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Archive March 2006

March 31 2006 ~ "a great deal of uncertainty about the origins of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and transmission risk in humans."

March 31 2006 ~"... perhaps by making them beautiful he is constructing a fitting memorial to the millions of animals slaughtered in this tragedy."

March 30 2006 ~ " I don't feel like we have lost, because so many people come up to me when I go into town and shake my hand or give me a hug..."

March 30 2006 ~ "scientists have struggled to make sense of how an abnormal variation of a normal protein can trigger an infectious disease..."

March 30 2006 ~ Review of Illegal Meat Trade in the UK

March 29 2006 ~ The Orkney AI scare "Just how long it took to get the samples to the appropriate laboratory is not disclosed..."

March 29 2006 ~ DEFRA is keeping its plans for Exercise Hawthorn "under wraps"

March 29 2006 ~ " the exhibits on display at Analytica will include a number of testing technologies... that make it possible to detect the virus quickly and efficiently."

March 29 2006 ~ "scientists say anyone who argues wild birds are responsible, is speculating rather than relying on any facts."

March 27 2006 ~ Grim irony of leachate removal at Gt. Orton as the memorial ceremony took place.

March 27 2006 ~ 'Silent killer vCJD is more widespread than thought' says the Independent - but no evidence given for this dramatic statement

March 27 2006 ~ "Pesticides Action Plan Groups are dominated by industry bodies and Government agencies"

March 27 2006 ~ Pushing Farmers Out of Farming - India - ".....Rs 1900 million to be incurred on crop biotechnology research and another Rs 2000 million for the application of transgenic technology in livestock and poultry"

March 27 2006 ~ Two Minutes Silence

March 26 2006 ~ "At least two large mutations and two small mutations away from being the next human pandemic virus..."

March 25 2006 ~ "....completely blind to the economic and human' consequences of the RPA's failure"

March 24 2006 ~ China is giving free bird flu and FMD vaccines to its farmers

March 24 2006 ~ Member States can get provisional authorisation for use of vaccination

March 23 2006 ~ " Vaccination plans should be submitted to the EU Commission before seeking approval to actually start vaccinating"

March 23 2006 ~ Who is giving Ben Bradshaw such poor and inadequate replies to Parliamentary Questions on vaccination for Avian Influenza?

March 22/23 2006 ~ " we would control the disease by culling all birds on any infected premises and dangerous contacts

March 23/23 2005 ~ "there is still extensive provision within Defra's Contingency Plan for contiguous culling and other pre-emptive culling."

March 22 ~ "the money wasted was of the order of #1 - 2 billion: say #100 per household...

March 22 2006 ~ ".. we should explain how unpardonable it was and how unaccountable is the subsequent lack of political concern or accountability..."

March 22 2006~ "all we now lack is accountability."

March 22 ~ " the vaccines made in China at the Harbin Veterinary Institute conformed to international standards and were fully effective."

March 22 2006 ~ "The Chinese are using a number of different vaccines and one of the vaccines it is claimed has a high efficacy," David King

March 21 ~ Germany says it will not import Dutch vaccinated poultry and eggs because "consumers fear possible health risk"

March 21 2006 ~ Silence of the Lambs - 2 minute silence on 27 March

March 21 2006 ~ Apologies about the item below

March 20 2006 ~ "... the real victims of industrially produced, lethal H5N1

March 20 2006 ~ A brave new world withour free range poultry

March 20 2006 ~ "So far there has been no confirmed case of a healthy, live chicken being a carrier of the virus,"

March 20 2006 ~ European free range poultry owners distressed

March 19/20 2006 ~Chinese H5N1 vaccine : "... Challenge studies performed at 2, 3 and 43 weeks p.v. indicated that all of the chickens were completely protected from disease signs and death.

March 19/20 2006 ~ Bird Flu in Israel.

March 18 2006 ~ Vaccination costs about 10p per bird

March 18 2006 ~ "...the range of hosts will increase as the virus affects new ecosystems..." Ilaria Capua says that in this situation, researchers don't have the right to restrict access to data

March 17 2006 ~ RPA head sacked

March 17 2006 ~ A "broad consensus" against vaccination?

March 17 2006 ~ "We would pay compensation for healthy birds compulsorily slaughtered

March 17 2006 ~ Orkney - chicken deaths

March 17 2006 ~ Manchester Conference "extraordinary"

March 16 2006 ~ FMD statistics "We discussed the unsatisfactory position in the minutes leading up to today's PMQs"

March 15 2006 ~ Vaccination for Avian Influenza "There are many pros and no cons for the vaccine," Joseph Domenech

March 15 ~ The Wales This Week disturbing TV Programme on Illegal Meat can be seen on the Internet.

March 14 2006 ~ "we owe it to the stock, which died unnecessarily, to keep punching home the truth until it begins to stick."

March 13/14 2006 ~ " .. the time is now right to broaden the base of public support for transboundary disease elimination.."

March 13/14 2006 ~ "our politicians know full well that the UK will become increasingly reliant upon cheaper imported foodstuffs of unknown provenance

March 13 2006 ~ Russia Starts Mass Vaccination Of Poultry To Fight H5N1

March 13 2006 ~ "we need secure indigenous supplies of food and energy..."

March 12 2006 ~ "How could he have got it so wrong?"

March 12 2006 ~ Another frightening "pesticide": Aldicarb

March 11 2006 ~ No game - foot and mouth 2001

March 11 2006 ~ "....When I asked incredulously how on earth she could get cuts from potatoes

March 10 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw continues to quote David King.

March 10 2006 ~ complete and utter confusion

March 10 2006 ~ Bird Flu. Three counties in Germany are now solidly against the imposition of regulations keeping free range hens in cages

March 10 2006 ~ "If you're a true farmer, not a money farmer, you can't help it. You'll always farm."

March 10 2006 ~ "Is there any way that we could find out if this letter ever went to the Anderson's Lessons Learned Inquiry?"

March 10 2006 ~ "....we conclude that (Contiguous) CP culling is not advantageous when combined with vaccination."

March 10 2006 ~ "Can the Minister please explain why, in a situation such as that surrounding scrapie, BSE, CJD or foot and mouth disease, the Government seem to turn to scientists who are not regarded by their peers as experts in the area while ignoring those who are?"

March 9 2006 ~ " the calf had only a 20 to 30% chance of having the disease"

March 8 2006 ~ DEFRA's Older Cattle Disposal Scheme "seems to require unnecessary and gratuitous cruelty to no justifiable end."

March 8 2006 ~ The European Commission is now expected to lift the beef export embargo

March 7 2006 ~ The Northumberland Report 1968/9

March 7 2006 ~ European Commission has sent 2.5 million doses of trivalent vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) to Turkey

March 7 2006 ~ "We know next to nothing about this virus; we have only anecdotal information about where it exists and what birds it infects"

March 7 2006 ~ Cultural Documents of Foot and Mouth - Manchester Conference 14/15 March

March 6 2006 ~ The poultry industry constantly asserts that the "biosecurity" of its "farms" is excellent. In fact - as in the 27, 000 turkey enterprise in France - bird flu finds its way in and causes massive outbreaks at factory farms.

6 March 2006 ~ H5N1 strain of bird flu is essentially a problem of industrial poultry practices says GRAIN

6 March 2006 ~ The Government is quietly trying to overturn the ban on GM technology. Traditional farming practices worldwide are at risk

March 6 2006 ~"The result could be carnage."

March 5/6 2006 ~ "One certain thing is that we have been eating scrapied sheep for 200 years and nobody has come to any harm." Professor Hugh Pennington

March 4 2006 ~ FMD 2001 - "This research resonates with current concerns over the control of H5N1"

March 4 2006 ~ FMD 2001 - a combination of culling and vaccination would have been best, says new research

March 4 2006 ~ Bovine TB "The Ben Bradshaw statement on the Kremers' calf calls into question the entire bovine TB testing regime."

March 3 2006 ~ " If we do not order or make any vaccine for birds then we can never use it. Are we heading for another disaster on the scale of 2001?" Dr Ruth Watkins

March 3 2006 ~ H5N1: Appeal to Veterinary Profession

March 3 2006 ~ "We just hope it doesn't happen..."

March 3 2005 ~ "when will the Government set out the circumstances in which vaccination will be used? " asked David Cameron

March 2nd/3rd 2006 ~ "To my understanding, there are no 'silent carriers'..."

March 2nd/3rd ~ Dominique de Villepin reassured poultry keepers, talking about transparency, vaccination, information and financial support

March 2 2006 ~ We learn today that Sheilagh Kremer's Dexter calf, Fern, has been granted a second TB test by Defra

March 2 2006 ~ "Zoo and free range birds should receive preventative vaccination." Intervet

March 2 2006 ~ a group of American military scientists has called for the setting-up of a global network of laboratories to contain outbreaks of bird flu and other new diseases that could trigger a world pandemic.

March 2 2006 ~ The Manchester FMD Conference - Programme

March 2 2006 ~ "the Soil Association said it was "mystfied" and "dismayed" by the decision not to vaccinate..."

March 2 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw has given permission for the Stafford Bird Show to go ahead this weekend.

March 2 2006 ~ " ..a-tishoo, ..a-tishoo! ALL FALL DOWN? How prepared are we for Avian Flu?"

March 1 2006 ~ Not only are there effective vaccines available, there are also differential tests to distinguish between vaccinated and infected birds.

March 1 2006 ~ The French are vaccinating nearly a million birds they say cannot practically be moved indoors.

March 1 2006 ~ Vaccination takes 18 days before fully prevents infection. It stops infection and prevents asymptomatic virus shedding. We should be vaccinating now in the precious days before the virus gets to the UK.

March 1 2006 ~ Blair reassures MPs on bird flu

March 1 2006 ~ "... the virus also poses a significant risk to human health"

March 1 2006 ~ France bans light aircraft to avoid scattering infected birds: UK orders spotter planes to fly low over migration areas.

March 1 2006 ~ Lack of agreement about vaccination against bird flu - whose view should be trusted?

March 1 2006 ~"... councillors wanted them given the jab in advance of any possible outbreak of the disease."

March 1 2006 ~ An Easy, Inexpensive Test Detects Tuberculosis in Livestock and Wildlife


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