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December 21st 2005 ~ "APHIS officials told us funds to support work on diagnostic tools remain insufficient."

December 20th 2005 ~ Live Cattle Export Refunds to cease immediately

December 20th 2005 ~ EU raises farmer compensation in battle on bird flu

December 18/19th 2005 ~ "We are not advising consumers to avoid lamb; no BSE has been found naturally in sheep, but it could be there." Sir John Krebs in 2002

December 18/19th 2005 ~ Sir John Krebs says that Number 10 put the FSA "under pressure" over dioxins from FMD pyres

December 18/19th 2005 ~ "not advising against"

December 18/19th 2005 ~ The Observer implies that Sir John Krebs is still the Chair of the FSA.

December 16th 2005 ~ Bovine TB "Is it not clear from other countries that Gamma Interferon and Polymerase Chain Reaction can significantly improve test results?"

December 15th 2005 ~ "....what is the point of having this statutory instrument until we have a definition of "infected premises" on the statute book?"

December 14th 2005 ~ "tests have to be validated by the OIE. We are waiting on that": Lord Bach

December 14th 2005 ~ Bovine TB: Questions in Parliament

December 14th 2005 ~ Brazil's largest meat packing company, Friboi Group, is being investigated

December 13th 2005 ~ "Better NFU has developed a five-point alternative manifesto..."

12th December 2005 ~ "From salmonella and BSE to asbestos, we have seen bogus science, compounded with ignorance, being exploited by interested parties to whip up media and political hysteria."

9th December 2005 ~ " without recourse to vaccination." Ben Bradshaw doesn't appear to think vaccination effective.

9th December 2005 ~ "the security of our food supply can no longer be taken for granted"

9th December 2005 ~ "What is wrong about lots and lots of small initiatives – why does big have to be best?"

8th December 2005 ~ "While most people still believe that Europe's agricultural subsidies have been used to protect farmers, particularly small farmers, it is now emerging that among the main beneficiaries are large multinationals.."

7th December 2005 ~ " ... the idea of slaughtering all animals within a wide radius of an infected farm ... increasingly being called into question. ."

7th December 2005 ~ " How many physicists are fluent in virology?"

5th December 2005 ~" the horse and the sheep must go to their anonymous graves: just in case they infect the world..."

1st December 2005 ~ "I really do not understand how, after weeks of investigation, an error of this kind can have occurred. DEFRA continues to amaze." Oliver Letwin

1st December 2005 ~ Foot and Mouth vaccination "no carrier transmission to naïve animals "

30 November 2005 ~ Avian Influenza - EU:"Provisions should therefore be established for both emergency and protective vaccination."

30 November 2005 ~ " how doctors and vets can learn from each other": theme issues in the BMJ and Vet Record

29 November 2005 ~ DEFRA promised to return champion pet ram's ashes - but now refuses

28 November 2005 ~"Our conclusion is that vaccination of poultry can prevent a major outbreak of highly pathogenic avian flu viruses,"

24 November 2005 ~ £40 million and over can said to be owed by Defra.

22 November 2005 ~ "The smugglers had used false papers from Taiwan, where H5N1 has never been known."

21 November 2005 ~ "The quarantine system, far from being watertight, now looks more like a collander"

November 19th 2005 ~ "a choice of vaccines that can be applied"

November 18th 2005 ~ "invoices to the value of £5.1 million remain disputed and unpaid" but Lord Bach says "no outstanding amounts owed to contractors"

16th November 2005 ~ "....power can be exercised whether or not the poultry is affected with avian influenza or suspected of being so affected."

16th November 2005 ~ China plans to vaccinate all its poultry in the country: Defra says "vaccination is not expected to be part of the current GB avian influenza control strategy"

16th November 2005 ~ No apologies, no explanations

16th November 2005 ~ " The review will....... cover the work of Defra and its agencies, HM Customs and Revenue and the role of local authorities....."

15th November 2005 ~ "China is in the process of vaccinating all the poultry in the country,"

14th/15th November 2005 ~"There are legal steps that can be taken to ensure the removal of animals."

14th November 2005 ~ "We should not buy the vaccine first for humans but for poultry.....we must find the root and the source of the problem. We must prioritize the animals."

12th November 2005 ~ the following key points in the global action plan on bird flu, agreed upon at the Geneva conference:

12th November 2005 ~ FMD 2001 "...what is the estimated interest accrued to date on unpaid invoices

11th November 2005 ~ Bird Flu "Experimental and field studies have shown that properly used vaccines will accomplish several goals:

10th November 2005 ~ "the farmers won’t be given any extra say in how a future epidemic is tackled..."

10th November 2005 ~ "between 9 and 18 days after vaccination mortality was low and after this period no more deaths occurred. "

8th/9th November 2005 ~ Bird Flu: "immediate and fair compensation mechanisms for livestock producers.....the option of vaccination should be considered as a back-up policy..."

8th/9th November 2005 ~ FMD 2001 £15 billion claims may be made if the Parliamentary Ombudsman identifies maladministration

8th November 2005 ~ Dutch FMD Contingency Plan "Vaccination as control instrument has the great advantage that fewer healthy animals need to be slaughtered and destroyed "

8th November 2005 ~" Authorities in Beijing are seizing and killing chickens and ducks being raised in private homes"

5th November 2005 ~ DEFRA's accounts reveal secret plans for possible compensation to the Swillfeeders

5th November 2005 ~ More than 400 animal and human health experts, senior policy makers, economists and industry representatives will meet in Geneva next week

5th November 2005 ~ Consultation Responses

5th November 2005 ~ FMD and camelids: International relevance of current research

3/4th November 2005 ~ "vaccination is not expected to be part of the current GB avian influenza control strategy " Defra says.

3rd November 2005 ~ " a turning point in the battle for sympathy between the farmers and retailers?"

2nd November 2005 ~ "their decisions on licensing the premises were characterised by a lack of direction, inaction, inconsistency and an extravagant use of resources to no useful purpose"

Ist November 2005 ~ Re Foot and Mouth 2001. Andrew George calls for an independent review of what happened in terms of Defra's responsibility

Ist November 2005 ~ The Swill Feeders' faith in the Ombudsman

31st October 2005 ~"If the stories that other birds went through the quarantine centre at the same time are untrue, then the government should say so."

31st October 2005 ~ European legislation permits "Market Authorisation" to be bypassed in exceptional, objective and verifiable circumstances

31st October 2005 ~ Spain's stockpile of bird flu vaccine will be 10 million doses . Quarantine to be set up around any suspected outbreaks

31st October 2005 ~ Where is the leadership?

31st October 2005 ~ Lessons not learned

30th October 2005 ~ "Defra's experts went out of their way to ignore him."

30th October 2005 ~ It needed only Roy Anderson

October 29th 2005 ~ "Vaccinate" urges Soil Association. "Culling and good biosecurity" says Debby Reynolds

October 29 -~ Farming This Week made it clear that the UK did indeed oppose an EU ban on the importation of wild birds seven months ago.

October 28th 2005 ~ The Soil Association "vaccination in the form of a ring-fence is a proven, effective tool that should be used ahead of any moves to bring organic and free-range poultry indoors"

October 27th/28th 2005 ~ "unbelievable that Defra can't understand the detail of the EU regulation..."

October 27th 2005 ~ Bird owners might start asking DEFRA now to make preparations for avian flu vaccination

October 27th 2005 ~ USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) developed a rapid diagnostic test for avian influenza two years ago and used it in Texas.

October 27th 2005 ~ Brett Hammond made £7.7million by smuggling exotic birds.

October 27th 2005 ~ DEFRA demands cooperation from all livestock producers. How much competent management and reciprocal help is offered?

October 26th 2005 ~ The OIE launched a procedure for validation and certification for diagnostic tests in September 2005

October 26th 2005 ~ An earlier batch of birds that could have been carrying a subclinical avian flu infection were kept at Brentwood before the Surinam parrots arrived.

Oct 26 2005 ~ DEFRA mindset is still for mass slaughter. Robin Maynard calls this "medieval". Intervet says Hong Kong free of all outbreaks since using vaccine instead of killing.

October 26th 2005 ~ Pegasus Birds Ltd. says, "We have been told by Defra not to say anything."

October 24th 2005 ~ "A reservoir for cross contamination" Why did Debby Reynolds say that the UK quarantine rules were working?

October 24th 2005 ~ The parrot: "It is unlikely that it came to the UK infected.."

October 23/24th 2005 ~ Panic and the cuckoo's nest

October 21 2005 ~ DEFRA spent nearly 9 million pounds on 3 outside law firms in 2002-2004

October 21 2005 ~ a single poultry register - "We know where you live"

October 15 - 21 2005 ~ Illegal imports. Deliberate spread?

October 15 - 21 2005 ~ "no chance of an imminent bird flu pandemic" says ECDC

October 15 - 21 2005 ~ All fowl to be vaccinated in Vietnam - Avian Influenza - latest information

October 7 - 14 2005 ~ Farmers and vets are the front line. Essential for any disease control or eradication program: ".. properly equipped and well-manned veterinary services, independent of political pressures and backed by the necessary diagnostic capabilities...." together with cooperation from farmers able to trust in the authorities.

October 7 - 14 2005 ~ "... public concern that new technological advances in vaccine production, diagnostic testing and epidemiology have not been significantly employed."

October 7 - 14 2005 ~ "loss of trust in authority and systems of control"

October 7 - 14 2005 ~ "...her most harrowing piece of research"

October 7 - 14 2005 ~ "The study shows that life after the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic has been accompanied by distress, feelings of bereavement, fear of a new disaster, loss of trust in authority and system of control and by the undermining of the value of local knowledge"

October 1 - 7 2005 ~ Defra still has to settle bills worth £20 million in Devon.

October 1 - 7 2005 ~Vaccinated steak and chips, please

October 1 - 7 2005 ~ "Six million"? - "We will never know exactly how many were culled but it was many more than the official figure"

October 1 - 7 2005 ~ "..in reality the disease, as well as the infection, was effectively eliminated by the strategic application of oil-adjuvanted vaccines."

September 26- 30 2005 ~ Necessary Regulation or Big Brother?

September 26- 30 2005 ~ USDA's Mandatory Property and Animal Surveillance Program - necessary or another Big Brother imposition?

September 26- 30 2005 ~ " understandable definitions of welfare and health crucial...".

September 26- 30 2005 ~ £237 million spent. "we need to find indicators to help measure success"

September 26- 30 2005 ~ "... a commercial diagnostic kit in direct competition to our own ..."

September 26-30 2005 ~ Commercialisation of Rapid Diagnosis PCR

September 25 2005 ~ Research Paper 01/35

September 23 2005 ~ If decision makers are influenced too much by Defra's Cost Benefit Analysis, then the rational use of FMD vaccines will be even more jeopardized says Raúl A. Casas

September 22 2005 ~ " The diagnostic approach has to focus on the presence of virus and no longer on the presence of antibodies"

September 19/20 2005~ Lord Whitty hinted at criminal fraud and called Defra's prevarication "safeguarding the public purse"; DEFRA now faces a £40 million late payment bill over foot and mouth

September 18 2005 ~ DEFRA "officials had repeatedly lied about what happened in 2001; that their own systems and paperwork were chaotic or non-existent.....": Mr Justice Thornton

September 12 2005 ~ "The policy was not, as stated at the time, "the only option for controlling the current British epidemic"...."

September 11 2005 ~ "the 1st vaccine arrived in the region after the disease had already broken out."

September 9 2005 ~ £154,678 spent on Cost Benefit Analysis - but we are no nearer a disease control policy that inspires confidence.

September 8 2005 ~ dysfunctional government agencies

September 4 2005 ~ "..other objectives should never override the welfare of livestock, which are sentient beings, not just cheap lawnmowers. "

September 2 2005 ~ "... disease control should be a cooperative effort between government and the livestock sector... major efforts are needed to enhance communication and increase trust. ."

September 2 2005 ~ " we need confidence that the best tools will be used to identify and confirm the disease,....and the best strategy will be implemented, based on the advice of the permanently operational, balanced, Expert Group...."

September 1 2005 ~ EU gives 4.5 million euros to FAO to fight FMD

Aug/September 2005 "...battling against over-whelming odds. .."


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