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Archive January 2007

January 31 2007 ~ " I think it's as likely to find infection with that protein as it is to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"

January 26-28 2007 ~ Ask Sir David King

January 26-28 2007 ~ Questions about independent expertise on diagnostics, practical expertise in the use of vaccines, serology and virology are not going to go away

January 26-28 2007 ~ Ben Bradshaw: "We are currently considering research proposals..."

January 26-28 2007 ~ Silence on validation

January 26 2007 ~ Harriet : Caroline Lucas, MEP, writes to Ben Bradshaw

January 24 2007 ~ "It remains to be seen whether government is willing to give up its authority on disease control to an independent board"

January 24 2007 ~ Abuse of power in the supply chain is destroying dairy farmers

January 23 2007 ~ The real cost of the raid on Harriet, the pet cow

January 22 ~ The Daily Mail wades in

January 21 2007 ~ Harriet

January 20 2007 ~The financial cost of the raid was £3,500

January 19 2007 ~ Harriet: "Given the public interest generated about this animal, the SVS informed Ministers of their intention to remove the animal on 8 January 2007. They were under no obligation to do so."

January 18 2007 ~ Swill feeders to sue DEFRA

January 18 2007 ~ RPA ".... this is about accountability. Here we have got mounting complexity and problems.. and yet onward sailed the ship heading towards the iceberg. What I want to know is who was on the bridge?"

January 17 2007 ~ Harriet - Judicial Review. "A judge will weigh up the facts on both sides"

January 2007 ~ The number of farmers still waiting to have their botched subsidy payments resolved is around ten times the latest figure given by RPA

January 2007 ~ Zero risk - but no flexibility

January 11 2007 ~ Harriet: "Just doing their job"... Just following orders again

January 9 2007 ~ Foot and Mouth tests in Northern Ireland are clear

January 2007 ~ Research project for most effective FMD response strategy, including vaccination, underway in America

January 2007 ~ Aesop, and the art of good communication between Ministry and stakeholder

January 2007 ~ "Trust between Whitehall and the countryside has collapsed."

January 2007 ~ Two cheers for the new animal welfare in transport rules

January 2007 ~"....Even in countries that consider themselves humane, animals can be treated as little more than objects.."

January 2007 ~ Much still to be done.

January 2007 ~ A simple working outbreak manual is needed

January 2007 ~ Ring vaccination stopped a new FMD strain in its tracks

January 2007 ~ "One of the main reasons why many of us at Pirbright and elsewhere argued against the contiguous cull in 2001 was that it was based on poor science and not scientifically validated, although, of course, state approved..."

January 2007 ~ "Unfortunately, confirmatory laboratory diagnosis during the UK 2001 epidemic was largely abandoned in March 2001.."

January 2007 ~ "The only effective defence against such politicking is sound science, hard information, good communication and good emergency preparation "

January 2007 ~ Test rules - and if necessary challenge and change them

January 2007 ~ responsibility for national food safety

January 2007 ~ "We just can't put up with the rules, regulations and red tape any longer"


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