Well... after two years we finally reach the point. You can all publish this wherever you like. I'm an Englishman. I will not tolerate crooks in my home.

The MAFF vet that faked the blood test was Helen Duncan (VO - Borders) . Her behaviour was so odd that I was convinced that she was an impostor using false papers. I would not have done anything about it, but she tried to implicate my wife in the falsification of the records and later, by chance, I found out that she was also active on CSF infected premises. My wife had protested and was told "You are too honest for your own good." This was followed by thinly veiled threats.

I understand formal complaints were later made against her following alleged offences during FMD in Scotland by Dr. Fish

Following advice, we reported the incident to the Police, Page Street (MAFF HQ) and Norfolk Trading Standards. This is all documented.

We knew that DVM Alick Simmons (now Professor Simmons) had been told. Trading Standards repeatedly told me that they had passed the message on to him. I have this in writing, of course.

Eventually, I reported the matter to the Agriculture Select Committee of the House of Commons. This is all documented. I named, but did not necessarily blame, Simmons.

The cleansing contractors were changed, just before the Select Committee meeting, and they were replaced by a former senior SAS officer.

He told me that he had been appointed directly by DVM Alisdair Christie and had full authority to override the previously agreed biosecurity arrangements. I know that the former SAS officer had met Nick Brown, the then Agriculture Minister, a few days before, although he did not tell me this.

It was quite clear that the SAS man had instructions to break MAFF's own rules in several respects. An attempted frame-up was under way.

We immediately protested to Bury St. Edmunds. (The local MAFF office under the control of Christie).

Simmons arrived on a pretext and behaved in the most unreasonable way. He refused to supervise the SAS man and refused to withdraw him from our home. It was becoming more and more obvious that they were intending to have us out of our home in retaliation for going to the Select Committee. Simmons told my wife..."We will have no raised voices in this house." when she attempted to interrupt his monologue.

When Simmons returned to Bury he immediately sent a faked record of the meeting. I immediately objected and complained to him, emailed Page Street and requested the protection of the Speaker via the Chairman of the Select Committee.

Eventually over the weekend, Simmons ws sent away from Bury and back to Somerset, although MAFF were very carefual not to comment on the reasons. Mike Lamont, DVM at Dumfries and Galloway was sent down overnight in company with a VO also from Scotland.

They had obviously called in at Bury unexpectedly and had the record of the original blood tests. This was an obvious fake presumably by Duncan. Lamont offered me a copy. Like a fool, because I trusted Lamont, I agreed that they could send one by email the following morning.

The email record when it arrived did not agree with what I had been shown the night before. I protested to Lamont, who could not find the handwritten copy that had been produced the night before. When he did, some hours later, it agreed with the email.

Naturally I complained again. Nothing has been done despite promises.

Now they are again trying to harass us. We are now chosen for a "random" check for notifiable diseases.

Christie is the man. I will again be seeking the protection of the Speaker.