Letters from Joyce published in her local newspapers

Dear Sir,

While the re-opening of Stornoway abattoir is better than no abattoir at all, how does this fit in with the buzz words "local food" "sustainability" and "environmentally friendly" with regard to the Uists?

How can food be classed as "local" when it has travelled via Barra, Stornoway or Dingwall?
How can it be "sustainable" or "environmentally friendly" to use such vast amounts of fossil fuel in the transport of animals away and meat back?

These rules do not apply to the produce of our seas, it is time they were changed with regard to the produce of our land.

Yours faithfully, etc

Dear Sir, Madam,

Re the article: "Uist crofters in talks over possible reopening of Lochmaddy abattoir" Aug 9th.
" However, recent European Commission state aid rulings prevent local authorities from subsidising abattoirs"

Excuse me? Who rules Scotland? What is the point of a Scottish Parliament if we are governed by Brussels?

It seems to me that there are two answers to this....one is short term and involves fingers and the other is much longer term...."

How about it MSP's ? Or are you all eunuchs who have simply exchanged Scotland's lords and masters in London for new ones even further removed both geographically and culturally?

Yours faithfully, etc...