A Blairing Deception April 2 2002

An email just received......

"Some of us suspected that the findings of the Anderson Inquiry were likely to be pre-empted piecemeal by this excuse for a Government in order to deaden its likely impact.

Their first statement was
No.1 - they would stop livestock movements more quickly

Since then we've had No. 2 - They would be more selective and flexible in shutting down the footpaths.

Today they have announced No.3 - that they would bring in the Police and Army immediately.

We should be clever enough to anticipate No.4 and say so.

When they have finished this latest deception all Anderson will have left will be the means by which ( just like his namesake's creation ) an incredibly ugly duckling will turn out to be a swan - fancy that"


We'd reply

What cynicism. Could anyone be that cynical and manipulative?

But when tomorrow, or in the next day or so, the government lets it be known that
No 4 - in any future epidemic Page Street's communications channels would be much improved, I don't think any of us will be falling off our chairs at the forthright, manly acknowledgement of past mistakes.