A pattern that has begun to emerge is that although the RSPCA are keen to take on the instruction for a new case

, they then drop it days, or in one case that I include, hours after the 6 months limitation date is up.
Once the 6 month limitation date has expired, the case is then null and void.

Now that we are well and truly past the 6 month period after the last officially reported case of FMD on September 30th, is anyone aware of one case of cruelty that has been brought to trial?

Quite apart from the fact that DEFRA chose an unscientific, unethical, immoral and illegal method to combat Foot and Mouth, they also mismanaged the epidiemic to allow these extreme acts of cruelty to have taken place. It is not enough that they sacked the slaughterman after the event; there are a number of cases where slaughterman were not asked for credentials, where slaughter guidelines were completed ignored, and where there was unmistakeably suffering that took place. Suffering that we have laws to prevent, such as the WASK 1995 law, which has never been tested in court.

I also attach a letter faxed from the RSPCA to my solicitor on a case well known to some of us, that of Gilwern.

This letter was faxed on the 5th month 31st day 11th hour.

A QC we have spoken to confirms that the actions of the RSPCA in the cases I mention here are extraordinary.

AND DEFRA WANT MORE POWERS for slaughter in the future? Elliot Morley, if you have read this far, your Department should have its power reduced, not increased with the likes of your surreal Animal Health Bill.

We have written to the Chief Executive of the RSPCA and DEFRA about this, but so far nothing.

Jon Dobson Research Director FMD FORUM

Hamish Rogers is the head lawyer for the RSPCA. The Gilwern slaughter took place on the 10th April, but on the 9th October (5 months 31 days at 3.30 in the afternoon) this letter was faxed to Burges Salmon to drop the case. The proof of the fact that it was the 11th hour is shown on the 1st line of the letter where it is date and time stamped.