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Warmwell Front Page ARCHIVE September 2002

Read a digest of the EU Temporary Committee's Draft Report on FMD

Sept 30 ~ "what a bunch of deficient officials in a panic can do with a curable disease in a year and a half."

Sept 29/30 ~ "I do not hunt, but I am prepared to go to prison in the cause of freedom"

Sept 29 ~ Ignore marchers' anger at your peril, Mr Blair

Sept 27/29 ~" unacceptable to permit the loss of significant genetic material in susceptible breeds by the rapid application of National Scrapie Plan..."

Sept 27/29 ~ their addiction to self-interest gives the Government the opportunity to divide the industry

Sept 27/29 ~Continuing challenge over the advance of the Animal Health Bill

Sept 27 ~ Professor Thomas and his links to DEFRA, the FSA and Sir John Krebs

Sept 26 ~ Almost a whole year ago the last official case of FMD was recorded on Sunday 30th September.

Sept 26 ~ Hoggets slaughtered by DEFRA?

Sept 26 ~ Why we were marching - the view of the NFMG

Sept 26 ~ Prince Charles' words were written in the spring - in a private letter - and only leaked on the morning of the march

Sept 26 ~ ridiculing the heir to the throne's compassion

Sept 26 ~ "I have got absolutely no adjectives to describe how upset I feel

Sept 26 ~ "It didn't seem likely to be positive so I must admit we didn't pull out all the stops last night...I certainly would have done a lot more if I thought the risk was greater." Jan Kelly DVM for Cornwall

Sept 26 ~ When is a scare not a scare?

Sept 25 ~ powerful and wealthy outside interests... supply 'experts' to sit on advisory panels, narrowly directed 'research' and ...offer more tangible inducements and rewards

Sept 25 ~ Days before the Animal Health Bill continues on its unnecessary and ill-conceived way through the House of Lords, the government cries "Wolf" yet again

Sept 25 ~" at least, the Phillips Report kills off over a decade of MAFF propagation of the unsupported claim that the BSE strain originated on many occasions from scrapie strains being transferred to cattle in Meat and Bone Meal."

Sept 25~ " ..avoid the notion of genetic "resistance" to TSEs"

Sept 25 ~ "That is exactly what it was about."

Sept 25 ~ Deafening Silence from National Beef Association about vaccination or concern for animals' welfare in " the next FMD epidemic "

Sept 23 ~ Warmwell will next be updated on Wednesday September 25

Sept 23 ~

Sept 23 ~ What was it like on the big march?

Sept 23 ~ The NFU betrays Britain's farmers

Sept 22/23 ~ What a colourful spectacle it all promises to be. Tally-ho! Police are expecting no trouble, although many of the country folk will be heavily armed with double-barrelled names.

Sept 22 ~ We don't want any trouble. We just want to wander along the route in an orderly fashion to make the point that the countryside is in crisis.

Sept 21 ~ MEPs referred to the recent visit to the EU by Margaret Beckett, and readers of her speech "can rest assured that the Committee were as astonished (and unfooled) by her words as were we."

Sept 21 ~ " let's also be thankful that commonsense is finally prevailing even here, in the bastion of the slaughter-only mindset"

Sept 21 ~ the biggest peacetime demonstration the nation has ever seen.

Sept 21 ~ They are the sort of people who, in worse times, have been quite ready to die for it and its liberty. Join them.

Sept 21 ~ "There will be all those people, coming from all over the country, to a place they would normally deeply prefer to avoid, on a Sunday, when there is always a hell of a lot to be done.

Sept 21 ~" This Government has done more to address the problems of rural areas than any Government for a very long time" Margaret Beckett

Sept 20 ~ Forward Marchers - even if the media battle was lost long ago

Sept 20 ~ Et tu, Simon Jenkins? Then warmwell must fold its tents and quietly retir"

S"pt 20 ~ Polly Toynbee puts Sunday's march under the gyroscop"

Sept 20 ~ Marching to uncover the cover-up....

Sept 20 ~ "... the rally will be the biggest protest of its type since the outcry over the Tolpuddle Martyrs in the 1830s.

Sept 20 ~ The statement (from the Anderson Report) that 'slaughtering of stock on contiguous premises only occurred if the slaughter on suspicion case tested positive' is not true.

Sept 20 ~ Most important of all, who was responsible for the extraordinary experiment of killing healthy animals on farms which were either contiguous to, or within 3km of, every IP?

Sept 20 ~ "the Green Belt is a Labour achievement and we want to build on it....."

Sept 20 ~it refused to allow a public inquiry so that the ministers and officials responsible for these blunders could be held publicly accountable..

Sept 19 ~ Shadow cabinet members marching

Sept 19 ~ "British public life has been debased by the culture of spin"

Sept 19 ~ God, in a terrible oversight, forgot to make the cow a six-day-a-week model.

Sept 19 ~ Thousands of dairy farmers will today try to blockade every dairy plant in Britain before going to London on Sunday to protest against the ruthlessness of supermarkets

Sept 19 ~While the scenes of carnage and brutality - (of which Margaret Beckett "was not aware") - left scars on the country that will not go away

Sept 19 ~no substantiated evidence of welfare violations, Mrs Beckett? Breaking of the welfare codes without justification included:

Sept 19 ~ On Ann Morgan's farm, the young vet was crying on the phone but DEFRA insisted, "Kill, kill, kill". Her sheep were lambing thick and fast.

Sept 19 ~ Exports resume at the same time as if we had vaccinated anyway

Sept 19 ~ Sunday's March. Arriving after 10.00 a.m.? The FMD meeting point will be maintained in Hyde Park for those arriving after 10am

Sept 18/19 ~ £135,000 spent by DEFRA on a new "logo"

Sept 18/19 ~ "We are with you marching (in spirit) for a future for farmers, animals and the land

Sept 18 ~ Margaret Beckett on September 12 "all slaughtering was supervised by veterinary inspectors and there is no substantiated evidence of welfare violations...."

Sept 18 ~ The whitewash that makes marchers see red

Sept 18 ~ Telegraph echoes the Soil Association warning "Seeds of Doubt"

Sept 18 ~ More agent provocateur drivel from Valerie

Sept 18 ~ the survival of rural Britain

Sept 18 ~ Lidington says," Beckett must listen to marchers"

Sept 18 ~ Marching under the FMD banner

Sept 17 ~ "he simply finds it more comfortable to conduct all such international business on the basis that the legislature hardly matters at all"

Sept 17 ~ 3,000 beacons across Britain

Sept 17 ~ Valerie Elliott spins about on the Toffs' Route

Sept 17 ~ It gets worse. Now the Times compares the marchers to "scabs"

Sept 17 ~ "Perhaps I am being naive, but I did expect more from the Party that promised open Government."

Sept 16/17 ~ More than 2500 beacons and 5000 rockets to be lit after sunset

Sept 16/17 ~ Cumbria County Council have set up a forum to discuss their FMD Inquiry Report.

Sept 16/17 ~UK farmers should NOT roll over and give our market to our competitors without a damn good fight.

Sept 16 ~ 20 day rule - to be "studied" in the New Year.

Sept 16 ~ Imports " a very difficult issue, and they would consider it....
In other words, they will do nothing." Robert Sturdy

Sept 16 ~ Many marchers have no truck with hunting whatsoever.

Sept 16 ~ "As we walked slowly to the gate, the full gravity of the situation began to dawn on us. These officers were not only armed, they were mentally prepared to fire"

Sept 16 ~ The Times today. The Times we live in

Sept 16 ~ Valerie Elliott warns of hunt hotheads

Sept 16 ~ The very fabric of our society is being unpicked

Sept 16 ~ EU's hand in foot and mouth.

Sept 16 ~ "...What in fact happened was that both "governments" fouled up. "

Sept 15/16 ~ Ministers' deckchairs rearranged on the deck of the Titanic

Sept 15/16 ~ Direct Responsibility? "We didn't know about Knowstone...",

Sept 15/16 ~ "not only had she not seen them but she hadn't even read the newspaper reports."

Sept 15/16 ~ Villagers' disgust at Beckett's brush-off

Sept 15/16 ~ The Secretary of State was not informed......

Sept 15 ~ "Trusting people has become a bit of a risk - we live in a society which is trying to be risk-free, but it is necessary to take risks."

Sept 12 ~ He's confident that wouldn't happen in Australia.

Sept 12 ~ "The unbelievably pathetic Cumbria FMD report......"

Sept 12 ~ "Big business brought these viruses into Britain, spread them by their cruel farming practices, culled the evidence and gained excessive compensation."

Sept 11 ~ "The Animal Health Bill is not to be discussed"

Sept 11 ~ "...my comment became lost in the need not to discuss current legislation, particularly the Animal Health Bill..."

Sept 11 ~ Let them eat hedges

Sept 10 ~ spontaneous public protest will not be sufficient to change the course of government policy

Sept 10 ~" Boredom sets in, largely because it is all too complicated and confusing."

Sept 10 ~ Error in number of virus positive cases

Sept 10 ~ "It is utterly unrealistic for the government to regard our troubled world as a supermarket that it can visit at guaranteed intervals with its shopping trolley."

Sept 10 ~ A Better Cap - a report from the Family Farmers Association

Sept 10 ~ "..the very disaster is used as justification to consolidate more power "

Sept 9 ~ "Do Cumbrians have no right to obtain accountability?"

Sept 9 ~" The two most costly problems in recent years have been BSE and its human equivalent, vCJD, and foot-and-mouth

Sept 9 ~ Frustrated by government indifference

Sept 7 ~ How the papers report the Cumbria Report

Sept 7 ~ "We were let down"

Sept 7 ~ Animal Health Bill waits in the wings to continue the slaughter

Sept 7 ~ Farm virus lessons 'not learned' says BBC

Sept 7 ~ Strike success for Farmers for Action -

"UL>(From the FFA site) "Safeway, Asda and Tesco were targeted resulting in Safeway faxing us last night advising that they were removing all French UHT milk from shelves today and it would be replaced by British milk supplied by Milk Link. Also will be meeting with Asda & Tesco milk buyers re increase in milk price of at least 4p a litre not the unacceptable 2p they have mentioned.
Largest Police presence we have ever encountered at Chepstow in Monmouthshire last night (ie 48 riot police, 4 dog handlers plus local police, although they only 'protected ' Tesco and did not seem concerned when we went down the road to Asda and blockaded their depot! Perhaps they were out looking for the rumoured black pumas ( which have been "ighted in the area this week) and came across FFA! There "re a few images"in PictureLibrary"

Sept 6 ~ Hayes: a full debate in the House of Commons needed on foot and mouth reports

Sept 6 ~ remotene"s of central government from farming practice and the rural way of life


Sept 6 ~ a 'great indignity to the animals'

Sept 6 ~ there is little evidence that the epidemiological data that has been collected is providing new insights which will help to develop improved disease control strategies.

Sept 6 ~"usefulness of the data..."

Sept 6 ~ 'it was like a war zone'

Sept 6 ~ post-traumatic experience

Sept 6 ~ ".. the insularity of the local Animal Health Office "

Sept 6 ~ Great Orton

Sept 6 ~Communication problems with DEFRA

Sept 6 ~ We recommend that, as a matter of policy, all changes by Government in disease control legislation

Sept 6 ~ "Vaccination must be regarded as an essential element in the control strategy.

Sept 6 ~ "We recommend that DEFRA undertakes a comprehensive revision of its draft contingency plan

Sept 6 ~ Cumbria Report (p34) "Totalitarian"

Sept 6 ~ "an upsurge of public objection and to expressions of public concern, frustration and anger

Sept 6 ~ The countryside is a tapestry, all interwoven, and if you pick at one strand it will unravel. It will not be the end.


Sept 6 ~ The Cumbria Report on Foot and Mouth is published at midday

Sept 6 ~ Saturday is National Don't Shop at Supermarkets Day

Sept 6 ~"Lets make Jim Walker President of the UK National Farmers Union."

Sept 5 ~ ERRATUM and apologies.

Sept 5 ~ Warmwell will next be updated tomorrow, the day of the long-awaited publication of the Cumbria report into Foot and Mouth.

Sept 4/5 ~ "..Tesco director John Gildersleeve said it was clear that British dairy farmers were struggling in a difficult and complex market.

Sept 4 ~ The government has made it increasingly difficult for farmers to operate

Sept 4 ~ issues are likely to be sidelined by the shrill dispute over hunting

Sept 4 ~ The fish might escape into the environment with unforeseeable consequences,

Sept 4 ~ The concentration typical of factory farms extends to the genetic level

Sept 3/4 ~ "Safe to eat" does not mean ethically acceptable

Sept 3/4 ~ Lidington: Government must heed report on GM animals

Sept 3 ~ DEFRA offers Ash Moor to DCC at grossly inflated price

Sept 3 ~ Dr Ruth Watkins at Strasbourg

Sept 3 ~ A professional diagnostic service headed by a dedicated, highly trained specialist, is my suggestion for avoiding the worst errors of the 2001 FMD UK outbreak.

Sept 3 ~ There has been a failure to learn from the 2001 UK epidemic.

Sept 3 ~" Will we continue to make a hash of animal infectious disease?" Dr Watkins

Sept 3 ~ GM crops "I have never seen so many environmental ministers hugging each other as when the proposal went down,''

Sept 3 ~ In defence of the RSPCA

Sept 3 ~ Not the fault of the BBC

Sept 2 ~ Strange misinformation from the BBC this morning.

Sept 2 ~".. it is a pity the FSA only leaps to defend the truth when it is itself misrepresented." Booker on Haggis

Sept 2 ~" They had to keep reminding people from the platform that this was an 'open' meeting and they had to mind what they said as there could be 'infiltrators' "

Sept 2 ~ All the rogues in the meat industry will get off scot-free again.

Sept 2 ~ "easy for politicians to avoid blame ..."

Sept 2 ~ Give Ash Moor back!

Sept 2 ~ " There are signs of the press creeping up on the FSA and panic measures.."

Archive from August 2002 onwards

"There are now no insuperable problems with vaccination, whether technical, scientific, trade or cultural,"
Brian Follett, chair of the RS Inquiry Report
"we take the view that food from vaccinated beasts does not need to be labelled"

National Consumer Council April 2001