09:00 - 09 April 2002 Early this morning, I was rung by retired farmer, now foot and mouth disease activist Josie McDonald.

Both Josie and her husband were members of the NFU, her husband holding quite a senior position. She rang to make sure I would pass on my evidence to the European Union enquiry and could she help. I thanked her.

We chatted for some time. Josie had recently been speaking to Dr Fussel, senior vet and legal adviser for the European Commission. He had informed her that the EC had offered the UK one million doses of FMD vaccine, to be closely followed by a further 500,000 doses six days later. At this stage production of the vaccine would have matched demand.

She told me that it was a matter of fact that the NFU and Government ministers opposed vaccination and that it was commonly felt amongst our European friends that the NFU was UK agriculture's worst enemy!

She also informed me that the EC is currently conducting an investigation into the NFU.

Does anyone else have any other evidence concerning these points?

Nick Green