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Archive October 2006

October 28 2006 ~ The CVO, Debby Reynolds, congratulates SVS, Meat Hygiene Service and Pirbright for their swift response

October 27 2006 ~ Initial tests negative.

October 27 2006 ~ Farming Today this morning reports a suspected case of FMD

October 26 2006 ~ RPA - The mess causing cuts to vital agencies will further damage the SVS

October 25 ~ DEFRA overspent by 200 million pounds - but vital agencies pay the price.

October 25 ~ German H5N1 vaccination plan

October 24 2006 ~ RPA: "the Germans, who applied exactly the same scheme, paid on the nail within a matter of weeks"

October 23 2006 ~ Bowland Dairy. The EU assumption that only their own version of antibiotic testing is allowable has closed down Bowland, humiliated the FSA and made the UK subject of a major legal action.

October 21 2006 ~ "Teinaz says he and fellow environmental health officers are slowly making a difference, tracking down gangs, confiscating meat and educating the public. "

October 21 2006 ~ Details of 17 new avian and pandemic flu research projects have been announced

October 20 2006 ~ Avian Flu : "...the struggle Defra had to get enough poultry workers for the cull "

October 20 2006 ~ Public opposition to GM crops is being overridden by a government determined to back the industry, says Michael Meacher

October 18 2006 ~ Killing sauce for goose is not sauce for the rare breed gander

October 18 2006 ~"APHIS allowed states to use the ARS test without validation"

October 18 2006 ~ " The whole afternoon was an eye opener to the complete incompetence of the body which rules farming..."

October 18 2006 ~ RPA's Johnston McNeill is still being paid his £114,000 salary

October 18 2006 ~ The required double-dose Bird Flu vaccination costs around 6p a bird - but DEFRA says that EU "requirements" could make vaccination cost £2 pounds for a single bird

October 17 2006 ~ Hopeful evidence for Harriet the cow

October 15 2006 ~ "... let us remember that the line between too much food and too little is very thin indeed. This country must retain the ability to grow its own food.."

October 14 2006 ~ "Be very careful what you write. Nature is illiterate and therefore does her own thing, regardless of what is published."

October 2006 ~ Follow-up letter in the Scotsman links FMD trauma with that suffered by British Army

October 2006 ~ How FMD crisis was turned into a disaster - Fordyce Maxwell in the Scotsman quotes Toby Tennant

October 2006 ~ "A consortium of leading scientists is to undertake research to combat animal diseases in Scotland, using a £2.5m Executive contract over the next five years at a "centre of excellence"..."

October 2006 ~ Magnus Linklater - "false statistics, poor modelling, wrong deductions and bad science."

October 10 2006 ~ " the guidelines for the implementation of such vaccination are still hazy."

October 10 2006 ~ More on mathematical modelling exercises

October 2006 ~"... using vaccination as an additional HPAI H5N1 prevention and control tool, it appears wise to further explore this option in the EU.."

October 7 2006 ~ DEFRA FMD "Modelling Exercise" notice on the DEFRA website is dated 20 September 2006

October 5 2006 ~ In only three months, Harriet can be live-tested with a single drop of blood, with results after 30 minutes.

Oct 3 ~ Professor Donaldson "...I am very familiar with the claims made by Roger Breese (sic) and Fred Brown for the rapid diagnostic method for FMD..."

Oct 1 206 ~ "I cannot emphasise enough the opposition locally to this slaughter. I am concerned that there may well be a large number of people present when your representative arrives to object to this action."


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