You can't blame the Government because we are being controlled by the EU

- which is undemocratic, has no opposition party and cannot be exchanged by the ballot box. A Foreign & Commonwealth paper has just come to light under the 30 year rule. It has been kept from the British public for 30 years and it lays out exactly what we will lose, how control will seep away to a central authority etc.

We cannot set our own budget because it has to be within EU guidelines, we cannot protect ourselves from unfair imports that are driving our businesses into the ground, we have been Regionalized into 12 Economic Regions, each with a Super Council or Regional Government. Westminster is now turning into a Parish Council within Europe, unable to criticise the EU and forced to carry out its bidding for fear of suffering huge fines. Most people in this country (and Europe) have not woken up to what HAS HAPPENED!

Our businesses are having to endure £15bn a year burden of red tape inflicted by EU diktats and we are obliged to fund the EU which makes for less cash to spend at home. We have become a dumping ground for EU beef which our Continental partners are afraid to eat. And no one in Government is ALLOWED to criticize - until after the referendum. At least in Europe, they are honest about their ambitions of forming a Federal State - I just wish they would give us some of our money back so that we could sort out our essential services.