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Archive December 2006

December 18 2006 ~ "...maybe it is bureaucracy gone mad..."

17 Dec 2006 ~ Defra placed revised contingency plans for exotic animal diseases before parliament on Wednesday

December 17 2006 ~ the stolen animals were obviously being taken to illegal slaughter houses, destined for the illegal meat trade

December 10 2006 ~ Bowland: "carpet-bombing" an innocent firm out of existence. "Could the Minister please tell the House why the Government have panicked and introduced emergency regulations that are specifically designed to put Bowland Dairies out of business? "

December 9 2006 ~ ".. the aim of seeking greater flexibility and a more common sense approach"

December 7 2006 ~ Bird Flu measures "politically opportune" but "socially unjustifiable"

December 7 2006 ~ EUFMD Calendar

December 6/7 2006 ~ The farming industry in Wales may have to meet the cost of future outbreaks of animal diseases such as foot-and-mouth, without any government compensation.

December 5 2006 ~ a rapid, sensitive test for bird flu and its variants that occur in dogs and cats.

December 3 2006 ~ "the scientific community has to reestablish trust. People want to trust science; they want science to be trustworthy."

December 1 2006 ~ Harriet


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