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28/30 June 2005 ~ Barrie Williams is "retiring" from the Western Morning News.
He said yesterday: "I have chosen to take early retirement because of a major change of policy and structure within Northcliffe Newspapers..." WMN
He is the third long-serving editor to announce that he is leaving Northcliffe Newspapers in the past fortnight. There is speculation that more editor-in-chiefs will be appointed throughout Northcliffe Newspapers. Experienced editors will have to "report to them".

Messages of concern and gratitude about Barrie Williams


28/30 June 2005 ~ That the Western Morning News has been one of the few beacons of light since warmwell's inception is owing to Mr Williams' fearless, committed editorship. While he was there one was able to point to the WMN as the exception to the rule when mourning the passing of the independent press. Comments or appreciation on the sad news of his retirement may be emailed to warmwell.

Messages from emailers

So yet another independent bites the dust..... jeeeeeez


I am so sorry to hear that Barrie Williams is retiring from the Western Morning News. Throughout the FMD crisis, the WMN was one of the few newspapers to speak out fearlessly and to support farmers. I don't normally buy a daily newspaper but, during that time, it became compulsive reading - and I would have moved hell and high water to get hold of my copy of the WMN!

We can only hope that the new editor will continue to speak the truth and to bravely become the voice for local people. We do not want an editor who toes the party line!!

All the luck in the world to Barrie - and I'm sure that he will find some interesting and worthwhile causes to support!


"..... it's all of a piece. I saw the bit about Northcliffe Newspapers today with interest."



Just a quick line to wish Barrie (Williams), WMN, a very happy retirement.

Barrie was one of the few, the very few, who had the guts to stand up and tell the world the truth about the 2001 FMD shambles! I wish we (Cumbria) had had editors with a similar back-bone! Our newspapers, in general, were a disgrace!

All the best Barrie,

Kind regards.