Advance notice of...

An Exhibition about the Foot and Mouth Crisis 2001

Thursday 31st October, 1st and 2nd November

at the

Old Town Hall, the Shambles, Stroud, Glos

between 9.30am and 5pm. The exhibition aims to extend a deeper understanding of the ongoing trauma, distress and crisis caused by the handling of FMD to a wider public, and to highlight the deeper malaise in farming and the rural economy.

It will feature photographs, paintings, books, childrens' work, poems, cartoons and videos.

A file containing personal stories of what happened to individual farmers and animal owners will be available so that the public can look through this in their own time.

If readers of warmwell feel able to word process their own story and send it ( as a Word attachment) to the organiser, Julia Currie, that would be a great help, but obviously, if that is not possible, she will accept hand-written items.

Julia Currie
The Croft,
Foxmoor Lane,
Ebley, Stroud,
Glos GL5 4PN
Tel : 01453 764376/mobile 0797 721 5715