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June 24 ~ "Gordon Adam MEP is NOT representative of the thinking, reaction or attitude of the EU Temporary Committee"

June 23/4 ~ " it is quite clear that crimes were committed and people need to be brought to account for those crimes, and until they have been, we have no security that if such an outbreak happens again, we will not have the same incompetent bungling"

June 23/4 ~ "I was shocked that Mr Adam's knowledge seemed so lacking.."

June 23 ~ Krebs protests that BSE in sheep would have "appalling health implications"

June 23 ~ Flawed farm strategy exposed

June 23 ~"The mass slaughter was such a barbaric transgression of animal welfare that we are all diminished by it."

June 22 ~ Something rotten at the heart of government - spinning out of control

June 22 ~ A fearful establishment that cries "Wolf"

June 21/22 ~"What has happened to our democracy and what has happened to our freedoms?"

June 21 ~ "..the huge waste that took place"

June 21 ~ "It is extraordinarily embarrassing for the Government and I think people will be asking a lot of questions about why nothing was done".

June 21 ~ "You would not think it possible that those drawing up contingency plans for dealing with such a national emergency would fail to consult other Government departments and agencies,

June 21 ~ Are we veterinary surgeons or are we filled with this MAFF blood lust?

June 21 ~ Under the headline IGNORANCE AND ARROGANCE

June 21 ~ "Initial results from tests on a pig at a Leicestershire slaughterhouse appear to show it was not suffering from foot-and-mouth disease" BBC News

June 21 ~ "Report into origin of foot and mouth epidemic published"


June 21 ~ The Government "simply ran out of vets"..... " the Government had "showed a complete lack of imagination" in its planning, which was "characterised by complacency and lack of foresight."

June 21 ~ National Audit Office condemns the Government's planning for its "complacency and lack of foresight" 57 farms already infected by Feb 20th

June 21 ~ "These nameless faces behind closed doors decided whether our animals lived or died."

June 20/21 ~ "I know that people want a perfect test that unequivocally decides that an animal is absolutely free from any contact with FMD"

June 20/21 ~ Possible FMD in a Leicestershire abattoir.

June 20 ~ "control measures were crude, unscientific, excessive and unnecessary"

June 20 ~ There were no Longtown sheep at Welshpool market on Feb 19 2001

June 20 ~"Here we go again - another unprecedented attack on farmers, the easy targets."

June 19/20 ~ "You KNEW they presented no risk!

June 19 ~"barbaric conduct" and "a disgrace to humanity"

June 19 ~"Encouragingly, many countries expressed revulsion at the cull... "

June 19 ~ Common Sense from Lord Vinson ~"Is the Food Standards Agency (FSA) over the top?"

June 18/19 ~ On the occasion of Mike German's taking over from Carwyn Jones

June 18/19 ~ "...I doubt Mr Gill will risk the cosy relationship he and the government seem to enjoy with the supermarkets simply to improve the relationship he does not enjoy with the paid up members..."

June 18/19 ~ "Raging at the leader, we miss the elephant, on which he is but a passing gnat"

June 18/19 ~ the corporate lobby groups, .... are becoming wildly rich at public expense

June 18 ~ "Despite the climbdown on these changes, a committee of MPs is debating separate prosposals for the interception of live telephone and internet communications,

June 18 ~ Another way for the government to justify taking land away from farmers

June 18 ~ Ecuador is to vaccinate in new foot-and-mouth outbreak

June 18 ~ Yet another "lost" document as No 10 says, 'We haven't got the Black Rod memo'

June 18 ~ Breathing space over the Snooping Bill

June 18 ~ Not invited? Or does Carwyn Jones really think Welshpool market an "inappropriate setting" for him?

June 18 ~ Flooding the Fens

June 18 ~ Ben Gill facing a serious challenge at last?

June 17 ~ DEFRA has still not replied to the questions put to them by the Cumbria FMD Inquiry.

June 17 ~ It seems to be up to the House of Lords to protect us yet again

June 17 ~ The RSPB, a society once held in esteem for its work in protecting birds,

June 16 ~ The strange case of the missing DEFRA letter

June 16 ~ Krebs, the Food Standards Agency and the end of the sheep industry

June 16 ~ Paris plans to ban imports of lambs over six months old unless the spinal cord is removed "to protect public health".

June 16 ~ The leading regional farming newspaper "South West Farmer" carries a report on the National Scrapie Plan in its June edition that makes it sound like a good idea without any drawbacks. So the tireless (thank heaven) Alan Beat writes another letter

June 15 ~ Don't incinerate - vaccinate.

June 15 ~ Blaze destroys meat factory

June 15 ~ Tesco decides not to apologise.

June 14 ~David Lidington Member of Parliament for Aylesbury, who succeeds Peter Ainsworth as Shadow Defra spokesman

June 14 ~ You can't wear that T-shirt here

June 13 ~ The EU MEP Visit. Press Release

June 13 ~ Peter Ainsworth has resigned as Shadow DEFRA spokesman

June 13 ~ 500 conventional farms have been closed as fear of tainted wheat spreads

June 13 ~ "Every industry has to reinvest to survive and prosper. British farmers are not able to do this at present."


June 12 ~ From "Yesterday in Parliament": Foot and Mouth

June 12 ~ We learned no lessons from the 1967 crisis, it seems

June 12 ~ Throckmorton misery is costing 22 million pounds

June 11/12 ~"The UK Government blindly defended its contiguous cull policy throughout the crisis, and still does, stating it to be the approach that left most animals alive...."

June 11/12 ~ If the non-veterinary scientists could only grapple with the significance of the FAILED slaughter targets, transmission of this strain of FMD and the significance of incubation times, we might get somewhere towards getting them to see that the contiguous cull was a tragic nonsense.

June 11/12 No Lessons can be Learned until the source of infection is identified for each IP (and 88% are still not identified)

June 11 ~The BBC film In the Shadow"(BBC2 Scotland) not shown nationwide

June 11 ~"H M Government refused a Public Inquiry into FMD, which would have exposed the truth, including the origins of FMD,

June 11 ~ "...the public want to know the facts, people want to know what the scientific advice is in full,

June 11 ~ The Food Standards Agency (among others) to have powers to demand the communications records of every British telephone and internet user. Privacy rights swept aside.


June 10 ~ "If anyone wonders why the public gets paranoid about what commercial organisations are prepared to do to make a profit and has little faith in our governments' ability and willingness to protect us, they need only consider the implications of this snippet."

June 10 ~ Support of Local Abattoirs

June 9 ~ "I have been greatly concerned by the way in which some members of the profession conducted themselves during the 2001 outbreak of foot and mouth disease"

June 9 ~"I thought the duty of the Chief Scientist's Group was to ensure that public funds get channelled into impartial research projects

June 9 ~ "Missing words in the law let farm virus run rife"

June 9 ~ Gorse and bracken spreading rapidly in the ungrazed Brecon Beacons

June 8/9 ~ ".. he jousted with farmers and the media through the foot and mouth crisis. "He was great to work for,"

June 8/9 ~ The GM debate is highly relevant to the Foot and Mouth debate

June 8/9 ~ "The latest advances in biotechnology are way beyond our comprehension"

June 8 ~ DEFRA, in the person of Mr David Mouat, hoped to convince the international FMD conference in Lyon that "most infected premises were culled within 24 hours and their associated contiguous and dangerous contact cases were then culled within 48 hours." (See below)

June 8 ~ South.Korea's foot-and-mouth outbreak - vaccination to be "stepped -up"

June 7 ~ An email from a British farmer observer of the Lyon conference on FMD last weekend

June 7 ~ "Slaughter of animals cannot remain the only answer to these serious diseases, particularly when, as in the case of scrapie, they have no effect on human health."

June 6/7 ~ The change in the rules for the regaining of FMD free status, so quietly brought in last week by the OIE, is cause for at least two cheers.

June 6 ~ Can our Members of Parliament really be so ill-informed?

June 6 ~ "Agriculture is an essential core industry to Britain, which this Government is hell-bent on punishing

June 5 ~ Received from OIE

June 5 ~ Interesting to read that the taxpayer is funding TSE research to the tune of £22 million between 1999 and 2004

June 5 ~ David Maclean MP, former junior agriculture minister has spoken on the final day of the Carlisle Inquiry

June 4/5 ~ Highly Misleading Information given by DEFRA to the International Conference in Lyon 2nd - 5th June 2002

June 4/5 ~ DEFRA's official yearbook called "Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2001" says:"the total number of animals slaughtered for disease control purposes was 4,082,000" and that too is a lie.

June4/5 ~ Re: Fight the vitamin directive. Drug companies have too tight a hold - and we CAN do something about it.

June 4 ~ " The foot-and-mouth crisis was like a waking nightmare, with one horror story after another. We all have terrible tales to tell of suffering and misery caused to both farmers and their livestock."

June 4 ~ Mark Purdey writes, "whenever I have managed to get the odd experiment conducted by a lateral thinking scientist, it produces yet more positive results which supports the theory.

June 4 ~ Wrong Question

June 2 ~ Science is far too important to be left to the politicians or to a science establishment in bed with big business

June 2 ~ Animal Disease Control is only part of a much murkier picture

June 1 The SIRC is both directly and indirectly funded by the food industry

June 1 ~ David Maclean MP Lays Blame Firmly at Ministry's Door

June 1 ~ Appropriate Scientific Opinion

May 31 ~" vaccination would have been a preferable response to the outbreak... the welfare and ethics of agriculture "

May 31 ~ Data privacy to end. Law will allow police to spy on phone and net traffic

May 31 ~ the Scottish equivalent of SI843 is going through.

May 31 ~ Fields of Fire. A triumph

May 31 ~ Waugh verdict..."Several hardened journalists were stunned."

May 31 ~ "... trial revealed severe weaknesses in the Government's provisions against foot-and-mouth. "

May 30 ~ Professor King's defence of the contiguous cull in Brussels today

May 30 ~ Bobby Waugh has been found guilty of failure to report disease, feeding unprocessed swill and unnecessary cruelty.

May 30 ~"Virtually all rendering processes in use across Europe, and around the world fail to inactivate the scrapie/BSE agent.

May 30 ~ Peter Midmore will say that we should have vaccinated

May 30 ~ TB infected badgers in Wales - no cull

May 30 ~"It shouldn't have been too difficult to eliminate BSE from the foodchain.

May 30 ~ Lord Carter Is Sacked

May 30 ~ UK farmers and vets visiting Australiasia up to six months prior to the official announcement of the UK outbreak of foot and mouth disease....claimed that they had been exclusively subjected to a thorough disinfection / cleansing treatment

May 29 ~ Cumbria Inquiry on Tuesday

May 29 ~ The "BSE-and-SHEEP" stakeholders group has made its recommendations - but where are the sheep stakeholders?

May 29 ~ Chief Scientist King will talk about epidemiology and vaccination at Brussels tomorrow

May 29 ~ Chronology of UK Government Chief Scientific advisor's involvement with FMD - to week ending Nov 9th

May 29 ~".... it is necessary to look at the evidence in detail to see whether Mr Waugh may be telling the truth

May 29 ~ "...the black oceans of manganese oxide

May 28 ~ Disease Tax proposed by DEFRA

May 28 ~ a string of serious failings, including problems with hygiene, record keeping and training.

May 28 ~ Mr Hall stated that neither he, nor Mr Waugh, had ever fed unprocessed swill prior to Friday 23rd February.

May 28 ~ Advance of Science?

May 28 ~"We could have supplied enough vaccine for you in 48 hours"

May 28 ~ Agency consults on BSE and sheep report - bizarre conflicting messages

May 28 ~ The Agency is anxious to run a nation wide "rapid" sheep test

May 28 ~ And what if Purdey is right and BSE is not infectious?

May 28 ~ And on FMD, the same cover up for the same reasons holds true

May 28 ~ Scrapie rules for Scotland

May 28 ~ Kingsteignton says to Throckmorton -" lets unite"

May 27 ~ Sheep at Royal Show after all.

May 27 ~ Silence at Ramscliffe - the effects of foot and mouth in Devon

May 27 ~ Still no answer

May 27 ~ Defra's protestations of legality of the contiguous cull

May 27 ~ The Institute of Physics one-day course on June 19 about the viability of bio-aerosols

May 27 ~ The government's answer to EFRA paragraph 27 will not do.

May 27 ~ In addition, the government angrily asserts "Nor is it the case that the policy was administered without regard for local circumstances;

May 27 ~ How can it be suggested that the contiguous cull "worked"?

May 27 ~ Lord Whitty is still maintaining that the contiguous cull was legal

May 27 ~ Visit to Lessons Learned from the NFMG

May 26 ~ Dr Kitching knew all along - but was ignored

May 26 ~ The lone voice of Dr Donaldson also went unheeded

May 26 ~ The breakthroughs in vaccine development were not being taken into consideration

May 26 ~ "The Government does not recognise this description of the contiguous cull policy or accept the allegations made

May 26 ~ Booker's Notebook Sunday Telegraph "desperate to avoid that independent public inquiry"

May 26 ~ Protest is an ally of science

May 25 ~ "that the various players are now engaging in far too superficial an analysis

May 25 ~ Ministers "busy rewriting history ..."

May 24 ~ Time to take the gloves off

May 25 ~ "We must not be irresponsible, Comrades. Surely, Surely you do not want to see FMD Jones come back?"

May 25 ~ Warmwell gives evidence at the "Lessons Learned" Inquiry

May 25 ~ "...these technocrats are totally out of touch with reality.

May 24 ~ 'Officials ignored local knowledge'

May 24 ~ Another case of unanswered questions and poor communication?

May 24 ~ " As there is no known test for TSE on living animals, all those deemed to be susceptible, would have to be slaughtered. The inspectors thus acquire very extensive powers

May 24 ~ More damaging regulations for food-producing small farmers

May 24 ~ Margaret Beckett's reply on 20th to Peter Ainsworth about the SI843 was surely somewhat inaccurate?

May 24 ~ Warmwell gives evidence to the Lessons Learned Committee

May 24 ~ Why is the Food Standards Agency inciting sheep fears again?

May 24 ~ "What Tony Blair is doing is not so much riding to the defence of science as riding to the defence of industry "

May 24 ~ Guardian today has more rhetoric on the subject of brains and research grants.

May 23 ~ Mr Blair and New Labour only pro-science when it suits them

May 21 ~ Why have the RCVS and the BVA been so strangely compliant over the past year?

May 21 ~ In a letter to the Times Peter Melchett says:

May 21 ~ Prof Anderson will be speaking and answering questions in Brussels today.

May 20 ~ Blair declares himself champion of Science: DEFRA cuts science research budget again.

May 20 ~ Lord Melchett (Soil Association) writes to the Times

May 19 ~ Maff lost Movement listings from Longtown for several weeks and failed to contact dealer for 18 weeks

May 19 ~ The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has cut its research budget for 2002/03 by £1m.

May 17 ~ Warmwell may not be updated for a few days.

May 17 ~ Many genetically modified crops would not be economically viable for farmers, according to a study the European Commission wanted to keep secret

May 17 ~ "A complete FARCE..."South Cumbria has its say at Ulverston

May 17 ~ Haig Murray, the auctioneer at Longtown mart, told the Cumbria Inquiry panel it was common knowledge that Government officials had "massaged" figures

May 17 ~ From the Smallholder on Line Newsletter: "Our research into the Uruguay FMD epidemic of 2001 has turned up the following facts from an impeccable source

May 17 ~"an ingenious way to sidestep any tiresome need to consult Parliament"

May 16 ~ "If they try it again, they'll be insurrection in the camp. We'll never trust Defra again".

May 16 ~Longtown markets tells Cumbria inquiry how MAFF lost the stock movements print-outs they'd given them to locate the possibly infected sheep....

May 16 ~ "Hard evidence has been amassed which indicates that vCJD and BSE could both result from separate exposure of bovines and humans to the same set of toxic environmental factors

May 16 ~"I was at the Lords. The government were determined to defeat the prayer by any means."

May 16 ~ "If the SI falls there will be a health hazard" - and the Conservative front bench fell for it

May 16 ~ The scale of the carnage

May 16 ~ SI 843 passes - and it almost passes belief

May 16 ~ " Blair doesn't want a reformed Lords, he just wants control"

May 15 ~"How learned and considered are the comments of Sheila Crispin and Janet Bradshaw on SI 843

May 15 ~ "It was pressure, pressure, pressure to kill quickly."

May 15 ~"As you may be aware......"

May 15 ~ Lord Whitty doth protest...

May 15 ~ More from Throckmorton

May 15 ~ Telegraph Opinion ... one and only chance to debate a measure that has already given the Government extraordinary new powers to seize and slaughter healthy farm animals and pets

May 15 ~ The powers provided by SI843 are alarming and appear to lack scientific credence.

May 15 ~ I was asked vehemently did I believe that a SVS member would lie? Er.. Well now you mention it, .. as Ministers of DEFRA lie, why then should I believe that you would not?

May 15 ~the bureaucratic nonsense created and sustained by Defra had to be experienced to be imagined

May 15 ~"I was totally opposed to the mass murder of the animals during foot and mouth - which was a year of hell here - and before we have recovered from that they drop this on us."

May 14 ~ Salterbeck Inquiry Meeting Cumbria County Council News Release today: .....The horrors of last year's foot and mouth disease outbreak must not happen again.

May 14 ~ Mr Laurence Robertson MP has written to a worried constituent. The constituent is now even more worried.

May 14 ~ It would appear that DEFRA and its Government Ministers have learnt nothing from the 2001 Foot and Mouth epidemic

May 14 ~ County statistics show that of the 9636 premises that are officially recognised as having had animals slaughtered ( 2026 only are termed "Infected premises" ) only 1326 were ever found positive at Pirbright

May 14 ~ "I do not believe that taking national measures is in the interests of the EU. BSE does not know any borders. . . said David Byrne

May 14 ~ How many cat owners .. realise that the cruel and careless treatment ... accepted when applied to "farm animals" could come closer to home?

May 14 ~ How much money was wasted on "vaccination training" at the start of the crisis?

May 14 ~ "People were still suffering flashbacks and tears, including soldiers and professionals

May 14 ~ Sheep being fed mashed BSE cattle brains

May 13 ~ There has not been a single instance of BSE in sheep recorded and all attempts to infect them artificially have failed.

May 13 ~ The European Regulations - which do not require any separate UK legislation "to put us in line with Europe" anyway - only talk about monitoring animals

May 13 ~ " serious consideration must be given to an EU-wide policy on using vaccination to control the disease in any future outbreak." Wolfgang Kreissl-Dorfler (PES, D)

May 13 ~ Who told Saoul to slaughter instead of vaccinate?

May 13 ~ BSE.. No independent research allowed. "We asked the Inquiry whether the apparent exclusion of private epidemiological work may have compromised the depth of knowledge of BSE

May 13 ~ "I think you are beginning to win the argument," says MP

May 12 ~ "They were fascinated to hear what he is doing to the British countryside: destroying farming; driving people from the land; breaking up families and communities; and, of course, attacking rural culture and tradition"

May 12 ~ Refugees to be housed on foot and mouth pit

May 12 ~ "SI gives far greater powers to DEFRA officials than any other country's regulation does to its ministries.

May 12 ~ Government moving to stop all loopholes against its slaughter policies?

May 12 ~ Geoffrey Skerritt: "...FMD took the country by storm and left the profession's authority and reputation severely dented.

May 12 ~"They denied they had been feeble and useless during foot and mouth. I am not convinced. They denied they have become lackeys of the government in pursuit of the hunting ban. This is either a lie or they are genuinely self-deluded"

May 12 ~ "You people have got to realize that we do not need your sheep. We can import all the meat we need."

May 12 ~" No wonder the Prime Minister was so keen to prevent that hearing from ever taking place.."

May 12 ~ "There is currently no evidence in the public domain to support the theory that animals culled as contiguous culls or as dangerous contacts were incubating the disease

May 12 ~ More on Great Orton

May 11 ~ We have been overwhelmed with the answer to the question below!

May 11 ~ What deal was done between UK government and EU?

May 11 ~ Half a million dead - one positive lab result

May 11 ~ 'Call me a liar if you like' (Mr James Dring said in Court)

May 11 ~" I look to "Farming Today" to provide informed comment - not ..spell out the DEFRA official version...in simple terms"

May 11 ~ Waugh crimes? MAFF vet admits he'd passed farm as satisfactory and authorised use of unprocessed swill

May 11 ~ High Security Fence to be placed round Great Orton

May 11 ~ "I am disgusted by the depths to which this Government will stoop to force its will on the people,"

May 10 ~"he put forward the most ridiculous arguments why 3 million was the correct figure"

May 10 ~ European Temporary Commission website says "more than 10 million"

May 10 ~ " angry reaction yesterday to comments by Lord Whitty in the House of Lords."

May 10 ~ "If the Government say there is nothing new here then let's have a proper debate and scrutiny.

May 10 ~ Chairman slams incorrect Brigadier quote in papers

May 10 ~ "When the executive treats Parliament with such open contempt, it is no wonder that the public is becoming more and more cynical"

May 10 ~ "... did not address the issue of why the new statutory instrument includes powers to slaughter "any TSE susceptible animal", while the EU regulations... state only "suspected" and "infected" cases."

May 10 ~ "at least in the war everyone knew which side they were on"

May 10 ~"I have recovered from the field more than 25% of the electronic bola inserted into my sheep on the "scrapie scheme" writes farmer George Faulkner

May 10 ~ "mental distress" caused by the crisis.... everyone, almost without exception, had been in grieving.

May 10 ~" the Ministry decided to evade the proper process of law, and to usurp the Court's duty to decide such cases.

May 10 ~"Reading all these submissions these last few days makes one think back over these last 15 months.

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