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Archive February 2006

February 28th 2006 ~ "A lot has to do with the trust level between the public and government,"

February 28th 2006 ~ AI - can rapid RT-PCR or other tests be used?

February 28th 2006 ~ Avian Influenza: Ms Beckett said the government was "not ruling out the use of vaccination".

February 28th ~ The silent carrier argument

Monday February 27th 2006 ~ Avian Flu. Chief Scientist David King says there is to be no vaccination

Monday February 27th 2006 ~ FMD new legislation about vaccination against foot and mouth

February 24 2006 ~ Farmer's Weekly: Vet warned of'vulnerability' six months earlier

February 22 2006 ~ "...a growing consensus that animal farming and man's intrusion into the environment are major factors in the spread of new diseases"

February 22nd 2006 ~ " as our media now work themselves up into a frenzy about bird flu, who has Defra appointed as one of its chief scientific advisers on the handling of this new animal health crisis?"

February 22nd 2006 ~ It is to be hoped that many people will read

February 22nd 2006 ~ "If Defra has time to rush around killing things, then it has time to rush around vaccinating them instead"

February 21/22 2006 ~ CA Forum Post : H5N1 - Can we apply some of the lessons learned from FMD 2001

February 21/22 2006 ~ A joint study by US and UK scientists has concluded that real-time RT-PCR assays are the new "gold standard" for foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) detection and control.

February 21st 2006 ~ Decision on bird flu vaccination programmes delayed

February 21st 2006 ~ Intervet has not received any orders from Defra for bird flu vaccine

February 21st 2006 ~ The Soil Association is urging vaccination of all UK free range flocks

February 20th 2006 ~ Act now to protect poultry, UK urged

February 20th 2006 ~ Avian Influenza today ".. a combination of vaccination, culling and public communication had proved the disease could be halted,

February 20th 2006 ~ FMD five years on...Amnesia Creep.

20th February 2006 ~ Five years on... "really quite an achievement and I think a magnificent record..." said David King of the FMD tragedy

20th February 2006 ~ Five years on... RT-PCR available then, available now

February 20th 2006 ~ Five years on..."Following Orders" reminds us of what it was really like

February 20th 2006 ~ Five years on....Ben Gill and vaccination

February 20th 2006 ~ Five years on....

19th/20th February 2006 ~ "....farm biosecurity and appropriate flock disease prevention/vaccination needs to be implemented. The former is a national/international responsibility; the latter is local."

19th/20th February 2006 ~ " .. the great gaping chasm seems to me they're not prepared to act to stop one coming in the first place. .."

19th/20th February 2006 ~ "misconceptions about avian influenza that need to be challenged ....For poultry reared outdoors the only option available (other than moving poultry indoors) is vaccination..."

18th February 2006 ~ No lessons have been learnt from the affair. If there were an outbreak tomorrow, the insane killing that led to the unnecessary death of 6.5 million animals would happen again.

18th February 2006 ~ "They should ask the fellows who cut the hay"

18th February 2006 ~ Rural policy "is more of a mess than before foot and mouth"

18th February 2006 ~ ".... a long, hard look at the way the world feeds itself, and to decide whether the price paid for modern farming in terms of risks to human health and the Earth's biodiversity is too high."

17th February 2006 ~ US Defense Department in Central Asia provides real time PCR diagnosis of FMD, Avian influenza and other diseases....solutions that will have lasting global benefits

9th February 2006 ~ " Publicise through all possible means.....the use of the PCR technique to differentiate between infectious badgers and the rest"

8th February 2006 ~ farmers "at the end of their tether"

8th February 2006 ~ Answer received about Johnes disease and TB reactors

7th/8th February 2006 ~ "Could naturally occurring Mycobacterium paratuberculosis affect the reliability of the TB test?"

7th/8th February 2006 ~ Why are we importing so much of something we can grow ourselves?

6/7th February 2006 ~ "The LVI who did the test has over-written the readings recorded on farm"

Monday 6th February 2006 ~ "Once you become an adviser, I don't say you are corrupt, but you have loyalties not just to your beliefs but to the group."

Sunday 5th February 2006 ~ "its lungs and vital organs were a mass of abscesses and lesions and it must have died in agony"

Sunday 5th February 2006 ~ "With the urgent need to develop more sensitive, rapid, and cost-effective means of diagnosing M. bovis infection in cattle and badgers, the EN approach described here offers considerable potential

Saturday 4th February ~"Fear - real or imagined - allows them to use any method to resist outside influence for improvement."

Saturday 4th February ~ The FDA took just two weeks to approve the test.

Friday 3rd February ~ "A full page advertisement in the Daily Mail does not come cheap"

Thursday 2nd February ~ Mrs Kremers has vowed to go to jail rather than allow her calf to be killed

Thursday 2nd February ~ RSPCA says, "Unfortunately, there is no reliable test for TB in live badgers"

Wednesday 1 February ~ "DEFRA also hopes the category system will stem the spread of bovine TB by speeding the removal of infected animals from farms...." FWi

Wednesday 1 February ~ What price PCR?

Wednesday 1 February ~ "on-site analysis in about 30 minutes "


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