Does Mrs Beckett really think that the conclusions of the Devon FMD Inquiry Report are confined to Devon?

She is mistaken....according to

Janet Rogerson Lockerbie
The points were well made and just as relevant to Dumfries and Galloway,. Indeed the Lessons Learned Inquiry did hear these points, the night they came to their closed public meeting in Lockerbie!
Dr Anderson said that he had heard many of these points before( in Devon)
Mrs Beckett will wish that she had not made such a hasty and wrong judgement on the Devon report. I am convinced that both the Devon and Lessons Learned reports will say similar things.

What will you say then Mrs Beckett?

Margaret Shackles in Wales
I can assure Mrs. Beckett that I am my family strongly support the views expressed at the Devon Enquiry, despite the fact that we live in mid Wales.

Huw Rowlands
We are in Cheshire on a small dairy farm, struggling to recover from the effects of FMD although we did not contract the disease. Our diversification schemes, encouraged by governments passim, (small scale shooting & fishing) had to be closed, and like every other agricultural and rural business in Britain we have suffered because of the arrogant and incompetent way the outbreak was handled. The dismissal of the Devon Inquiry as a local issue is exactly what one would expect from the anti-rural and unaccountable presidential -type government with which we are lumbered, although its findings deserve to be implemented nationally.

This is yet another reason for a public inquiry to be held, although its result would no doubt be dismissed as not being relevant in a global context.

Huw Rowlands

David James (Somerset)
Dear Warmwell,
It would be nice if the Devon Inquiry could be nationwide but I am not sure how that would be possible. Only the Government could and should hold a full public inquiry. As far as I am concerned, Devon are doing the best that they can by holding a countywide inquiry.

Nick Green(Cumbria)

Mrs Beckett, caravaner extraordinaire, has indeed misinterpreted the exemplary findings of Professor Mercer in the Devon Inquiry. To the contrary, Professor Mercer does indeed echo many of the local feelings here in Cumbria. In fact, it does I am sure, also reflect the feelings of other areas such as Yorkshire, Wales and Gloucester to mention a few. Has Beckett not read the current Northumberland County Council report? Similar views there as well!

It is blatantly obvious that the ONLY views the Devon inquiry do not reflect is that of Blair`s repugnant administration!

I can only imagine that Mrs Beckett is really looking forward to reading the report of Professor Thomas detailing exactly what Cumbria had to say! There will be little doubt that it will read similarly to all the other independent inquiries. Perhaps, and rightly more damning!

Now Beckett, why do you think that will happen? NICK GREEN

Joyce in Uist (Outer Hebrides) who writes, " I don't think my thoughts would be printable! However I will simply venture this: What an ignorant and arrogant B**CH."