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Archive July 2006

July 30 /Aug 1 2006 ~ "we need the technology brought up to date and we need it fast."

July 29 2006 ~ Avian Flu - "Mild in the Wild, Benign in the Backyard, Fatal in the Factory."

July 29 2006 ~ Avian Flu - "these bodies are using the avian flu crisis to push for a further increase in the industrialisation of the poultry sector"

July 29 2006 ~ "What the U.S. veterinarians who went to England really wanted was a test for confirming FMD with a quick turnaround"

July 24 2006 ~ " By striving to protect the planet and maintain animal health we are also protecting human health, and vice versa.

July 24 2006 ~ " To defend ourselves against the possibility of new outbreaks, of transboundary disease spread, the first defence is information, fast and accurate information ..."

21 July 2006 - "A truly rational government would acknowledge that preventive vaccination is the most effective method of combating AI (avian flu) in the modern world..

21 July 2006 - The Annual Review of Controls on Imports of Animal Products: April 2005 - March 2006

July 19 - Britain should opt to vaccinate poultry rather than slaughter flocks in order to tackle the threat of the lethal H5N1 strain of bird flu

July 19 2006 ~ 1080 poison. "There is a very real danger the residue from 1080 could be in exports"

July 18 2006 ~ DEFRA has made moves to order large stocks of an avian influenza vaccine

July 16 2006 ~ "If, as Defra says, farmers will have to pick up the bill for disease control, they should have a say over what is allowed in to this country.."

July 14 2006 ~ " One must accept that only a fraction of illegally imported meats are intercepted..."

July 14 2006 ~ The UK Government is not going to request special EU support if H5N1 destroys consumer confidence. The poultry industry is on its own.

July 13 2006 ~ Bioflavonoid based products - "....active ingredient has been tested independently by DEFRA and found to be effective against viruses such as those causing Avian Influenza and Newcastle disease..."

July 12.13 2006 ~ "Millions of gallons of leachate still seep into our water supplies from the hundreds of FMD burial sites around Cumbria & Dumfries & Galloway"

July 11 2006 ~"At all costs, in combating H5N1, we must avoid the vaccine-free zone that the catastrophic 2001 foot and mouth outbreak became.." Lawrence Woodward

July 10 2006 ~ H5N1 vaccination plan "None of the stakeholders dissented"

July 10 2006 ~ PowderMed's DNA vaccine against avian flu tested in animals, "stops the infection entirely"

July 9 - 10 2006 ~ Article on bTB at Food Solutions Europe

July 8 2006 ~ Spanish H5N1 case. Was the dead bird found six weeks ago?

July 7 2006 ~ " It would be interesting to obtain expert analysis of the possible contribution to this improvement of the mass vaccination policy implemented "

July 6 2006 ~ Intervet International completed the acquisition of the FMD vaccine factory in Cologne on July 4th

July 5 2006 ~ "Sooner or later we will need it back again."

July 3 2006 ~ " The origins of the 2001 epidemic, which cost £8 billion, remain a mystery"

July 3 2006 ~ New Zealand offers the power of the internet to those trying to control TB infected possums

July 2 2006 ~ Outbreaks of the H5N1 avian virus have now been confirmed in 53 countries


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