"That is my sort of preamble to the work that has gone on which I want to talk about, which has reaffirmed the Government's vision for sustainable rural communities...."


Alun Michael, Minister of State

delivered the keynote address to the More Effective Rural Policy conference on January 14th 2004 about progress towards the "Government's vision for sustainable rural communities...."

Even with the accompanying slides http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/ministers/speeches/am040114-presentation.pdf, one wonders what those attending his lecture at the Royal Over-seas League felt about delivery - in all senses of the word. Effective communication ought to be a top priority for any government department. Without clarity of English there can never be any shared objectives.

Extracts from the lecture as given by the Defra website (under "Ministers Speech's", as it is distressingly spelt)

One is just too disheartened to read on.

The speech accompanied the following presentation http://www.defra.gov.uk/corporate/ministers/speeches/am040114-presentation.pdf "More Effective Rural Policy"