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Archive February 2007

February 28 2007 ~ "....we can't do anything to imperil that £370 million a year export trade, can we?"

February 28 2007 ~ Vaccinated animals do not go visiting unvaccinated ones

February 27/28 2007 ~ EU to set up emergency rapid reaction veterinary teams ready to move within 24 to 36 hours

February 27/28 2007 ~ Supermarket low prices spell doom for traditional dairy, beef and sheep farms

February 26 2007 ~ "it is timely to convene the best renowned experts to address the issue of global guidelines for vaccination"

February 25 2007 ~ Rapid Diagnosis for flu in birds: Multiplex test

February 23 2007 ~ "Stakeholders are currently talking to DEFRA about vaccination delivery. A third meeting should eventually be held..."

February 21/22 2007 ~ "There is little question that adequate vaccination will reduce shedding levels and thus the virus load.."

February 21/22 2007 ~ Vaccination of birds. Russia moves immediately. UK still dithers

February 21 2007 ~ It is imperative that the highly pathogenic H5N1 is stopped from circulating round the world. It is dangerous to expose humans and wild birds to infected domestic poultry.

February 21 2007 ~ 1.1 million tonnes of foreign pork, beef and lamb was imported into the UK in 2006

February 21 2007 ~ cavalier use of data in the Manchester Business School study on the environmental impact of organic farming

February 20 2007 ~ New Meat Byproducts: Avian Flu and Global Climate Change

February 20 2007 ~ Russia to vaccinate all birds near Moscow

February 19/20 2007 ~ "Where has the idea that there is long term circulation of H5N1 in a fully vaccinated flock in the absence of disease in the flock come from?"

February 19 2007 ~ David Miliband now says that poultry in the protection zone have been "sampled"


February 19 2007 ~ "It was a complete mess with dead birds still lying around the site - and tatty, torn, blown out buildings and made Bobby Waugh's look like the Hilton."

February 19 2007 ~ enshrined, as if in amber, is the back-covering rider that vaccinated poultry may become infected

February 19 2007 ~ Of course no vaccination for any disease, animal or human, can ever be 100% but if enough individuals are vaccinated a virus infection can be eliminated.

February 19 2007 ~ UK fails to adopt minimum EU measures on avian influenza

February 18 2007 ~ DEFRA "admitted late last week that they have not tested a live wild bird in Britain since the outbreak began three weeks ago."

February 17 2007 ~ Discrepancies

February 17 2007 ~ "It is vital that we learn the lesson from this incident that Britain's cheap food culture comes at a high price for animal welfare and food integrity."

February 17 2007 ~ I can't see any reason for there being all this world trade in live and raw dead animals and their products.

February 16/17 2007 ~ "DEFRA statements on the role of vaccination in the control of virulent livestock viruses could make better informed people weep"

February 16/17 2007 ~ DEFRA says that factory farmed animals should be free from hunger and thirst, get rapid diagnosis and treatment of disease, appropriate shelter and freedom from fear

February 16/ 17 2007 ~ "I believe we're at the beginning of major changes in our food culture which will, in turn, lead to profound changes in British farming." Peter Melchett

February 16 2007 ~ Sir John Krebs is one of six new non-party political peers recommended to the prime minister by the Lords Appointments Commission.

February 16 2007 ~ Experts are to reveal the interim findings of a Government investigation into the source of the bird flu outbreak.

February 16 2007 ~ "we have noted with concern the sidelining of scientific expertise in the civil service"

February 15/16 2007 ~ "the ability of government decision makers to make better-informed decisions.."

February 15 2007 ~ Tests on nearly 75 000 wild ducks, gulls and other birds have turned up no sign of dangerous H5N1 avian influenza in the United States

February 15 2007 ~ "this outbreak on one of my farms was immediately contained and did not spread further"

February 15 2007 ~ China joins Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea and Japan in banning UK poultry

February 14 2007 ~ The Netherlands is allowing its free range birds out again from Feb. 19.

February 14 2007 ~ Bernard Matthews"keeping the products back because they may contain meat from a restricted zone in Hungary."

February 14 2007 ~ Two entirely separated and biosecure parts to the Holton site?.

February 14 2007 ~ " He kept deferring to something called "the science", as a medieval monarch might defer to holy mother church. . There is no such thing..... "

February 14 2007 ~ 99.96% similarity of the RNA sequences of the genomes of the H5N1 avian influenza viruses

February 14 2007 ~ H5N1 vaccination: "I am sure that vaccine would break the transmission cycle even in high density flocks"

February 13/14 2007 ~ Selective reporting from interviews with virologists "No one is asking the right questions and they all know that they are not"

February 13/14 2007 ~ "The Meat Hygiene Service cleared the slaughterhouse at Holton in Suffolk. It resumes work today, having been disinfected and relicensed under European Union rules." Telegraph

February 13/14 2007 ~ Whatever the Hungarian government says... the virus outbreak in Hungary and UK are linked.

February 13/14 2007 ~ The problem of spread of H5N1 virus worldwide by industrial farming and international trade has not been addressed and has not gone away.

February 12 2007 ~ "government must examine, restructure and support the infrastructure of the meat and livestock industry, so that once again it can be the main supplier of meat for the nation"

February 12 2007 ~H5N1 Hungary's Agriculture Ministry denies any link

February 12 2007 ~ "The authorities have known about the situation for years, but have done nothing. There is evidence of not only negligence and utter incompetence, but cover-up, and the problem has grown unchecked."

February 11/12 2007 ~ It is vital that advice in controlling outbreaks is given by professionally qualified clinical virologists (in human medicine and ideally veterinary medicine as well of course) in conjunction with scientists.

February 11 2007 ~ "absurdly unscientific misinformation about why we cannot use vaccination..."

February 11 2007 ~ an international reappraisal of the role of factory farming and the poultry trade in the worldwide spread of the disease.

February 10 2007 ~ the Government's handling of scientific advice, risk and evidence in policy making

February 10 2007 ~ Turkeys from the Matthews farm were transported to within only 30 km from the infected geese cases in Hungary - the Gall Food abattoir in Kecskemet - which slaughters geese...

February 10 2007 ~ Turkey bites Man

February 10 2007 ~ "Large poultry companies ... have been responsible for past outbreaks "

February 10 2007 ~ Vaccination: a tool for the control of avian influenza - conference 20th -22nd March 2007 - Verona, Italy

February 10 2007 ~ Bird flu, bluetongue, swine fever... CIRAD is working with major French and international research centres to develop therapeutic vaccines.

February 9 2007 ~ "FSA confirmed today that it was investigating the possibility that turkey meat contaminated by bird flu at a Bernard Matthews poultry farm has entered the human food chain."

February 9 2007 ~ "the authorities must work harder to present a balanced picture, and not allow automatic implication of wild birds as the likeliest vector every time an outbreak occurs."

February 9 2007 ~ "a claim without the least shred of evidence..... scientific investigation had yet to begin. But Bradnock's suggestions ran far and wide in the national media."

February 9 2007 ~ Poultry source now thought very likely

February 9 2007 ~ We are told that vaccination for a current strain does indeed work.

February 9 2007 ~"...There are also questions to be answered about what ministers knew and when, and if they had information last Monday, why didn't they disclose that information?" Peter Ainsworth

February 8/9 2007 ~ "government officials ... no longer believe that Britain's first outbreak of bird flu was spread by wild birds"

February 7 2007 ~ The myth of the silent spread of virus by vaccinated birds ... is just that. - utter nonsense.

February 7 2007 ~ " there is a danger that reliance on avian flu vaccination for birds could spread the disease further and thus be dangerous" Mary, As I am sure that you know, this is complete and utter rubbish

February 5/6 2007 ~ " Is she saying that Defra has no qualified virologists at the heart of the organisation?"

February 5/6 2007 ~ 10 million doses of vaccine?

February 5 2007 ~ Illegally imported chicks from Hungary?

February 5 2007 ~ Not much communication to concerned residents living near the factory

February 5 2007 ~ " it is disturbing that our officials are so biased and self deluded"

February 5 2007 ~ Delay in picking up the infection in the first place is shrugged off by the veterinary profession in a way it should not be. Rapid diagnostic PCR testing could be applied even if from a VLA lab with same day results faxed out.

February 5 2007 ~ When bona-fide, certified, safety-and-efficacy- tested vaccines are used, the results do not disappoint.

February 5 2007 ~ possible links between the Suffolk bird flu outbreak and that in Hungary are now being investigated.

February 5 2007 ~ The costs of failing to heed expert advice

February 4/5 2007 ~".... the first 71 birds died last Tuesday. But the outbreak was not reported to government vets until Thursday evening, after another 1,000 died.

February 4/5 2007 ~ "H5N1 strain of bird flu is essentially a problem of industrial poultry practices"

February 4/5 2007 ~ question mark over where the infected birds' carcasses were taken to be disposed of

February 4/5 2007 ~ "I cannot help but wonder why we are slaughtering birds and then moving them many, many miles to be incinerated."

February 4 2007 ~ Additional Restricted Zone

February 4 2007 ~ Bird Flu: Sir David King ruled out vaccination a year ago

February 4 2007 ~ "Killing infected poultry flocks ad infinitum, without adjunct vaccination..is a policy that has not been successful over the last decade"

February 4 2007 ~ CIWF has never been allowed to visit Matthews' factories

February 3 2007 ~ Suffolk bird disease is H5N1

February 3 2007 ~ Bird disease in Suffolk. Bernard Matthews farm - 160,000 turkeys in close proximity

February 2 2007 ~ Ram Genotyping. Closure of the scheme at last?


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