Aujeszky's disease positive pigs at FMD abattoir

Aujeszky's disease (Psudorabies) was eradicated from mainland UK in 1991
after a long and expensive producer-funded eradication campaign, so there
is consternation at the news that 6 serologically positive pigs were found
on June 28th at the Essex abattoir where foot and mouth disease was first
discovered last year.

The pigs were found during a routine surveillance exercise and epidemiological
tracings are taking DEFRA vets to farms in Lancashire, Cheshire,
West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, West Sussex and Lincolnshire. At this
stage there is still a possibility that the antibodies could be false positives
or could be vaccine antibodies from illegally imported vaccinated pigs.
Psudorabies vaccination is illegal in the United Kingdom but permitted
in Northern Ireland under an ongoing eradication programme. There has been
concern in recent years at the large numbers of pigs imported from Northern
Ireland where the virus is not completely eradicated. Imports are only
permitted from N. Irlenad herds accredited free of Psudorabies and not
using vaccination.

The junior agriculture minister Elliot Morley says that the results of further
Aujeszky's tests would be known by July 5th.

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