The CRT calls for Proper Public Enquiry into the Foot and Mouth Tragedy and
the Resignation of Ben Gill and Tony Blair

The Countryside Restoration Trust has today called for a proper Public Enquiry into the Foot and Mouth tragedy. Following various reports, including the recent Anderson Report, the CRT feels that there is still the suspicion of a cover up.

The CRT's Development Officer, Nigel Housden says

The CRT urged vaccination from day one of the Foot and Mouth epidemic. We were among the first to say that the Government's slaughter policy was wrong; our views have now been totally vindicated.

The N.F.U under Ben Gill's leadership, and Prime Minister Tony Blair, backed a flawed policy.
Surely, if accountability means anything, they should both resign. Sadly, Ben Gill seems to represent only the views of Agribusiness; not those of the working farmer and the family farmer.

Chairman of the CRT, Robin Page says:

None of the current Enquiries have gone far enough and they have not dealt with the real concerns and doubts. Where did Foot and Mouth come from in the first place? Did it come from live foot and mouth virus experiments the Government was said to be conducting in Northumberland? I believe it did. In addition, why had the Government been carrying out GM experiments on the foot and mouth virus? We need to be told. In 1973 it is on record that an outbreak of Foot and Mouth occurred due to live virus experiments. I believe that the same thing happened this time and the outbreak got out of control.
Surely this doubt, concern, and a belief in a cover up make a Public Enquiry essential.

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