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August 26 2005 ~ NFU Wales warns against vaccination in its response to the FMD consultation.

August 25 2005 ~ A reminder of the way effective technologies to fight FMD have been blocked

August 25 2005 ~Homeland Security wants to turn Plum Island into "a new, massive center for biological and agricultural defense" with the highest laboratory security level, BSL 4 .

August 25 2005 ~ ProMed reports on FMD in Russia "2 FMD serotypes are, reportedly, evolving now in eastern Asia/the far east:

August 23 2005 ~ Western Morning News on the change of wording from discretion to duty

August 23 2005 ~ UK law has always allowed for the slaughter of actually infected animals and no one really argues against this.

August 20 2005 ~ Defra proposes changes to the FMD Directive

August 20 2005 ~ "more than sombre stories of horrendous killing and heartbreak..."

August 18 2005 ~" a warning, nationally and even globally, of how mans chilling disassociation from the species that feed him is, frighteningly, almost complete "

August 18 2005 ~ BSE vertical transmission in sheep? "....extremely unscientific conclusion"

August 17 2005 ~ lambs at a government experimental station appear to have caught BSE from their mothers.

August 15 - 22 2005 ~ "..significant benefits by fostering information exchange and shared use of resources...by both animal and human health scientists"

August 15 - 22 2005 ~"....Vaccination ..... its implications are now seen as practical ones..."

August 15 - 22 2005 ~ ".... changing requirements for detection and identification, and input of cutting-edge science .."

August 15 - 22 2005 ~ Consultation on what should constitute national discretion in the Foot and Mouth Directive ends in only a fortnight

August 8 - 14 2005 ~ Rapid PCR "... same old leopard, same old spots.."

August 8 - 14 2005 ~ Australian farmers fear that their freedom from PWMS and FMD is being put at risk by trade concerns

August 8 - 14 2005 ~ A sea change? The CVO thanked all Stakeholders present for having taken the time and trouble "..to attend and participate in this process - defined for the future as a partnership..."

August 8 - 14 2005 ~ "With all Performance Benchmarks met, by government and industry, the goal is to snuff out an outbreak in two weeks after diagnosis by active commitment of all sections of the industry and related industries. .."

August 8 - 14 2005 ~ China: "... a simple and cost-effective technique to test live and dead animals for the disease,"

August 7 2005 ~ Farmers will be even more anxious about importing FMD after an Australian documentary

August 5 2005 ~ "Cost sharing offers industry a chance to sit at the table as a partner to make sure that when it pays what is asked, it gets what is promised...."

August 5 2005 ~ What good is an Expert Group if Defra doesn't act on their recommendations?

August 3 2005 ~scientists in Beijing have developed a test for streptococcus suis which takes just 4 hours to provide results.

August 2 2005 ~ "....the government belatedly realized that the critical monetary yardstick was not the animal product export sector..."

August 1 2005 ~ Rapid on-site RT-PCR Diagnosis - a curious reluctance on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean

July 30 2005 ~ US still envisaging the slaughter of millions of cattle - Who will Provide the Leadership still not clear

July 30 2005 ~ Read again US Agricultural and Food Security: Who Will Provide the Leadership? by Roger Breeze and Floyd Horn.

July 28 2005 ~ "costs will influence the acceptability of a vaccination-to-live policy to certain sectors or individuals".

July 27 2005 ~ Defra's systems of management, information and communication were demonstrated on Monday morning at Page Street.

July 27 2005 ~ "Systems of management, systems of information, systems of communication"

July 25 ~ Thousands of Cambodian cattle and oxen have been hit by foot-and-mouth disease

July 20 ~"..removing the source of infection rather than genetic selection is the route of choice for disease control"

July 20 2005 ~ The Hill Report on BARBs

July 19/20 2005 ~ EU outlines plans to relax BSE restrictions

July 19 2005 ~Animal Health at the Crossroads

July 18 2005 ~ Dr Abigail Woods is to lead a university review of the history of infectious diseases

July 15   2005 ~ Breaking News
"...a reliable source of information at several integrated levels to decision makers, scientists and the broad stakeholder community"

July 11 - 16 2005 ~ GeneXpert launch expected soon

July 9 - 12 2005 ~ Unfit bushmeat and illegally slaughtered meat still coming into the country and ending up in food outlets

July 8 - 10 2005 ~ The "no double tagging" derogation temporarily approved

1 - 7 July 2005 ~ FMD suspected in Vietnam

1 - 7 July 2005 ~ "Without on-site diagnosis to help monitor neighboring herds, animals would likely be slaughtered based on proximity rather than confirmed infection, unnecessarily magnifying the impact of an attack..."

June 18 - 30 2005 ~ Real Time PCR is "the most sensitive test is RT-PCR for the detection of viral RNA"

June 18 - 30 2005 ~".... the unique, indispensable FAO World Reference Laboratory for FMD at Pirbright"

June 18 - 30 2005 ~ The FMD stakeholders meeting will take place 15 days after the closing date for consultation on the Contingency Plan

June 18 - 30 2005 ~ " the Directive obliges Member States to ensure slaughter of all susceptible animals on premises where FMD is confirmed"

June 18 - 30 2005 ~ The EU Directive's definitions of "suspected" animals are clear

June 12 - 30 2005~ Consultation letter is highly misleading on the subject of required meat treatments

June 12 - 30 2005 ~ a "minor technical amendment" to the Animal Health Act 1981 is to change the Secretary of States current discretion to slaughter to a duty to slaughter

June 12 - 30 2005 ~ The June 9th consultation summary letter

June 12 - June 17 ~ A national surveillance agency is needed. Britain monitors wildlife disease on an ad hoc basis, with different bodies sharing responsibility.

May 28 - June 4 2005 ~ Contingency Plan. Last chance to comment

May 28 - June 4 2005 ~ The last day for comment on the latest FMD Contingency Plan is 15 June 2005

28 May - June 4 2005 ~ "The study does not identify a single scenario in which a contiguous cull would produce the best results."

22 - 28 May 2005 ~ FMD Cost Benefit Analysis finally appears

22 - 28 May 2005 ~ Desert Island delusions

22 - 28 May 2005 ~ "... unease that Professor David King, during the foot and mouth outbreak, had " had enormous influence on policy without having formal responsibility for the consequences of its advice"

15 - 22 May 2005 ~ "One can hope that the ICA authorities will disclose what they know so that their lessons can be shared in these dangerous times..."

15 - 22 May 2005 ~ " I dont think that kind of 'scorched earth' approach would work here, and I dont think it is as acceptable there, now."

8 - 15 May 2005 ~ Police in New Zealand are growing increasingly confident that the threat was a hoax.

8 - 15 May 2005 ~ New Zealand's Waiheke Island FMD threat " It's like a bomb alert at an airport, you can't afford not to take it seriously."

1 - 8 May 2005 ~ Feral pigs in Australia are being anaesthetised to test whether a mock vaccine against Foot and Mouth Disease placed in a bait will be successfully absorbed.

1 - 8 May 2005 ~ Telegraph Letter deplores the forgotten carnage, misery, waste and loss

1 - 8 May 2005 ~ "..USDA would not be able to deploy animal vaccines within 24 hours... these vaccines need to be sent to the United Kingdom (U.K.) to be activated for use. ".

1 - 8 May 2005 ~ Foot and Mouth 2001 - an opportunity missed and few lessons learned.

23 - 30 April 2005 ~ "Knock-on Effects" indeed.

23 - 30 April 2005 ~ Neither a proportionate nor rational response - but the Contingency Plan still includes pre-emptive killing

17 - 23 April 2005 ~ The 'burn-piles', lighting up the night time sky should never be allowed to happen again, nor the indiscriminate removal of contiguous animals.

17 - 23 April 2005 ~ ".... seize and destroy infected animals without a warrant...any vehicle or person can be stopped and searched

17 - 23 April 2005 ~ Parliamentary Question 220084 reveals some staggering answers

17 - 23 April 2005 ~ "a constructive, non-confrontational and honest national public debate about the causes and impact and costs (social, economic and environmental) of the 2001 FMD outbreak in Britain."

April 8 -15 2005 ~"...comprehensive information on the index case"

April 8 -15 2005 ~ Rapid Diagnosis

21 March - 28 March 2005 ~ "It does seem to me that if we are going to learn lessons then actually identifying where and why it broke out is a vital step."

21 March - 28 March 2005 ~ The "Expert group" in the new Contingency Plan

21 March - 28 March 2005 ~ "Defra has commenced an annual review of its Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency Plan

21 March - 28 March 2005 ~ "Foot and mouth still a threat"

21 March - 28 March 2005 ~ FMDV 3C protease would block the replication of the virus

14 March - 21 March 2005 ~ The "Equinox" foot and mouth cross-border simulation.

14 March - 21 March 2005 ~ Another foot and mouth scare.

14 March - 21 March 2005 ~ Foot and Mouth - Terrorists be advised

14 March - 21 March 2005 ~ Tories pledge to hold Foot and Mouth Inquiry

14 March - 21 March 2005 ~ Mrs Browning is still waiting

14 March - 21 March 2005 ~ Co operation and trust now urgently needed

6 March - 13 March 2005 ~ " imperative to find approaches whereby emergency vaccination can be employed in situations where pre-emptive action is required"

6 March - 13 March 2005 ~ Trans-border animal health crises have recently been happening every year.

6 March - 13 March 2005 ~ Britain is still "at serious risk of new foot and mouth outbreaks..."

February 28 - March 6 2005 ~ If Heddon-on-the-Wall really was the index case then the government cannot deny its own responsibility for Foot and Mouth 2001

February 28 - March 6 2005 ~ Public Accounts Committee Questions on vaccinated meat. Sir Brian gives a helpful answer....

February 28 - March 6 2005 ~ FMD Index case : Did these witness statements go to the Anderson Lessons Learned Inquiry?

February 28 - March 6 2005 ~"What I am really asking you is if Defra had managed to uphold its own regulations could they have prevented the foot and mouth outbreak occurring?"

February 28 - March 6 2005 ~ " Are you prepared to share anything from that report about the impact and effectiveness of a contiguous cull?..."

February 28 - March 6 2005 ~ ",, more work is needed to engage with local authorities and others to facilitate a co-ordinated and co-operative approach should another outbreak arise."

February 21- 28 2005 ~ Edward Leigh said that there had been a number of inadequacies in the way the Department had dealt with the crisis and warned DEFRA officials not to expect a positive report from the committee.

February 21- 28 2005 ~ In future, says Sir Brian Bender, the cost of slaughtered livestock would not fall on taxpayers but on farmers " who had a responsibility to look after their animals"

February 21- 28 2005 ~ What happened to the FMD Cost Benefit Analysis?

February 21- 28 2005 ~ Recommendation: "To continue to develop tools for risk analysis... and a research programme to develop the underlying science that is the basis of risk analysis."

February 21- 28 2005 ~ "Thousands of animals were unnecessarily culled in Dumfries and Galloway"

February 21- 28 2005 ~ " I even had a big metal sign given to me that says FMD Precautions Start Here, on the reverse FMD Precautions Finish Here."

February 21- 28 2005 ~... "ways of including farmers in the disease control system with a view to involving them more closely.."

Feb 13 - 20 2005 ~ As we approach the four year anniversary of the misery of the Foot and Mouth policies...

Feb 7 - 13 2005 ~ photographs 2001.

2 - 7 February 2005 ~ "Unless and until this crucial aspect of the 2001 epidemic is fully scrutinised and evaluated, neither the NAO or the Public Accounts Select Committee will be able to determine how the costs of 2001 arose"

2 - 7 February 2005 ~ vaccination "..a less effective strategy because of the ability of the disease to leap outside the vaccinated area" (sic)

2 - 7 February 2005 ~ Comment on the NAO report

2 - 7 February 2005 ~ Today's National Audit Office report erroneously suggests that contiguous premises will be slaughtered if a new outbreak got "out of control". How can they have got it so wrong?

2 - 7 February 2005 ~ Today's NAO report looks at the progress made by the Government in implementing changes recommended following the 2001 epidemic.

31 January - 6 February 2005 ~ Dutch research shows "severe post-traumatic distress" in half the farmers whose animals were culled.

25 - 31 January 2005 ~ "positive ELISA test for FMD virus can be obtained in about 3 hours..."

24 January 2005 ~ Government's plans for tackling a future outbreak of foot and mouth disease have been thrown into disarray after the government's Chief Scientist suggested that vaccination was still not a practical option

23 January 2005 10:03 ~ Carlow samples show no sign of foot & mouth

23 January 2005 ~ Pirbright is testing samples from pigs in Carlow, Ireland, for foot and mouth disease

22-29 January 2005 ~ "All exercises identify issues that need clarifying and addressing and Exercise Hornbeam was no exception.

January 16 - 22 2005 ~ The UK's Chief Scientific Advisor appears unaware of the current official stance on vaccination against FMD

January 16 - 22 2005 ~ Sir David King is still trying to justify " the scientific rationale for the ruthless culling of livestock" and saying that " Britain had no choice but to kill and burn or bury thousands (sic) of animals"

January 9 - 16 2005 ~ an economic conflict of interest.

January 9 - 16 2005 ~" the Inquiry procedure has not fulfilled its brief and many of the lessons of the 2001 FMD experience have not been learned."

January 9 - 16 2005 ~ "The U.S. can implement this new policy tomorrow and work with the OIE and WTO to modernize international regulations on animal health so that all countries that wish can follow the same path...."

January 1 - 7 2005 ~ " vigorous informed control measures backed by positive diagnosis can be implemented nationally within 6 hours.."

January 1 -7 2005 ~ ".... I intend to...expose the briefing notes we were never meant to see, nail the rumours that will make or break the reputations of the highest in the land."

January 1 -7 2005 ~ "I cant understand the continuing obsession... with the foot-and-mouth epidemic of almost four years ago. .." says Fordyce Maxwell in the Scotsman.

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ "These RT-PCR devices offer not only more rapid results, but also are sufficiently sensitive to detect virus before clinical signs are apparent. .... it is not clear that full regard is being taken of advances in the medical field...." Royal Society IDL Review

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ "Failure to clarify both the exit strategies and meat treatment protocols will undermine Defras sterling work in securing these derogations when the Directive was being drafted."

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ IDL Report follow-up is now available on the internet.

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ " If there are problems associated with a nonslaughter approach then these need to be resolved."

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ "Failure to clarify both the exit strategies and meat treatment protocols will undermine Defras sterling work in securing these derogations when the Directive was being drafted."

December 26 - 31 2004 ~ "Expert group", "Data collection", "Identification of DCs", "portable tests to aid rapid diagnosis in the field"

December 18 - 25 2004 ~ "....the access to this wealth of scientific research and expert opinion will serve as reference material for years to come."

December 18 - 25 2004 ~ " there are also ethical issues related to the mass slaughter of animals when controlling an outbreak.."

December 18 - 25 2004 ~ EU must lose fears over vaccinated meat -Dutch Agriculture Minister

December 18 - 25 2004 ~ "products from vaccinated animals are not discriminated by distinctive labelling or marking..."

December 3 - 7 2004 ~ Another fiction: "Each of the 2,026 FMD cases was subjected to a detailed clinical and epidemiological investigation. ..."

December 3 - 7 2004 ~ Chief vet Jim Scudamore's signed witness statement a "fiction"?

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ Hornbeam: "Currently there is insufficient scientific evidence to be confident that vaccination will be an effective tool in controlling an outbreak."

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ Alun Michael declined to apologise

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ SVS changes: "broad backing from the public" actually meant "20 out of 500"

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ " a consensus amongst stakeholders that: We will not carry out the mass slaughter of healthy animals. We will not incur the financial and social costs to the livestock industry, tourism and the rural economy, or cause unnecessary loss of genetic diversity..."

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ Where is the DEFRA report on Operation Hornbeam?

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ SVS to get a new name

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ BSE "We want to eradicate this disease and it is important for us to be sure that we are not overlooking any important factors..."

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ ".. this cull was in breach of criminal law, since the Government had no legal power under the Animal Health Act 1981 to kill healthy livestock."

November 27 - Dec 3 2004 ~ Taxpayers' #600million foot-and-mouth bill

November 20 - 26 2004 ~ "whether or not there were other things that we should have asked for and did not, I do not know.."

November 20 - 26 2004 ~ a real-time alert simulation exercise on Foot-and-Mouth Disease took place in Austria last week.

November 20 - 26 2004 ~ "... If you have another epidemic I think you might have another problem on your hands."

November 20 - 26 2004 ~ All party Welsh AMs watch Burnside video

November 12 - November 19 2004 ~ "Michael Jack MP, chairman of the EFRA select committee, told FW that he would hold a viewing of the tape in the coming days.... "

November 12 - November 19 2004 ~ DEFRA says no sheep found at Burnside...

November 12 - November 19 2004 ~ "V" tag worries are reviving ancient arguments against vaccination

November 12 - November 19 2004 ~ "...this type of distressing and unpleasant task, which many of us instinctively knew was unnecessary."

November 12 - November 19 2004 ~ Slaughter: "may" becomes "shall"

November 12 - November 19 2004 ~ "... double standard is unacceptable."

November 12 - 19 2004 ~ ".. one of the most appalling cases of misgovernment since the Second World War"

November 12 - 19 2004 ~ Work in Progress: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Foot and Mouth: Applying the Lessons

November 4 - November 11 2004 ~ Parts of Mr Dring's statement demand further questioning

November 4 - November 11 2004 ~ " .... it needed more independent expertise on diagnostics, practical expertise on the use of vaccines, expertise on serology".

November 4 - November 11 2004 ~ The Anderson Inquiry - careful in its choice of official witnesses

November 4 - November 11 2004 ~ fresh questions about the foot and mouth inquiry tomorrow, Thursday

November 4 - November 11 ~ Mr Bradshaw: "Defra recently obtained copies of the video ...."

November 4 - November 11 ~ The case officer who had been pursuing the Swill feeders' case for the Ombudsman has been "promoted" away

November 4 - November 11 ~Were getting somewhere now. We have a voice and the government will surely have to listen now that the Parliamentary Ombudsman is investigating our case."

November 4 - November 11 ~ The smell from the Burnside bins made the postman gag...

November 4 - November 11 ~ "A spokesman for DEFRA last night said if there was any evidence to support the allegations it would start a new investigation"

November 4 - November 11 ~ " There were complaints about fires burning on the site and swill being tipped at the side of the road..."

November 4 - November 11 ~ Evidence against Waughs being the index case

November 4 - November 11 ~ Video raises FMD theory doubts

November 4 - November 11 ~ Sheep tests showed disease nearly three weeks before FMD officially recognised

November 4 - November 11 ~ Parliamentary Questions being asked today

November 4 - November 11 ~ "I have absolutely no doubt that there was a cover-up" Owen Paterson

October 29 - November 4 ~ Missing Test results. It gets murkier

October 29 - November 4 ~ "... there seems very little movement by the Government to source this disease"

October 29 - November 4 ~"It appears that no proper investigation into the events has ever been carried out and this video seems to confirm it"

October 29 - November 4 ~ The Daily Mirror (November 1) on Burnside video furore

October 29 - November 4 ~ Was the vet under pressure from the Ministry?" asked St Ives MP Andrew George

October 29 - November 4 ~ Defra (and the government) cannot have it both ways. It either knows or does not know the origin of FMD 2001

October 29 - November 4 ~ " Are you saying that basically more meat is seized than you actually state in your own report?"

October 29 - November 4 ~ A tale of two videos

October 29 - November 4 ~ Policy appears to be to trust that it will not happen again, and, if it does, to kill again, with the same callous indiscrimination.

October 29 - November 4 ~ April 29 2004 "I would be willing to give way now to the Minister if he wanted to rise to guarantee to the House that no other information has been withheld

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~ Mr Bradshaw's answers about the video raise more questions.

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~ Mr Waugh was asked how he believed the disease got into his herd

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~ Elliot Morley says that dairy farming has the "biodiversity capacity of green concrete"

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~ Jim Paice challenges Beckett over Foot and Mouth video

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~ Ben Bradshaw confuses Professor Roy Anderson and Dr Iain Anderson - and continues to blame "the farmer who was responsible for illegal and irresponsible practices" for government bungling.

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~ Andrew George has called for the re-opening of the Anderson Inquiry

October 16 - Oct 22 2004 ~Collaborative effort is vital in fighting animal disease.

October 16 - Oct 22 2004 ~ A breakthrough for vaccines that do not need refrigeration

October 16 - Oct 22 2004 ~~ News that could have implications for controlling populations of badgers and foxes.

October 16 - Oct 22 2004 ~ Trading Standards 'Waugh' video was not submitted to Lessons Learned, it seems.

October 16 - Oct 22 2004 ~ Foot and Mouth Vaccine - now classified information

October 16 - Oct 22 2004 ~ "Abigail Woods's book should be made compulsory reading in DEFRA..."

October 9 - Oct 16 2004 ~ Foot and Mouth 'Keep Out' sign crossed through in red ink.

October 2 - Oct 9 2004 ~ The "Watchtree Nature Reserve" i.e. the Great Orton slaughter and burial site -opened to the public on Saturday.

Sept 26 - Oct 1 2004 ~ "..we shouldn't be surprised if the FMD virus continues to roll back efforts to contain and eradicate it"

Sept 18 - Sept 25 2004 ~ Anderson's assertion that contiguous culling still has a place in FMD control...

Sept 18 - Sept 25 2004 ~" the worst example comes from Wigtown where on the basis of 2 confirmed cases 218 farms had their stock slaughtered"

Sept 18 - Sept 25 2004 ~ " it is really preposterous for people to say that in some way this is some sort of theoretical device which has yet to be tested.

Sept 12 - Sept 18 ~ "no evidence that contiguous culling controlled foot and mouth" Farming Today

Sept 12 - Sept 18 ~ "The intensity of culling of contiguous premises had no significant relationship to the rate of spread of the disease.."

Sept 12 - Sept 18 ~ "It is fair to say that we have taken PCR out of the research lab and into the field where it is most needed."

Sept 12 - Sept 18 ~" will (DEFRA) make a new kind of history and adopt vaccination?"

Sept 6 - Sept 12 ~ "There is no other rapid test kit available that measures only live TB and does not give false positives."

Sept 6 - Sept 12 ~ Defra Q and A page on vaccination still fails adequately to explain about vaccinated meat for home consumption

Sept 6 - Sept 12 ~ The EU FMD Directive provides for derogation from heat treatments once the Protection or Surveillance Zone has been in place for more than 30 days

Sept 6 - Sept 12 ~ "The Killing Pens" by Janet Hughes.

Aug 23 - 29 ~ Dr Abigail Woods: "It is the thoughts and actions of humans that have 'manufactured' FMD into the particular political, economic, social and psychological problem that it is today."

Aug 23 - 29 ~ Foot and Mouth outbreak: Welfare Disposal Scheme cases listed by DEFRA as "Infected Premises"....

Aug 23 - 29 ~ Plum Island - Two FMD contamination incidents ".. didn't meet the existing notification criteria"

Aug 23 - 29 ~ "..Three years later, management of the epidemic remains controversial. ."

Aug 23 - 29 2004 ~ "Killing all these animals and burning or burying them is exactly what terrorists want everyone to see," said Breeze.
(So in whose interests is it that modern tools against FMD are not used?)

Aug 23 - 29 ~ As for rapid diagnosis, the article above is dismissive. "... the scale of the problem overwhelms such solutions. Each device costs at least $30,000, and thousands would be needed by producers."

Aug 18 - 23 ~ FMD virus contamination at Plum Island Animal Disease Centre

Aug 18 - 23 ~"We should be spending taxpayer money on improving security and public safety, not on harassing whistleblowers and bogus lawsuits"

Aug 18 - 23 ~ "control measures still closely follow those introduced by Cardinal Lancisi almost 300 years ago"

Aug 7 - 14 ~ "Firebreak" slaughter mindset still holds sway in the UK and US

Aug 1 - Aug 7 ~"...these guys, punching away at their computer screens, havent the foggiest notion of when Britain might again be hit by FMD"

July 27 - Aug 1 ~ "we have a global farming crisis, not just a UK one"

July 27 - Aug 1 ~ Full page adverts show little confidence in the Ministry's ability to protect UK livestock from foreign diseases

July 19 - 25 ~ South Africa - first round of vaccinations against foot-and-mouth disease was completed in the area on Wednesday. No deaths among animals with the disease reported so far.


July 19 - 25 ~ CVO Report 2003 says 4 million and 68 thousand animals were slaughtered during the FMD outbreak in 2001

July 19 - 25 ~ for all DEFRA's talk, their programmes for controlling the spread of TB or brucellosis within the UK is lamentable

July 18 ~ From FMD to WMD

July 16 ~ " it must be remembered that the larger deer often intergraze with cattle and sheep ...."

July 10 - 16 ~ Why did Exercise Hornbeam not mention the "sentinel" theory - as practised in Cornwall in 2001?

July 3 - July 9 ~ "Scientists should also be more prepared to admit a lack of knowledge. Many find it difficult to say 'we haven't got a clue'

July 3 - July 9 ~ " Would you now, with the benefit of hindsight, have offered different advice to deal with the foot and mouth outbreak?
Roy Anderson: I certainly wouldn't..."

July 3 - July 9 ~ What were and are the real reasons for not wanting to vaccinate?

July 3 - July 9 ~ In March 2002, Nick Brown told the EU Committee "We were only 24 hours away from vaccinating"

July 3 - July 9 ~ The answer to the question "Why did the UK not vaccinate?" makes no more sense today than it did in 2001.

July 3 - July 9 ~ "No supermarkets or trade federations in Uruguay tried to tell government that the public would not accept vaccinated meat

July 3 - July 9 ~ In Uruguay, the farmers, safely and without stress, vaccinated their own cattle.

July 3 - July 9 ~ Hornbeam is over. "We still want to know..."

July 3 - July 9 ~ Commercial and political interest and the reality of "testing" for disease

July 3 - July 9 ~ Repeat offenders

July 3 - July 9 ~ DEFRA's work on FMD defended.

July 3 - July 9 ~ "All groups need to be aware now of the Governments operational arrangements.."

June 26 - July 2 ~ So were any animals vaccinated? Any at all? Apparently not - for all we can read in media reports.

June 26 - July 2 ~ Contingency plans " would prove useless if there was interference from Defra bosses nationally...

June 26 - July 2 ~ "For all the Commissions huffing and puffing, Defra, it appears, has not heard or learned a thing."

June 26 - July 2 ~ Were any animals given emergency vaccination in the "Hornbeam" simulation?

June 26 - July 2 ~ "Too much importance was attached to the trade-policy aspects, with the result that protective vaccination was not carried out even when it had been authorised."

June 26 - July 2 ~ We chose the words suggesting vaccination as a tool of first resort with care, using the same phrase as in the Royal Society's report into foot and mouth

June 26 - July 2 ~ " Vaccination would be used as a last resort. Slaughter is still the best solution," .

June 26 - July 2 ~"Mr Bradshaw's comments caused dismay yesterday amongst those who lived through the 2001 crisis"..."It makes you wonder whether they have learnt anything at all....".

June 26 - July 2 ~ Evening of Day 6 - Exercise Hornbeam - 17,400 animals dead

June 26 - July 2 ~ "the slaughter of animals on infected premises and those suspected of harbouring foot-and-mouth will remain the first options, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said."

June 26 - July 2 ~ Hornbeam begins

June 26 - July 2 ~ "...This change will enable decisions to be taken on the proper basis of disease control rather than economic and political considerations"

June 26 - July 2 ~ "We cannot have a situation again where there is no clear-cut policy on whether and when vaccination is used"

June 26 - July 2 ~ Vaccinated (FMD) meat and confusion over the EU Directive

June 18 ~ June 25 ~ After vaccination, meat destined for the UK market does not need de-boning.

June 18 ~ June 25 ~ The EU FMD Directive provides for derogation from heat treatments once the Protection or Surveillance Zone has been in place for more than 30 days.

June 18 ~ June 25 ~ The EU FMD Directive has to transposed into UK law by 30 June 2004

June 12 - June 18 ~ FMD outbreaks in Peru and Brazil

June 12 - June 18 ~ 50th anniversary of the European Foot-and-Mouth Disease Commission held in Dublin.

June 12 - June 18 ~ Exercise Crucible" Australia's first large-scale FMD laboratory simulation

May 21 - 27 ~ DEFRA publishes its vaccination protocol

May 7 - 13 ~ Foot and Mouth in Israel: "the epizootic is thus seen as closed" No animals dead, destroyed or slaughtered

April 26 - May 1 ~ "Should the virus reach Australia, rapid diagnostic tests would ensure appropriate control and public health measures are implemented quickly."

April 26 - May 1 ~ a US national centre for research into foot and mouth disease,avian influenza, Rift Valley fever and brucellosis.

April 26 - May 1 ~ China's new RT-PCR reagent kit is able to test three subgroups of avian influenza viruses simultaneously

April 26 - May 1 ~ "The OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code and the Manual of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Animals have thus been updated"

April 19 - 25 ~ OIE International (Vaccination) Conference, Argentina, April 13-16, 2004 Conclusions and Recommendations

April 19 - 25 ~ #1m awarded for university disease studies

April 19 - 25 ~ "International cooperation in epidemiological studies and indeed in the control of FMD is of paramount importance"

April 12 - 18 ~ an "Achilles heel" for the FMD virus

April 12 - 18 ~ "This proposal offers an alternative to the depopulation of millions of animals in the face of a multi-centered foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak."

April 12 - 18 ~ Gamma Interferon, Bovine TB - other views

April 12 - 18 ~ Is there any chance that the RBS (Rapid Biosensor) breathalyser could be or will be adapted for use in detecting the presence of Mycobacterium bovis?

April 12 - 18 ~ TB has surfaced in Anglesey; there are no badgers there.

April 5 - 11 ~ A mock foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak was staged to see how the different agencies would interact. More than 200 citizens attended two bio-security training sessions

March 31 ~ "The revised version of Defra's Foot and Mouth Disease Contingency Plan .... laid before Parliament today,"

March 31 ~ How many research staff re TB vaccines? Four. What assessment made of the relevance to the UK of the results obtained in the Republic of Ireland following use of BCG vaccine on badgers? ...As this work has not yet been published, we are unable to comment on its significance.

March 31 ~"Political interference in animal health matters is not a new phenomenon; an example thereof was seen during the 2001 FMD outbreak in the UK. "

March 29 - April 4 ~ It is time to discover new scientific weapons in the battle to detect and control emerging infectious diseases. US Vice President Al Gore

March 29 ~ "If they try it again they will have a real fight on!"

March 21 - 28 ~ Growth promoters - still widely used in America and elsewhere - and the link with resistance to antibiotic drugs

March 21 - 28 ~ Defra's TB consultation document ".. it would seem that Defra fails to define this as the purpose of using gamma interferon, and fails to rule out its use on an individual animal."

March 25 ~ "Clearly, foot and mouth is far too important to be left on the shelf."

March 21 -28 ~ The market is bound to bite back

March 21 - 27 ~ "Outbreaks of diseases such as BSE, foot and mouth and brucellosis could be avoided using animal health monitoring implants designed to raise the alarm at the first sign of infection.

March 21 - 27 ~ How was it that animals from herds not free of bovine brucellosis were imported?

March 21- 27 ~ In order to qualify for disease free status, the UK was obliged to follow the OIE requirement for importing livestock.

March 14 - 20 ~ "This proves that the government has not learned from the FMD outbreak, as sufficient measures are not in place to protect our own farmers from the diseases of other countries..."

March 14 - 20 ~ "They are a lovely family and would do anything to help anyone. Their cattle and sheep are absolutely beautiful - so solid and healthy. It seems so hard on them, and so difficult to believe it could have happened."

March 14 20 ~ " International Conference..

March 14 - 20 ~ Why was vet's report not sent to Anderson?

March 14 - 20 ~ This is not a question of anyone wanting to blame Mr Dring

March 14 - 20 ~ "At the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, there perished in this country a practice that has taken place for thousands of years.."

March 14 - 20 ~ Mr Bradshaw's words during the Westminster Hall debate on Tuesday raise more questions.

March 14 - 20 ~ Ben Bradshaw forgets that it was Mr Dring himself who implied that he was responsible for the foot and mouth outbreak

The Scotsman

March 14 - 20 ~ Bobby Waugh was told to sign the Official Secrets Act

March 16 ~ "...the first visible signs of FMD would, in his opinion, have been seen on the farm on or about 12 February... "

March 16 ~ Waugh's pig farm - "in those strictly narrowly-defined terms they were good at their job" says the Dring document

March 15 ~ Dr Ruth Watkins comments, "Mr Morley's remark is so stupid I can't believe he made it."

March 15 ~ The Podmore case could in effect become the best public inquiry we can hope for.

March 15 ~" His understanding of the structure and function of FMD led to the development of new vaccines and test kits."

March 15 ~"In the event of an outbreak, be it an accidental introduction or an act of bio-terrorism, it would be critical to have a fast and reliable method to quickly identify infected animals."

March 14 ~ "Mrs Beckett must wake up to the fact that Jim Dring failed to fulfil his regulatory responsibilities under the Animal By Products Order 1999

March 13 ~ "The revelations will put even more pressure on ministers..."

March 13 ~ "Withheld Memo sparks Anger

March 12 ~ Without the mass slaughter policy, say Bradshaw and Morley, foot and mouth "would still be going on"

March 12 ~ "what strategic discussions or reviews have been conducted by the Department with vets to ensure that we have enough vets in the right places?"

March 12 ~ FMD leak could cost £billions

March 12 ~ "We have still not got to the bottom of the start of foot and mouth so that lessons can be learned. ...."

March 7 - 13 ~ Full disclosure and accountability - rather than Public Inquiry

March 7 - 13 ~ "I attended this conference... There were seats made available for a formal UK representative but they remained empty.."

March 7 - 13 ~"I sincerely hope that the apparent lack of DEFRA's interest in the Conference... is based on some gross misunderstanding"

March 7 - 13 ~ he remained disappointed that, when the disease had first been diagnosed, his advice had not been taken. The mass cull, he said in 2002, was "barbaric conduct" and "a disgrace to humanity".

March 7 - 13 ~ "Each of the 2,026 FMD cases was subjected to a detailed clinical and epidemiological investigation. ..."

March 7 - 13 ~ "airborne spread to sheep from Burnside Farm on a nearby holding, Prestwick Hall Farm."

March 7 - 13 ~ "airborne spread to sheep from Burnside Farm on a nearby holding, Prestwick Hall Farm."

March 7 - 13 ~ "the Government had failed to incorporate into British law part of an EU Directive which banned pig swill from being transferred between farms prior to the crisis."

March 7 - 13 ~ They're now calling it a "memo" or merely an "aide-memoire"....

March 7 - 13 ~ The Trial of Bobby Waugh was given as a reason not to make public Burnside Farm's test results

March 7 - 13 ~ Why did Jim Dring's signed statement to the Inquiry never reach Iain Anderson's "Lessons Learned" Inquiry?

March 7 - 13 ~ Although no evidence about the origin of the outbreak has ever been seen in public, on February 5th 2004, Ben Bradshaw told Parliament that swill feeding was the source of the FMD outbreak.

March 7 ~ "(Professor Fred) Brown was the ideal man to push forward defensive measures starting with means of rapid virus diagnosis capable of being carried out on the farm.

March 7 ~ The report could be describing the chaos of 2001 rather than an FMD simulation exercise based on lessons learned three years on.

March 6 ~ Conservatives repeat demand for public inquiry into foot & mouth crisis

March 6 ~ "Row rumbles on over Brown's FMD diagnostic kit"

March 6 ~ ARS RT-PCR for FMD is the new standard for on-site diagnosis of FMD

March 6 ~ renewed demands for compensation from the Government and for a full public inquiry into the outbreak...."

March 6 ~ the admission would strengthen the case for legal action

March 6 ~ MAFF did not ban the use of slops

March 6 ~ Jim Dring says "I could have prevented FMD" - implying that FMD 2001 began at Burnside.

March 6 ~ "Well, that puts you right in it, Jim. You were here 4 weeks ago, why didn't you find it then?"

March 6 ~ In spite of reports of concern about the pigs, MAFF's vets consistently ticked the "satisfactory" box on their inspection sheets and never banned the slops they warned about.

March 6 ~ Jim Dring: "radical revision of the Waughs' patently deficient feeding technique..."

March 2 - 6 ~ "when it was pointed out that he was only bankrupt because Defra had forced him out of business, Mr Podmore was given leave for his action to proceed."

March 2 - 6 ~"We are stuck in the fight against FMD. It is now time to go beyond the speeches; it is time for transparency and political will. We are all brothers in the fight against this disease and if one of us loses we all lose."

March 2 - 6 ~ "..the ultimate goal, which is to have healthy animals in a healthy continent."

March 2 - 6 ~ government departments could benefit most from scientific investment

March 2 - 6 ~ " The National Reference Laboratory of China will share experience and offer technical cooperation with diagnostic laboratories of ASEAN countries in terms of diagnostic technology"

March 2 - 6 ~ Hope for £100m in FMD bills

March 2 - 6 ~ RT-PCR diagnosis against FMD to be tested in Texas.

March 1 ~ Japan reports its third case of avian influenza

Feb 29 ~ "Can I ask you, if people do go through our Report and if that is not an unreasonable request, why were we not told? "

Feb 28 ~ ".. it raises many issues about the practicalities of implementing a vaccination strategy, while retaining Draconian powers for firebreak and contiguous culling of animals that do not have the disease."

Feb 25 ~ 80% of all state public health laboratories in the US now have and use SmartCyclers.

Feb 25 ~Mr Blair thinks the army "solved" the FMD crisis.

Feb 24 ~ "It was a beautiful piece of kit, simple and not costly. This would have had a dramatic effect on the number of innocent animals killed."

Feb 24 ~ Dead Cow Day

Feb 24 ~" a further indictment of the UK's refusal to recognise and grasp the same opportunity three years ago"

Feb 21 - 28 ~ International cooperation - avian influenza

Feb 21 - 28 ~ New DNA-based test speeds diagnosis of avian influenza

Feb 16 - 20 ~ Mad cull disease still rages, and logic is no cure for it

Feb 16 - 20 ~ "... the FMD experience should have made the modellers appreciate the limitations of their science and accept at least some responsibility for the misery and expense that their models initiated."

Feb 16 - 20 ~ "...the scientists report urged investigation of a possible vaccination policy for TB"

Feb 16 - 20 ~ 'We have a quaint thing called democracy in the NFU'

Feb 14 ~ China develops RT-PCR method to detect bird flu virus in 4 hours

Feb 14 ~ Why is the 50 million still owed by DEFRA not being paid?

Feb 7 - 13 ~ Decoupling - Subsidies are to be detached from food production and linked entirely to land ownership

Feb 7 - 13 ~ "We seem to get everything wrong"

Feb 7 - 13 ~ What Mr Bradshaw said. (Pig Swill)

Feb 7 - 13 ~" If the virus was only detected in the pigs' noses, then they could have picked it up as a contamination rather than as an infection,"

Feb 3 - 6 ~ Ben Bradshaw tells Parliament that swill feeding was the source of the FMD outbreak

Feb 3 - 6 ~ Breeding for TSE resistant animals may give a false sense of security ..

Feb 3 - 6 ~ "None of the delay is due to ineptness, it is due to the Government -- Defra in particular -- safeguarding the public purse. .."

Feb 3 - 6 ~ ".they wouldn't listen to local people. They were running round like headless chickens and we are all paying the price"

Feb 3 - 6 ~ US - plans to counter "agricultural terrorism"- foot and mouth "pharmaceuticals" to be stockpiled

Feb 3 - 6 ~ "confirmation that large sums of money are to be withheld will spark fresh calls for a public inquiry"

Feb 3 - 6 ~ Lord Whitty said the new council was made up of people who could improve the quality and direction of DEFRA's science.

Jan 31 ~ Three cases of scrapie have been detected in "scrapie-resistant" ewes

Jan 26 - 30 ~ ". they're going to start to work together now"

Jan 26 - 30 ~ "Bradshaw's cost-benefit analysis is no more than the most cynical window dressing"

read in full

Jan 26 - 30 ~ "we don't need more strategies"

Jan 26 - 30 ~ "The human dimension of any FMD outbreak must be dealt with sufficiently in any contingency plan."

Jan 26 - 30 ~ International Cooperation

Jan 25 ~ " ... the court ruling that Defra behaved illegally in paying its debt to JDM Accord gives hope..."

Jan 24 ~"... there is an inevitability about each new panic."



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Report into Infectious Disease in Livestock - Royal Society Recommendations

"The contiguous cull has been exposed for what it was: one of the most bloody, tragic and disgraceful misjudgments made in the name of science."

Anthony Gibson CBE
"Emergency vaccination with the aim of allowing animals to live for normal further use should no longer be regarded only as a last resort but must be considered as a first-choice option from the outset."

comparison EU draft report and March 03 document

"The foot-and-mouth crisis ... a lethal cocktail of folly, self-interest, Government ineptitude and spinelessness, waste and wanton cruelty, both to human beings and animals. In short, a disgrace of huge magnitude. " John Piper Yorkshire Post

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~The video suggests that the virus travelled from Ponteland to Burnside farm and not the other way around.

    Ben Bradshaw's response was "My understanding is that the video contains nothing new. All of the details contained in the video, I am told, were given to the Anderson Inquiry. Professor Anderson himself said that his decisions and recommendations as a result of his inquiry would have been exactly the same and the video was part of the trial of Bobby Waugh." This is not acceptable.
      the video contains nothing new - The video shows a dog pulling at a dead sheep on the burning tip in the yard of Burnside Farm. A witness said there were 4 sheep burned on this tip and they originated from Ponteyland. This would suggest that the virus travelled from Ponteland to Burnside farm and not the other way around.
      were given to the Anderson Inquiry - Yet the response to the question from Boris Johnson was "Defra has no record of the video, taken by an official of the Northumberland Trading Standards Department, of the conditions at Burnside Farm, run by Mr. Bobby Waugh, being submitted to the Anderson Lessons Learned Inquiry."
      Professor Anderson himself said that his decisions and recommendations as a result of his inquiry would have been exactly the same ~ This was said in connection with the Dring statement of which the existence was first denied , then covered up and finally admitted. In fact Iain Anderson said "it would have been better" if the so-called "aide-memoire" ( 11,564 words in length) had been submitted as Mr Dring apparently intended. One wonders also what happened to the spreadsheet of test results from Pirbright which, we understand, was originally attached to Dring's report.

October 22 - Oct 29 2004 ~ Why does Jim Dring still receive the support of DEFRA and the CVO?

    Although it was politically convenient to identify pig swill as the cause of Foot and Mouth and severe restrictions on feeding swill to pigs have been introduced - no proof that this was the original infectious agent was ever produced See chronology of FMSD pages The Parliamentary Ombudsman has received a copy of the video discussed above and is now considering whether to widen her remit to include the activities of Burnside Farm. A witness with knowledge of Burnside Farm said that there were four dead diseased sheep buried there, that Bobby Waugh had told MAFF about. Mr Waugh had stored them in a shed across the road when Jim Dring did his inspection. He also said that the shed across the road was never cleaned after FMD.
    Dr Debby Reynolds, the CVO, was invited to see the video as was DEFRA Someone who has seen the video tells warmwell, " We have a problem with the video because if the press take still shots, people may never eat meat again.....Will we at last get a Public Inquiry?"
      Dr Debby Reynolds BVsc, PhD, MRCVS is reported to have written: 'DEFRA is satisfied that Jim Dring did all that could be reasonably expected of an inspecting officer and that he was correct in his decision to relicense the premises on the basis of his inspection'
From .... FMD 2001
"... ....authorities in charge were justifying their policies with doubtful scientific arguments....
The public in general, including veterinary and agricultural communities, were misinformed by scientists and veterinary authorities..."
Latest 'Generic' Contingency Plan for FMD  ~  Foot and Mouth News - from Yahoo and PigHealth.com

The EU FMD Directive (See here in html version or pdf version)
Chronology of Beginning of FMD Outbreak UK 2001

"... the stakeholders contribution to decision making.." Marshall and Roger paper from the Crete conference on foot and mouth. (FAO)
The EU FMD Directive (See here in html version or pdf version)

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