A very British revolution -

The producers of the two channel 4 broadcasts -one last Saturday the other next Saturday the 17 August at 7.50 pm - are absolutely correct in their complaint that the timing of the two programs is without doubt deliberately designed to down play the major issues raised.

UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) will be featured in the programme on the 17th Aug at 7.50 pm . Andrew Spence a farmer and haulier was the UKIP candidate in Sedgfield during last years general election. As the campaign manager for Andrew, I was present at some of the filming. Andrew flew the flag for the party in a high profile seat despite considerable personal pressures and in the face of some very underhand activities from the New Labour camp !

Next Saturday evening is essential viewing for UKIP supporters; indeed I would recommend comments to Channel 4 regarding the timing of their broadcast.

There is no better example of political ineptitude, incompetence and irrelevance from all three major political parties, as well as the Institutions of the EU , than over the causes management and effects of the Foot and Mouth crisis. The accumulative devastating effect on the rural economic base caused by the crisis is not properly understood in 'urban land' - the Westminster village inhabitants' 'let them eat cake attitude' will logically have the same reaction as it did when the French aristocracy ruled at a distance from the people.

Here in the North East and in North Yorkshire there are now numerous signs declaring "Rural Rights or Rural Rebellion" - The rising of the rural North is only a matter of time - those that doubt this should contact me for a tour of devastated rural small business in the aftermath of the mishandled F&M crises.

Peter Troy mailto:ptroy@fsbdial.co.uk