Earlier Front Pages

April 29 ~ "We were asked to reconsider the entire situation related to the crisis ......

April 29 ~ A decision must be based on science and welfare, rather than on politics?

April 29 ~ "over the last hundred years there are only a few cases where circumstantial evidence suggests the introduction of new disease by carriers. This circumstantial evidence does not exist for vaccinated carriers."

April 29 ~ Cattle allowed to graze GM maize.

April 29 ~ "These measures make it look as if we still have a foot-and-mouth proble m and I am open-mouthed at some of the silly rules suggested to control it,"

April 29 ~ "Like so much else that this Government seeks to do, it will further undermine the Briton's ancient right to liberty from the state's interference".

April 29 ~ "Critical witnesses, including two outspoken senior vets Roger Windsor and Alan Richardson, were allowed just a few minutes at the end. At least when Redondo tried to cut short Nick Green of Heart of Cumbria he managed to wave her impatient interjections aside until he had finished.

April 29 ~ "Unofficial papers, however expert and relevant to proper understanding of the crisis, are ignored"

April 29 ~ "My cull is with the Ombudsman too"

April 28 ~ 8. Massive killing and disposal cannot be carried out with sufficient bio-security and, therefore, represents a high risk of spreading FMD

April 28 ~ "So the Gretna meeting did get to hear about FMD handling in Dumfries and Galloway"

April 28 ~ "5000 lives snuffed out, but not one animal tested for fmd."

April 28 ~ "The Ombudsman has agreed to investigate the handling of the cull of our sheep"

April 28 ~"I am not quite clear about the claims of excessive slaughter, which do not seem to be backed up by evidence. There may have been a misunderstanding, and I shall deal with that in a moment...."

April 28 ~ "The most important issue is whether the disease was brought under control-and it was" Elliot Morley

April 28 ~"We have an obligation to treat animals in the way that a civilised society expects," Elliot Morley.

April 28 ~ "On farming, New Labour is living up to its reputation by facing in both directions at once.

April 27 ~ Heathfield Campaigners are listened to by contingent of EU Inquiry

April 27 ~ Cumbria Inquiry Report to go to EU

April 27 ~ Elliot Morley has dismissed the findings of the Northumberland Inquiry

April 27 ~I hardly think 'honesty' was at the top of his priority list when he and his friends 'engineered' the presentation of his 'model

April 27 ~"There would seem to be no power of a blanket contiguous cull policy." (Lord Onslow)

April 27 ~ GM crops safety report flawed.

April 27 ~ Professor Anderson warns scientists to be 'more honest'

April 27 ~ Under the headline "Police State UK"

April 27 ~ No pat on the back for the Scottish policy

April 27 ~ THE nine-man panel which will head Cumbria's foot and mouth inquiry includes one of the county's strongest supporters of vaccination during the crisis.

April 27 ~ In Scotland, praised for its so-called "local control"; the truth is that vets were taking orders from Page Street

April 27 ~" Journalists are often defensive when asked why they faithfully follow the deceptions of great power."

April 26 ~ What happened during the 2001 UK foot and mouth crisis was almost unbelievably atrocious. It was an outrage. It is not to be swept under the carpet

April 26 ~"The deep cuts in staffing at the State Veterinary Service were responsible

April 26 ~ "... serious consideration must be given to a Europe-wide policy on using vaccination to control the disease in any future outbreak."

April 26 ~ "Committee chairman Encarnacion Redondo Jiminez, of Spain, said the depth of human misery and emotional suffering

April 26 ~ Sir Don Curry, Chairman of the Policy Commission for the Future of Food and Farming, was interviewed this morning on the TODAY Programme

April 26 ~"There would seem to be no power of a blanket contiguous cull policy.

April 26 ~ "a government who don't care about farmers and the countryside"

April 26 ~" There should have been a full inquiry" says David Drew

April 26 ~ Where did Mr Morley's "information" on Uruguay come from?

April 26 ~ New Labour loves all sorts of good-sounding words like "modern", "radical", "transparent", "accountable", "stake-holder", "fairness", "kids", but gets a bit shy about "freedom".

April 25 ~ "the fact that the contiguous cull was being found to be legally questionable, and that every time it was challenged in the courts the government gave way, .... played a greater part in the reprieve of Phoenix than the science"

April 25 ~"Great Orton...The scene of the most horrific animal massacre known in this country and considered by DEFRA as A job well done"

April 25 ~ MAFF's crimes were not to be discussed.

April 24 ~ : "The message we have to get across is that now is the time to come out.

April 24 ~"it is not enough to claim that, since the epidemic was ultimately brought to an end - that this strategy was necessarily successful"

April 24 ~ "How can you expect farmers to co-operate when the very organisations set up to lead the way have all failed us yet again?

April 24 ~" will anyone in the Government accept the findings of Dr Anderson's inquiry if, as seems inevitable, it find fault with Ministerial handling of the crisis?"

April 24 ~ The Cumbria Foot & Mouth Enquiry is to be broadcast live daily on the Internet -

April 24 ~ "He dismissed existing FMD computer models as worthless in the UK epidemic."

April 24 ~ "when Professor Brownlie misrepresented the Dutch outbreak of 2001 with false statements about more animals killed per case because of vaccinate-to-kill requirements. I interrupted and challenged him to give an honest account instead

April 24 ~ Mr. Morley: We will have discussions with a range of international experts. My information is that prophylactic vaccination in Uruguay failed to eradicate the disease...

April 24 ~ "Current captive-bolt equipment is not designed for small animals. It is illegal.

April 24 ~ Defra department threw away agricultural expertise

April 24 ~ "Britain and several other EU countries want milk quotas scrapped

April 23 ~ "It is good to know that so many farmers and others in the countryside approve of what we did."

April 23 ~ Leachate from Great Orton

April 23 ~" The English will, as always, put things right their way - late, without obvious passion and with little warning."


April 23 ~ " the spider at the centre of a huge web of snoopers and informants in the countryside"

April 23 ~"I knew very well one man who was ruined by a case brought by the RSPB and Suffolk police "

April 23 ~ "When the pyres were stopped, it left the yard with a large quantity of sleepers etc. This caused great cash flow problems. MAFF refused to pay

April 22 ~ "MEETING British farmers has left a group of European MPs visibly moved during a whistle-stop tour of areas worst hit by the foot and mouth crisis."

April 22 ~"We used to trust vets and "official" scientists. Now it is plain that they cannot be trusted"

April 22 ~ How much more are the British people going to take before they revolt?

April 22 ~ WHERE are they sending the Great Orton leachate?

April 22 ~ Class Law Solicitors (hand) delivered the following letter to the Government today. This signals the beginning of a landmark legal challenge over the Government's handling of the foot-and-mouth crisis.

April 22 ~ " The evidence that our clients have uncovered so far indicates that the Department were negligent in relation to both the detection and also the control of the disease...

April 22 ~ "Ms Lucas said it had become obvious to her that a smokescreen of confusion had been created around the whole issue of vaccination during the foot-and-mouth outbreak."

April 22 ~ Illegal Imports a red herring?

April 22 ~ 'When is vaccination not vaccination? When it is 'foot and mouth' vaccination!" Jim Clapp Veterinary Surgeon.

April 21 ~ "Even the short distance from the UK means that Brussels is devoid of the essential fine detail

April 21 ~ Warmwell asks, how on earth can Lord Whitty still make out that the contiguous cull was legal? Testily repeating over and over again that it was, does not make it legal.

April 21 ~ "My wife is terrified and we still have a padlock on the front gate of the cottage in a pathetic attempt to try to stop government vets getting back in."

April 21 ~ " Last week I challenged agriculture minister Lord Whitty's claim to MEPs that the controversial 'contiguous cull'...had been upheld by the courts"

April 21 ~ "The UK could have controlled the disease by vaccination using the present potent vaccines. The cost in terms of money and the suffering of rural communities - including farmers suicides - was many times higher than in Uruguay."

April 21 ~ "Yet Mrs. Beckett, as combative, unbending and unwilling to listen as ever, sticks to the discredited old line. She refuses to accept that anything whatsoever of use came out the the Devon inquiry and declares it a mere "local issue"....

April 21 ~ .....Gretna for the visit's only scheduled public meeting, which was due to last about two and a half hours. However, a considerable portion of this time was given over to invited "expert" speakers.

April 21 ~ "As for Gretna, the so called 'public' meeting, the 'experts'....three politicians (two Labour) and a SNFU member are a long way from giving the "ordinary" viewpoint.

April 21 ~ "The 3 day media blitz on Welsh TB - 10 cows in one herd? So what?

April 21 ~ "Ooooer, Ooooarrr"

April 20 ~"I heard that the previous night's meeting had been somewhat contentious with the farming and tourism sectors on directly opposing sides. Today there were distinct efforts to try and bring the two sides together".

April 20 ~" 'Vets Missed F&M Outbreak' - Sky news tonight

April 20 ~"This tour was unreal. It had all the pride and glory of the Nazi party conducting a Heritage Tour around Belsen..."

April 20 ~ "In answer, if your question were to me. Nobody is in control of Defra. I've seen this scenario before. When Labour won power, they were not interested and left a vacuum. "

April 20 ~ "The whole tragedy is beyond my comprehension. Here was a group of country people, a cross-section of rural society, who had just been through the worst farming disaster for centuries....."

April 20 ~ "The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding."

April 20 ~ "Madame Redonda did not chair the Kendal meeting, thankfully

April 20 ~ Who IS in control at Defra? Why are we hearing information from government vets which is then denied by Elliot Morley?

April 20 ~ "No livestock production in the UK - would be the objective of a lot of Groups."

April 20 ~ "Your report for the Hexham meeting isn't very clear and I think you may have suffered from 'Chinese whispers' "

April 20 ~ We find it interesting that so many of the MEPs are pro-vaccination

April 20 ~ Carwyn Jones off the hook?

April 20 ~ "..clear hints that the whole European Union should return to a vaccination policy to control the disease."

April 20 ~ "Farming Today This Week" concerned an item on E.coli 0157 [becoming endemic in farm animals, private water supplies - responsible for deaths - and increases in food and farm regulations.]

April 20 ~ TB cases down on last year?

April 20 ~ This Sunday, April 21, the United States will seek to remove Jose Bustani, the head of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), from his post.

April 20 ~ In Eire, Seán MacManus has called for government action to bring an end to the massive level of red tape and bureaucracy involved in farming.

April 20 ~ "The National Trust has criticised a lack of Government resources to develop and deliver policies which recognise the link between farming, public access and the health of the countryside.

April 20 ~ 320,000 units of sheep quota have been withdrawn from the UK as a result of last year's package of changes to the EU Sheep Regime.

April 19 ~ "We are consulting on the sheep envelope in remote rural areas," said Elliot Morley

April 19 ~"During the 3 harried phone calls that various vets made to my house, I tried in vain to explain that we had no contact with any livestock

April 19 ~ "One side only wants to look back and cares about little else than embarrassing the Government. The other won't look back where it can avoid it and is trying to ensure the focus is firmly on the future"

April 19 ~ "My sheep were culled on April 4 2001, and to date I have not received any payment for them."

April 19 ~ Cumbria Foot and Mouth Disease Inquiry will add to EU Report

April 19 ~ "This time last year, there was a perfectly adequate vaccine and it could have prevented millions of animals being culled and unimaginable human trauma.

April 19 ~ TB reactors have been found all over Devon, for years; without all the dramatic reporting.

April 19 ~" I worry if this is a prelude to introducing AHB through emergency powers..."

April 19 ~ "his last comment was chilling: 'It's as bad as last March in here.'

April 19 ~ "..should agriculture go belly up and incomes remain at the same derisory level then such things as ESA and Countryside Stewardship payments must fall further to match. At this point we will see those poor devils who signed up to these schemes trapped in them but not being paid any money.

April 19 ~ "The only parliamentary inquiry team looking into last year's outbreak of foot and mouth came under fire for holding no public meetings in the county during their visit.

April 19 ~ "Gretna was such a total farce ....."

April 19 ~"Lord Whitty: We have answered to the Temporary Committee in the European Parliament. We also answer questions time and again in your Lordships' House. We could not be more open, nor could we have a system that will deliver anything closer to the truth"

April 18 ~"I listened to the remarks of the noble Lord, Lord Haskins, with..if I may say so..incredulity.

April 18 ~ "Costing the Earth - Pits and Pyres" (A report on environmental legacy of FMD.)

April 18 ~ Clarke, Wilmott and Clarke - appeal -"You may like to tell all those parties who have contacted me and given money on the basis of the terms set out in your Web Site that I am utilising the money on those terms"

April 18 ~ The other Northumberland report (of 33 years ago)....


April 18 ~ Cumbria Foot and Mouth Inquiry panel


April 18 ~ In Uruguay 2001 the (foot and mouth) outbreak lasted from the end of April until the end of August. The incident rates were comparable with those of the UK in 2001 and were about 50 per day one month after the outbreak. At this point vaccination of all the cattle was started.

April 18 ~ Hexham EU Meeting: "they really listened"

April 18 ~ "..at no time did retailers lobby for or against the vaccination of animals as an alternative to slaughter

April 18 ~ "The reporter asked if any farmers had signed up as members with us. I explained that we were taking on hundreds of them

April 17 ~ Gretna Meeting Tomorrow - April 18th - 3 p.m. in the Blacksmith's Museum

April 17 ~ one of the actions we're taking this week is to demand from DEFRA now documents relating to the particular incidents


April 17 ~ Mr Tim Russ of Clarke, Wilmott and Clarke has today lodged an application for permission to appeal

April 17 ~ Foot and mouth lawyers allege ministry cover-up

April 17 ~ Pig horror quietly shelved? Another government cover-up connected with the meat industry? .


April 17 ~ "On or about 4th October 2000 he advised the relevant MAFF authorites and asked that an official call on him at his farm to discuss the matter and issues arising therefrom;

April 17 ~ "So it's one rule for us, and another for them!"

April 17 ~ Classlaw are saying the following :

April 17 ~ "The point to bear in mind is that the power to slaughter animals is a discretionary power. Whilst the Government is entitled to adopt a culling policy it cannot do so on a blanket basis.

April 17 ~ Two more interesting Parliamentary Questions and answers last week.

April 17 ~ It was with amazement that I realised that I was being arrested last week ....

April 17 ~ "Ben Gill (giving evidence in Strasbourg) couldn't withstand the onslaught from Reimer Böge"

April 16 ~ LAST DITCH Plea for funds for an appeal for a public Inquiry.

April 16 ~ Losses to agriculture and the food chain estimated to be in the order of £3.1 billion -

April 16 ~ Since January 2002 DEFRA Ministers have received in excess of 45,000 letters from members of the public.

April 16 ~ Mrs Beckett says "No!"

April 16 ~ "The report .. of Devon County ...clearly provides a local perspective and reflects local views and conclusions. I am afraid I do not accept those conclusions...."

April 16 ~ Margaret Beckett, the Secretary of State for DEFRA has dismissed the conclusions of the Devon inquiry into last year's Foot and Mouth outbreak as reflecting only "local views".

April 16 ~ £940,000 is the cost to public funds of just two of the government Inquiries...

April 16 ~ From revised schedule: "Meeting - no particular theme. PPE/ED & PSE invite two experts or other guests, the other groups two experts or other guests to be divided between them...."

April 16 ~ "More and more evidence is coming forward every day and it's looking worse and worse for the Government. "Our evidence is compelling and, judging from what we have seen, we feel we have a reasonable prospect of success."

April 16 ~ "This action is hardly surprising, given that the Government has consistently ignored the problems facing rural Britain in the wake of foot and mouth."


April 16 ~ " This is not a matter of Labour control-freakery..."

April 16 ~ Dr Caroline Lucas's latest press release about the political manipulation that is going on

April 16 ~ The Express Front Page.."Blair is sued 7 billion over foot and mouth"

April 16 ~"the UK government seems convinced we have far too many small and medium-size dairy farmers, and is happy to see them melting away like snow in the sun...

April 16 ~ "The environment had not been invented when Shakespeare wrote, though I bet he knew about agrimony"

April 15 ~ "Labour control-freakery gone wild"..."I am horrified and dismayed"

April 15 ~ "The Rt Hon David Maclean MP... This is analysis at 12 o'clock on Thursday 12 April (i.e.2001) Views still coming in but generally same pattern. Pedigree producers generally AGAINST (13/6). Commercial producers FOR (96/19)

April 15 ~ "BSE advisers to meet in public in anti-secrecy drive" says the Guardian. Well, well...

April 15 ~ "On the basis of the above, there is an urgent need to determine (and for the EP Committee to decide) whether UK government's contiguous cull policy was legal within the context of UK law and whether it was authorised under the terms of Decision 90/424/EEC

April 15 ~ "Mr Wigglesworth advised that ..... "as we had reached Day 6 we could breathe again, when we reached Day 10 we could sleep again at night and by Day 12 we could sleep easy".

April 14 ~ From the Northern Echo Saturday 13 April 2002 . Page 4 "Plea for Evidence on Virus Effects"

April 14 ~ In view of legal action over FMD, and also wider concerns over GM crops, we recall an article "Lord Woolf criticises official secrecy"

April 14 ~ An irresponsible money saving ploy? This was reported last March. It is worth looking at again in view of the Inquiries, and also the possible legal action against the government by the Rural Businesses Campaign.

April 14 ~"... our system has sufficient sensitivity and specificity to detect evidence of infection in vaccinated herds

April 14 ~ Whitty steers clear of facts - Booker's Notebook

April 14 ~ "It appears in the vaccination directive 511 that zoo animals could have been vacccinated after all, whereas I was under the impression that we were told that no such permission was available."

April 14 ~"The Labour's government's plans to integrate the personal data held on British citizens by various government departments and agencies is a dagger to the heart of liberty"

April 13 ~ ".... recently been speaking to Dr Fussel, senior vet and legal adviser for the European Commission. He had informed her that the EC had offered the UK one million doses of FMD vaccine, to be closely followed by a further 500,000 doses six days later."

April 13 ~ "It was brutal, wasteful and bloody - the nearest thing Britain has seen to what Europe saw in the Second World War," Alan Richardson in Strasbourg

April 13 ~ "The European Parliament has a specific mandate to determine if the cull violated EU law. It has written to the European Commission requesting a clear legal response."

April 13 ~ Near Mutiny - at last - at the DEFRA stakeholders meeting on Thursday.

April 13 ~ 'The European Parliament hearings - the only public inquiry anywhere into Britain's handling of the epidemic - are becoming a headache for Labour.

April 13 ~ "It seems the judiciary feels it has little choice but to let Government off the hook, effectively putting the lid on any further judicial review claims,"

April 13 ~ Cumbria County Council Inquiry..Extra venues are scheduled for 14, 15 & 16 May. 40 nominations were received for Prof Thomas's panel and the names of those agreeing to serve will be published shortly.

April 13 ~ "The suspicion remains that the controversial contiguous cull policy was massively stepped up, resulting in the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of animals, to clear the decks for last June's election."

April 12 ~ Another scare - the Brucellosis one - has been quietly negatived.

April 12 ~ "Mr Everard ...giving evidence to the committee in Strasbourg, blamed the government's lack of consultation and bullying tactics for any delays."

April 12 ~ "negative" appears to mean "negative" -"... but we may know something more definite within 96 hours" - DEFRA

April 12 ~ While still fuming at SEAC's shabby treatment of Professor Ebringer we read in the latest email: "is it that the wish to protect the interests of pharmaceutical companies and the public bodies which underwrite the safety of medicines continues to be paramount?"

April 11 ~ Another Scare

April 11 ~ There is to be a Symposium on FMD hosted by the Devon and Cornwall Branch of the Institute of Biology.

April 11 ~ The Times has printed a letter from Mr Elliot Morley who appears to believe that the contiguous cull was not a mistake.

April 11 ~ "Science has always been concerned with factual knowledge - suddenly it is being regulated by politicians, and controlled by threats and censorship. The single duty of scientists is to divine the facts; the sole responsibility of health advisers is to make the facts available."

April 11 ~ Last Ditch Appeal - for an appeal. Deadline April 19

April 11 ~ "We are not open at the moment, normal office hours are 9am till. Yes, yes but we have FMD! "Please call during normal working hours". So they did, first thing in the morning. What then happened will never leave the memories of this family".

April 11 ~ Dalehead Foods is currently reviewing the future of its factories in Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket which employ a total of 227 workers. ...The factories are part of Flagship Foods, one of the country's largest pig producers, slaughterers and processors, supplying fresh meat to retailers and major manufacturers.

April 11 ~ "This leaflet does not contain all the information about the legislation and has no legal standing."DEFRA booklet "New Rules on Sheep & Goats Identification - a guide".

April 11 ~ From the RCVS submission (see extracts) Question: Would the use of vaccination have made any difference to the scale and/or duration of the outbreak, and its wider impact?

April 10 ~ "Animals were starving, ewes giving birth unaided and newborn lambs drowning in mud."

April 10 ~ "18. Veterinary decision-making was unduly centralised."

April 10 ~ An apparently secret EU Inquiry meeting is taking place at the Shepherd's Inn at Carlisle 19th April at 5 pm.

April 10 ~ "The Government can't stop us like they blocked calls for a public inquiry. It's everybody's right to litigate.

April 10 ~ A vet writes, "...farmers should report the vets who signed the form A on contiguous premises (and not the later form-modified D) to the RCVS

April 10 ~ On the vexed question of the .33 of a witness required by the Green Party (see below), owing to the EU regulations

April 10 ~ email just received. "How I agree with your latest emailer about the Rules and Regs. Today I opened another large envelope from DEFRA and nearly collapsed in disbelief..

April 10 ~ Very well worth reading, and extremely significant, particularly as it recommends ring vaccination.

April 10 ~ the Association (BVA) commented ...."legal challenges to powers of entry and slaughter delayed and prevented such action being taken and hindered efforts to control the spread of the disease"

April 10 ~ From a German farmer - Another argument about the EU and farming subsidies -

April 10 ~ The formal sittings of the Cumbria County Council Inquiry will be held in Carlisle and Kendal.

April 10 ~ More EU Madness

April 9 ~ "A cruel ineffectual joke"- eye witness account of yesterday's Temporary Committee hearing in Strasbourg

April 9 ~ The Sunday Herald reports that in Scotland, for example, insurance companies consider that genetically engineered plants are "as risky as war and nuclear accidents."

April 9 ~"United Milk have cut the milk price to their suppliers by 4.6p a litre. The collapsing milk price is across the board - it doesn't matter whom you are trying to sell to."

April 8 ~ Mr Gill, fearing perhaps to be made a scapegoat for the horrible catastrophe that was the UK FMD policy, went straight into attack as the best form of defence in Brussels today

April 8 ~ Ben Gill will have his five minutes at Brussels today

April 8 ~ Another case of almost unbelievable cruelty to pigs has been revealed today in the Scottish newspaper, the Daily Record.

April 8 ~ "We are dealing with the equivalent of a huge oil-tanker, and to stop it in its tracks and make a U-turn, a lot of force is necessary. Don't underestimate all the inflated egos that will need a lot of convincing before they admit that they were wrong."

April 8 ~"...as for the BVA.... These persons should not have statutary monopoly of the treatment of animals. Vets cannot be trusted."

April 8 ~ "These powerful visual images brought another to all of our minds at the same time - the Nazi holocaust"

April 7 ~ We note (sourly) in the Veterinary Record that the BVA in their submission re AHB say that they supported the bit of the Animal Health Bill wanting stronger powers of entry and slaughter because individual farmers held up the control of the spread of the disease by legal action.

April 7 ~" throughout the outbreak Ben Gill has made some claims which at best were not the whole truth, but at worst blatantly wrong."

April 7 ~ Foot and Mouth was discovered in 30 cows in Malaysia today.

April 7 ~ "officials of the government's Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) approved meat for sale when it should have been condemned"

April 7 ~ "..a senior member of staff in the meat technology department at the college had been making false applications for funding in relation to the College and abattoirs in the UK."

April 7 ~ "... it is a sure bet that an agency with the sole responsibility of safe food will ensure its continued survival and prosperity by being at the forefront of any and every crackpot scare about the safety of food, arguing for more powers and controls...

April 6 ~ India's environment regulator has approved the use of a genetically modified (GM) cotton for commercial production.

April 6 ~ "Further to the recent furore over the EU Inquiry not having an open public meeting in Cumbria, I wondered why Alwyn Strange of the EPP-ED Secretariat neglected to mention one vital point."

April 6 ~ "There was no plan or strategy to get on top of the spread, he said. No lists were available of vets, slaughterers, hauliers and waggoners. Information from the earlier outbreaks held on file were gathering dust in Whitehall

April 6 ~ The EU's own laws on animal welfare were broken over and over again in the UK foot and mouth crisis.

April 6 ~ "A pattern that has begun to emerge is that although the RSPCA are keen to take on the instruction for a new case, they then drop it days, or in one case that I include, hours after the 6 months limitation date is up.

April 6 ~ "If they were prepared to take the Judas Penny then they should be prepared to stand up and be counted"

April 6 ~"The findings indicate that plant genes are incapable of "jumping" naturally into animals, resolving a common fear about the safety of GM crops".

April 6 ~ Someone desperate to tell his story.

April 5 ~ " Mr Ben Gill will be allowed FIVE minutes to make a statement...."

April 5 ~"If the Government had any arguments to put in favour of the Bill, why did no one put them?"

April 5 ~ Gill claims vaccination victory 'We won the argument and have been proved correct'

April 5 ~ "No sign of BSE in doomed water buffalo Tests on destroyed bull find no mad-cow disease as pair work to save herd"

April 5 ~ Euro F&M team not holding public talks in Cumbria

April 5 ~"..an official report rebuked the Government for ignoring warnings by Britain and the European Union which could have helped to prevent the outbreak of BSE.."

April 5 ~ "It was as if the three star witnesses, former UK farm minister Nick Brown, EU food safety commissioner, David Byrne, and UK chief vet, Jim Scudamore, had met in private beforehand to confirm their stories. There was little to suggest that the authorities' handling of the crisis had been anything other than a total triumph. "

April 5 ~ "We have had to go on increasing our efficiency to survive EU imports from inefficient farmers subsidised with UK and German money. It is like being forced to pay for the bullets so that your enemy can shoot you!"

April 5 ~ "If you thought about it, you'd go crazy," he said. "the trucks would roll in and there'd be all this noise of lambs crying for their mothers, and ewes crying for their lambs and then silence. All that life-- and then, nothing."

April 4 ~ " The Northumberland Report..... Impressive work from an impressive bunch of people. None of your ridiculous contiguous or 3 km cull stuff".

April 4 ~Magnus Linklater " It is time that the whole truth about this epidemic was placed on the record, and the Government accepted responsibility for what happened..."

April 4 ~ "That is like a drunk driver saying, 'I'll drive much better if I have another bottle of Scotch,"

April 4 ~ "From being on the fringes, as we were, it was difficult to follow the logic of MAFF...." Superintendent Horn from the Cumbria Police.

April 4 ~"What sort of alternative universe does Professor Anderson and his kind inhabit that the welfare of man and beast, the future sustainability of UK agriculture... takes second place to the short term commercial dictates of a niche export market?"

April 4 ~ Brussels uses internet to do down the UKIP - yesterday's Peterborough revealed

April 3 ~ " It quickly became apparent at the beginning of this outbreak that things were not as they should be.

April 3 ~ Responses to Richard Mawdsley's article

April 3 ~ "They have more than enough power and have blatantly abused it and broken the law repeatedly during this epidemic."

April 3 ~ And now, a word from our Sponsor...... "DuPont and Monsanto Reach Agreement That Brings New Technologies to Farmers Worldwide "

April 3 ~ "Tokyo under pressure for 'grave' BSE blunder"

April 3 ~ Archant is linked to £150m bid (Eastern Daily Press) An emailer writes, "Looks off-topic but it is not...

April 3 ~ Two weeks only to stop GM trials in Scotland

April 3 ~ "corporate protectionism in the form of global intellectual property rights "

April 2 ~ "Some of us suspected that the findings of the Anderson Inquiry were likely to be pre-empted piecemeal by this excuse for a Government in order to deaden its likely impact. "

April 2 ~ "...the trauma of FMD this last twelve months. I simply cannot conceive that responsible agents of a responsible ministry could have acted with such callous incompetence....

April 2 ~ " A Foreign & Commonwealth paper has just come to light under the 30 year rule. It has been kept from the British public for 30 years..."

April 2 ~"The constants involved are that the so-called contingency plan was ineffective and outdated; the remoteness of the centralised bureaucracy in Page Street was divorced from the reality in the field..."

April 2 ~ Clare Short is known in India as the Angel of Death

April 1 ~ Why did Baroness Gibson need to have the Bill explained? Had she not read it?

April 1 ~ Lord Moran -" Part 1 of the present Bill is based entirely on legalising and extending the mass slaughter of animals...Part 2 of the Bill on scrapie, which also appears to be based on disputed science, may result in the extinction of many rare breeds of our sheep....I do not believe that it is sensible for us to devote time and effort to debating amendments to such a Bill...."

April1 ~ " In the Shadow of Foot & Mouth" BBC2

Mar 31 ~ An Easter egg-related thank you to Marks and Spencer who say they will remove all battery eggs from their stores.

Mar 31 (Easter Day)~ "... the EU inspectors had required such a preventative slaughter policy "to get ahead of the disease", before they left Britain on March 16".

Mar 31 ~" The Commission's concern will revive claims that the Government was over-generous to British farmers affected by foot and mouth because it wanted to keep them quiet in the run-up to the general election last year."

Mar 31 ~ Genetically modified foods are poised to slip back into Britain after major advances by Monsanto in countries that have so far refused to grow them.

Mar 31 ~ Never has the folly of our EU membership been so cruelly and transparently exposed.

Mar 30 ~ "...the disclosure by John Wilesmith, that it had previously been unanimously agreed by the science group that the vaccination route should have been adopted by the government. "

Mar 30 ~ "Tony Blair might have thought this was an issue that had gone away. He's wrong. ...."...... it should be Mr Blair who stands in the dock to face tough questioning about how he arrived at those decisions..."

Mar 30 ~" I now have irrefutable evidence that the Scientific Committee was unanimous that vaccination was the route that should have been taken by the government."

Mar 30 ~ Rabies contingency plan not available to vets

Mar 30 ~ " March 11th 2001 Agricultural Minister, Brown.... "It is all under control." he said during the programme Morning with Frost.

Mar 30 ~ "I can assure you that any action taken would be proportionate to the risks and based on the latest scientific evidence available"

Mar 30 ~ ......."This is a plain untruth: The National Farmers Union, which represents only a third of farmers, was against vaccination, but all the other farming groups we spoke to were for it. They were not listened to. Why not?"

Mar 30 ~ "The Lords have handed the under-fire Prime Minister and his Government a valuable lesson about the value of listening"

Mar 29 ~How many related cruelty cases have you attempted to take to court during the course of the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the UK in 2001 and with what results?

Mar 29 ~ If the NFU were not driving the decision not to vaccinate (see below) then who was? Why were the farmers blamed (yet again)?

Mar 29 ~ "No one is whiter than white. One positive aspect of last year, is that vaccination is now seen as a necessary part of future strategies." (Peter Rudman, NFU)

Mar 29 ~ I was very struck by this phrase at the end of the Daily Telegraph report "Ministers could also pass an emergency bill in 24 hours if foot-and-mouth broke out again.

Mar 29 ~ Think back to the Easter holidays last year.

Mar 29 ~ Foot and Mouth...I am not involved, says Mr Blair

Mar 29 ~" The Conservatives speculated last night that the government might seek to salvage the bill by persuading the independent inquiries to release early interim reports."

Mar 29 ~ Tales of "farmer greed" and "deliberate spread" have fabricated urban envy and class hatred in a way that would have gladdened the heart of Goebbels.

Mar 28 ~ "Mr Brown waxed lyrical about how wonderful his team had been, but sat in stunned silence after Mrs Addy's evidence"

Mar 28 ~" French government scientists announced that they had drawn a complete blank when they looked for prions in muscles from several BSE or scrapie-infected animals

Mar 28 ~ "It is difficult to decide whether the mind-set of this present Government reflects ignorance, incompetence, indifference or straightforward ill will. Perhaps a cocktail of all four?"

Mar 28 ~ "...what the Telegraph and everyone else missed was the central confidence trick Beckett is hoping to work

Mar 27 ~ "The Government totally fails to understand the scale of anger this Bill is causing in the countryside, not only with its implication that the farmers were to blame, but also in the detail.

Mar 27 ~ Did the Ministry - or did it not - advise farmers that compensation for losses arising from vaccination was payable?

Mar 27 ~"The Government cannot have it both ways. They accuse the House of Lords of representing the interests of country people, land and livestock owners and then say that they are irresponsible about livestock keeping"


Mar 27 ~ "On and on Mrs Beckett went, blathering about "benchmarking" and the "spread of good practice".

Mar 27 ~ Had farmers been told of a European Directive that provided compensation for any losses incurred because of vaccination?

Mar 27 ~ There was "not enough vaccine".......

Mar 27 ~ Nick Brown blamed "slaughtermen"

Mar 27 ~ Full report of the High Court judgement from March 15th

Mar 27 ~ a "pre-emptive strike" to stop a "bad Bill" proceeding before the Government had considered all available research.....

Mar 27 ~ Food Chain Centre initiative was "pure window-dressing"..."All they are doing is talking." Peter Ainsworth

Mar 27 ~ France plans blitz on scrapie

Mar 26 ~ "based entirely on legalising and extending the mass slaughter of animals"

Mar 26 ~ TRIUMPH!

Mar 26 ~ " evasion and ambiguity into a new art form."

Mar 26 ~ HOW MANY animals, Mr Brown?

Mar 26 ~"The urgency is prompted by the fact that the Animal Health Bill is moving in Parliament. If it passes, England is finished. Period. No nation based on the concept of individual rights could withstand the police powers embodied in it..."

Mar 26 ~ No mention at all of the Animal Health Bill - one of the most disastrous and disgraceful measures for the UK we have ever seen - in most of today's media.

Mar 26 ~ The establishment line, though still unproved, has been built into official policy and other possibilities rejected.

Mar 26 ~ An impressive few minutes on the Today Programme

Mar 26 ~ the "gut-wrenching terror of what they might do next"

Mar 26 ~ "Talk to many hill farmers in the region, and you will hear the figure 16million. That is the number, you will be told, that an EU debate in 1998 threw up in relation to British overstocking of sheep.

Mar 26 ~ Norwich Hall Road Market closes

Mar 26 ~ Where does Mr Byrne get the idea from that effective vaccination involves vaccinating every susceptible animal?

Mar 25 ~ "The truth is beginning to seep out, nonetheless. It is a sorry verdict on the Government's performance and a warning for the future"

Mar 24 ~ 98 per cent of the animals were killed illegally

Mar 24 ~ The House of Lords are to consider amendments to the Animal Health Bill on Monday

Mar 24 ~ Landfill Sites - an urgent plea from John and Diane Irwin in Kingsteignton

Mar 24~ The UK pig industry is not alone and many other sectors of UK agriculture are heading for the exit. If people think it is wise to rely on cheap imports, my reply is HONEY.

Mar 24 ~ "Modern prime ministers are no longer first among equals: they embody the government. They encourage the notion that it is they who get things done."

Mar 23 ~ " It was the subsidies which caused the problem in the first place...... hard working farmers, subsidised to the hilt, waste away in penury, while cheap food imports - mainly from the EU flood the supermarkets. This is a policy of insanity...."

Mar 23 ~ Government's foot and mouth lesson: 'improve our spin'

Mar 23 ~ Level of inaccuracy in National Press is alarming

Mar 23 ~ "DEFRA is contributing fully to the independent inquiry process, and is assisting the Lessons Learned Inquiry in any way possible."

Mar 23 ~"He said that he believes this is a deliberate strategy to make it difficult or impossible for farmers to access the grants"

Mar 22 ~ "They have the effrontery to imply that they did a pretty good job, all things considered, when everyone knows they did a thoroughly lousy job. This is another shabby attempt at rewriting history through spin"

Mar 22 ~".... it was on this crashing error that the team based its advice that all animals within 3 kilometres of an infected farm should be'culled', leading to the pointless and often barbaric slaughter "

Mar 22 ~ The Animal Health Bill - its casually brutal provisions hardly known, let alone discussed or criticised

Mar 22 ~ "People are just beginning to recover from foot and mouth and now we have a Bill to decide not to make the fox a protected species but to decide which method we use to cull it

Mar 22 ~"If energy becomes too expensive then steel making will switch to countries where it is cheaper. Likewise if cattle rearing becomes too enmeshed in tiresome regulation then it will move to less closely regulated areas."

Mar 22 ~ "It is not my intention to produce a fudge or compromise ... but to produce good legislation,"

Mar 21 ~ "Rough Justice" says the cover of Farmers Weekly "It was a David and Goliath battle and Goliath won", says the Western Morning News

Mar 21 ~ MAFF had turned a disease which was not even life-threatening to animals into one which had become life-threatening to humans.....

Mar 21 ~ " When I go to Strasbourg for the week....at the beginning of the week, I am quite chippy. By Tuesday, I am suicidal, by Wednesday homicidal and, on Thursday, both"

Mar 21 ~ "I firmly believe the Cumbrian foot and mouth inquiry is of national and European significance,"

Mar 21 ~ "...the committee has already 'bottled out' and chosen not to call the most important witness of all..

Mar 21 ~ Who is giving Mrs Beckett such erroneous information, and why? What are the criteria for the "Infected Premises" category?

Mar 21 ~ "..many of the contiguous premises 'missed' are still disease free - many appeal cases also remain disease free. Welfare was a low priority."

Mar 21 ~ Lessons Learned goes to Yorkshire

Mar 20 ~ " 4,000 animals were killed on this farm and a further 10,000 plus animals on contiguous premises. The appeal case neighbour is still disease free.

Mar 20 ~ We are asked that the information that 0 of the 3305 "Contiguous" cases having positive results returned be amended to 120 out of 2960

Mar 20 ~ The DEFRA figures are for animals slaughtered since September 30th are remarkably round.

Mar 20 ~ We asked "Would he declare publically that his slaughtered premises were changed from DC to IP without blood test?"

Mar 20 ~ Human welfare has been covered by others but words can never describe the misery and lasting effects of this epidemic.


Mar 20 ~ the figures for Cumbria simply do not add up


Mar 20 ~ Lord Carter knew all about the conditions on the farm, it appears

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