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Archive June 2006

June 30 2006 ~ Europe will soon unveil a task force for fighting bird flu

June 29 2006 ~ " vital that we work in partnership with countries outside of the EU so that our future animal health strategy .... cannot be cited as a defensive tool designed primarily to protect our borders."

June 29 2006 ~ "The SmartCycler System is a leading real-time PCR testing platform for hospitals, university research labs and government agencies".

June 29 2006 ~ Running the market weekly will restore Stroud to its original tradition of being a true market town

June 28 2006 ~ Hill Farming - The Duchy of Cornwall's new initiative will attempt to raise public awareness of the link between farming and landscape preservation

June 26 2006 ~ East Suffolk's experience of a thriving local food network should inspire action across the country

June 24 2006 ~ Latest vCJD scare-fest - " this iceberg is in a very shallow pond"

June 23 2006 ~ Why did we have to find out about the new trials from the BBC? asked Daniel Kawczynski , MP

June 23 2006 ~ Million pound Badger vaccine trial in Gloucestershire "could lead to more than 100 000 badgers being vaccinated nationwide"

June 21 2006 ~ Intervet has developed a prototype for a new generation dual vaccine against both avian influenza and Newcastle Disease which can be mass applied by spraying

June 19 2006 ~ bTB. Mr Bradshaw's further investigation "currently under way"

June 19 2006 ~ "ventilation shutdown"

June 19 2006 ~ The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) has called on the government to introduce a labelling system covering welfare measures taken for animal products.

June 18 2006 ~ China "..the acceleration of national veterinary management reform"

June 17 2006 ~ A consortium of veterinary virologists will share samples of the H5N1 with researchers worldwide

June 16 2006 ~ "If this risk were real, we would have had reports (plural) from Europe of infected domestic cats..."

June 15 2006 ~ "Killing capacity has been progressively increased over the last two years" says Mr Bradshaw. Methods of mass extermination include the maceration of day old chicks and the euphemistically termed "ventilation shutdown"

June 15 2006 ~ "How many RPA employees does it take to change a lightbulb?"..

June 15 2006 ~ "Farmers yesterday accused the Food Standards Agency of threatening the future of sheep farming

June 14 2006 ~ "....a message of this kind will create serious difficulties for sheep farmers at a time when they least need further problems from government agencies"

June 13 2006 ~ " All it takes is one break in the chain and chaos ensues, with rotting carcasses lying uncollected for days"

June 13 2006 ~Complaints of scandalous and time-wasting behaviour by staff at RPA

June 11 2006 ~ Bovine TB policy and badgers " joint and cooperative approach" needed - Letter in the Vet Record

June 9 2006 ~ A disease being termed "atypical BSE" is being found in older cattle in both USA and Europe

June 9 2006 ~ Bovine TB "as the vets have now comprehensively exposed, the Krebs trials were only a pseudo-scientific charade, never designed to work."

June 8 2006 ~"Unless the vaccination lobby prevails.... then consumers may lose the option of choosing more ethical and humane outdoor-reared poultry products"

June 8 2006 ~ Charoen Pokphand "source of a bird flu outbreak" - the protein-rich chicken feathers were recycled to make chicken feed; the innards of the chickens were recycled into fish feed.. company dominates the feed industry."

June 6 2006 ~ "dumping manure and carcasses into ponds and having them eaten by fish possibly results in ponds that can be reservoirs for flu virus .."

June 5 2006 ~ "severe funding shortfalls in fight against bird flu". Agencies "are being run ragged" . No coordinated effort to mobilize grant support

June 4 2006 ~ "governments worldwide and in some states are recommending restrictions or closure of backyard and free-range poultry production"

June 2 2006 ~ Rome conference - "H5N1 virus in eight African countries appeared to be poultry-related and chiefly based on trade... including illegal trade"

June 2 2006 ~ "we will inevitably see land abandonment in upland areas of Wales"

June 1 2006 ~ "ventilation shutdown" is not one of the methods recognised for disease control by the OIE guidelines.


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