Momentum is now starting to build towards the 23 August 2002. Several thousand flyers have now gone around the country to inform the farming community of what is necessary on the 23 August 2002.

We are getting tremendous support in the UK and were obviously delighted to get the support of the Green Party. A political party prepared to support British farmers is a tremendous boost to our campaign.

Support is also growing in Ireland. We were delighted that Mr Robert Overend, President of the British Pig Association has stated his full support. We have also received the sympathy of the Irish National Sheep Association chairman and also the Northern Ireland Branch of the UK Beef Association chairman. Assistance have been received from the British Machinery Dealers Association;

Director-General Ian Jones is being very supportive in getting information out through all his members' dealerships.

We have a number of plans for the week in the run up to the 23rd. We intend to be targeting supermarkets, firstly internally to make sure they are not trying to replace British product with cheap imports, and secondly we will target those supermarket distribution centres who do feel it is necessary to go down this avenue. The excuse that will no doubt be given the need to supply their consumer when we all know it is about them making more profit.

We hope the supermarkets will act responsibly because at the end of the day, we know the British consumer wants to buy British. If they aid the destruction of British farming, not only will they have the farmers to contend with but we would envisage also the consumer. A number of other activities will be carried out in the week of the campaign and we will forward you further information later in the week.

Finally, can we say that you the press, radio and television in the past have been very helpful to our cause, therefore we hope you will continue to do this and increase coverage day by day.

David Handley