Received from GERMANY April 10 2002

"I can understand what people, especially farmers, feel about Europe and the EU. But I think they never get to the bottom of things. We are members of Europe, whether we like it or not. And we should make the best out of it. Pointing fingers and shouting that others are always better off is a big mistake and that is what gives the ones with the power the tool to treat us like they do. I know what I am paid for premium heifer ( 125 p/kg deadweight!) and that's well below the price paid in the UK for the same animal. And the cattle farmers in Germany are not better off than their British counterparts. And I doubt the picture in Belgium or the Netherlands is different.

But, as the French show when they didn't allow British beef in, every Government can decide to obey the regulations or simply say NON.

European farmers must unite to show how Europe should work, otherwise they will pick us one by one and play us off against each other which will weaken the farming community further.

The only chance to survive is in joining together, try to built a very strong link and work together no matter whether we are from Greece, Holland, the UK or Germany.

When BSE in the UK raised its ugly head all over mainland Europe farmers were made to believe by their Unions that they now could take over the previous UK export markets and making lots of money. Instead of showing a little bit of imagination and logic thinking they always denied the possibility of BSE reaching the continent. And you now (know) where we ended up : took us only ten years longer.

And if the Governments don't like what's going on in Europe they should get their acts together and kick some asses for the benefit of their own people. They don't do this and this should give us some food for thought as well. Maybe they like what's going on ???????

Well, that's it, just my feelings about farmers who like the idea of Blame Somebody Else too much.

Together we are strong!!!"

* Yes, of course, send it to warmwell and please, tell Mary as well I very much admire her for her great work done with the warmwell-site. She covers all the issues of utmost importance to us and she does it in a very good, unbiased way. She helped a lot to make people all around the world learn about what's going on, not only in the UK but although in other countries and I am sure her contributions are read by more than one of the decission makers in Brussels. I offer to name my newly planted pear tree Mary (or one of next years Longhorns calves):-) Very best wishes S