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The start of the 2007 FMD Crisis August 2007

December 28 2007 ~ Throckmorton at the mercy of planners yet again

December 27 2007 ~ "There are feral strains that are of historical and scientific interest, such as the Arapawa goats..." Conservation Society of New Zealand

December 27 2007 ~ "...the notion of public service has effectively been abandoned. "

December 22 2007 ~ "it was interesting that I hadn’t come close to understanding the trauma these people were experiencing...” Sir David King

December 22 2007 ~ "The best defence at home is disease eradication abroad..."

December 21 2007 ~ "... a death-blow at much of what remains of Britain’s hill-farming."

December 21 2007 ~ DEFRA - living within its means?

December 20 2007 ~ DEFRA staff to take strike action

December 19 2007 ~ Brazilian beef

December 19 2007 ~ " if you want to see the future, just look at the west coast of Scotland .. the farmers had no other industry to rely on, ...all the animals have gone."

December 19 2007 ~ Demonstrate interest and concern for the future of the uplands

December 19 2007 ~ "People are doing everything possible to avoid leaving the farms which they love, but everyone has a breaking point..."

December 17 2007 ~ Exports. Imports. Foot-and-mouth restrictions could be completely lifted in two weeks for farms around Egham. Brazilian beef could be banned.

December 17 2007 ~ EU ministers agreed on Monday to introduce electronic tags for millions of sheep and goats across the European Union by the end of 2009

December 15 2007 ~ " in avoiding blame, agencies wriggle, make excuses, and point fingers elsewhere - which results in obscuring causes and what can/should be done to prevent a repetition."

December 15 2007 ~ "animals in IP 5 (The Klondyke farm), had been infected -- and potentially spreading the virus -- for weeks before eventually diagnosed and culled."

Dec 15 2007 - All this is so important that we repeat, below, our posting for September 22

December 14 2007 ~ "culling and biosecurity measures did not stamp out the virus"

December 14 2007 ~ Swill feeders - The Ombudsman finds Defra guilty of "maladministration" - but rejects compensation

December 14 2007 ~ From Jan 1, all of the Britain will be able to export to EU member states under normal rules.

December 13 2007 ~ "I agree that Defra should not continue as regulator of laboratories handling of animal pathogens..." Hilary Benn

December 13 2007 ~ Infected Pirbright soil ended up in Egham - Times

December 13 2007 ~ " it shows they have not learnt all the lessons from 2001.."

December 12 2007 ~ "The Government keep their vaccination policy for all notifiable diseases under constant review"

December 12 2007 ~" has been noted that veterinarians have very little power to influence the decision-making process in comparison with the agri-trade lobby."

December 12 2007 ~ The present contingency plan mentions diagnosis only 4 times - each time with reference to laboratory tests.

December 12 2007 ~ A compulsory electronic tag for every sheep (EID) - an "unmitigated disaster" for the UK.

December 12 2007 ~ "...male dairy calves should be reared in the UK"

December 11 2007 ~ " .. an improved provision of services in disease control in surveillance, diagnosis and the provision of vaccination to keep our livestock healthy"

December 11 2007 ~ "Like all farmers in Norfolk, and no doubt up and down the country, I have to deal with at least TWELVE different Defra offices. ..."

December 11 2007 ~ "If hill farming were to fade away, the Cumbrian fells would become wild and the well cared-for landscape would change dramatically, as would biodiversity..."

December 11 2007 ~ " the world will need to double the production of food, triple yields per hectare, and do so on less land, using less water"

December 11 2007 ~ 'Bluntly, the headline is “Supermarkets seize massive opportunity of foot and mouth outbreak to boost profits and hammer the sheep industry into the ground”...'

Dec 11 2007 ~ "I looked up some of the paperwork that I received in the past few months...."

December 10/11 2007 ~ "The plan draws on lessons learned from disease outbreaks earlier this year .."

December 10/11 2007 ~"It may be of interest that an area in Normandy Surrey near Pirbright has been taped off."

December 10 2007 ~"Industry experts are said to believe that the public has become immune to food scare stories"

December 8 2007 ~ "....confusing results and statements by the Commission as to whether there was or was not an epidemic of FMD in Cyprus."

December 8 2007 ~ "epidemiological data from 2007 did not detect infection in local wild birds before infection in domestic flocks..."

December 8 2007 ~ £270m dairy price-fixing scandal. Supermarkets accused of “corporate greed”.

December 7 2007 ~ "If all the UK farms that were slaughtered out in 2001 had been tested in a pooled sample from 10 animals it would have been £100,000 for test kits at most..."

December 7 2007 ~ Dairy-bred bull calves born on Waitrose milk suppliers’ farms are to be finished for beef and veal in the UK

December 7 2007 ~ Compassion in World Farming wins Derek Cooper special award 2007

December 6 2007 ~ Mass produced "free-range" poultry for Christmas

December 6 2007 ~ "government departments too often cut long-term research investment"

December 5/6 2007 ~ " the time has come for the culling to begin nearer home. At least it would save us £300 million."

December 5 2007 ~ "at some point over the next two weeks the UK will be able to rejoin the international market, including live exports"

December 5 2007 ~ Lack of information about FMD vaccines - in the US

December 5 2007 ~ US farmers have until December 14 voluntarily to register for NAIS

December 4 2007 ~ " I am astounded and baffled as to why the government is allowed to continue to practise obsolete veterinary medicine that is clearly contrary to the welfare of animals"

December 4 2007 ~ " The new Rapid Test evaluated in this study achieves relatively high diagnostic sensitivity and provides results within about 30 minutes.."

December 4 2007 ~ EU lifts foot-and-mouth disease restrictions on Cyprus pork - leaving questions about the Cyprus "outbreak" unanswered

December 4 2007 ~ Marks and Spencers wins 'Compassionate Supermarket 2007' award

December 3 2007 ~ The energy of children at play provides the community's water pump

December 3 2007 ~ Funding for Biotech research amounts to around £50 million per year; Support for organic farming: £1.6 million last year.

December 3 2007 ~"Currently available (GMO's) mostly contribute negatively to poverty alleviation and food security and positively to the stock market."

December 3 2007 ~ "When you industrialize food and farming too much, there will be outbreaks of disease. People will want local, organic food as a secure supply."

December 3 2007 ~ "a genetic problem from a narrowed base, husbandry systems and susceptibility related to more intensive farming"

December 3 2007 ~ Deepening concern about water shortages is reaching the world's press.

December 3 2007 ~ Peak Oil is now talked about everywhere - but a lack of water is of even greater significance

December 1 2007 ~ "In hyper-'efficient' Britain, policy makers continue to urge that we should abandon farming altogether.."

November 30 2007 ~ Huge take-up for "early severance" from DEFRA

November 30 2007 ~ "H5N1 infection has not been detected in wild birds nor have any incidents of high mortality been observed in the area"

November 29 2007 ~ DEFRA staff are being balloted on possible strike action

November 29 2007 ~"The root of DEFRA's problems"

November 29 2007 ~ "overly complex, highly fragmented and confusing for participants. ..."

November 29th 2007 ~ " I try to sell everything locally thus obviating the need for traceability"

November 28 2007 ~ "The making of Sir David was his handling of the foot-and-mouth crisis in 2001"

November 28 2007 ~ First, the FMD crisis was not "spiralling out of control" on March 29 2001

November 28 2007 ~ vets and scientists who understood all too well what a tragic mistake was being made were ignored, as was Pirbright itself whose FMD experts were not even consulted

November 28 2007 ~Exit King, enter Beddington

November 27 2007 ~ "Gordon Brown likes to cite his handling of the bluetongue and foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks as evidence of his competence."

26 Nov 2007 ~ "This strange event has been characterised by EU-dictated cullings and other control measures; convincing evidence for a circulating virus is still lacking."

25 Nov 2007 ~ Staff offered £40,000-a-year for life 'bribes' to quit shamed ministry Defra

25 Nov 2007 ~"the terminal decline of the UK farming industry through the pursuit of cheap food..."

24 Nov 2007 ~ The NFU’s Why Beef and Sheep Farming Matters campaign

23 Nov 2007 ~ Such a virus escape, although bizarre, was not dangerous to the outlying countryside

22 Nov 2007 ~ On non-Redgrave farms the pre-emptive culls returned negative results. When can we vaccinate?

22 Nov 2007 ~ Jamie Oliver wants viewers to face the realities of industrial chicken production

22 Nov 2007 ~ FMD virus escape? SAPO Licence suspended yet again

20 Nov ~ Latest Export and Movement Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) Regulations 2007

November 19 2007 ~2nd H5N1 outbreak. No vaccination policy in place to prevent possible disaster

November 19 2007 ~ "January is far too late"

November 18 2007 ~ DEFRA faces making £300m in emergency cuts

November 18 2007 ~ Doubts deepen as to the existence of active FMD in Cyprus

November 18 2007 ~ ".. How can you kill 2000 animals for one case of FMD?"

November 16 2007 ~ Worries that the intensive poultry industry wants to force regulation on free range and organic bird keepers

November 16 ~ What tends to be forgotten by consumers who would really rather not know where their cheap meat comes from are facts such as these

16 November 2007 ~ "Brussels made it crystal clear that there was no choice than to proceed with the immediate culling of livestock or risk serious consequences..."

16 November 2007 ~ " What foot and mouth zones really mean?"

13 November 2007 ~ "Euro Coop supports vaccination as an alternative to mass slaughtering on prevention grounds of healthy livestock, which is intolerable..

13 November 2007 ~ "We are determined to throw the kitchen sink at this to ensure that farmers are properly compensated."

13 November 2007 ~ Bird Flu in Norfolk. More slaughter

Monday 12 November 2007 ~ Anderson FMD Review: 2007

Sunday 11 November 2007 ~ "The worldwide rise in food prices is, in part, the result of using maize for fuel rather than for food."

Sunday 11 November 2007 ~ "encourage the writing of clear and reader-friendly English."

Saturday 10 November 2007 ~ The 150 km "high risk" area demonstrates "regionalisation"

Friday November 9 2007 ~ Latest FMD report - and farewell to D. Reynolds

Friday November 9 2007 ~ The 1968 Northumberland Report advised vaccination and testing to check for disease before slaughter

Friday November 9 2007 ~The Zones explained

Friday November 9 2007 ~ "I tried to respond to your blog but I fell foul of the Google log in..."

Friday November 9 2007 ~ "The focus of our inquiry was to find a better way of handling this dreadful disease in future, in the firm belief that what happened in 2001 was unacceptable..."

November 9th ~ At least in 2001 no one pretended that the panicky mass cull was allowed by law.

November 9th ~ Funding to provide for a diagnostic on-farm test, recommended by the Royal Society, was not forthcoming.

Thursday November 8 2007 ~"If the veterinary service does not show me in writing whose animals actually have this disease, no one will enter my farm to kill my animals,”

Thursday November 8 2007 ~ "Even farmers who have no export trade now find themselves hampered by restrictions on their domestic activities; and all to pacify the rest of the EU."

Thursday November 8 2007 ~ Report FMD SCOFCAH

Wednesday November 7 2007 ~“I told them to wait for the final results. Then they started making me offers...”

Wednesday November 7 2007 ~" the EU appears to be extending the agony for hundreds of farmers for no worthwhile benefit in terms of controlling the disease."

Wednesday November 7 2007 ~ Superbug ESBL E. coli has been found on 32 UK farms since 2004

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~SCoFCAH decision

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~ New publication might speed up validation of individual-based NSP tests?

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~ FMD restricted zone still in place over Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~ "I’m responsible for saying that it’s their responsibility"

Monday November 5 2007 ~ The Emerson's continuing sense of bereavement

Monday November 5 2007 ~ Killing without first testing to check for infection. We actually had killing taking place on a minimum of 33 holdings.

Monday November 5 2007 ~For those who are going to write to Iain Anderson's Review

November 4 2007 ~ "angry farmers blocked the entrance to the two farms"

November 4 2007 ~ Cyprus on FMD high alert again.

November 2 2007 ~ Surveillance Zone to go at last

November 2 2007 ~ a moral and financial responsibility to compensate

November 1 2007 ~ "we should use the word killing" not the euphemism. "culling" is far too soft a word to describe what goes on, says local vet.

Wednesday October 31 2007 ~ Test results for quarantined sheep in Cyprus expected this afternoon

Wednesday October 31 2007 ~ "the real winners from the subsidy culture are the already-rich landowners and agri-businesses, not the small family farmers..."

Tuesday October 30 2007 ~ Comments about the outbreak and its handling are invited by 16 November 2007

Monday October 29 2007 ~ A farmer's story: 'It's all about control of food production'

Monday October 29 2007 ~ The escape of virus results in at least half a million wasted, incinerated sheep ... and "it will not just be the sheep that disappear"...

Sunday October 28 ~ DEFRA spent £1 billion on management consultants - while the Pirbright site repairs were urgently needed and flood defences were cut

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ More clarity on the 'tainted lamb' issue

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ Comment from Cumbria

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~"we will do everything in our power to help them" Gordon Brown yesterday

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ the vet, the 'sheep dip' and DEFRA's insistence on insecticide

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ "there are plenty of lambs available for meat without moving into the breeding stock.."

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ "I too would find it completely outrageous if sheep treated with a dangerous chemical had been sent for slaughter within the minimum withdrawal period."

Wednesday Oct 24 2007 ~ "I am keen to make progress on savings in animal health..."

Wednesday Oct 24 2007 ~And now for another FSA food scare: " the meat might contain traces of drugs"

Wednesday Oct 24 2007 ~ " The UK parties are upset because Alex Salmond and the SNP are standing up for Scottish interests"

Wednesday Oct 24 2007 ~ An apology? Hardly

Wednesday Oct 24 2007 ~ "they estimated the cost of the outbreak to the UK over the autumn was £520m, and up to £150m for the sheep industry in Wales alone..."

Tuesday Oct 23 2007 ~ "we want to show support for her in her fight to get compensation for us"

Tuesday Oct 23 2007 ~ "feeling beings with physical, psychological and emotional needs.”

Monday Oct 22 2007 ~ Is farming being left to die because DEFRA and its masters thinks all the meat needed to feed the UK can be imported?

Monday Oct 22 2007 ~ The various zones - DEFRA's map

Monday Oct 22 2007 ~ Marks & Spencers' Lamb Pledge

Monday Oct 22 2007 ~ Dorset, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Leicestershire and all areas of Great Britain to the north and west will be able to export meat and livestock again.

Oct 21 2007 ~ "why should those who are wholly unconnected with farming care about its future?"

Oct 20 2007 ~ multiple pick-ups will be allowed and the pre-slaughter residency is reduced from 30 days to 21 days

Oct 20 2007 ~ "It seems odd that, despite the drains having been repaired, the licence is now suspended."

Oct 20 2007 ~ James Paice asks, "What farmers need to know is, who is going to pay the price?"

Oct 20 ~ "Source of infection * Unknown or inconclusive"

Oct 20 ~ Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? accounting and accountability - do they still count?

Oct 20 ~ "DEFRA not only inspected safety arrangements but approved spending at the plant. There could not be a more clear conflict of interest."

Oct 20 ~ "A total of 2,160 animals have been compulsorily culled as a result of the recent outbreak of foot and mouth disease"

Oct 20 ~ "A new comprehensive system for searching for information on WTO member governments' sanitary and phytosanitary measures"

Oct 20 ~ "Acceptable risk" says official FMD Expert Group

Oct 16 ~ ".. there are very good scientific and economic reasons why we do not vaccinate routinely. The most pertinent of these is 'which strain of FMD should we vaccinate against'?”

Oct 15 2007 ~ The East Sussex case may be Bluetongue

Oct 15 2007 ~Another FMD case or another false alarm?

Oct 15 2007 ~ Many farmers .. now convinced there is “a hidden agenda” inside the Government

Oct 14 2007 ~ It is only the financial interest of a small number of livestock farmers - who would, for a time, be prevented from exporting their animals - that prevents vaccines from being used.

Oct 13 2007 ~"I have no knowledge of your allegations, nor does my office, and I do not accept them." Peter Hain

Oct 13 2007 ~ "Mr Benn was generous with platitudes..."

Oct 13 2007 ~ IAH's "rapid diagnosis and detective work" still fails to find active pre-clinical virus quickly enough

Oct 12 2007 ~ We can only hope that there will be no more cases discovered.

Oct 12 2007 ~ it has been a costly and bloody gamble not to vaccinate - and madness not to use state-of -the -art diagnosis

Oct 11 2007 ~ "The land is suffering"

Oct 11 2007 ~ Rules bending with the wind

Oct 11 2007 ~ Dispatches from the front line

Oct 10 ~ " ...vaccination was rejected then, and it appears that vaccination has been rejected once more. Will the Secretary of State tell me why it has been rejected and under what circumstances we will use vaccine in the future?"

Oct 9 ~ "We have absolutely no faith in Defra.."

Oct 9 ~ "We've got the export market back but the lambs are now inedible.."

Oct 9 ~ DEFRA's "professionalism, dedication and commitment" is praised by the Minister

Oct 8 2007 ~ Hilary Benn today announced a package of support, worth £12.5 million, for farmers in England affected by the current movement restrictions

Oct 8 2007 ~ Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and West Sussex may be freed from the high risk zone

Oct 8 2007 ~Waitrose today announced that it is to increase the prices it pays its beef and lamb producers.

Oct 8 2007 ~ John Beddington and "the job from hell"

Oct 8 2007 ~ While Professor King may be an international expert in many, many things it is a tragedy for the UK that he has been directing policy on Foot and Mouth

Monday Oct 8 2007 ~"...powerless to stop it, while pointlessly disrupting the habits and interests of livestock owners by bringing commercial transactions to a standstill"

Oct 7 2007 ~" this contempt for agriculture will produce a crisis beside which everything seen so far will pale into insignificance"

Oct 7 2007 ~ Migration - or at least refurbishment

Oct 7 2007 ~ Counting the cost

Oct 7 2007 ~ "information on the DEFRA web site is no good to those of us farming within the control zones"

Oct 6 2007 ~ "When epidemiologists are wheeled out of IAH and refuse to acknowledge the usefulness of vaccination against FMD I am still surprised, though I should not be.."

Oct 6 2007 ~" the option remains for imports from Latin-America to offset declines in local production"

Oct 5 2007 ~DEFRA " is acting against the interests of the British people"

Oct 5 2007 ~ NFU's vaccination Q and A still quoting David King..

October 5th ~ Sauce for both goose and gander

Oct 5 2007 ~ Two long months ago Chris Huhne MP said:

Oct 5 2007 ~ "Gordon Brown is anxious that the electorate should think that FMD is an issue approaching history."

Oct 5 2007 ~ "Dr Iain Anderson has been asked by the Government to chair a review of the Government's reaction to the 2007 Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak" DEFRA

Oct 5 2007 ~ "Relatively small special-interest groups (parts of the meat-producing farming sector and the food trade) seem to have had an undue influence over decisions"

Oct 4 2007 ~ The need for an independent Expert Group

Oct 4 2007 ~ IP8 - 95 cattle, 16 sheep and 1 goat - and four more herds killed too

Oct 4 2007 ~ "the chief vet believes it to be the case and he has a responsibility to report her views"

Oct 3 2007 ~ "The decision would be adopted formally from October 12 but would enter into force only if there were no more outbreaks outside the affected area, the Commission said..." (Reuters)

Oct 3 2007 ~ "No, we can do better than that"

Oct 3 2007 ~ Changes to meat and meat products export rules have been agreed in Brussels today

Oct 3 2007 ~ Haywards Heath negative

Oct 3 2007 ~ A case of Chinese Whispers?

October 3 2007 ~ One of the most monstrous pieces of misinformation about vaccination

Oct 3 2007 ~ "best to wait and see"? No. It is not - but compliant interviewer allows this to pass unchallenged

Oct 3 2007 ~ "At last, the UK government has woken up to the haulage problems we've been facing."

Oct 2 2007 ~ Jamie Oliver has called on shoppers to buy British lamb

Oct 2 2007 ~ Suspected case outside the "Protection Zone"

Oct 2 2007 ~ Dr Sutmoller puts right some misconceptions

October 2 2007 ~ ProMed "...One wonders whether standing down the vaccination teams might be a bit premature.."

October 2 2007 ~ What the public is not being told

October 2 2007 ~ " it's no use having clever biosecurity precautions, if desperate folks facing ruin are going to break the rules"

October 1 2007 ~ Relaxation of restrictions for some - and vaccination teams stood down yet again

Oct 1 2007 ~ Refreshing to hear Anthony Gibson - remembered as one of the only honest voices to be heard from the NFU in 2001 - explain to Mark Holdstock..

Oct 1 2007 ~ A loud and shameful Silence

Monday 1st October ~ As UK farmers face ruin, the Palace requests no special treatment

Monday 1st October ~ It was wrong to say no lessons were learned: two lessons were indeed learned by DEFRA since the last carnage.

Sunday September 30 2007 ~ NINE contiguous farms culled - an unholy, miserable, and unnecessary mess

Sunday September 30 2007 ~ FMD confirmed at slaughter on suspicion site

Sunday September 30 2007 ~ Merial facilities were "state of the art" and Spratt did not blame Merial

Sunday 30 September 2007~ Killing Trade

29 September ~ Yet more slaughter of cattle "on suspicion"

29 September ~ a 24-hour telephone service to be set up to keep farmers informed about both diseases.

29 September ~ "a scientifically unsound policy" and "the alienation of the industry as a whole"

September 29 ~ Reality of living in the "risk zone"

September 29 ~ The nightmare sight of pyres of wasted light lambs from the hills of Britain is also looking more and more likely.

29 September ~ Still in circulation - the idea that FMD vaccine "masks carriers of the disease"

Friday 28 September ~ The reappearance of FMD with the reimposition of the nationwide ban on animal movements has been an unmitigated disaster for the livestock industry, costing farmers an estimated £10m a day.

Friday 28 September ~"no timeline on the resumption of exports"

Friday 28 September ~ Fifty nine days later

September 27 2007 ~ DEFRA is to have a new Chief Scientific Advisor

September 27 2007 ~ It seems that livestock markets will be allowed from next Thursday

September 27 ~ Blood tests from all 20 of the lambs with lesions have been taken. DEFRA had said results would be back late yesterday, however they are now expected this morning.

September 27 ~ Vaccination production at a standstill

September 26 ~ "Redundancies at the Wildlife Administration Unit were "crazy" when the department was struggling to contain foot-and-mouth and bluetongue disease".

September 26 2007 ~ How can we help our farmers? asked Alan Titchmarsh

September 26 2007 ~ Yet another case? Foot and Mouth Disease: temporary control zone established in the Surveillance Zone near Maidenhead

September 26 2007 ~ "The penny is slowly beginning to drop that if the British public want home grown food, produced to a high standard of animal welfare and health, it will be expensive...

September 26 2007 ~ Confusion still reigns about the number of animals killed by the non-vaccination policy

September 26 2007 ~ "Since Friday, 2 additional IP's have been officially added, bringing the official current total to 7 IP's while -- according to the map -- their number is 10."

September 26 2007 ~ "It is time for a serious conversation with UK farmers and the public about the realities of infectious diseases in today's world of rapid global travel and trade "

September 26 2007 ~ Bluetongue latest

September 25 2007 ~ DEFRA lifts the temporary zones in Hampshire and West Sussex


September 25 2007 ~ "The Government must listen to the specialists"

September 25 ~ Farmers face fines for 'missing' foot and mouth

September 25 ~ "The real disaster is that, six years after the 2001 epidemic, a needless rule is still in place"

September 24 ~ New Outbreak. Yet another FMD outbreak within the Protection Zone - IP7

September 24 ~ " During the outbreak this summer our vets, scientists and public officials in DEFRA cancelled their holidays..."

September 24 ~ "Britain's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs did not immediately confirm the result of tests at the farm near Petersfield, about 55 miles (90 kilometers) southwest of London."

September 24 ~ Another Temporary Zone

September 24 ~ German National Farmers Union demand ring vaccination instead of culling and calls on Brussels for clarity

September 24 ~ "The warm glow of competence has gone..."

September 24 2007 ~ Deer do not recognise closure of footpaths

September 23 2007 ~ Another outbreak? 48 miles away from Egham?

September 23 2007 ~ "I believe that the Germans are proposing a permanent lock-up of birds"

September 23 2007 ~ "of course our approach towards vaccination has to be reviewed, particularly in the light of new and more effective vaccines" (J.Scudamore in 2002) "Of course.." yet more pyres are now envisaged

September 23 2007 ~ The first ever case of Bluetongue disease in Britain in one cow near Ipswich, Suffolk. It has been culled and restrictions put in place on the infected premises.

September 22 2007 ~ 11 Surrey farms had their animals killed last week?

September 22 2007 ~ Royal animals now in imminent danger

September 22 2007 ~ Misery escalating

September 22 2007 ~ the underlying cause of the UK's reluctance to vaccinate

September 22 2007 ~ Devastating comment from ProMed about potential spread "for weeks"

September 22 2007 ~ Will Hilary Benn be up to speed on this? Will he have the understanding to call urgently for the FMD rules to be changed?

September 22 2007 ~They should create quite a large vaccination zone, perhaps larger than Surrey depending on natural boundaries especially to deer.

September 22 2007 ~ Doubts about the Pirbright drain theory voiced in Farmers Weekly

September 22 2007 ~ No one knows where the animals moved from Surrey ended up...

September 22 2007 ~ DEFRA confirmed a sixth outbreak last night - still in the Protection Zone.

September 22 2007 ~ The farm where the cows were culled on suspicion has tested positive for FMD - the 6th case.

September 21 ~ Yet more animals to be slaughtered on suspicion

September 21 ~ " Defra are investigating two Bluetongue Virus reports"

September 21 ~ Getting information out of a stone

September 21 2007 ~ "We do not have a lot of animals. We have pigs, sheep and cattle. A lot of them were pets. Two of the lambs used to sleep in the kitchen."

September 21 2007 ~ "We can now add DEFRA to the list of those who never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity"

September 21 2007 ~ "a lateral flow device - similar to that of a home pregnancy test"

September 21 2007 ~ European Commission inspectors in London and Surrey

September 21 2007 ~ "Details of contractors routes are being scrutinised by Defra"

September 20 2007 ~ Solihull "Initial indications suggest that preliminary tests have ruled out foot and mouth"

September 20 ~ General licences are now available for limited movements outside of the Surveillance Zone

September 20 2007 ~ Foot and mouth could linger through autumn, scientist warns

September 20 2007 ~ No word yet on Solihull

September 20 2007 ~ "we have a major problem because without the sunshine to destroy the virus in the field we're going to have virus around for a long time .."

September 20 2007 ~ "We're working together with the industry right across Scotland, England and Wales to develop an approach based on areas..

September 20 2007 ~ Supermarkets colluded to raise milk prices

September 20 2007 ~The government's report on "how the disease spread" will be published on Friday.

September 20 2007 ~ The Common Agricultural Policy falls outside the control of the British Government, let alone British farmers.

September 19 ~ Many Happy Returns to the Countess of Mar

September 19 2007 ~ "we just don't know when the sheep may have become infected - if they have ..."

September 19 ~ UK Contingency Plan to blame

September 19 2007 ~ "Most non farmers I speak to are astonished to hear that FMD is not fatal to animals and not dangerous to humans"

September 19 2007 ~ "an outrageous piece of carelessness and misinformation."

September 19 2007 ~ "This afternoon a Temporary Control Zone has been put around one premises in Solihull.

September 19 2007 ~ What meat and milk treatments are required for exported products after vaccination?

September 19 2007 ~"The outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in Great Britain has once again made it clear that the current EU policy is wrong"

September 19 2007 ~ For the hill farmers it could be the end

September 19 2007 ~ the 5th Infected Premises since 3 Aug 2007 changes the P and S zones map again

September 19 ~ the importance of spending money on proper and adequate surveillance cannot be underestimated as we contemplate the unanswered questions about the spread of FMD to Egham

September 18 2007 ~ Kow-towing to out of date regulations is no way to get them changed.

September 18 2007 ~ More misinformation on Radio 4

September 18 2007 ~ "plans in place to introduce a vaccination programme should there be one more case of FMD"

September 18 ~ what is undeniable under the present arcane rules does not justify a brutal out-of-date policy

September 18 2007 ~ Peter Ainsworth asked DEFRA which recommendations of the Spratt Review into the outbreak of foot and mouth disease the Government do not intend to take forward in full. Hansard

September 17 ~ At eight o'clock tonight the BBC reported more infected sheep

September 17 ~ German vets want Britain to vaccinate

September 17 ~ Pigs culled were negative

September 17 ~ Questions the farmers want answered

September 17 ~ That there are no lines of communication between the private sector and the public sector is costing the country dear.

September 17 ~ The reluctance to vaccinate may be being based on the expensive Risk Solutions CBA

September 17 ~ Is the public aware that it is illegal to take any of the following food and drink abroad?

September 17 ~ The Scottish Government launches an FMD text alert service

September 17 ~ "How much money has to be wasted and how many lives ruined ....?"

September 17 ~ Third Infected Premises* No vaccination

September 17 ~ Vaccinated animals can be moved within national borders

September 17 ~ Although the paragraphs on meat from the vaccination zone make one's head spin, they are not quite as complicated as they seem.

September 17 ~ Misinformation about vaccinates

September 17 ~ Testing sheep ".. virus would be detectable by RT PCR for at least 4 - 6 days and possibly longer"

September 16 ~ "..Diagnostic techniques which Micropathology used 12 years ago have only just been adopted at Pirbright."

16th September ~ AT LAST. Foot and mouth: vets on standby to vaccinate

16 September ~ EU anger at Pirbright is misplaced

15 September, 2007~ Police presence and what the public do not see: confusion, terror and blood

September 15 ~ a "five day delay after a decision is taken to vaccinate because the "vaccinators" have to be away from susceptible livestock for five days before they can handle animals to be vaccinated" -utter confusion reigns

September 15 ~ Another scapegoat?

September 15 ~BBC News 24 has announced more culling of pigs

September 15 ~Movement to slaughter allowed from midnight

September 15 ~ 1967 strain - characteristics

September 15 2007 ~ "Looking at the "new map" published by DEFRA, the protection zone (blue edged) appears to comprise 8 or 9 circles - one wonders if we are being told the full story by DEFRA"

September 15 ~ "Surely it is not beyond the wit of man and woman to create a vaccination zone in the South of England and try and return farming to near normality in the rest of Britain?"

September 14/15 ~ If ever there was a moment to turn a challenge into an opportunity, surely this is it.

September 14/15 ~ New map -

September 14/15 ~"It is a very grim outlook and especially for these welfare-friendly outdoor herds where they have higher costs...."

September 14/15 ~ " the unions are urging the EU Commission and the respective Governments to support the development of a safe, inactivated vaccine against BTV 8 as quickly as possible"

September 14/15 ~ "If a sufficiently large spot-check show that there are no longer any viruses present, there is sufficient reason to lift the restrictions on trade.."

September 14 ~ "DEFRA may soon be obliged to decide whether vaccination, probably around the disease foci, deserves consideration..." ProMed

September 14 ~ ".... the courage to stand up to the establishment and never stop explaining why they were wrong"

September 14 ~ The Blogosphere wants ring vaccination - and the truth

September 14 ~ News that the 2nd farm has tested positive. CVO says she is pleased the animals were killed before test results came through

September 14 ~"....lobby Brussels to change its ridiculous and protectionist rules.

September 14 ~ "...all too familiar stories of conflicting advice, bureaucratic buck-passing, ignorance of petty clipboard people, and of a disregard for the welfare of animals arising from either callousness or stupidity."

September 14 ~ Masking disease? What are FMD "carriers"?

September 14 ~ "Serotypes included in these vaccines are to customer request"

September 14 2007 ~ How many farmers and vets want vaccination now? How many in 2001 who were ignored?

September 14 ~ "the EU have also made provision for member states to apply for derogations which allow vaccinated meat, milk, and products destined for the home market to be treated no differently from non-vaccinated product, once testing has been completed".

September 14 ~ Vaccinated meat and milk contain no trace of "vaccine"

September 13 ~ The rules are absurd - It is this that the industry should be fighting.

September 13 ~ Norfolk is in the clear

September 13 ~ "It is just so miserable to watch the mess and the constant sins of omission. Where is the vaccine and a policy?"

September 13 2007 ~ "I believe they are also in the process of slaughtering at a neighbouring farm.."

September 13 2007 ~ immunisation of livestock "being considered"

September 13 2007 ~ "I would like to say one more thing- If infection via deer cannot be quickly ruled out we should vaccinate without further delay."

September 13 2007 ~ "What is the science behind choosing the perimeter of the protection zone and surveillance zone?"

September 13 2007 ~ It is the same strain

September 13 2007 ~ Is anyone still saying, "I think we would be in a much worse position if we had gone for a policy of ring vaccination"?

September 13 2007 ~ How can it possibly have happened?

September 13 2007 ~ The possibility of sabotage must still be kept in mind.

September 12 2007 ~ "The animals are being culled this afternoon"

September 12 2007 ~ " It is ghastly for the farmers. Sales were just about to get going."

September 12 2007 ~ Near Glasgow. A single sheep in the Lanark Agricultural Centre (or market) is being tested.

September 12 2007 ~ Weybridge and Addleston - the home of VLA - are now in the circle.

September 12 2007 ~ FMD confirmed at Egham and a movement ban is now in force throughout the country.

September 12 2007 ~ FMD suspicion in 4-5 cattle - but the whole herd to be killed before testing proves presence of disease

September 12 2007 ~ ".. I also fear that solicitors may well be briefing barristers and life could become very expensive for the British government."

September 11 ~ In North-Rhine/Westphalia alone there are now 2248 cases of Bluetongue

September 11 ~ EU to carry out live virus safety check in labs across Europe

September 11 ~ "IAH and its Governing Body are reassured that the investigations found no evidence that the Institute's laboratories are the source of the leak or that virus escaped from the Institute's laboratories, - and considered both to be unlikely."

September 10 ~ Defra also comes in for heavy criticism in its role as regulator, licenser and inspector

September 10 ~ We need to support vaccination in the developing world in order to help ourselves.

September 9/10 2007 ~ What was the work being done by Stabilitech at the time of the escaped 01 BFS1860 strain of foot and mouth virus?

September 9/10 2007 ~ "Those who fund it are a disgrace. Pirbright should be a showcase and not such a dump."

September 9th 2007 ~"Gordon Brown is the person ultimately responsible for the FMD outbreak."

September 9 2007 ~ And on the question of the interconnected problems that threaten food...

September 9 2007 ~ A virologist's view "I see that no virus has been recovered from the pipe or around FM1 manhole or the soil and that it is surmise that it leaked out into the soil."

September 8th 2007 ~ Journalism turns speculation into "confirmation"

September 7 2007 ~ "exact origin of virus" - a further "critical experiment" would involve infecting a number of cows at Pirbright with foot and mouth.

September 7 2007 ~ "..potential loss of public trust in a government laboratory due to incidents that are beyond their control "

September 7 2007 ~"...adequate funding has not been available to ensure the highest standards of safety for the work on FMDV" Spratt report

September 7 2007 ~ HSE final report on 'potential breaches of biosecurity at the Pirbright site' No definite evidence but...

September 7 2007 ~ The reports published today

September 7 2007 ~ The BBC understands that photographs of the pipe show clear signs of damage from tree roots and of some joints being misaligned.

September 7 2007 ~"...You may have thought on August 4 that your world had fallen in, but that will be nothing compared to the day the public and press realise the food's running out. ..."

September 6 2007 ~ Articles discussing the reports before they are officially released to the public have raised questions

September 6 2007 ~ The Government will publish an 'action plan' alongside its response to the reports

September 6 2007 ~" looks like the end of this sad episode is in sight."

September 6 2007 ~ RPA "damning report today"

September 6 2007 ~ " From these sequences it should be possible to say exactly where the virus came from"

September 6 2007 ~ FoE survey highlights the environmental and business impacts of low prices paid to dairy farmers - and the value of local shops

September 5 2007 ~ Merial says it "cannot speculate on pipes or anything else".

September 5 2007 ~ American commitment to vaccine production

September 5 2007 ~ "The failure to definitely establish the source of the outbreak may mean that neither of the two laboratories on the site will be subject to negligence charges. ...".

September 5 2007 ~ Underfunding is the whole point

Sept 4 2007 ~ "key areas of work, including some critical state-of-the art diagnostics, has to be undertaken by PhD students at the very beginning of their research training - and not by experienced technical staff."

September 5 2007 ~ "efforts to develop a vaccine in time for this year's outbreak seem to have fallen short...."

September 4 2007 ~ No sign of the Pirbright reports being made public yet.

September 4 2007 ~ "We're going to see strains of influenza that are capable of causing pandemics arising, probably avian strains, and that will happen for sure, there's no doubt about it."

September 3 2007 ~ "... many farmers and crofters with relatively small flocks will decide to get rid of their sheep rather than endure the hassle that comes with a new system."

September 3 2007 ~ We are dependent on the trading world for sustenance.... regular supplies of food and fuel from overseas.

September 3 2007 ~ "How much funding has the UK government put into EU collaboration - or indeed wider international collaboration - directed at producing BTV vaccines that are relevant and promptly available?

September 3 2007 ~ "... This policy would eventually lead to the eradication of BTV from affected areas."

Sunday 2 September 2007 ~ Benefits of using NSP-free vaccines for foot and mouth (i.e in combination with the 3ABC test):

September 2 2007 ~ Human error likely cause - but the Pirbright reports are not public yet.

31 August 2007 ~ Burges Salmon advises caution over FMD compensation claims

30/31 August 2007 ~ Depending on "vigilance" - Bluetongue

30/31 August 2007 ~ Sheep vaccination for FMD

30 August 2007 ~ Sheep respond very well to vaccination. So why is DEFRA not including them in any vaccination policy?

Thursday 30 August 2007 ~ "No microbiology lab can be made totally secure"

29/30 August 2007 ~ News round-up. No mention of the v-word at the BBC, Canada foresees mass slaughter for FMD, and the Guardian's irritation at farmers "stealing the show" .

Wednesday 29 August 2007 ~ Vaccination a "catastrophe"? Only if looked at through the wrong end of the economic telescope

Wednesday 29 August 2007 ~ The European commission is willing to fund 50 percent of the costs of a bluetongue vaccination campaign

Wednesday 29 August 2007 ~ An online alternative to supermarkets - ready for producer sign-up.

Tuesday 28 August 2007 ~ The EU Commission will be required to detail the risk assessment procedures that it has carried out.

Monday August 27 2007 ~ "....with luck, they will today at last be on the road"

Monday August 27 2007 ~ "the connection between EU biofuel targets and killing orang-outans"

Monday August 27 2007 ~ Concern about H5N1 and Bluetongue continues to grow

Monday August 27 2007 ~ Someone in England is trying to export banned animal feed into Indonesia

August 2007 ~"Will you join me in asking the Prime Minister .. to chart a bold new course and lead the international effort to get rid of this threat"bird food" once and for all? "

Saturday August 25 2007 ~ New Zealand's gesture of good will

Saturday August 25 2007 ~The UK employs 100 staff and 11 sniffer dogs to detect illegal meat products.

Friday 24 August 2007 ~ Bluetongue - on the march in Northern Europe. The German Government says, " At the moment culling doesn't take place...nevertheless..."

22 August 2007 ~ The EU should be lobbied to point out that discrimination against vaccination has no justification.

22 August 2007 ~ ".. Investigations into effluent released onto the site and subsequent contamination of personnel, equipment or vehicles, and other fomite transmission routes off the Pirbright site continue..."

22 August 2007 ~ "biosecurity issues associated with FMDV strain O1BFS67" - Richard Lissack QC has been chosen by the NFU to fight for a multi-million pound compensation package

August 21/ 22 2007 ~ "...costs of vaccination are far less than the cost of slaughter, compensation and disposal."

Tuesday 21 August 2007 ~ "Our aim is to regionalise as soon as the situation allows."

Tuesday 21 August ~ Patrick Holden and CIWF continue to argue for vaccination

Monday, August 20 2007 ~ "area can be treated as an epidemiologically separate zone for international trade purposes"

Monday, August 20 2007 ~ "Farm animals exist for the purpose of trade and if there cannot be trade then they have no value."

Monday, August 20 2007 ~ Waste "Recycling" - a source of disease?

Monday, August 20 2007 ~ Bluetongue ".. if a strict vaccine regime with at least 80 percent coverage of susceptible populations is achieved, vaccination can lead to the eradication of the virus."

August 18 - 20 ~ Farmers in England will be able to move calving cows and their calves under tight restrictions from today (Saturday) - tests on Pirbright soil imminent

August 18 - 20 ~ Animal diseases rage across Europe but "virtually no action to deal with outbreaks in a sensible way"

August 17 ~ "the ethical way" Sheepdrove Organic Farm is urging vaccination

August 17 ~ Another scare

August 17 ~ "....very disappointed with the response from Defra. It's impossible to get them by telephone."

August 17 ~ The CVO did say they had some interesting epidemiological information. I haven't heard a squeak as to what this is.

August 17 ~"This makes a nonsense of the cost-sharing agreement"

August 17 ~ "....the mistaken belief that isolated incidents of foot-and-mouth disease necessitate the closure of rural England" Commission for Rural Communities

August 16 ~ "decision-making on movements should have been devolved to a local level"... Instead, we get an "RSPCA Hotline"

August 16 ~ Does even Lord Rooker understand it?

August 16 ~ "prevent - not pre-empt"

August 16 ~ Foot and mouth and bovine TB

August 15 2007 ~" rapid diagnostic technology is available..... the capability for NSP testing post-vaccination is fully ready and operational."

August 15 2007 ~ Warmwell Summary

August 15 ~ The Veterinary Medicines Directorate Report appears to clear Merial

August 15 2007 ~ "....the total absence of accurate information (notably from DEFRA who seem to treat this as if we were at war)..."

August 15 2007 ~ While we wait for test results in the new cases, we read that, ".. every single sheep in the initial quarantine zone has been tested for foot-and-mouth disease and all have been proved negative."

August 14 2007 (18.00 pm) ~ Yet Another.....Foot and mouth tests conducted on sheep at a unit in Surrey

August 14 2007 (17.20 pm) ~ "Experts in human medicine are not hidebound by rules - usually out of date and made by large groups of civil servants."

August 14 2007 (updated 16.40 pm) ~ The use of the 3ABC test still enables authorities to monitor the spread of disease.

August 14 2007 (updated 15.20 pm) ~ Those who make their living from livestock need to lobby to change the rules, rather than fight against the march of modern animal disease control.

August 14 2007 (1 pm) ~ A new suspected case of foot and mouth in Kent (Romney Marsh area)

August 13 2007 ~ FMD Bioportal - an unrestricted, public web site

August 13 ~ "It would be ludicrous to suggest, on the basis of giving the FMD vaccine suspended in mineral oil as an adjuvant, that the vaccinated animal must then be killed."

August 13 ~ "... highly, highly, highly, highly unlikely"

August 13 ~ "Failure to clarify both the exit strategies and meat treatment protocols will undermine Defra's sterling work.." Royal Society 2002

August 13 ~ "Sir Brian Follett is wrong when he suggests that vaccinated animals constitute a danger"

August 13 ~ Dairy herd on the Pirbright estate. Still there?

August 10/13 ~ "VS recognizes the value of milk as a sample for FMD surveillance, as well as the value of this test in moving milk safely inside of quarantine zones.." The United States Animal Health Association

UPDATE: Screening milk detects disease days before the farmer can. " if we do not take opportunities like this one to.. validate the tests, then when?"

August 10/13 ~ More slaughter imminent - unless movement restrictions can be eased

August 10/13 ~ " the laboratory must move into the field and test animals quickly before irreversible actions are taken." ProMed

August 10/13 ~ "The government has a responsibility to use the technologies that can identify disease before signs appear if these technologies are available. They are available, and they are being used in the lab. ."

August 10/13 2007 ~ " Whilst hoping for the best, a point source, we should have taken precaution against the worst, a plume."

August 10/13 ~ FMD - uncomfortable issues still to answer

August 10/13 2007 ~ the role of rapid on-site RT-PCR during this outbreak

August 10/13 2007 ~ We fear a bad end and a wrong answer to the question of ultimate responsibility.

August 10 2007 ~" If the present policy is successful, it will be a measure of good luck in ignoring these two variables..."

August 10 2007 ~ Miserable news. We got so used to this in 2001...

August 10 2007 ~ "..we could still find ourselves in the bizarre situation where the meat on the shelves is imported from countries where Foot and Mouth Disease is prevalent "

August 10- 13 2007 ~ Suspect animals were to be monitored, not immediately culled on suspicion

August 10 2007 ~ " it has been decided not to vaccinate at this time."

August 10 2007 ~ Information about differentiation tests needs to be clearer. (Boring but very important)

August 10 2007 ~ NFU moves towards court case

August 10 2007 ~ New Case is NOT foot and mouth "I just wanted to be 100% sure"

August 10 2007 ~ A new possible case. A New Temporary Control Zone

August 10 2007 ~ Defra can find the time and money to send us all pointless bumph that we don't need, let alone have time to read, but when the countryside is hit with something like FMD we get absolutely nothing

August 9 ~ The Ministry knows best....

August 9 ~ Bad news that can't be buried

August 9 ~ "the worker bees at the local Defra office do try to be helpful, despite the insane orders they receive from headquarters..."

August 9 ~ Another twist - of the knife

August 9 ~ Updated questions and answers at DEFRA

August 9 ~ Dutch Socialist Party MP backs vaccination and calls for EU policy to be changed to make vaccination compulsory

August 9 ~ "Some days I've taken 12 showers" says Dr. John Copps, deputy director of the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease in Winnepeg

August 9 ~ New cull involves "suspected"cows - but also sheep, pigs and goats at a farm advertised as "free range"

August 9 ~ EU says restrictions are to stay in place at least until 25 August.

August 9 ~ Cracked Mirror

August 8 ~ Of course vaccination should have been the immediate reaction for all susceptible animals considered to be at risk.

August 8 ~ There's more at stake than paying compensation to farmers if Pirbright is found to be responsible for the leak

August 8 ~ Restrictions eased for movement to slaughter and for fallen stock for "certain parts of the country"

August 8 ~ Allotment is out of the picture

August 8 ~ continued reliance on the NFU as an authority is perverting coverage

August 8 ~ Culling is solely to protect our beef export industry, whilst supermarkets happily continue importing beef from FMD endemic countries

August 8 ~ No punches pulled

August 8 ~ " I stopped eating my cornflakes and wondered how Catlow would respond.."

August 8 ~ Vets and government officials were last night debating whether to start vaccinating

August 8 ~ No news is good news

August 7/8 2007 ~ A prototype on-site rapid diagnostic machine is being used in Surrey

August 7/8 ~ Was it Bill or was it Ben?

August 7 2007 ~ HSE initial report statement released - accidental or deliberate human activity suspected

August 7 2007 ~ The two farms' cleansing and disinfection is to be paid for, says Hilary Benn, "due to the exceptional circumstances"

August 7 ~ The Netherlands order vaccine - and are inspecting every imported animal

August 7 ~ Media concentration on 'who is to blame' and mention of "compensation" is a red herring for decent farmers

August 7 2007 ~ Brigadier Birtwhistle can only cite "consumer confidence" as an argument against vaccination

August 7 2007 ~ "authorities will indeed find it easier to avoid massive stamping-out strategies." Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE

August 7 2007 ~ "... the classical scenario to use vaccination successfully without, in the long term, compromising the export status of the whole of the UK."

August 7 2007 ~" These cattle do not benefit at all from all the work on FMD vaccines done on their doorstep..."

August 7 2007 ~ Disposal -best scientific analysis deems it necessary to carry carcases 90 miles on roads?

UPDATE: We now hear that the closest incineration plant to the protection zone (Harry Hawkins) was unavailable because there were animals still on site "posing another disease risk, and logistical problems"; the second nearest shut down for repairs (Canterbury Mills); next closest actually was the Wessex plant in Frome. It would have been helpful if this had been made public.

August 7 2007 ~ Report by Health and Safety on Pirbright due very soon

August 7 2007 ~ There are 75 farms with 750 cattle, 1,500 sheep and 200 pigs in the Protection Zone - they could all be vaccinated within 24 hours

August 7 2007 ~ Consternation that Trading Standards in the Protection Zone have told farmers they may not close footpaths

August 7 2007 ~ ".... if a veterinary risk assessment shows that measures additional to the basic slaughter policy were required...."

August 7 2007 ~ "Who would notice the infection in deer? Does DEFRA have a plan?"

August 6/7 2007 ~ Not good news. Clinical signs found in another herd.
            NOW will you vaccinate?

August 6/7 2007 ~ CNN presenter says Vaccination hides disease -

August 6/7 2007 ~ Bio-security was "fairly relaxed"

August 6 2007 ~ As part of Defra's contingency plan and in order to ensure full preparedness, 300,000 doses of strain-specific vaccine have been ordered from the UK's vaccine bank, to be made up from antigen. No decision has been taken on whether or not to use the vaccine.

August 6 2007 ~" I am so fed up with the B...idiots who sent the FMD carcasses by road, 90 miles, when the rest of us have been told no movement."

August 6 2007 ~ "Because the animals were infected with the very vaccine strain itself, the vaccine should be the absolute perfect match."

August 6 2007 ~ 104 redundancies since 2005 - " a risk that we will lose critical expertise"

August 6 2007 ~ Still much to be revealed on virus escape

August 6 ~ Fallen stock

August 6 ~ Start date 29/07/2007? The Saturday before the Thursday?

August 6 ~ "We need to know much, much more about Pirbright."

August 6 2007 ~ "The UBI peptide-based vaccine/diagnostic system will be particularly attractive to FMD-free countries for defensive serosurveillance and for contingency plans for emergency vaccination in the event of an outbreak."

August 6 2007 ~ Did they shower? Did they ignore 3 or 5 day ruling?

August 6 2007 ~ " the case for a humane, civilised and scientifically sound policy has strengthened over the past few years to the point where it is beginning to look unassailable"

August 6 2007 ~ "Good that the Chair took soundings from different sectors. Less good was their reluctance to elucidate clearly the position re vaccination and on-site diagnostic testing..."

August 6 2007 ~ What is the difference between surveillance and protection zones

August 6 2007 ~ 39 animals only found positive so far. Contiguous culling instead of buffer zone vaccination is taking place

August 6 2007 ~"It doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to note that terrorists of various sorts would be quick to try to take advantage of any faults or lapses in standards "

August 5 2007 ~ This strain shows clinical signs quickly

August 5 2007 ~ "Who is actually deciding what happens?"


August 5 2007 ~ New on DEFRA

August 5 2007 ~ "Competence means more than ministerial dashes and urgent meetings..lessons also include being ready to vaccinate"

August 5 2007 ~ Confusion about the virus strain

August 5 2007 ~ "What is the function of a World Reference Laboratory... if not to advance the detection of virus infection and management of FMD epidemics?"

August 5 2007 ~ Pirbright: "... limited use of the strain at the Institute in recent weeks."

August 5 2007 ~ Accidents Happen - Security Breaches at Biocontainment Facilities

August 5 2007 ~ Humane slaughter?

August 5 2007 ~ Lawrence Wright notices an anomaly

August 5 2007 ~ Deer do not obey movement bans - and roe deer move between Pirbright and local farms.

August 4 2007 10.26 p.m. ~ It is a vaccine strain 01 BFS 67 (Correction:it is in fact O1 BFS 1860) - one that was being used at Pirbright in July

August 4 2007 9.45 p.m. ~ "no plans for contiguous culling at present but any dangerous contacts will be dealt with robustly". Pigs, sheep and goats on an adjacent smallholding have been slaughtered as "dangerous contacts"

August 4 2007 9.20 p.m. ~ Intervet UK: " If requested, we will provide the government with any necessary assistance to bring the outbreak under control."

August 4 2007 (5.50 pm) ~ " I must say, interviewing the chief vet I had a distinct sense of deja vu.." - Snowmail

August 4 2007 (4.50 pm) ~ Debby Reynolds has confirmed that the biosecurity arrangements at the Pirbright Laboratory are being investigated as a possible source of the foot-and-mouth disease outbreak.

August 4 2007 ~ " We are really hoping that supermarkets make sure that their buyers and supplier processors act more responsibly this time...

August 4 2007 ~ The UK's refusal to use vaccination for FMD has been on economic rather than on scientific or veterinary grounds.

August 4 2007 ~ EU Directive "It may be decided to introduce emergency vaccination where at least one of the following conditions applies"

August 4 2007 3.40 pm ~ More quotes "We would not stand in any way to object to vaccination.."

August 4 2007 4.00 pm ~ EU member countries have imposed a ban on animals and animal products imported from the UK.

August 4 (2.20 p.m.) ~ The FMD infected carcases will be travelling to Somerset - even though there are incineration plants nearer to Guildford.

August 4 2007 (2.15 pm) ~ 3,000 sheep are stranded at Thame Auction Mart - precisely where the rapid on-site diagnostic kit would be so invaluable.

August 4 2007 (1.15pm) ~ "The 1.7 million tonnes of waste food that before 2001 was being recycled by swill feeders was diverted to landfill..."

August 4 2007 (1.15pm) ~ "Once the strain has been identified, experts will check to see whether relevant vaccines are available in the British or European vaccine banks."Guardian

August 4 2007 (10.30 am) ~ "Farmers are being asked to inspect their animals for signs of infection. To what extent, if any, are animals being tested for virus?"

August 4 2007 (10.00 am) ~ Ring Vaccination and on-site diagnosis.

August 3/4 2007 ~ "Number 10 insisted contingency plans being put into place were based on lessons learnt from the 2001 outbreak..."

August 3 2007 ~ FMD confirmed in Surrey

August 3 2007 ~ Undiagnosed bovine vesicular disease in Surrey. Update "The lesions are in their mouth and this could just be something they have eaten"

August 3 2007 ~ Undiagnosed bovine vesicular disease in Surrey. "No timescale for results" Could this be bluetongue?

August 3 2007 ~ FMD vaccine "could be commercially viable and remove some of the hurdles in advance of any outbreak"