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May 9 ~ Quote of the day from Kendal

May 9 ~ Were victims of vCJD ever tested for headlice?

May 9 ~"Professor Ebringer said his position may have been drowned out by the "prion noise", but he remained undeterred in pursuing his research."

May 9 ~ Foot-and-mouth curbs relaxed

May 9 ~ We are told that the breed associations, the BVA and the NFU are all "relaxed" by the SI843

May 9 ~ "..the rest of the world see us now as a nation so wealthy and uncaring that we can waste billions of pounds killing healthy livestock without a shred of good scientific reason."

May 9 ~ The first part of Nick Green's evidence to the Kendal Inquiry

May 9 ~ The Telegraph reports SI843

May 9 ~ The FMD Forum writes to the RCVS about scrapie testing

May 9 ~ Conservative Party try an Early Day Motion against the SI 843

May 9 ~ "The countryside has become a place of death - people can feel that - that the joy and refreshment has gone"

May 9 ~"If you don't stop demonstrating we will ensure that your stock is culled"

May 9 ~" Last April, at the height of Britain's foot and mouth crisis, Uruguay had a nasty dose of the same strain"

May 8 ~ "At no point was there an alert to the County Council."

May 8 ~ Cumbria FMD Inquiry team will have an open forum

May 8 ~ Kendal Inquiry live here ~

May 8 ~ The papers choose their headlines for Birtwhistle's evidence

May 8 ~ While stating that the Army had a contingency plan for every disaster, including the disease, he did not believe soldiers should have been recalled to Britain to deal with the outbreak

May 8 ~ TSE testing is what the second part of SI 843 is about, set out in neat regulations as if it is all plain sailing. But here is the reality:

May 8 ~ SI 843 "...the 'Prayer against' route is only useful as a way (the only way) to debate a S.I. on the floor of the House - Commons and Lords - "

May 8 ~ Sir John Krebs and co say they'll review 30 month beef rule

May 7 ~ "I am normally proud to be a vet, proud of my profession but when I consider some of my colleagues in the State Veterinary Service I am ashamed."

May 7 ~ Tom Lowther ~ "A gross, unjustified and wasteful vast scale appropriation of national property - supposedly in the National Interest"

May 7 ~ Suzanne Greenhill "There was a total lack of knowledge about hefted sheep...a complete mystery to all at MAFF and the Ministry.

May 7 ~ Veronica Waller of the NFU at Kendal.

May 7 ~ The Cumbria foot and mouth inquiry, on its first day has been told of disastrous failures to keep the public and particularly farmers informed.

May 7 ~ Failures in EU & UK planning led to FMD disaster

May 7 ~ Warmwell readers start to agitate over SI843

May 7 ~ The Cumbria County Council inquiry into Foot and Mouth begins today

May 7 ~ What can be done about this SI?

May 7 ~ Bobby Waugh in court today

May 6 ~ SEAC has succeeded in stopping further research into the autoimmune theory of BSE. We can only speculate why.

May 6 ~ It will be remembered perhaps that SEAC identified a "theoretical" risk of "catching vCJD" from traditional surgical equipment used in removing tonsils.

May 6 ~ No show for sheep, goats and alpacas

May 6 ~ Another goose-step towards stifling centralisation

May 5 ~ Cumbria Inquiry may call Ministers

May 5 ~"there was no disaster plan in effect to combat FMD....and they'd just got through conquering "Hog Cholera" or "Swine Flu."

May 5 ~ In similar tone to Mr Black Adder, may I just state the bl***ing obvious?

May 5 ~ Page 3 of the Sunday Times has a photo of a large truck - out of which are 'spilling' live piglets,

May 5 ~ Failure of Brussels strategy made farm crisis a disaster

May 5 ~"The modellers produced some very seductive graphs....."

May 5 ~The disease didn't spread - it fizzled out.

May 5 ~ Will the significance of the negative results ever really come to light with the EU Temporary Committee?

May 5 ~ He did a neat sideways shuffle. It was a matter for the British People.

May 5 ~ The final nail in the coffin for many rural folk in the Westcountry was the refusal to hold a full public inquiry into the foot and mouth crisis.

May 5 ~ "An Inspector may tag a suspect animal for later slaughter...refusal to cooperate can result in imprisonment...

May 5 ~" A book about the Falklands "Beyond Endurance" by its Captain the late Nick Barker has some unexpected topicality for students of government and its foibles because of similarities to the Foot and Mouth scene.

May 5 ~ DEFRA still owes Cumbria CC £629,000

May 4 ~ Even if 'speed is of the essence', why should farm animals have been treated differently from domestic animals?

May 4 ~ Government asks Class Law for more time

May 4 ~ Is There any Alternative to Suing the Government ?

May 4 ~ South Korea has confirmed an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease

May 4 ~Blunt instrument

May 4 ~ An object lesson in writing clear English and contingency plans

May 4 ~ "Irish, French and German governments are keen to help with things like tax breaks, hidden subsidies and their own interpretation of the Common Agriculture Policy

May 4 ~ What can Defra do other than write such letters?

May 4 ~ the Whitehall bungle-fest

May 3 ~'...until we start treating the disease rather than the symptoms, we will continue to suffer a procession of "foot and mouths" for ever more.'

May 3 ~ The new proposals could end the way experienced and politically-aware Westminster-based journalists have been able to cross-examine Mr Blair's spokesman in detail on major issues.

May 3 ~ Refurbishing the lobby

May 3 ~ suspected outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease at a farm near Seoul

May 3 ~ Roy Anderson didn't make a copy....

May 3 ~ When you hear what I have to say on Wednesday 8th May 2002 at 10:00hrs, Kendal, you will NEVER believe anything they say ever again

May 3 ~ Downing Street transparency

May 3 ~ SI 843 will be debated on May 15 in the evening and we are very sorry to say we are so far unable to discover its terms.

May 3 ~ These figures originate from the economics department at the Meat and Livestock Commission and after initial denials, have been reluctantly accepted by DEFRA as accurate.

May 3 ~ the more serious the error, the more bizarre will be attempts to justify the unjustifiable

May 2 ~ produce evidence or resign

May 2 ~"it could be asked why the Commission seems to be attempting to justify ex post facto what appears to be an indefensible decision by the UK authorities not to vaccinate. "

May 2 ~ "Several questions remain to be satisfactorily answered:

May 2 ~ "The great danger is that the wrong lessons are learned, in the manner of generals who are always fighting the last war."

May 2 ~ (Correction added May 8 : We have since been told that The Lessons learned inquiry did in fact seek out Brigadier Birtwhistle and had a very useful two hour interview with him. )
"Brigadier Birtwhistle had to insist on being seen because he was not on the agenda."

May 2 ~In a pig's ear....

May 1 ~ SI 843 will be debated on May 15 in the evening ~ and we still do not know its terms.

May 1 ~ "A good start would be to slash the amount of unnecessary red tape that your Government has imposed on farming. "

May 1 ~ "...the 24/48 culling policy went against the available scientific evidence"

May 1 ~ Pirbright Submission: 4.3.1 Are present methods compatible with modern ethical views?

May 1 ~ Cumbria FMD Inquiry: Inquiry Schedule

May 1 ~ Departments not even aware of each other's Rubbish pronouncements

May 1 ~ What truth is there in TB hype?

May 1 ~"I am so angry I can hardly speak. What is this? Where is the acknowledgement of existing science and scientists?

May 1 ~ "The chaos at the start of the epidemic clearly showed that the national infrastructure and logistical support was inadequate for dealing with an epidemic of the scale encountered.

May 1 ~"There was total inaction for too long for the policy of eradicating the disease to have any hope of success.

May 1 ~ "a day or two delay in diagnosing the disease, establishing a quarantine zone, and starting the stamping-out program could make the difference between a contained outbreak and an economic disaster"

May 1 ~ Question: Is the commission still, in principle, in favour of a stamping out policy?

April 30 ~ AHB by any other name would smell as rotten

April 30 ~ The wrong kind of outbreak....

April 30 ~ Defra: ten lawyers short of a picnic.

April 30 ~ "... any adequate plan should have at its heart different strategies to deal with the situations encountered, more or less along the lines of: "if A happens, we do B... if C happens, we do D".

April 30 ~ "The site began to suffer odour problems"

April 30 ~ "Next day we learned that Lord Whitty had said on the BBC Farming Today programme that the result had been due to a wish to avenge the Government's decision on hunting,

April 30 ~ Mr. McGrady: To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs whether liquid animal carcases were dumped in the Irish Sea

April 30 ~" later admitted to be a requirement of Brussels"

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