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Email received May 9th 2012 from the Facebook group and Non-Profit Organisation, AHS CHALLENGE

Hi Mary,
We have just read your excellent blog on African Horse Sickness and would like to thank you for the publicity that you are giving to this dreadful disease.

There is one minor inaccuracy in the information which you have been given. The RED RIDE which took place all over South Africa on Saturday 5th May was not, in fact, organised by AHS Equilink as stated. The Ride was actually organised by the Facebook group and Non-Profit Organisation, AHS CHALLENGE, ( ) although AHS Equilink very kindly assisted in publicising it.

Would it be possible to add our link into your blog at some stage - in order to provide your readers with the extensive amount of information available on our group?

The group is a large and active public group and promotes sharing of information and an efficient early warning system. The Facebook Group has grown through several severe AHS seasons in southern Africa and the administrators are currently compiling case data which we'll be happy to make available to you in due course.

As you are probably aware, the current official AHS website, The AHS TRUST, is funded by RACING SA. The ERC (Equine Research Centre) at Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute is also funded by RACING SA.

Our completely independent Non-Profit Organisation, AHS CHALLENGE, has been set up because we feel strongly that Southern Africa deserves an advisory body on AHS which is NOT financially controlled by any of the existing role players. The NPO is currently undergoing registration and we'll provide further details and our fund-raising number in due course.

Thankyou once again for your efforts to raise awareness around this issue. Please feel free to contact us if we can help you in any way or provide you with additional information.

Best wishes

Jenny Copley-Forster                                                                Denise Nisbet
Vice Chairperson AHS CHALLENGE                                           Secretary AHS CHALLENGE