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June 25 2007 ~ ".... scientific experts must be accountable, not only to government ministers but also to other experts. To date, this has not occurred in the context of the 2001 epidemic. ..."

June 25 2007 ~ Thursday was the sixth anniversary of MAFF v Upton, the Grunty the Pig case

June 25 2007 ~ " I am forced to take action myself....I have launched a claim against Devon and Cornwall Police and DEFRA officials in the Courts"


June 22 2007 ~ "This information could only be obtained at disproportionate cost..."

June 22 2007 ~ "...breeding for scrapie resistance has little or no impact on a number of commercial traits."

June 22 2007 ~ Fears expressed for the future of farming in the South West of England and other hotspot areas

June 20 2007 ~ "a further sad fact about science in the UK and in some other countries that the scientists' career is largely dependent upon him or her not antagonising the wishes of the main source of his funding -

June 19 2007 ~DEFRA had "taken a sledgehammer to crack the wrong nut" says Judge, but only DEFRA's one-sided version is picked up by journalists

June 18 2007 ~ "Agflation" - a warning

June 17 2007 ~ Scientists rule out return to badger culls

June 16 2007 ~ " It would be an absolute crime to put that animal down...."

June 15 2007 ~ The UK Government is still resisting the sensible amendments of the EU on BSE cohorts

15 June 2007 ~ ... the murky world of international trafficking, animal cruelty, black magic and even cannibalism..."

15 June 2007 ~ The Tenant Farmers Association has rejected Defra's latest plans on animal health and welfare policy

13 June 2007 ~ "We are committed to learning any lessons," says Ben Bradshaw

13 June 2007 ~ "I think we had to wait too long for the results."

12/ 13 June 2007 ~Rapid diagnosis via automated multiplexing platform: "we have always known that the platform's flexibility confers benefit in other markets, such as veterinary diagnostics and the monitoring of bioterror threats such as foot and mouth"

12 June 2007 ~ More coverage of EFSA's positive conclusions about bird flu vaccines

12 June 2007 ~ A "protecting virus" used to protect from new flu strains

12 June 2007 ~ "diagnostic equipment that can be used in the field and sensitive enough to detect virus in pre-clinical cases"

12 June 2007 ~ "The lack of a centralised, riskbased sampling and monitoring plan has compromised the import control system..."

12 June 2007 ~ "Cattle are killed anyway"

12 June 2007 ~ Bluetongue has re-emerged in Germany, according to the UK's Institute for Animal Health

11 June 2007 ~ Talk of vaccine supplies when the disease arrives is of little help - Fogging of poultry houses costs around 15p/bird annually and yet it is deadly to the H5N1 virus

June 8 2007 ~ Farmers kept in the dark over new case of Bluetongue

June 8 2007 ~ The TRACES (TRAde Control and Expert System) database was " not currently functional" on June 6th

June 8 2007 ~ Not all over. More H7N2 bird flu confirmed after Chelford market.

June 8 2007 ~ Opposition parties in the Welsh Assembly seem to want Jane Davidson, the new Welsh rural development minister, to give the order for Shambo to be killed

June 7 2007 ~ Indonesia's fear about possible mutation of the H5N1 virus has been countered by WHO's statement that they have 'seen no evidence' of this. Not surprising....

June 7 2007 ~"..the origin of the H7N2 avian influenza virus that initiated the outbreak in poultry in north Wales has not yet been traced further back than the market."

June 6 2007 ~ Avian Influenza " AI vaccines meet quality standards and are safe and effective in vaccination against AI in domestic flocks in Europe." EFSA.

June 5 2007 ~ "There are many Ministers who will not envy what will, no doubt, be one of Mrs Davidson's first jobs, and that is dealing with the issue of the TB-infected Skanda Vale bullock..."

June 5 2007 ~ Bovine TB - the whole system needs an overhaul from people on the ground (not the centre of London) who know what they are doing - but it seems that farmers are on their own

June 5 2007 ~ WHO report on H7N2 in Wales

June 4 2007 ~ "hundreds of independent farm stores are springing up, seeking to provide an alternative and cash in on shoppers' desire to be closer to the land.."

June 4 2007 ~ H7N2 " ... I think the authorities have behaved well over this H7N2 outbreak, the measures taken were proportionate."

June 4 2007 ~ " It is hoped that as these vaccines are rolled out around the world, that at last this damaging disease can be brought under control."

June 4 2007 ~ Mass cull of badgers - healthy or not - could now be on the cards

June 3 2007 ~ "The new product is the first FMD vaccine produced in the U.S....it could allow the federal government to plan a strategic stockpile in case of an outbreak".

June 3 2007 ~ "The results were due yesterday, (Thursday, May 31) but are now expected on Monday."

June 3 2007 ~ "the basic flaw of not calculating the effects of wind on GM pollen..."

June 2 2007 ~ Bovine TB: "while we do everything to minimise the risk on our farm from cattle-to-cattle contamination, nothing is being done to eradicate the spread from wildlife to cattle.."

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