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The BBC shows its contempt for free speech

Regular listeners to the Saturday essay on Radio 4 will be aware that Will Self, that voice of the sneering classes, alternates with Frederick Forsyth, principled Eurorealist and intellectual scourge of the Europhiles. Now however comes the news that the BBC is to drop Frederick Forsyth because, as stated in the Sunday Times today, "some senior executives do not like his views" . Once again the BBC proves how far it has travelled since the days it spoke for Britain during the Second World War. It is now dominated by those who are only happy at the dining tables of North London pseudo intellectuals, where they can sneer at everything decent about this country, deprecate the views of the ordinary British people, connive at the suppression of free speech, and yet, by the process of doublethink of which Orwell warned, can believe themselves to be fine, upstanding liberal minded individuals.

Everyone who still cares anything about the freedoms we once enjoyed in this country should write to the BBC, to their MPs and to the media to protest at the removal of Frederick Forsyth, at the behest of those who cannot abide the open expression of opposition to their views.

As an example of the sort of essay concerned please click here to read his thoughts on the European arrest warrant. It is a truly horrific prospect that self important, and frequently corrupt, magistrates in other parts of Europe will soon have the power to take any British citizen from his home to prison for doing no more than opposing the diktats of Brussels. The day may soon come when the voice of the British opposition to the EU may be silenced by the incarceration of anyone who dares to speak out, from the Lords Tebbit and Stoddart, down to the humblest foot soldier in the cause. How much more are the British people going to take before they revolt?