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Archive September 2006

Sept 30 2006 ~ It is the duty of all those involved in foot and mouth to remind the next government and those thereafter that we will not tolerate short-term cost cutting policies that cost the country dearly in the long run..."

Sept 29 2006 ~ Government warned against merely "re-publishing existing disease control procedures with a few minor improvements."

Sept 29 2006 ~ "Discussion focused on the use of diagnostic tests; control measures; and stakeholders' involvement in disease control."

September 28 2006 ~ " The report of the development of a field rapid test by the Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright raises a number of questions... there are still unanswered questions..." ProMed Mail

September 2006 ~ Not Hindsight. Dr Paul Kitching's evidence to the EU Temporary Committee shows that by May 2001 the government knew 52.76% of Pirbright tests showed absence of disease.

September 2006 ~"...at least there is humour! The very same test reagents and Cepheid device that Dr. Ferris manages to smear... have since been deployed across the US... after millions of dollars spent on validation!"

September 2006 ~ "Not only is it a great read that grips you by the throat from the first paragraph, it's hugely informative about a subject people outside of the rural community know virtually nothing about ..."

September 2006 ~ Mr Blair assured Rural Affairs Minister Barry Gardiner that all rural concerns could be consigned "to the bottom of his in-tray"

September 2006 ~ The justification that mass killing was necessary to "get ahead of the disease" must at last be seriously challenged.

September 2006 ~ Warmwell.com was updating daily from early in 2001. Our deep disquiet now is not "hindsight" after the event.

September 2006 ~ "No evidence of FMD virus, antibody or nucleic acid was found in approximately 23 per cent (390 of 1730) of IPs from which samples were received, suggesting that the incidence of FMD during the outbreak may have been over-reported. "

September 2006 ~ "I am afraid a lot of animals lost their lives unnecessarily..."

September 2006 ~ "massively important" rapid diagnosis - rejected by the UK in 2001 - may at last be on the cards because there could be a UK test.

September 2006 ~ Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

September 2006 ~ EU-wide disease slaughter compensation down to 75%?
Stakeholders given only days to respond - and even then - "No negotiations or vote on these issues.."

September 2006 ~ Bluetongue moves north "Globalisation, the change in weather patterns and the increase in speed and volume of international transport as well as passengers" are, hardly surprisngly, the suggested causes.