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Archive May 2006

May 31 2006 ~ Prusiner challenged at last - and dismay that the "good work of others trashed by the traditional weapon of choice in scientific disputes - anonymous peer review"

May 31 2006 ~ Wild bird role in flu 'unclear' and "an impassioned plea for the use of vaccines to control the disease in domestic poultry."

May 30 2006 ~ RPA Latest

May 30 2006 ~ H5N1 is spreading more through commercial husbandry and the humans that are moving poultry around says Juan Lubroth (FAO)

May 29 2006 ~ Member states must have suitable arrangements in place for the possible use of emergency vaccination.

May 27 2006 ~ Rapid Diagnosis no longer to be ignored - but a further wait of three years is envisaged

May 27 2006 ~new waste management regulations came into force on May 15.

May 21 2006 ~ " the old Research Council institutes..... are withering on the vine"

May 21 2006 ~".. they are repulsed by the prospect of further mass killing - euphemistically called culling by Defra - of healthy livestock in the event of avian flu or some other infectious disease"

May 21 2006 ~ " a draught of common sense." from Lord Rooker

May 20 2006 ~ Avian Influenza. Illogical and inconsistent government reactions .

May 19 2006 ~ "a new theory is gaining ground that the outbreak in wild birds near Qinghai Lake may be linked to fish farms around the lake"

May 19 2006 ~ Vets should be able to charge more for their services and rely less on profits on animal drugs

May 19 2006 ~ Apologies again for lack of updates

May 16 2006 ~ Poultry vaccine manufacturers/suppliers and their vaccines

May 15 2006 ~ "strong political leadership, excellent work by government officials, and an intensive engagement of people at community level "

May 15 2006 ~"far more attention needs to be given to monitoring and controlling the transport of poultry and other live birds and bird products"

May 13 2006 ~ Thunderstorm puts paid to warmwell.com

May 13 2006 ~ Emailers solve mystery of the missing link (Ben Bradshaw...see below)

May 12 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw's non-answer includes a link that doesn't work

May 12 2006 ~ The Tate Welcomes Britain's Farmers

May 12 2006 ~ Risks negligible....

May 12 2006 ~ FMD is raging across Vietnam

May 11th 2006 ~ "Despite Predictions, Migrating Birds Didn't Carry Deadly Flu" says the New York Times

May 10th 2006 ~ "botched reshuffle last night threatened to overshadow a rare sliver of good news emerging from the RPA"

May 10th 2006 ~ Botswana FMD outbreak ".. The local everyday consumer is hardest hit just to appease the beef industry that exports to the EU markets"

May 10th 2006 ~ "the moment when the limits of the New Labour synthesis were exposed"

May 9th 2006 ~ In some parts of the country, sheep no longer "valuable enough" to merit treatment by a vet.

May 8th 2006 ~ Will David Miliband be interested in the new armoury against global diseases?

May 8 2006 ~ "Under Margaret Beckett, farmers have been the victims of incompetence to match anything at the Home Office"

May 7 2006 ~ H5N1

May 5 2006 ~ Ben Bradshaw repeats his mantra - " we do not see any role for vaccination"

May 5 2006 ~ Intervet says its inactivated vaccine "..confers protection on poultry... allows differentiation between infected and vaccinated birds..In Hong Kong vaccinated birds no longer transmitted the virus and did not turn into carriers...."

May 5 2006 ~ Where is any evidence that "symptoms would be masked, making detection and eradication considerably more difficult"?

May 4 2006 ~ Foot and Mouth - Because of EU market restrictions, Botswana must decide between culling - which it does not want to do - and vaccinating - which it does.

May 4 2006 ~ "ventilation shutdown" means suffocation and birds could take up to a day to die

May 4 2006 ~ "Bird flu has been in Norfolk since mid-March

May 2 2006 ~ The RPA has been paying the wrong people

May 2 2006 ~ Free -range birds blamed for the virus that " has been present in Britain for at least a month" - but the virus involved here is a low pathogenicity virus and not the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 nor the H7N7 strain that so badly affected the Netherlands in 2003.

May 2 2006 ~ No surveillance in the UK picked up what blood samples now show - that the birds were exposed to the H7N3 virus as long as four weeks ago.

May 2 2006 ~ "The policy of restrictions on export trade when part of the livestock population is vaccinated for controlling outbreaks should be reconsidered"

May 1 2006 ~ Bovine TB "Perhaps it is time for the SVS to take a long hard look at the wider picture"

May 1 2006 ~ Bird Flu restrictions are lifted in Scotland and the Netherlands


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