Report by Nick Green 27th. April 2002

The highly offensive, unscientific and self-congratulatory claptrap emanating from various members of officialdom did not go unchallenged at the "Public" EU meeting at Gretna earlier this month. During the meeting, the SNFU and Scottish Parliament member, Dr. Elaine Murray told an appalling tale of how wonderful "we" had been in the Borders in eradicating FMD.

At one point Murray, stated, " There was no efficient FMD vaccination available last year." This, like many other statements this woman made could not go unchallenged. I made a typically forthright comment. Murray swung around and told me "To empty my garbage outside, not in here!"

As the scandal of the Gretna meeting has been told, gradually more and more people from the area are reacting openly to tell what really happened in D&G. The latest comment on Warmwell.Com further confirms what I told the audience that fateful afternoon and which the EU Chairperson tried in vain to stop me reporting. The massacre at D&G was brutal and only matched in controversy by the level of bullying in what has been described as a Police State! All of these stories may be read on, so in this short note I would quickly like us to remind ourselves about one of the most vocal perpetuators of nonsense at the Gretna meeting, Dr Elaine Murray Scottish MP.

Dr. Elaine Murray Scottish MP.

Dr. Murray is MSP for Dumfries. Deputy Minister for Tourism, Culture and Sport. She has been a councillor at Strathclyde Region and South Ayrshire. Born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire in 1954, Dr Murray was educated at Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh and then at Edinburgh and Cambridge University where she was awarded BSc (Hons) Chemistry and Phd Chemistry. Dr Murray was formerly a research scientist and a lecturer with the Open University. She is a member of TGWU, AUT, OXFAM and RSPB. She is married to a scientist and has three children. Other interests include family and pets, reading, music and playing the keyboards.

So far so good! But!

"Dr Murray appears to be one of those people who is very clever but not very wise. The Scotsman noted that Dr Murray objected strongly to being called a 'Dewar Dolly' then, when she was selected, she posed for cameras in a glamorous dress. Dr Murray also made a complete fool of herself in 1999 when, in a letter, she threatened the Scotsman's Robert McNeil with physical violence after he had pointed out in an article that she had a high pitched squeaky voice. Since the incident, Dr Murray has gone by the nickname of 'Tweety Pie'.

So Dr Murray is well acquainted with bullying. She foolishly threatened a Scotsman Journalist who had the audacity to write amusingly about Murray's unfortunately odd voice! She is clearly highly educated but, if her inane comments at Gretna are anything to go by, "not very wise". Finally, Ms Murray, your voice is extremely irritating but no less irritating than the level of tripe transmitted by it!
Threaten me Ms Murray!