What a shame that the Royal Society report couldn't come out with the clear message

"Emergency vaccination SHOULD BE USED as part of the control; strategy...." instead of pussyfooting around with the "should now be [is being] considered" that we heard so many times last year. "Given recent advances in vaccine science and improved trading relations emergency vaccination should now be considered as part of the control strategy from the start."

Last March 2001, before I even knew how to send an e-mail or use the internet I found Dr Keith Sumption's vaccination strategy in The Guardian, I think....Iain printed the document out and we sent that and a short note to the effect of "Here is a strategy, for God's sake use it" to Nick Brown, Jim Scudamore, Ross Finnie, our MP and MSP and whoever was the Tourist Minister who's name escapes me.....I don't imagine we were the only ones to do this....so how can there be ANY excuse for ignorance of a way out of an epidemic that had hardly begun back then?