014 ~ Canada: Bill C-18 would give patent rights over seeds to corporate agribusiness

April 2014 ~ Ongoing research towards the global eradication of foot and mouth disease

April 17th 2013 ~ "frustration that the rate of improvement in disease control was so slow."

April 17th 2014 ~ Nor have lessons been learnt from the horsemeat scandal.

March 18th 2014 ~ "it can be hard to see where scientific evidence ends and dogma and speculation begin"

February 26th 2014 ~ The BVA warns of danger to farm animals and pets from contaminated flood water

February 12th 2014 ~ Australia's 2014 Exercise Odysseus will focus on the first week of a hypothetical foot-and-mouth disease outbreak

February 11th 2014 ~"When we got back we started texting local farmers and it has spread like wildfire."

February 7th 2014 ~ "The response within the communities themselves has been magnificent but there is only so much they can do for themselves"

February 3rd 2014 ~ "around half of wind parks are doing so poorly, investors will be lucky to get their initial investment back after the 20 years."

January 29th 2014 ~ Owen Paterson wants fracking to be widespread in rural areas - but who benefits?

January 15th 2014 ~ Proposed (yet again) Foston 25,000 pig unit factory. Serious implications for welfare and health of pigs and humans

January 15th 2014 ~ Owen Paterson promises to remove two regulations for every one added

January 10th 2014 ~ Just how bad is the bee deficiency in Europe?

January 6th 2014 ~ The 2014 Oxford Farming Conference - and the alternative, the "Real Farming Conference"

January 6th 2014 ~ "...when family farms fold, whole communities disappear along with them"

December 4th 2013 ~ In the fight against foot and mouth, interferons can be used to protect both pigs and cattle immediately

November 27th 2013 ~ commercial scale production of GM salmon in sight?

November 25th 2013 ~ The Guardian on pigswill

November 22nd 2013 ~ How many farmers ever received compensation for the Government's negligence over Organophosphates?

November 4th 2013 ~ Could all of agriculture become the exclusive property of the few huge companies that hold the patents?

November 1 2013 ~ Plan for a 1,000-cow "mega-dairy" in Mid Wales given the go-ahead after all

October 2013 ~ Global marches against Monsanto

October 2013 ~ Rapid foot and mouth vaccination is needed in an outbreak say American researchers

September 2013 ~ "In the climate debate, which side are you on?" Matt Ridley in the Times

September 2013 ~ "Planning for a Foot and Mouth outbreak is complex."

June 8/9th 2013 ~ The Netherlands " fully committed to obtaining international acceptance of emergency vaccination"

June 4th 2013 ~ Apologies again...Technical problems

May 30th 2013 ~ "This is the first protest I've been to in my life. I'm passionate about this because it's killing us and killing our kids"

May 21st 2013 ~ British farmers will get the new Schmallenberg vaccine this summer

May 18 2013 ~ "The new cells are the first permanent cell line capable of identifying all seven serotypes of FMD virus."

May 17th 2013~ Red Tape - Not much progress made and "a lot of frustration on the ground"

May 15th 2013 ~ Who are the Fat Controllers?

May 7th 2013 ~ "Using drugs to enable animals to be reared in squalid, cramped conditions is totally unacceptable." CIWF

May 2nd 2013 ~ Has the UK's Energy policy lost its marbles way?

 April 19th 2013~ "Free-range milk"  for the benefit of farmers, cows and consumers. "Mega Dairies do not provide a long term sustainable solution – they simply offer a quick fix"

As we reported in December 2011,  Free Range Dairy is a non-profit making organisation based in Somerset, hoping to promote the value of pasture-based milk production, "for the benefit of farmers, cows and consumers". The creator of the initiative, Neil Darwent, who is also a Nuffield scholar, feels that the free range dairy offers a third option to the much touted "get big or get out" argument put forward by those promoting so-called "sustainable intensification".  Grass-based systems, in which cows are grazing on grass for 180 days in the year (160 in Scotland)  are to be applauded The Free Range Dairy.org website has fascinating detail about the progress of this initiative, as has the Farmers Guardian article by Alastair Driver yesterday.  

Spring 2013 ~ "The result is a new type of vaccine that is safe and stable."

 Stephen Curry is professor of Structural Biology at Imperial College.  His Guardian article  from March 30th discusses in  detail (with explanatory illustrations and video) the new work by the team of scientists at Oxford and Reading Universities and the Pirbright Institute led by Dave Stuart and Bryan Charleston.  The new work "neatly exploits ... capacity for self-assembly of a harmless form of the virus particle." Extract: As, indeed, they did. Ever cautious, however, Professor Curry concludes by warning readers that "science is rarely neat and tidy".  We cannot relax yet.
October 23rd 2012 ~ DIVA-compliant FMD vaccine awarded $1.114 Million Contract from U.S. Department of Homeland Security

October 22nd 2012 ~ Bee collapse: "current safety tests are insufficient. Guidelines only demand pesticides are tested on bees for four days."

October 18th 2012 ~ Welfare protest at resumption of live exports from Ramsgate tomorrow

On Tuesday, Thanet Council was served with High Court injunction by Barco de Vapor, the ferry operator, forcing it to resume live exports. The High Court ruled that the port would legally have to remain open until the outcome of the full judicial review.  See Farmers Guardian.  75,000 British  sheep will now be exported to France in time for the Muslim Festival of Eid on October 26 before which all of them will be slaughtered while fully conscious .   A protest at the resumption of live exports, endorsed by Compassion in World Farming and the RSPCA,  will take place on Friday as the first batch is loaded.  On its pages about live exports CIWF says: 
"....Those producers who are complicit with the live export trade condemn their sheep to an unknown fate. Some may be destined for France, and recent investigations by  the animal welfare group One Voice found dreadful conditions in French slaughterhouses. In addition to the Ramsgate export, there is a worrying increase in live calf exports from Northern Ireland. Some of these calves are sent all the way to Hungary and Spain..."

October 12th ~ Onderwater, Lomas and Peter Z, are challenging Thanet District Council in the courts and the first hearing is next week.

This is an interim injunction to try and force Thanet District Council to open the port to them until the proper Judicial Review can take place. Now more than ever Thanet District Council needs the support of those who feel live export for slaughter cannot be justified and messages of support from people who, like Compassion in World Farming,  believe that farm animals should be reared and slaughtered as close as possible to the farm where they are born. A rally in support of Thanet District Council will take place today outside DEFRA between 11 and 12 a.m..  See CIWF.

October 4th 2012 ~ Thanet Council calls on DEFRA for support

Thanet council has asked DEFRA and Owen Paterson to support their decision to ban live exports from Ramsgate port.  They are concerned that they will need financial as well as moral support when those the Farmers Guardian rather intriguingly calls "the people behind the live animal export ferry" take the Council to court.  These unnamed people want the trade legally reinstated.  As the FG says,
"exports briefly resumed from Ipswich port aboard the MV Joline last month, but were quickly suspended again after the port owners, Associated British Ports, acknowledged the port also lacked suitable facilities for the handling of animals in the event of emergencies."
See Farmers Guardian report by Alistair Driver.

September 28th 2012 ~ Ipswich port authorities have suspended  live exports "until further notice"

September 26th 2012 ~  FMD on farm testing with portable PCR  "the analytical sensitivity of the test would be greater than antigen capture lateral flow devices on far..."  

The Final Report, earlier this year, from the  Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis, entitled "The use of new technologies for rapid, field-based (point-of-care) testing in the detection of emergency animal diseases" http://www.acera.unimelb.edu.au/materials/endorsed/1004B_OID1_Report.pdf  contains an appendix (A3.5 on page 61) examining the "Use of POC (point-of-care) and near-POC tests in management of foot-and-mouth disease"  Extract:
iv) Use of portable PCR equipment on farm.
The validity of the last option was questioned even though the analytical sensitivity of the test would be greater than antigen capture lateral flow devices on farm...  
This meeting also concluded that screening tests for FMD should be developed as and form part of multiplexed tests including tests for other (endemic) pathogens...
The meeting also stressed the need for POC tests that work effectively on non-standard samples, such as bulk milk, that could be used in assessing freedom from infection in the recovery phase following an outbreak.....POC tests have a potential role to play in all stages of an outbreak of FMD.
Commercially available POC tests based on nucleic acid amplification, validated under field conditions, will almost certainly be available in the very near future....the use of these tests will shorten the duration of an outbreak. ." (our italics)

September 25th 2012 ~ Protests at live export - now from Ipswich

September 21st 2012 ~ Secret research shows high incidence of tumours in rats fed GMOs

September 21st 2012 ~ Shocking story of illegal and bush meat being sold in Hackney - including rat meat

September 16th/17th 2012 ~ Thanet Council has suspended exports from Ramsgate - the only British port still being used to ship live farm animals for slaughter.

September 14th 2012 ~ "Farmers have been through absolute hell.... I urge the Minister to use all his charm, skill and wit to persuade the European Commission to allow vaccination for cattle as soon as possible." Bill Wiggin

September 13th 2012 ~ "I had a fair trade coffee with a fair trade chocolate bar this morning. Why isn't my milk fair trade?" Roger Williams MP

  • Ann Mackintosh (Tory chair of EFRA committee) calls on Government to clarify its position on large diaries. Even at 29ppl, farmers' production costs are not being covered.
  • Daniel Kawczynski MP shops in Waitrose because: "I go with my daughter every Saturday because they pay the most to dairy farmers"
  • Jeremy Lefroy talks of problems he's heard from Staffordshire farmers: "supermarkets not quick enough to pass price rises on" The debate on Dairy Farming, that began at 2.29 pm, may be seen and heard live on www.parliamentlive.tv Bill WIggins' contribution on bTB was outstanding - and will be transcribed as soon as possible.

    September 11th 2012 ~ A new bird flu strain is developing unexpectedly in Vietnam

    September 9th 2012 ~ "The point about Paterson is that he is in fact uniquely qualified for his new post." Sunday Telegraph's Booker Column

    September 7th 2012 ~ CIWF has an urgent message for the new Secretary and Minister of State at DEFRA

  • . Drop so-called ‘sustainable intensification'; all too often all this means is more factory farming.
  • Oppose mega dairies and zero grazing; neither are solutions to the problem of producing more food to feed an increasing population.
  • Impose the 8 hour limit; ask our European partners to impose a maximum 8 hour limit on the transport of animals for slaughter and further fattening within the EU.
  • Do all they can to end live exports through the port of Ramsgate in Kent.
  • Take the lead on better labelling; by pressing the EU to introduce mandatory labelling of meat and dairy products as to the farming methods used to produce them. CIWF says here that they found Jim Paice "approachable, attentive and sympathetic on some issues". We feel confident that Owen Paterson will be equally ready to listen.

    September 6th 2012 ~ CIWF continues to campaign for decent labelling

    September 4th 2012 ~ Owen Paterson to replace Caroline Spelman

    August 31st 2012 ~ New attenuated, antigenically-marked FMD viruses provide "a safe alternative to virulent strains for FMD vaccine manufacturing" and their negative markers provide "a suitable DIVA companion test"

    August 29th 2012 ~ "Memories are obviously very short at Cumbria County Council" says NFU

    August 27th 2012 ~ Australia's FMD forum agrees on "swiftly implementing a vaccination campaign if needed" and that there is no public health risk from the consumption of meat from vaccinated animals

    August 24th 2012 ~ "All that we have registered is in some way aimed at reducing, if not removing, the risk that that experience might be repeated." Ian Mercer, Chairman of the Devon Inquiry into the handling of Foot and Mouth, October 2001

  • Import controls of meat and other livestock products at the points of entry continue to be inadequate.
  • Small local abattoirs continue to disappear and the suggestion that the big supermarkets themselves support them to avoid long, arduous and dangerous lorry journeys has been ignored.
  • The number of farm animal vets goes on dwindling - (indeed, we heard yesterday of an elderly retired vet who kindly stepped into the breach to treat a case of staggers when no local vet prepared to treat farm animals could be found.)
  • The "insensitive and even belligerent operatives and bungled culls" that "do little to enhance the professional reputation of all those involved, from Ministers downwards" were deplored. But can anyone reassure us that this would not be repeated given the draconian regulations hastily placed on the statute book in the revised Animal Health Act of 2002?
  • Above all (and there is far more) the Devon Inquiry preliminary finding paragraph 1.12: The fate of the findings of the Devon Inquiry - the best of all the inquiries by far - show yet again how little those with the power to change things are prepared learn the lessons of the past. It will be remembered that DEFRA not only declined the invitation to attend but Alun Michael's letter, explaining why written answers to Devon's questions were late and/or non specific, may be thought a masterly example of government defensiveness. Those who remember the late Dot Boag will also remember her words:

    August 24th 2012 ~ Concern for the long-term future of the Plum Island Animal Disease Center and its vital research

    August 23rd 2012 ~ Globalisation means that African swine fever is "fast becoming a global problem."

    Apologies for the long absence of posts - and thanks for the emails from kind well-wishers to which I will now reply. I hope gradually to get back to normal.

    July 13th 2012 ~ "Go home and write to your processor immediately. Do not underestimate the power of a letter"

    July 12th 2012 ~ There is not one biochemical reaction in your body, not one, that requires dietary fructose

    July 11th 2012 ~ " .. for too long dairy farmers have been at the mercy of opportunistic price cuts that have driven more and more of them out of business," says Bill Bryson, CPRE Vice President

  • consumers buy milk only from retailers who pay dairy farmers a fair price (ASDA, Morrisons, and the Co-Op do not have pricing mechanisms that adequately reflect the cost of milk production)
  • Milk processors and dairies commit to introducing a pricing mechanism that recognises the cost of production
  • The Government ensures that the Groceries Code Adjudicator has the necessary powers to ensure farmers are being treated fairly See press release

    July 11th 2012 ~ supermarkets use milk as a loss leader and pay farmers a price that doesn't even cover the cost of production.

    When questioned by the BBC, David Cameron showed that he did indeed know the price of a pint of milk in his local supermarket (how many other politicians could hazard a guess) - but many supermarkets use milk as a loss leader and pay farmers a price that doesn't even cover the cost of production. The drop of nearly 4p a litre in the price they receive from milk processing companies means that dairy farmers will lose on average £50,000 a year. Some have threatened to pour their milk down the drain. Farmers Weekly yesterday published this short video of a dairy farmer from Shropshire, James Franklin, explaining how important it is that the farmers can keep the public "on side" and make sure they understand the farmers' plight - working 16 hours in increasingly difficult conditions. He wishes everyone "the very best of luck of luck". As all warmwell readers will know, dairy farmers - urgently concerned about the future of dairy farming - are staging a protest at Westminster today. An emergency "dairy summit" is to be held at Methodist Central Hall,
    (Twitter users can send tweets containing the tag " #SOSdairy" to show support for the country's dairy farmers.)

    July 9th 2012 ~ Institute for Animal Health (IAH) gets £680,000 from the BBSRC to sequence and study the Culicoides midge genome

    July 7th 2012 ~ Lab closures "..decisions appeared to have been made before a proper assessment had been undertaken on the impact on the UK's surveillance network" BVA

    July 5th 2012 ~ "This is the biggest news in FMD research in the last 50 years.. . it supports a vaccinate-to-live strategy in FMD outbreak response....Now it will no longer be necessary to destroy all the animals in a herd when just a few become infected."

    July 2012 ~ Pirbright is awarded 3 million dollars (£644,000) by the FAO to put Pirbright "at the centre" of the FMD control strategy's first five-year phase of work.

    June 29th 2012 ~ ProMed publicises the FAO press release emphasising "the need for collective action to better control FMD"

    June 25th 2012 ~ The wolf in the sheepfold

    June 22/23rd 2012 ~ "successful FMD control models should replicate themselves if the benefits are clear."

    June 20th 2012 ~New FMD strain found in Kyrgyzstan

    June 8th/9th 2012 ~ More information on the licensing of the first FMD vaccine that can be manufactured on the U.S. Mainland

    June 8th 2012 ~ US gives GenVec a conditional licence for FMD vaccine for use in cattle

    June 8th 2012 ~ "Over-regulation is threatening the future of local abattoirs and independent butchers" Caroline Spelman is told

    June 8th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg in Denmark for the first time

    June 5th/6th 2012 ~ "The update better aligns Australia's FMD vaccination policy with advancing vaccine technologies, community perspectives and international standards and practices"

    June 5th 2012 ~"Worrying also is that despite his comments stating a 24-hour delay in testing would be unacceptable, the Minister now says a 24-hour service cannot be guaranteed."

    June 4th 2012 ~ "I don't know why they will not use a penside PCR test..."

    June 4th 2012 ~ "I am concerned that Pirbright has such an emphasis on using its own tests ...."

    May 30th 2012 ~ UK wins EU backing over sheep EID burden

    May 30th 2012 ~ DEFRA changes tack over its plan to protect the pheasant shooting "industry"

    May 29th 2012 ~ "It needs to be understood that it is trade that is holding back science."

    May 29th 2012 ~ " no scientific basis for the assumption of a greater risk with the use of emergency vaccination."

    May 29th 2012 "Who in the police family will worry about multi-force natural disasters such as floods or diseases like foot and mouth?"

    May 22nd/23rd 2012 ~ Remembering Oaklands - May 2001

    May 22nd 2012 ~ NFU: "We want... to ensure there are policies in place that sees the UK becoming more self-sufficient"

    May 19th 2012 ~ "red meat and fish once or twice a week and everything else plant-based."

    May 16th 2012 ~ "What are your precautions going to be for Airports and Docks to prevent foot traffic carrying disease?"

    May 16th 2012 ~ "Quite honestly I believe that DEFRA has done its usual "duck and dive" routine for the agricultural community."

    May 15th 2012 ~ People travelling to NBA Beef Expo on May 24th should be aware that the Olympic Torch is passing through the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire area on the same day.

    May 14th 2012 ~ "We need food, we need wildlife; the two have to be in existence together...we run a serious risk of losing both."

    May 10th 2012 ~EU earmarks several million euros for the study of Schmallenberg and also of colony collapse disorder in bees

    May 9th 2012 ~ New joint risk assessment on risks to human health of the Schmallenberg virus

    May 9th 2012 ~ The Government is urged to ensure the Adjudicator has sufficient powers to clamp down on the 'bully boy behaviour of supermarket buyers'

    May 9th 2012 ~ "the 2009 pandemic H1N1 vaccine induced broadly protective antibodies capable of fighting different variants of the flu virus"

    May 8th 2012 ~ African Horse Sickness "OBP cannot be allowed to operate as both player and referee in the lucrative vaccine market..."

    May 6th 2012 ~ "the reintroduction of traditional, nonintensive agriculture may help reduce risk for Lyme disease"

    May 5th 2012 ~ "the prevalence of Lyme disease bacteria in the UK tick population is considerably higher than most recent estimates indicated."

    There are still many in the UK who have never seen a tick -but the tick population is increasing. Bracken - now also on the increase in the UK - is one of the most preferred habitats for ticks. They carry diseases such as Lyme Disease that affect humans as well as animals The animation from the Lyme Borreliosis Foundation, Hungary shows how they feed from and infect their host.
    New research published in January 2012 suggests that the prevalence of Lyme disease bacteria in the UK tick population is considerably higher than most recent estimates indicated.... in 2010 there were 1,361 laboratory-confirmed cases of Lyme disease, a 24.4% increase on 2009.
    Asulox, unlike Roundup, is a bracken control herbicide that leaves most other plants unharmed but it has been banned by the EU. Stocks of the herbicide must now be used by the end of 2012.

    May 4th 2012 ~ "This is probably one of the most important innovations in the last 60 years in foot-and-mouth disease."

    May 4th 2012 ~ AHVLA is now reporting that 256 UK farms have been affected by Schmallenberg virus: 36 in cattle and 220 in sheep

    May 3rd 2012 ~ "Diseases simply do not respect international boundaries...FMD SAT2 could spread throughout vast areas, threatening the Gulf countries, even southern and eastern Europe, and perhaps beyond," Juan Lubroth

    May 1st 2012 ~ "Food Access is going to be a major problem - we have overshot carrying capacity..."

    April 30th 2012 ~ How many Schmallenberg cases are there really in the UK? 254?

    29th April 2012 ~ "We also appear to be learning not to overreact to news of a BSE event..." ProMed

    28th April 2012 ~ Government's Ministerial Statement on tackling irresponsible dog ownership - "their best is nowhere near good enough." says Dogs Trust

    28th April 2012 ~ DEFRA's vision for the RPA is to" improve value for money and reduce burdens on its customers (sic)"

  • Support and develop British farming and encourage sustainable food production
  • Help to enhance the environment and biodiversity to improve quality of life; and
  • Support a strong and sustainable green economy, resilient to climate change. One Thesaurus definition of "green" is young, unripe, developing, half-formed, half-baked, fresh, sappy" Looking at DEFRA's Business Plan it's hard not to remember Sir Humphrey Appleby:

    27th Apr 2012 ~ Schmallenberg vaccine: "no stone will be left unturned"

    April 27th 2012 ~ "She will not be disappointed"?

    April 27th 2012 ~ Cruelty in abattoirs: "we should be looking to the Australians for advice..."

    April 26th 2012 ~ Cruelty in abattoirs: "we renew our call for DEFRA to make CCTV mandatory"

    April 24th 2012 ~ "Manufacturing an FMD vaccine from a new virus strain and within probably less than 2 months.."

    April 24th 2012 ~ Protectionism is still more important than protection?

    April 23rd 2012 ~ British cattle: "...they should be raised in an atmosphere that limits their exposure to stress, in order to enhance their quality of life"

    April 23rd 2012 ~ One in seven hens across 12 EU Member States are still being kept in outlawed battery cages, nearly five months after the ban came in.

    April 17th 2012 ~ Monsanto's Roundup is creating new weed resistance to glyphosate

    April 17th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg

    April 17th 2012 ~ The watchdog that is still too far away for us to hear his bark

    April 15th 2012 ~ "required to convince international partners that supporting vaccination will be worthwhile."

    April 15th 2012 ~ African Horse Sickness - an ever present threat

    April 12th 2012 ~ "a fundamental, crying need to take the farming message into towns and major cities at street level"

    April 9th 2012 ~ Has Egypt produced "a new vaccine" to protect animals from the SAT2 strain of foot and mouth?

    April 9th 2012 ~ "The Death of British Farmland?" asks the Parliamentary All Party Group on Agroecology

    April 6th 2012 ~ "The spread of FMDV SAT2 ....sufficient quantities of an appropriate FMDV SAT2 vaccine are urgently needed" UPDATE

    April 6th 2012 ~ "The spread of FMDV SAT2 into North Sinai is, internationally, of grave concern....sufficient quantities of an appropriate FMDV SAT2 vaccine are urgently needed"

    April 5th 2012 ~ Professor Tim Lang on World food price rise "The political silence is deafening."

    April 5th 2012 ~ US: Monsanto has threatened to sue Vermont if the bill to label GMOs passes.

    April 4th 2012 ~ Welsh Affairs Committee expresses concerns about the impact of the proposed closure of some veterinary laboratory facilities in Wales.

    April 3rd 2012 ~ Germany has made Schmallenberg a notifiable disease

    April 2nd 2012 ~ Schmallenberg-virus in Western Europe. Almost 3 thousand farms are now affected, according to OIE figures

    March 29th 2012 ~ "it is vital that any changes to our laboratory network are based on improving or maintaining the service, not simply cost cutting" Carl Padgett, BVA President

    March 28th 2012 ~ NPPF: Hilary Benn has asked the Government to make public the names of any property developers who were also donors to the Tory party

    March 26th 2012 ~ Horse and Hound warns that African Horse Sickness is "a very real threat" - but Brigadier Jepson says "a vaccine could also be produced within weeks of an outbreak"

    March 26th 2012 ~ " a lack of clarity in the decision-making process and criteria for implementing an FMD vaccination campaign."

    March 25th 2012 ~ "An individual farmer, backed by the NFU for example, might be the best approach." William Neville on EID challenge

    March 17th 2012 ~ "cattle vaccinated with the 1/16× and 1/4× doses of FMDV strain O1 Manisa, using a "needle free device" were protected..."

    March 17th 2012 ~ "..the transport of live animals over long distances should be replaced with the transport of carcasses - for the sake of the animals, the environment and the economies of rural areas," says MEP

    March 16th 2012 ~ Pirbright redevelopment: "I think the government realises the threats are there, which is why they are giving us the money to redevelop the site." John Fazakerley, director of the UK Institute for Animal Health

    March 15th 2012 ~ "Nobody benefits from this kind of reckless gambling except a few City wheeler-dealers"

    March 12th 2012 ~ "One thing is clear -- our vision of the threat posed by the presence of these viruses at the edge of Europe was too complacent by far."

    March 4th 2012 ~ Important opinion from an experienced cattle farmer about Schmallenberg virus

    February 26th 2012 ~ vital to the credibility of the CAP that funds only go to active farmers

    February 26th 2012 ~ Demand for oil will continue to spiral until mankind bans the internal combustion engine, outlaws ammonium-based fertilisers, dismantles the global pharmaceutical industry and learns to live without plastic.

    February 25th 2012 ~ Farmers are not form-fillers - will ministers make good on their pledge to cut red tape?

  • The scandal of councils making millions by selling off starter farms
  • The latest on the spread of the SBV virus.
  • A surprise gift from Bill Gates.

    February 25th 2012 ~ The importance of "weeds"

    February 24th 2012 ~ Rules governing the electronic identification of sheep (EID) could be challenged in the European Court of Justice.

    February 24th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg identified on 74 farms - including 5 cattle

    February 21st 2012 ~NFU Conference. "No DEFRA minister wants to be compared to Margaret Beckett, surely?" Peter Kendall

  • UK farmers have to be ambitious for the environment, particularly in protecting air, water and soil
  • "Getting planning consent is probably the single most frustrating process farmers experience"
  • He thanks Mrs Spelman for 'tough decision' on badger cull in face of 'considerable opposition - as shown today.
  • He commends the Government for its work on unblocking the planning system. 'the countryside must be allowed to grow and prosper'
  • Cuts in red tape, inspections and paperwork are not yet bold enough. Watch #NFU Tweets.

    February 20th 2012 ~ Human health and fertility - and Monsanto's Roundup

    February 18th 2012 ~ FMD - 11 years on...

    February 17th 2012 ~ UK. 3 cattle premises infected (Norfolk, Suffolk and West Sussex). Official UK total now 52

    February 17th 2012 ~ Rapid on-site test and vaccine needed for SBV, says the NFU

    February 17th 2012 ~ More than 120 MEPs have signed a European Parliament Written Declaration calling on the Commission to revisit EID rules

    February 14th 2012 ~ US. budget proposal "raised new doubts about the future of the National Bio- and Agro-Defense (NBAF) Facility under construction near Kansas State University."

    February 14th 2012 ~ MEPs approve the more flexible use of new vaccines to treat Bluetongue disease

    February 14th 2012 ~ Monsanto is found guilty in France poisoning case

    February 13th 2012 ~ "We've now banned the use of eggs from caged hens from all of our own brand products - not only fresh eggs, but also as ingredients." Sainsburys

    February 13th 2012 ~ We were eating FMD vaccinated meat from South America in 2001 and virtually all meat today comes from animals that have been vaccinated against some disease or other

    February 12th/13th 2012 ~ "... it was so bad I can't even respond. Alan Beat is right; the authorities have learnt nothing and it could happen again."

    February 12th 2012 ~ Reaction to BBC video below

    February 11th 2012 ~ "Controversially instead of vaccination, a mass cull was ordered which led to 10 million animals being slaughtered."

    February 11th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg Virus. Expert comment & advice to farmers from virologist/farmer Dr Ruth Watkins.

    February 11th 2012 ~ "The objections to the pig factory at Foston are mounting all the time..."

    February 10th 2012 ~ a mosquito has invaded marshes in Kent and Sussex that can be the transmitter of West Nile Virus

    February 8th 2012 ~ "As far as surveillance is concerned, the need for a solution is pressing, " says The Veterinary Record "the arrival of Schmallenberg virus is salutary and timely"

    February 6th 2012 ~ CPRE says "Ask your MP to write to the Planning Minister, Greg Clark, to tell him that the countryside is worth protecting for its own sake. Building on previously developed land first should be a priority.

    February 5th 2012 ~ SBV test may be available within weeks

    February 2nd 2012 ~ Has Monsanto given up hopes of introducing GM crops to Europe?

    February 1st 2012 ~ "The last 20 years have seen the concentration of the control over seed by a very small number of giant corporations."

    January 31st 2012 ~ Schmallenberg Virus now identified in 11 samples from Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent and East Sussex

    January 31 2012 ~ Final 2 members of the Animal Health and Welfare Board for England (AHWBE) confirmed

    January 31 2012 ~ US document "Vaccination for Foot and Mouth Disease - Strategies and Considerations"

    January 31st 2012 ~ The record is put straight too about the often misunderstood 2001 vaccination campaigns in the Netherlands and in Uruguay

    January 29th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg - Cooperation between countries - thanks to the Freidrich Loeffler Institute in Germany

    January 28th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg Virus confirmed in France on Thursday

    January 27th 2012 ~ Shop local. Shop Free Range. This makes more sense than ever.

    January 26th 2012 ~ Japanese bird-flu scientist says research must not be kept secret

    January 25th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg Virus: Dr Martin Beer of the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Riems Island, says we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.

    January 25th 2012 ~ EU rules to protect animal welfare are not being adequately enforced says BVA

    January 24th 2012 ~ Eradication of Foot and Mouth? The OIE mentions "lack of political will in some countries" - but for us in the West it should be "enlightened self-interest, not benevolence"

    January 24th 2012 ~ OIE: the aim of "global control of FMD is therefore particularly timely and ties in perfectly with the OIE objective of improving animal health and welfare worldwide."

    January 24th 2012 ~ "dismayed at Government delays to the Groceries Code Adjudicator" - Mary Creagh

    January 23rd 2012 ~ Schmallenberg Virus has reached the UK. SBV has been identified by AHVLA from samples coming from Norfolk, Suffolk and East Sussex.

    January 23rd 2012 ~ "To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what steps she is taking to ensure that the closure of regional veterinary laboratories does not adversely affect the levels of disease among farm livestock." Hansard

    January 23rd 2012 ~ "... an entirely new food-monitoring system that we average people can really trust."

    January 20th 2012 ~ Schmallenberg virus detected yesterday near Belgium's border with France

    January 19th 2012 ~ "Monsanto has created an atmosphere of fear in rural America and driven dozens of farmers into bankruptcy"

    January 18th 2012 ~ Bringing together the community, encouraging social interaction on the village allotments site and providing a home to battery hens.

    January 17th 2012 ~ The good-egg list

    January 15th 2012 ~ GM "Both these pending legal cases could set important precedents for biopiracy in India and Europe."

    January 14th 2012 ~ "I have for a long time believed that as farming moves nearer the market and out of the shelter of government, it needs its own professional body"

    January 13th 2012 ~ Around 30 egg producers in the UK are still using battery cages

    January 13th 2012 ~ "So we are led into economics, and into politics and the law - which at present are obstructing the kind of farming that the world really needs." Colin Tudge.

    January 12th 2012 ~ ScoFCAH statement on the Schmallenberg virus.

    January 11th 2012 ~ New veterinary Surveillance group for England and Wales - but "any future model must be shaped by good surveillance strategies, not the need to cut costs".

    January 11th 2012 ~ The Schmallenberg virus is being discussed today and tomorrow in Brussels

    January 8th 2012 ~ Joanna Lumley - the ghastly trade's worst nightmare?

    January 7th 2012 ~ The keeping of hens in intensive conditions just hard headed good sense...?

    January 6th 2012 ~ Mary Creagh expresses concerns over delays in implementing the Grocery Ombudsman

    January 5th 2012 ~ "Corporate Farming" , unsustainable bubbles - and the rebel Oxford Real Farming Conference

    January 4th 2012 ~ SCOFCAH will discuss the Schmallenberg virus on January 11th

    January 3rd 2012 ~ British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) launches the first stage towards a Judicial Review, challenging UK response to the EU battery cage ban

    per bird along with a nest box for the birds to lay their eggs in, perching space for the birds to sleep on and an area where they can scratch about as free range hens do. The UK is deeply concerned that producers in 13 other EU countries, including Spain, Italy and Poland, have not fully complied with the ban. The Government has said it will not impose a unilateral ban on eggs produced abroad in battery cages, citing "very significant legal and financial implications". The BEIC considers this is ridiculous and says the Government should conduct proper checks of imported eggs, egg products and products containing eggs entering UK ports, egg packing stations, processing plants, importers and wholesalers - and has written to DEFRA a "pre-action protocol" letter. More at www.farmersguardian.com

    January 3rd 2012 ~ "There are certain things that should never be done to an animal whatever the benefits to Mankind.." Professor Christopher Wathes

    January 2nd 2012 ~ Can 2012 be the Year of the Town and Village Green - or is DEFRA, "under pressure from greedy development industry", wrecking the process?

    December 29th 2011 ~ Pet Passport regulations - the changes

    December 23rd 2011 ~ The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quietly ducks out of controlling the overuse of antibiotics in agriculture

    December 21st 2011 ~ Succinct introduction to ELS on Myfarm.com

    December 19th 2011 ~ Schmallenberg virus: "may cause severe congenital damages in pregnant animals, as well as premature births and reproductive disorders".

    December 19th 2011 ~ "Both surface supply and underground fossil stores of clean water are depleting at alarming rates"

    December 15th 2011 ~ MP for Thirsk and Malton, Anne McIntosh, says DEFRA is taking too long

    December 16th 2011 ~ Foot and Mouth: The latest Contingency Plan appears to look exclusively towards an eventual use of Pirbright's own "lateral flow" device.

    December 16th 2011 ~ This month's important research at Leeds cannot use actual FMD virus

    December 12th 2011 ~ DEFRA "Changing the way we work: from bureaucracy to responsibility and partnership"

    December 8th 2011 ~ How long, O Lord? How long?

    December 7th 2011 ~ Waste food to feed livestock? A compelling case for reassessment, says Baroness Jenkin

    December 7th 2011 ~ "Free Range Dairy aims to create an industry which produces high quality food that we can be proud of, rather than harnessing farmers to the treadmill of mass commodity production."

    December 7th 2011 ~ EU ban on battery egg production: "There could be about 50 million hens that will still be in conventional cages across the EU in unacceptable conditions on 1 January 2012"

    December 7th 2011 ~ DEFRA's derogation on sheep EID is a "victory for common sense"

    December 3rd 2011 ~ "The UK will not renew its vaccine bank when it expires next year but will instead rely on the EU bank, which has been 'substantially enlarged'..".

    November 29th 2011 ~ Rural Payments Agency. Margaret Hodge and the PAC Committee not entirely impressed with Dame Helen Ghosh, it seems

    November 29th 2011 ~ DEFRA " invites your feedback and help in improving engagement with stakeholders"

    November 25th 2011 ~ Dangerous Dogs Act is "at a very advanced stage" on being reformed

    on the government's banned list and that most of the breed posed no threat to humans. Hearing someone shout good humouredly "Romulus and Remus!" he added " I said with , not by" See Hansard.

    November 25th 2011 ~ "DEFRA should have achieved a 'higher level of financial maturity, given the resources spent', says NAO report

    November 24th 2011 ~ UK farm antibiotic usage up 11% - "due to higher production" says DEFRA "We don't treat hogs because we don't have to," says Russ Kremer.

    November 21st ~ " a low-energy system...grass-finished herbivore is the most nutrient-dense substance that doesn't require any tillage..."

    November 20th 2011 ~ Cattle to graze again on Cornish Downs

    November 18th 2011 ~ Antibiotics: "We had all been trained to turn to that little white bottle at the merest hint of trouble"

    November 17th 2011 ~ movement licence computer chaos means thousands of cattle are unable to be moved, calves are being shot

    November 15th 2011 ~ Factory hens "It really is unacceptable that the Commission is not able to enforce a regulation on animal welfare." Jim Paice

    November 14th 2011 ~ DEFRA spent £70 million on redundancy payments but recruited 600 new staff

    November 14th 2011 ~ The EU has announced that it will cut spending on animal disease programmes by 45 million euros next year.

    November 11th 2011 ~ European Commission's report on the impact of EU regulation for live animal transport shows that regulations are not being enforced

    November 11th 2011 ~ The Farming and Forestry Improvement Scheme was launched by James Paice today

    November 10th 2011 ~ A plea for the wisdom of humane simplicity: "Hamilton and his staff fell back on simple remedies recommended by old men who remembered what was done before the slaughter policy was introduced"

    November 9th 2011 ~ "Communications with farmers who are not paid early in the window must be improved now.." James Paice

    November 8th 2011 ~ Australia " the minister is seeking better federal, state and industry cooperation in areas such as the development of uniform policy on vaccination and traceability issues."

    November 7th 2011 ~ Ten weed species in the USA are now resistant to Roundup. "Traditional breeding methods may yet prove to be better" Professor William Reville

    November 7th 2011 ~ "Government insolvency and the slow hand of bureaucracy" always seem to stand in the way...

    November 5th 2011 ~ "Research findings say that dirty, crowded conditions on factory farms can propagate sickness and disease..."

    November 4th 2011 ~ South Derbyshire council has refused Midland Pig Producers permission to build a "farm" at Foston to keep 25,000 sows and piglets in intensive conditions.

    November 3rd 2011 ~ Paraguay's head of National Service for Animal Health and Quality: "There now is no doubt that it was human error that led to the outbreak of foot-and-mouth."

    November 1st 2011 ~ Bucking the negative trend in real time on-site diagnostics "...people no longer have to be dependent on Government...." Roger Breeze

    Having told the audience that for 25 years there has been a sustained failure to transform advances in science and technology to real tools for diagnosis on the ground, Dr Breeze pointed out that President Obama's "tremendous goals" are being let down by this. For far too long, disease reporting - "official, cumbersome, disease reporting systems" is being superseded by cell phone based ones, giving See Youtube video and warmwell transcript here.

    November 1st 2011 ~ Cattle parasite vaccine offers hope to world's poorest farmers

    November 1st 2011 ~ FMD back in South Korea? (No)

    October 14th 2011 ~ FMD paper: "a breath of cool air in an over-heated arena of epidemiology populated by clean-shod computer nerds without field experience...." says ProMed

    September 28th 2011 ~ India is suing Monsanto for "Biopiracy"

    September 27th 2011~ Lab closures: "Such a decision affects animal health and human health. This seems a huge backward step."

    September 27th 2011~ "We want to bring money down to earth."

    September 27th 2011~ "Slow Food" - a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries

    September 26th 2011 ~ Lab closures: savings made would be vastly and disastrously outweighed by the potential cost of failing to detect Foot & Mouth or dangerous zoonoses

    September 23rd 2011 ~ EFRA Committee welcomes the findings of the Task Force on Farming Regulation. Government officials would benefit from "hands-on experience".

    September 23rd 2011 ~ Fat profits from Trans Fats - "our Government remains inert"

    September 21st 2011 ~ Supermarket Watchdog is a top priority, Ed Davey telsl the Liberal Democrat conference

    September 21st 2011 ~ Inspirational American teacher ordered to dismantle his garden before Friday

    September 18th 2011 ~ "a virus out there that kills 50% of the people it infects... I predict people will wake up to the need for vaccination pretty quickly...": Robert Webster, the "pope of bird flu"

    September 16th 2011 ~ Lord Henley moves to the Home Office. Lord Taylor of Holbeach takes over

    September 16th 2011 ~ The healthcare costs incurred by the current system of cheap food may bring about reforms sooner than we think

    September 15th 2011 ~ Andrew George says the Grocery Ombudsman draft Bill won't be heard by MPs until the 2012-13 parliamentary session.

    September 15th 2011 ~ BVA Congress at the Royal College of Physicians, London, on Friday 23 September

    September 13th 2011 ~ UK food manufacturers, distributors and growers "deeply concerned" about the fragility of the UK food sector. We must have Home Grown solutions

    September 13th 2011 ~ The British Equine Veterinary Association honours Brigadier Paul Jepson

    September 12th 2011 ~ "Ordinary farmers are being railroaded into thinking that bigger is better and they must go intensive to survive. I firmly contest that belief," says Dragons Den star, Deborah Meaden

    September 9th 2011 ~ Tim Farron's PQ expresses his worry that the reduction in resources to AHVLA affects the UK's capability "to detect and prevent a foot and mouth outbreak"

    September 9th 2011 ~ As UK house prices begin their catastrophic fall, farmland increases in value and cannot keep up with demand

    September 8th 2011 ~ Tim Farron's EDM calls on DEFRA to ensure that hill farmers on short-term land agreements are able to access support.

    September 7th 2011 ~ ProMed on the new FMD outbreak in China: " if "stamping out, no vaccination" policy is indeed and exclusively applied, its efficiency deserves to be revisited in view of the fact that new outbreaks continue to appear.."

    September 7th 2011 ~ "There is no change proposed for these tests."

    Miyazaki would have at least a 10 day start on trying to halt the outbreak while it was still small. This would have meant minimal slaughter and minimal use of ring vaccination.

    September 5th 2011 ~ In a corporate-owned quasi democracy where will houses be built?

    September 5th 2011 ~ Removing "infected or potentially infected" animal bodies - the "Invitation to Tender" PDF is 98 pages long

    September 2nd 2011 ~ "some of the rules we ask businesses to follow are either too complicated, ineffective or just obsolete." Jim Paice

    September 2nd 2011 ~EID extended: "the excessive administrative burden has been criticised for the labour costs and the potential implications for cross-compliance payments"

    September 2nd 2011 ~ "The federal government gives permission to the blatant and massive pollution of companies like BP, Exxon Mobile, Tyson, Cargill, JBS and Smithfield..."

    August 31st 2011 ~ Summary of responses to the consultation on Defra's Contingency Plan for Exotic Notifiable Diseases of Animals held between 18 March and 13 May 2011

    August 30th 2011 ~ Illegal ivory is still being smuggled out of Africa.

    August 30th 2011 ~ New research from Pirbright into an effective marker vaccine

    August 30th 2011 ~ "There was also union concern over dealing with specific issues raised by having a vaccination rather than a slaughter policy."

    August 29th 2011 ~ "DEFRA should not be both the industry's champion and its regulator."

    August 24th 2011 ~ On Tuesday August 30th: Protesters dressed as "blood-stained slaughtermen and pigs" to gather in Westminster over DEFRA's inability to prosecute Cheale Meats

    August 22nd 2011 ~ "Human numbers are threatening natural systems. We see this everywhere we turn." Prof. Al Bartlett

    August 21st 2011 ~ "Poor market access, unpredictable weather patterns, and insufficient infrastructure make small-scale agriculture a high-risk livelihood."

    August 20th 2011 ~ Helen Browning is the new director of the Soil Association. She wants the organic movement to go back to its roots and reach everybody.

    August 17th/18th 2011 ~ A farmer comments on conditions inside the giant intensive pig and dairy farms being proposed.

    August 17th 2011 ~ The unbearable cost of cheap meat - "We are undoing our greatest achievement"

    August 17th 2011 ~ Who cares about grossly huge factory farms in Britain?

    August 15th 2011 ~ "...Nigel Miller speaks for the majority when he says that we must find a way of avoiding the mass slaughter of animals.. emergency vaccination to live should be accepted as a key part of future strategy." Professor Crispin and Toby Tennant

  • "any new virus can be characterised in hours", and that "Very good vaccines are readily available" Informed comments would be gratefully received. A letter from Professor Crispin (former President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) and Mr Toby Tennant, also published by the Scottish Farmer, applauded the organisers of the Moredun conference in March As we said when the Garland research appeared in July,

    August 15th 2011 ~ The attitude of the Scottish Beef Cattle Association mirrors the disastrous attitude taken by South Korea

  • "Trade for producers outside the Vaccinated Zone is not much affected by vaccination - and they will be better off if disease is contained" Even DEFRA's Alick Simmons' presentation concluded that the Silver Birch exercise had shown that vaccination "reduces expected outbreak cost" and that "the longer export ban is a less important factor since vaccination shortens the outbreak". It would also
  • "substantially reduce the expected (average) number of animals culled and the number of farms with culls." Perhaps the Scottish Beef Cattle Association assumes that, in the successful limited cull they seem to be envisaging, identification of infection and accurate testing of animals could be carried out incredibly fast. And who can guarantee that when budgets are so tight and already existing rapid on-site diagnostic technology is ignored in UK Contingency Plans? As Sam Mansley's "Break Out Session" group emphasised at the time: As they implied, once a culling policy is in full swing, it is tragically late for public outrage to get the policy changed.

    August 15th 2011 ~ FMD - Avoiding a two-tier market

    August 13th 2011 ~ "weed resistance to Roundup- but the less visible problems below the soil should also be noted and researched"

    August 13th 2011 ~ Just as humans would be, " pigs are driven insane when intensively confined in extremely crowded, filthy conditions.." Michael Mansfield

    August 11th 2011 ~ Live Exports. Thanet Council is unhappy

    August 10th 2011 ~ UK riots - Having a stake in your community means not wanting to trash it.

    August 9th ~ FDA raid update

    August 8/9th ~ Controlling the Food Chain - American style

    August 8/9th ~ "We don't want animals full of antibiotics" says Rawesome - but the FDA disagrees

    August 8th 2011 ~ "You've been drugging yourself at dinner every day."

    August 5th 2011 ~ Ragwort.

    appears to refer only to this Oxford type But as the farmer who emailed yesterday points out: "We pull both kinds every year on our 365 acres (taking great care to get the Oxford roots as well as their stems), and it diminishes every year in the areas where it has been allowed to become a bit established. The claim that pulling (actually pulling it, not leaving the root) increases it 4 or 5-fold is complete rubbish! Instead of spreading this new myth, the researchers should be advising all concerned to be sure to pull all the roots, which is often not easy, and sometimes requires deep cutting below ground level." All comments on this topic are welcome. By carrying out an annual survey, the British Horse Society (link) is hoping to gain an insight into trends in ragwort proliferation and to "strengthen the argument to control it". But see also www.ragwortfacts.com which claims there is a lot of misinformation about this plant and "control should be based on a rational scientific approach and aimed where the science says there is an actual threat".

    August 4th 2011 ~ RPA's work helps DEFRA "to encourage a thriving farming & food sector and strong rural communities." (it says here)

    August 3rd 2011 ~Rebecca Hoskins' prescient film on farming and how her own farm is facing the coming challenges of financial and energy crises "..if our farm is to survive it will have to change..."

    August 1st 2011 ~ Ex RPA chief, Tony Cooper, got a £326,000 golden handshake

    August 1st 2011 ~ "This approach could allow us to make safer and more effective vaccines against a range of viral diseases."

    August 1st 2011 ~ Joel Salatin demonstrating the antidote to the grisly US cattle feed lot. Some happy cows here!

    July 31st 2011 ~ "I've decided that to be an alternative farmer or an ecological farmer or whatever buzz word you want to put on it, you have to be a sissy...." Joel Salatin

    July 31st 2011 ~ "the fact is, we aren't machines.."

    July 31st 2011 ~ Salatin offers five reasons why small, local, chemical-free farming is best.

  • safer from a bio-security standpoint.... the less chance there is of anything from bio-terrorism to pathogenicity to spoilage. You wanna get diarrhoea? Eat industrial food.
  • your own personal immune system." The more antibiotics are given to the animals we eat, he explains, the less responsive we become to antibiotics when we need them
  • nutritional density and power "Omega 3, omega 6 ratios, riboflavin, polyunsaturated fats, vitamin A…"
  • it tastes better.
  • better for the environment. It's a very landscape-therapeutic production model. Salatin currently feeds between 7,000 and 9,000 locals. (Guardian 31/1/2010)

    July 29th 2011 ~ US: "To encourage small, diversified farms is not to make a nostalgic bid to revert to the agrarian ways of our ancestors.."

    July 28th 2011 ~ Grocery Ombudsman- "strong arguments that indirect suppliers such as farmers should be given a voice."

    July 28th 2011 ~ Cheale Meats denies that video footage of extreme cruelty to pigs proves it was filmed at "Elmkirk"

    July 28th 2011 ~ Even Shell now says the "age of low cost oil and gas is over"

    July 27th 2011 ~ "emissions from livestock estimated to be responsible for only around 9.1 per cent of all emissions in the European Union"

    July 26th 2011 ~ "No evidence for spread of foot and mouth disease by vaccinated animals or their products"

    July 25th 2011 ~ Tim Farron says the RPA is letting farmers down

    July 25th 2011 ~ Botswana Vaccine Institute has announced a new purified FMD vaccine

    July 22nd 2011 ~ The Forestry Panel newsletter - and reminder that there is only just over a week to respond to the important questions on why England needs to keep woodland in public ownership.

    July 21st 2011 ~ RPA woes...and on it goes...

    July 20th 2011 ~"you start to appreciate just how practical, ethical and simply beautiful sustainable farming can be...."

    July 17th 2011 ~ Wild animal reintroduction projects - "potential man-made threats to biodiversity"

    July 15th 2011 ~ Pet Passport: Worried about tapeworms, UK vets lobby that dogs will still have to visit vet 24-120 hours before travelling back.

    July 8th 2011 ~ "Unless vets and doctors recognise the importance of working together, we could be faced with a world unable to control infectious diseases."

    July 8th 2011 ~ 48 awards from Compassion in World Farming celebrated companies' commitment to improving animal welfare, ethical farming and developing sustainable supply chains.

    July 6th 2011 ~ EU Parliament extends mandatory country of origin labelling to fresh meat from pigs, sheep, goats and poultry - but no compulsory labelling of products from animals slaughtered without stunning

    July 6th 2011 ~ CIWF's Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards will be awarded this evening

    July 5th 2011~ James Paice on country of origin labelling, local slaughter, new slaughter welfare regulations, progress on encouraging the consumption of rose veal - but live exports from Ramsgate resume

    July 5th 2011~ FMD in Israel: " the efficacy of the vaccine has been demonstrated by the fact that not a single dairy animal has been (clinically) affected in Israel since the start, in March 2011, of the epizootic

    July 3rd 2011 ~ " I welcome any progress that can be made to ensure we never have to go through a mass cull again."

    July 3rd 2011 ~ "10 million animals were slaughtered in foot and mouth cull"

  • at least 1.2 lambs "at foot" were killed with each breeding sheep - amounting to four million lambs slaughtered but not counted.
  • the official toll of 595,000 cattle did not include 100,000 calves and 50,000 unborn calves close to birth that were killed with their mothers.
  • In addition, about 500,000 lambs were killed in the so-called "light lamb disposal plan" because they were considered unsellable. (More)
    In the light of the flawed thinking behind the policy, even those unmoved by the reality that these quiet statistics represent could hardly deny that this was a massacre of the innocents.
    Sir Alan speaks for many more than his own constituents in saying we must ensure we never have to go through a mass cull again.
    However, as will be remembered, all James Paice could say to Sir Alan, apart from repeating the mantra about farmer vigilance, was that the new DEFRA part-funded study ( "Relationship Between Clinical Signs and Transmission of an Infectious Disease and the Implications for Control") was "an important piece of research", and that DEFRA was "collaborating with the researchers" to assess its value "in managing disease outbreaks"

    July 1st 2011 ~ "the Welsh Government took a bold step forward and then two steps back. In March the then-Minister announced that new regulations to tackle puppy farming would not be introduced."

    30th June 2011 ~ FMD. Some countries do indeed learn fast - 18 months on from "FMD free without vaccination", South Korea now demands FMD vaccination certificates from all livestock farmers.

    vaccinating. (See also Korean article http://www.jejuweekly.com link mended.

    29th June 2011 ~ Prof Peter C. Doherty, Nobel Laureate 1996, Melbourne

    29th June 2011 ~ "removing mutant virus incubators that large chicken houses represent... also serve to minimize the emergence of novel pandemic viruses that infect humans and/or other domestic animal species"

    June 28th 2011 ~ Foston mega pig farm plans "delayed"

    Good news on the pig front, says the Soil Association: Midland Pig Producers (MPP) want to build a pig farm which would house 2,500 sows and 20,000 piglets. The average size of large-scale intensive pig farms in the UK currently rests at around 500 - 900 sows. As Tracy Worcester said at public meeting: "I made a film called Pig Business that describes the true costs of cheap pork which is flooding UK supermarket shelves from the Continent where, according to Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) 90% of the farms are not obeying EU animal welfare legislation. Instead of trying to compete with these cheap imports, our government should be ensuring our family farms be paid to reflect their benefits to society i.e. biodiversity, high animal welfare, protection of the environment, conservation of rural landscapes and rural communities."

    June 27th 2011 ~ "The Soil Association's 'Not in My Banger' campaign is not about promoting organic, it's about pigs being allowed to go outdoors and not being mutilated."

    June 27th 2011 ~ "Farmageddon" - a film about the Unseen War on American Family Farms

    June 27th 2011 ~ Too many free range eggs?

    June 23rd 2011 ~ Sir Alan Beith asks the Secretary of State if she will review her policy of the pre-emptive culling of cattle during foot and mouth disease outbreaks in the light of recent research on the issue.

    June 21st 2011 ~ "after everyone else has grabbed their share, there's little left for our farmers"

    June 20th 2011 ~ MRSA was first identified in milk from a British herd on 24 September 2009.

    June 20th 2011 ~" the emergence of new virus infections..may spread from animals to cause disease in humans"

    June 19th 2011 ~ Britain is moving towards a "shameful system of factory farming that will destroy the countryside and create a new breed of superbugs".

    June 17th 2011 ~ FMD vaccination "We all agree that the protocols and strategies for decision-making need to be put in place in peacetime so let's get on and do it." BVA

    June 16th 2011 ~ "alternative technologies to oil will take a long time to develop and deploy at scale"

    June 16th 2011 ~" Britain is going to be in trouble.... You have to do things locally..."

    June 14th 2011 ~ "the greatest scope for improving livelihood and equity exists in small-scale, diversified production systems"

    June 13th 2011 ~ Vaccination against Bluetongue was so successful that it is now banned....

    June 9th 2011 ~ Helen Browning: ".. they were right to pull the plug, rather than force a vote that the audience was clearly unhappy and confused about."

    June 9th 2011 ~ "if these 'mega farms' succeed, then they will inevitably drive out our smaller scale family farms, just as the multiple retailers out competed the greengrocers, butchers and bakers from our high streets."

    June 8th 2011 ~ FMD Yet more concern about safety at Pirbright

    June 8th 2011 ~ Women's Institute AGM fails to vote on the issue of mega farms

    June 8th 2011 ~ "We don't have to follow the American way of farming" Helen Browning

    June 6th 2011 ~ Helen Browning ".. we need to ensure that we're clear on the future direction for farming ....avoid sleep-walking into a situation that neither the public nor most farmers want."

    June 6th 2011 ~ We need an agricultural system "that puts diversity at its heart and respects the limits of the natural world"

    June 3rd 2011 ~ "...we're able to take our device, literally plug it in to the cigarette lighter of a car, and run molecular diagnostic tests out in the field..."

    June 3rd 2011 ~ "the collaboration with the FAO in the establishment of a portable and mobile diagnostic system that demonstrates high sensitivity and specificity characteristics, but is also affordable throughout the world."

    May 31st 2011 ~ Genestat machine is ideally suited to early detection of foot and mouth

    May 30th 2011 ~ Nigel Gibbens:" these types of tests aren't currently practical for use on the ground during an outbreak" But DxNA Genestat would seem to prove the CVO mistaken

    May 30th 2011 ~ Is DEFRA aware of the following points from the DxNA website about the cheapest, most effective - and already available - on-site diagnosis system?

  • Commercial systems purported to be portable are too bulky for convenient transport. Samples still require labor-intensive, manual preparation. In contrast, this is fully automated with DxNA technology.
  • Considerable time is required to obtain reportable results
  • Higher costs of devices and tests
  • Higher power demands Unique aspects of DxNA's technology:
  • Speed: results in 60 minutes or less
  • Ease of use: the need for highly-trained technicians is eliminated
  • Portability: lightweight and can be powered through a wall outlet or car battery
  • Lyophilzed PCR reagents: stable without refrigeration
  • Accuracy: unique, closed system rendering valid, trusted data
  • Economical: less costly than current real-time PCR technologies
  • Multiplexed assays test for three targets at the same time. As the ProMed moderator, Dr Martin Hugh Jones, said this month ".... tests must be run cow-side. There is no time for the delays inherent in sending off samples to a distant laboratory.... if you can get ahead of the disease, time is on your side...."

    May 27th 2011 ~ Vaccination - "We must have common sense along the food chain We must avoid mass slaughter...": Declan O'Brien, IFAH-Europe Managing Director

  • We should have pragmatic benefit/risk assessment
  • The CVMP should have the power to propose an EU authorisation based on a benefit/risk assessment
  • The antigen/vaccine bank should be completed with all Member States accepting use of such products
  • Food safety should not be challenged
  • We need rapid assessment powers for all vaccines to be able to respond to crises
  • Facilitate replacement of an antigen via a Variation - fast track in a crisis
  • We can do it better in the future! Read in full (pdf)

    May 27th 2011 ~ "Mathematical models are useful for predicting how outbreaks will spread, but in order to make the models  accurate, we need to supply them with data about how  disease spreads in the real world."

    May 26th 2011 ~ "Quarantine was applied and all animals were subsequently vaccinated."

    May 25th 2011 ~ "We had the know-how. We had the vaccine. What was missing was adequate and targeted investment and a cohesive global coordinating mechanism." Cattle Plague has finally been eradicated globally.

    May 24th 2011 ~ UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security finally gets Government to admit it takes Peak Oil seriously

    The taskforce members also revealed that Huhne had called on them to present their concerns to the Chancellor and Treasury - a meeting that the group is now seeking. A DECC spokesman told BusinessGreen that the department will publish a formal "call for evidence" from interested parties in the near future as it works to develop the new Oil Shock Response Plan.
    If anyone still does not appreciate what oil has done to build our world (88 million barrels a day at the moment) and what is going to happen when we wake up to global oil collapse - this Australian YouTube video is authoritive, including an interview with IEA chief economist Fatih Birol and even the IEA now admits crude oil production peaked in 2006. (We have reported on the issue since 2004. Oil page "Get your flying in quickly, let us say...")

    May 24th 2011 ~ Grocery Ombudsman - the draft bill is 52 pages long...

    May 23rd 2011 ~ UK declared "Disease free" in January 2002- but DEFRA had been killing FMD antibody positive (recovered) livestock through October to January 2002

    May 23rd 2011 ~ "Morley's role was specifically to deceive the farming community and general public into accepting that the policy was both effective and legal, when it was demonstrably neither..."Alan Beat

    May 23rd 2011 ~"On the risks of persistence of FMD circulation in wild boar/wildlife in South-East Bulgaria and Turkish Thrace"

    "When will we ever learn to work with nature not against it!" As Tom Buerkle of the International Herald Tribune remarked so memorably on March 24th 2001, "the virus travels with a fluidity comparable only to that of the movements of capital".     Latest warmwell Tweets on Twitter    Archive      The website now exists solely as a free and independent public service on the subject of
    food security, animal health, rural matters and energy.
    Could this paper be heralding the breakthrough to sanity on foot and mouth? FMD pages in full here

    January 21st 2011 ~ "our population is heading for 70 million and beyond. Self-sufficiency? Forget it."

    February 17th 2011 ~ ".... what are the chances of a  full length documentary being shown in which these issues could be properly presented to the public?"

    FMD page      

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    Farming Quotations

    Farming Quotations

    " The 20th century squandered scientific possibilities. It created the fiction that ever more food can be produced by tapping oil, throwing fertiliser at seeds, spraying endless water and treating the soil as blotting paper, a neutral medium. We now know how fragile that mix is, and how fragile the Earth's crust and biology are too...." Professor Tim Lang

    "Agriculture is the noblest of all alchemy; for it turns earth, and even manure, into gold." - Paul Chatfield, English humorist, poet, novelist and miscellaneous writer (1779 - 1849)

    "I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting that we will be kind and take care of their needs... [They] are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no right to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty ." James Herriot

    Farming is NOT a business like any other. It's the only thing which is worth a damn, and - unlike banks - it actually is too important to fail." Soil Association conference 2011

    "Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must first be overcome ~ Samuel Johnson

    Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

    "We are a social animal, co-operative & competitive. Yet society only confers value on competition but our humanity comes from co-operation." Tweet from the Automatic Earth

    "The more dynamic societies are those that are willing to adopt good new ideas and to test and discard faulty ideas, old or new. Stagnant societies are those that refuse to question old ideas and refuse to consider new ones..." Dmitry Orlov

    More and more often now we are seeing how various pages of this website have come to be so intimately inter-related. Warmwell's peak oil page has been running since 2004, warning of how the world we take for granted cannot continue without cheap oil. The supposed silver bullets of so-called alternative sources of power such as wind power, GM and nuclear power are simply not going to be able to do what their proponents claim.

    "The trouble is that things never get better, they just stay the same, only more so." -- (Terry Pratchett)

    "Today more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life." The Dalai Lama

    " I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." Henry David Thoreau

    "What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, men would die from great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected." - Chief Seattle American Indian Duwamish Tribe

    "Science can only ascertain what is, but not what should be, and outside of its domain value judgments of all kinds remain necessary." Albert Einstein

    "Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." Albert Einstein "Today more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life." The Dalai Lama

    "So-called conventional food looks a lot more expensive if you factor in the cost of dealing with crises such as BSE and foot and mouth. The tens of billions involved must come out of someone's pockets. They come from ours...." John Humphrys "...present policy and all the science that goes with it are not designed to provide good food but to make as much money as possible in the shortest time...As a matter of urgency we need nothing less than a people's takeover of the world's food supply." Colin Tudge Guardian Jan 4th 2012 The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?"
    ~ Jeremy Bentham "When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen - and those who wonder what happened." John M. Richardson "The Lord's Prayer is 66 words, the Gettysburg Address is 286 words, there are 1,322 words in the Declaration of Independence, but government regulations on the sale of cabbage total 26,911 words." David McIntoshin writing in the National Review (24 October 1995)
    "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed." - Mahatma Gandhi "Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness." - Letter from Thomas Jefferson to George Washington (1787) "Whenever I hear people say clean food is expensive, I tell them it's actually the cheapest food you can buy."
    - Joel Salatin on Video       "..the only appropriate attitude to Nature is reverence and care. If they are there, abundance is inevitable. If they aren't, poverty, starvation and dejection ensue"
    Tyll van de Voort, a gardener at Oaklands Park at the height of FMD 2001 "We have done everything that was wrong in social terms; we've deracinated, we've uprooted people from the countrysides, we've shoved them into towns, we haven't given them jobs; we've created ghettoes and underclasses; we've increased crime and drug addiction and family break-down--all this in a period of maximum prosperity." Sir James Goldsmith in 1994
    "Grass is probably the most incredible plant on the planet. Different species growing all around the globe have been the foundation of livestock farming for centuries. For ruminant animals it provides far more than just freedom – it delivers a complete balanced diet offering energy, protein, minerals and trace elements that can be freely harvested by the animals that graze it and, in turn, these abundant pastures indirectly supply a large portion of our own dietary needs. We don’t just feed cows on grazed grass because it’s good for them – it’s also a very cheap feed and one that grows well throughout the UK." Neil Darwent "The evidence of this mismatch between policy and reality has been growing for decades. But what can be done about it? That's the question that ought to be centre stage on every national government's food policy agenda. The tragedy is that this isn't the case.." -- (Professor Tim Lang) More and more often now we are seeing how various pages of this website have come to be so intimately inter-related. Warmwell's peak oil page has been running since 2004, warning of how the world we take for granted cannot continue without cheap oil. The supposed silver bullets of so-called alternative sources of power such as wind power, GM and nuclear power are simply not going to be able to do what their proponents claim.

    "....it would help if we could put animals back into their ecological niche. Precious land, water and fertiliser is spent growing grain, 50 per cent of which goes to animals that are inefficient converters of energy." Professor Tim Lang

    "It is now clearly established that the cost of preventing sanitary crises of animal origin by early detection of outbreaks and rapid response mechanisms included in national veterinary surveillance systems are insignificant compared to the social, economic and environmental cost of disasters resulting from epizootics, such as BSE, foot and mouth disease and highly pathogenic avian influenza. " Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE, source









































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