A letter to Wynne Edwards of Class Law, (forwarded to warmwell by the writer)

Mr Edwards,

My name is XXXXXX& I live in the Eden Valley, Cumbria, an area which was part of the infamous "Penrith Spur" As you will know. 86% of all farms in this area were culled out. In the Parish of Crosby Ravensworth, local to me, 26 farms resided & 26 farms were culled. I witnessed one of the most horrific massacres known in this country and also some of the most incompetent bungling you could imagine.

...I spoke to a certain Cumbrian wood yard last Thursday morning. The owner told me they had been contacted by MAFF in November concerning supplies of wood for pyres in the event of FMD. This is well known. But what is not well known is that this family were blackmailed by MAFF. Supplies of wood and railway sleepers were purchased by MAFF from this yard. When the pyres were stopped, it left the yard with a large quantity of sleepers etc. This caused great cash flow problems. MAFF refused to pay until the firm took legal action in the form of Breach of Contract. MAFF eventually paid SOME money in August 2001.

BUT They were told they would only be paid if they signed a cofidentiality agreement stating they would not talk about the dealings with MAFF

I have the name and telephone number of the woodyard and would be happy to talk to anyone concerning this.


(Name and address supplied)