Pat Gardiner will not be submitting evidence

April 21 ~ "The cross-party group of MPs have appealed for written evidence on the subject (illegal meat imports) and said that oral evidence sessions will be held in June.

Written submissions, not exceeding 5000 words, should be submitted to the committee by 17 May. If possible, evidence should be in Word or WordPerfect format on computer disk or by e-mail to (FWi)"

Pat writes, " You ask me if I would give evidence to The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee to investigate whether the government has done enough to curb illegal meat imports?

Sorry, I won't do it.

The last time we gave evidence to a Select Committee of the House of Commons, we were intimidated by MAFF-Defra officials presumably in an attempt to get us to either withdraw or to discredit our evidence.

My wife is terrified and we still have a padlock on the front gate of the cottage in a pathetic attempt to try to stop government vets getting back in.

Both The Chief Veterinary Officer and then Nick Brown the then Minister of Agriculture promised us a full investigation in writing a year ago tomorrow, following a request to the Speaker of the House for protection.
We have heard nothing, but I see that the Defra manager responsible has been promoted, so I guess we have our answer.

I have given evidence to Select Committees before, but I will not do so again without a promise of protection from Defra, in writing, from the Chief Constable.

It is simply not safe.

We have lost all faith in our parliamentary democracy. They can't even be bothered to protect their own witnesses from rogue elements within the civil service."

Background Information from the author of the above

1. I have published papers and delivered many lectures on the subject of the control of cargo through seaports.

2. I was Chairman of the Felixstowe Port Users' Association at the age of 29 (30 years ago). Felixstowe is, by far, Britain's biggest liner port.

3. I chaired the Project Development Steering Committee of the cargo control system of FCP on secondment for 2 and a half years. This is the computer system that controls the cargo flow through most of Britain's major ports ..including Felixstowe, Harwich, Thamesport, Sheerness etc. My committee had senior HMC&E officers also seconded.

4. I served on the Policy Committee of the above project.

5. I was a founder director (and the largest private shareholder through one of my companies) of the company that was set up to run the system and still runs it today... Maritime Cargo Processing Plc

6. I was invited to Hong Kong to lecture on behalf of the United Nations on the subject of cargo control through seaports.

I'm now registered disabled and retired following a heart attack at age 47. Mrs Gardiner keeps a few animals as a hobby. No produce is normally sold.