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Archive January 2006

Monday January 30th 2006 ~ If this technology can be moved forward, then the mindset that wide scale slaughter is an acceptable animal health strategy will be ended for good.

Monday January 30th 2006 ~ "The current U.S. animal health framework has been slow to evaluate, validate, and implement new scientific tools and technologies

Monday January 30th 2006 ~ Defra has no intention of using on-site PCR technology to identify infected badger setts

Sunday January 29th 2006 ~ Cats, dogs and all mammals with TB must be reported to DEFRA

Saturday January 28th 2006 ~ ".... ironic that those who attempt to exonerate badgers of being the reservoir of TB infection for cattle show such little concern for the suffering those badgers with TB undergo"

Saturday January 28th 2006 ~ "misinterpretation of the scientific facts" says SVS vet

Friday January 27th 2006 ~ Talking about the FMD vaccine, Yadav said it was in advanced stages of development and testing.

Friday January 27th 2006 ~ " Pentalk, which emerged from a crisis, has become sustainable"

Friday January 27th 2006 ~ Holstein's future "..balanced on an animal-welfare knife edge"

January 26th 2006 ~ mass vaccination campaign in Vietnam working

January 26th 2006 ~ "wild birds may introduce the virus, but it is through man and man's marketing systems (the poultry trade) that the disease spreads. ."

January 25th 2006 ~ Defra's Science Advisory Council (SAC) says badger culling is "unlikely to be an effective control measure" for bovine TB"

January 25th 2006 ~ The EFRA Committee to consult on Bovine TB: Badger Culling - again

January 25th 2006 ~MPs on the Committee were staggered that the Minister could still not give a definitive statement

January 24th 2006 ~ 23 days for samples to be tested for avian influenza

January 23rd 2006 ~ "by killing the sentinel cattle without listening to the song they are singing, government are exposing more and more of the population either directly, or via their pets, to a seriously infectious zoonosis"

January 22nd/23rd 2006 ~ "one of the biggest threats to livestock producers for the past 25 years..worse than foot and mouth.."

January 22nd/23rd 2006 ~ Bovine TB: "...why, when an error may have occurred, is there no appeal process and no opportunity for the farmer to be heard? Instead, verbal bullying, threats and intimidation have been levelled ..."

January 22nd/23rd 2006 ~ Bovine TB - a time bomb

January 22nd/23rd 2006 ~ unless you offer reasonable explanations and make it actually worth people's while to cooperate, you are left with mere coercion. This could be dangerous.

January 21 2006 ~ " hard work and long hours is no substitute for proactive research on world leading control programs and education of DEFRA staff on the technologies to prepare them for the worst eventuality."

January 19/20 2006 ~ 8 reactors at Pensax - the fight is lost

January 18 2006 ~ "I have a nightmare vision of farmers fighting running battles through the countryside with animal rights extremists;

January 18 2006 ~ "absolutely no practical reason why tests could not be done"

January 18 ~ Bovine TB : Latest parliamentary questions on the issues re gassing and the culling policy .

January 18 2006 ~ Sheilagh Kremers wins public support

January 18 2006 ~ Bovine TB. Ben Bradshaw says he doesn't have "information on the number of applications for private tests rejected by the SVS". Nor does he appear to understand that rapid PCR tests can already diagnose Mycobacterium bovis in live cattle.

January 18 2006 ~ bovine TB "... the panel had done little more than "rubber stamp" government proposals. His own views had been excluded from its final report."

January 18 2006 ~ Did he cite FMD in the UK as an example of the positive influence science has on political decisions?

January16 2006 ~ "We could grow enough to feed ourselves on the diet of the Second World War, but the notion that there is land to spare to grow biofuels, or be the site of wind farms, is ludicrous."

January 15/16 2006 ~" Whether the virus is introduced by wild birds or poultry is irrelevant to my proposal...."

January 15/16 2006 ~ Chief benefit of holding the avian flu Exercise Hawthorn exercise? "Demonstrating that the Government is taking the threat of avian influenza seriously'.

January 15/16 2006 ~ "....... the need to improve early detection and reporting systems to help contain infections."

January 5th 2006 ~ Brazil "slavery is happening, rainforest development is happening and it is linked with beef entering this country..."

January 4th 2006 ~ "Being diagnosed as a TB reactor still only means the calf has a 20 per cent chance of having TB

January 4th 2006 ~ " .. the judge said that if he'd been in the same position as us he'd have done exactly the same"

January 4th 2006 ~ Anthony Gibson - support for farmer's fight for her calf

January 3rd 2006 ~ "The potential advantages of the PCR cycler over the gamma interferon test..

January 3rd 2006 ~ The pedigree calf "might" have TB - so it must be shot, says DEFRA

December 26th 2005 ~ China will produce one billion doses of a flu vaccine for birds by the end of the month.

December 21st 2005 ~ "APHIS officials told us funds to support work on diagnostic tools remain insufficient."

December 20th 2005 ~ Live Cattle Export Refunds to cease immediately

December 20th 2005 ~ EU raises farmer compensation in battle on bird flu

December 18/19th 2005 ~ "We are not advising consumers to avoid lamb; no BSE has been found naturally in sheep, but it could be there." Sir John Krebs in 2002

December 18/19th 2005 ~ Sir John Krebs says that Number 10 put the FSA "under pressure" over dioxins from FMD pyres

December 18/19th 2005 ~ "not advising against"

December 18/19th 2005 ~ The Observer implies that Sir John Krebs is still the Chair of the FSA.

December 16th 2005 ~ Bovine TB "Is it not clear from other countries that Gamma Interferon and Polymerase Chain Reaction can significantly improve test results?"

December 15th 2005 ~ "....what is the point of having this statutory instrument until we have a definition of "infected premises" on the statute book?"

December 14th 2005 ~ "tests have to be validated by the OIE. We are waiting on that": Lord Bach


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