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BLUETONGUE in Britain and Europe
UK -

First UK report of BTV8 September 22 2007
First UK report of BTV1 November 25 2008

April 2016 ~ France extends bluetongue virus restriction zone

October 19th 2015 ~ Bluetongue still being found in Central France

September 25th 2015 ~ Bluetongue UPDATE - Professor Mertens on the risk of BTV reaching Britain again

September 19th 2015 ~ Bluetongue spreads in France

Sept 13th 2015 ~ Bluetongue has been found in France again

August 1st 2011 ~ "This approach could allow us to make safer and more effective vaccines against a range of viral diseases."

March 21 2011 ~ "...We must learn to put aside deep-seated prejudice and embrace vaccination. It fully deserves to be regarded as a method of first use, not of last resort.."

November 2010 ~ BLUETONGUE has been virtually eradicated from mainland Europe

June 4th 2010 ~ "..good news that we are to be in a low risk blue tongue zone with stricter rules ...but..."

April 30th 2010 ~ The greatest risk of Bluetongue incursion is now posed by imports, says BVA and Experts Group

Monday 29th March 2010 ~ BTV-8: Still out - let's keep it out

January 7 2010 ~ an early-warning system to help defend cattle against the spread of bluetongue

December 18 2009 ~ Next year (2010) vaccination will be voluntary in Scotland

Oct 30 2009 ~ "The results of the survey will be used to plan our future policy and any additional surveillance in 2010..."

October 23 2009 ~ Bluetongue Winter Surveillance 2009

October 9 2009 ~ Last year in France there were 32 thousand premises affected by Bluetongue. This year there are 67.

October 8 2009 ~ Free vaccination against bluetongue for French farmers next year

Oct 2 2009 ~ This page will be moved very soon.

Sept 25 2009 ~ Richard Lochhead: The requirement in Scotland to vaccinate cattle and sheep will remain in place until it is suspended on 25 October.

Sept 22 2009 ~ Images of bluetongue in sheep

Sept 9 2009 ~ The latest official report on the UK situation from Dr Nigel Gibbens

September 8 2009 ~ Another postive BTV1 result close to the English Channel...

Sept 6 2009 ~ France: Blue Tongue serotype 1 in the Department of Allier

From last Thursday (3 Sep) the zone map of France changed again. The affected farm is north of Lyon at Sorbier (1 bovine) and was discovered during the surveillance of a sentinel herd.
This brings the total of farms declared positive for virus circulating in 2009 to 59. According to the French Ministry of Agriculture (France still has one) there are in 2009 4 farms with BTV serotype 1, 3 farms with both BTV serotypes 1 and 8 and 52 farms with BTV serotype 8. The new map and the report from the French Ministry of Agriculture (in French) can be found here (pdf). The green areas show the zones around serotype 1 and 8. The large map (on pdf file) shows the geographical location of the affected farms.

Sept 1 2009 ~ Scotland. Random testing will be carried out by staff from the Government's five Animal Health Area offices

August 28 2009 ~ Sessions on Bluetongue at the BVA Congress in September

August 17 2009 ~ real-time RT-PCR-based molecular assays for the identification and typing of bluetongue viruses

August 11 2009 ~ 53 premises in France now affected by Bluetongue this year

August 11 2009 ~ BTV1 Protection Zones in France close to the Channel

August 6/7 2009 ~ "I think that the core Stakeholder Group is a positive step forward from 2001, hopefully something we can and will build on."

Tuesday 4th August ~ No preventative action to be taken against BTV1 before its arrival

Tuesday July 28 2009 ~ JAB is concerned that vaccination rates are dropping

Tuesday July 21 2009 ~ Bluetongue in Holland - it was a false alarm

July 16 2009 ~ This year's first case of Bluetongue in Holland

July 6 2009 ~ Bluetongue Disease: Vaccination - Hansard

July 2 2009 ~ Institute for Animal Health bluetongue and AHS experts will be available to talk with every day at the Royal Show (7-10 July, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire)

July 1 2009 ~ No ban on imports

June 26 2009 ~ "The only thing that will change this is an outbreak or scare. ... We thought we were doing a better job than that."

June 13 2009 ~ "Scottish response to bluetongue disease where compulsory vaccination has been an incredible success story" Nicky Paull

June 11 2009 ~ Simon Hall, (who succeeds Charles Milne), will run Scotland's compulsory bluetongue vaccination campaign

June 5 2009 ~ BVA's Nicky Paull says the veterinary profession was left in the dark about vaccine price cut.

June 2 2009 ~ Nigel Gibbens warns farmers to vaccinate.

May 28 2009 ~ "With that threat now over.. "?

May 22 2009 ~ Rumours continue that vaccinates' fertility is affected. Why have these not been adequately scotched?

May 21 2009 ~ Scotland. Nigel Miller says, "The vaccination programme has gone incredibly well"

May 19 2009 ~ What does Bluetongue vaccination cost in France?

May 19 2009 ~ Dr Watkins thanks all those who sent contact details for Countryfile.

May 19 2009 ~ 15% only across England and Wales

May 18 2009 ~ "There is no facility to email Countryfile with my views on their unbalanced reporting..."

May 15 2009 ~ Scottish buyers don't want unvaccinated store cattle from England

May 15 2009 ~ France: The 2 confirmed cases which slipped through the 80% vaccination campaign in Maine-et-Loire

May 14/15 2009 ~ Two more cases in France

May 13 2009 ~15oC - a key temperature which is recognised to raise midge activity and enable the bluetongue virus to replicate.

May 11 2009 ~ "a number of scanning and targeted surveillance measures in place..."

May 11 2009 ~ Dai Davies warns the Welsh

May 7 2009 ~ Bluetongue vaccine prices to be cut

May 3 2009 ~ ProMed's comment on the BTV1 outbreak in France

May 1 2009 ~ Yesterday was the deadline for all Scottish farmers to have their livestock protected against the virus. Cumbrians now urged to vaccinate

April 30 2009 ~ Bluetongue returns to France - in an alpaca

April 24 2009 ~ DEFRA's "tough new import testing regime" planned - after criticism about wasted vaccine

April 23 2009 ~ Jane Kennedy: No orders have been placed for supplies of BTV-1 vaccine

April 23 2009 ~ French Minister praises the biggest vaccination campaign ever undertaken in France

April 22/23 2009 ~"reaching the key temperature of 15C has made the need to protect livestock against the disease critical..."

April 22/23 2009 ~Fort Dodge Zulvac 8 Ovis® Bluetongue sheep vaccine is now licensed and available in the UK from vets.

April 20 2009 ~ BTV origin in Europe: " no single convincing hypothesis has been proposed"

April 16 2009 ~ Beware maternal transmission non-vaccinating farmers are warned

April 14 2009 ~ Jersey now vaccinating against serotype 1

April 13 2009 ~ Dutch admit mistake with stranded heifers

April 9 2009 ~ Benefit of bluetongue vaccine remains unchallenged - says a summary prepared by the French National Agency for veterinary medicinal products (ANMV-AFSSA)

April 9 2009 ~ The importation of cattle from the Netherlands to the Republic of Ireland has left two Dutch animals stranded at Stranraer.

April 6 2009 ~ Welsh Assembly says it may sell off unused vaccine to other EU countries

April 6 2009 ~The first combined vaccine against both strain BTV8 and BTV1 has been developed for Europe by Fort Dodge

April 1 2009 ~ Fort Dodge vet, David Bartram, says, non-immune calves "must not be vaccinated before the immune system is able to effect a durable response to the vaccine"

April 1 2009 ~ Professor Peter Mertens warns that virus can travel like "aerial plankton"

March 31 2009 ~ " losing a cow would cost more than vaccination"

March 30 2009 ~ "The vaccination against bluetongue disease is not responsible for the blood sweaters, says expert Distl"

March 30 2009 ~ Blood sweaters: "there may also be something new to science.... Antibodies derived from BVD (Bovine Virus Diarrhea) vaccine and bluetongue antibodies present in colostrum may fix together in individual cells in calves of certain genetic make ups....

March 29 2009 ~ "waiting in the hope that a dual strain vaccine is around the corner will leave you susceptible this summer to infection. " Nicky Paull

March 28 2009 ~ Information received about Merial's BTVPUR AlSap 8 vaccine and young stock

March 27 2009 ~ what percentage of livestock farmers in each region have vaccinated their livestock against bluetongue disease

March 26 2009 ~ Merial ready to respond to readers' questions about timing for the vaccination of young lambs and calves. Fort Dodge too is "on the case"

March 25 2009 ~ "The entire country's livestock industry is at stake if we fail to protect our flocks and herds"

March 23 2009 ~ Questions and queries - Bluetongue Conference March 30

March 23 2009 ~ Questions and queries - Bluetongue Conference March 30

March 20 2009 ~ Bluetongue Stakeholder Conference on Monday 30th March

March 19 2009 ~ Approval for Merial's BTVPUR AlSap 8 in 5 days instead of six weeks

March 19 2009 ~ First batch of BTV8 vaccine expired on March 1, 35,000 doses are to be thrown away in England.

March 16 2009 ~ 95% of cattle were vaccinated in Holland last year because farmers were actually seeing cows with bluetongue symptoms.

March 16 2009 ~ The BTV6 zone in the Netherlands and Germany was lifted as of 5 March.

March 14 2009 ~ "one or two farmers had asked: should we bother to vaccinate..."

March 13 2009 ~ French farmers warned that vector activity has resumed

March 11 2009 ~ Scots are no longer importing animals susceptible to Bluetongue

March 10/11 2009 ~ EU Bluetongue vaccines show a "good safety record"

March 9 2009 ~" the public are not aware of these regional breeds and their significance in defining our countryside..."

March 8 2009 ~ MP Geoffrey Cox is calling for all livestock farmers to take advantage of the next few weeks and vaccinate their animals against Bluetongue before the warmer weather sets in.

March 6 2009 ~ JAB 2009 says, "Take advantage and vaccinate your animals before turning them out to protect them from the threat of bluetongue."

March 5 2009 ~" investigations suggest that no virulent BTV6 virus strain has circulated in the Netherlands or Germany"

March 4 2009 ~ "One in four livestock producers are unlikely to vaccinate against bluetongue this year.."

March 3 2009 ~ Emerging diseases: "controlling them will take a co-ordinated European and international approach"

March 3 2009 ~ "Farmers just hadn't realised the true risk and severity of bluetongue disease"

March 2 2009 ~ Bluetongue vaccine - expiry date concerns

March 2 2009 ~ DEFRA's overall contribution to Bluetongue Virus research

March 1 2009 ~ Vaccine price rising by 25%?

February 25 2009 ~ "wind spread of infected midges to the UK is not unlikely this summer..."

February 24 2009 ~"Alternative areas, such as antivirals, siRNA, interferon and nanotechnology, may be of future use in the control of Bluetongue.."

February 22/23 2009 ~ Bluetongue in Norway. "This is not a current outbreak."

February 20/21 2009 ~ First case in Norway

February 19 2009 ~ "good news for Merial and industry professionals throughout Europe who have put their faith in vaccination as part of the strategy to control bluetongue."

February 19 2009 ~ Extending date of expiry in unused vaccine stocks

February 16 2009 ~ 8 cattle holdings infected with Bluetongue serotype BTV-11 in Belgium

February 13 2009 ~ There may not be a midge in sight but now is the time to start thinking about protecting stock from bluetongue

February 13 2009 ~ Almost total coverage is essential - otherwise, while individual animals might be protected, the country will not be.

February 12 2009 ~ IAH says that the perceived value of Pirbright's bluetongue unit is £45m

February 11 2009 ~ BVA president, Nicky Paull, says Government leadership should rekindle vaccination momentum

February 11 2009 ~ BTV11 in Belgium - "This cow has tested positive for antibodies only and no virus has been discovered" Sabine Zentis.

February 11th 2009 ~ "cattle have been imported into the UK and subsequently found to be carriers of bluetongue, despite having been allegedly tested before shipping" -

February 11th 2009 ~ Importers vilified - in spite of preparations and expert advice

February 10th 2009 ~ "I can tell you it is a quite terrible illness that causes animals great pain.."

February 6th 2009 ~ Jakob Pustjens will spend Thursday at Thirsk auction mart describing his experiences to farmers and urging vaccination

February 6 2009 ~ New Bluetongue virus strain in Belgium- BTV11

February 6 2009 ~ How far is "climate change" responsible for BTV in Northern Europe?

February 5 2009 ~ "...an isolated PCR test for Blue tongue may cost £30. However....."

February 4 2009 ~ "PCR tests for bluetongue currently cost £30 a head before laboratory and veterinary charges are included"

February 3 2009 ~ "...you never think that bluetongue will affect you, until it does"

February 3 2009 ~ When Bluetongue returns there will be a shortfall of 16.3 million doses of vaccine to protect all livestock in England

February 2 2009 ~ Scotland's compulsory vaccination campaign is working

February 2 2009 ~ "anything less than 80 per cent of livestock protected against bluetongue means we will not control the disease."

February 1 2009 ~ No complacency from those who have seen the effects of Bluetongue

January 30 2009 ~ Importers should bear the cost of bluetongue testing, says NFU

January 29 2009 ~ The NFU in Wales has scotched the rumours that Bluetongue vaccine can cause abortion

January 20 2009 ~ PLAPROVA - Animal disease vaccines from plant proteins

January 18 2009 ~ Ramsak helps with vaccination drive.

January 17 2009 ~ Vaccine against BTV1?

January 16 2009 ~ Bluetongue serotype 8 in Italy and urgent movement restrictions in Sardinia

January 12 2009 ~ Western Isles: Crofters call for vaccination to be voluntary as it is in the Shetland Islands

January 6 2009 ~ No news on DEFRA bluetongue page since December 19

January 4 2009 ~ "Epidemiological investigations into the Dutch and German BTV-6 outbreaks are still continuing..."

December 19 2008 ~ All the progress we have made could be reversed...

December 18 2008 ~ More bluetongue in Austria

December 18 2008 ~12 cattle near Crewe test positive for BTV8

December 18 2008 ~ Lord Livsey of Talgarth asked whether the government would introduce emergency legislation to prevent the live import of susceptible animals

December 18 2008 ~ The Times publicises a radio programme on BBC World Service "One Planet -The Battle Against Bluetongue "

December 17 2008 ~ Guaranteed vaccine orders in Europe could leave England running short in the event of an outbreak

Tuesday 16 December 2008 ~ No tender for vaccine in 2009

Monday December 15 ~ Bluetongue round-up on latest ProMed posting.

Dec 15 ~ Vaccination starts in Southern Sweden for all farmed ruminants

Saturday December 13 2008 ~ Austria - a two-month-old calf with no clinical symptoms tests positive for bluetongue

December 12/13 ~ "inactive vaccine should not contain any live virus, so recrudescence could not occur in vaccinated animals, only in those which were naturally infected and had since recovered..."

Friday Dec 12 2008 ~ The SCOFCAH proposals could overhaul the way the EU tackles bluetongue.

Dec 12 ~ "potential hurdles in the way" - the cost of proper surveillance

Dec 12 ~ The threat from France

Thursday Dec 11 ~ "It is a pity that these decisions, particularly those covering the import of animals from areas where bluetongue is rife, were not made earlier in the year.."

Wednesday December 9/10 2008 ~ "A positive PCR result indicates that viral RNA is present in an animal; it does not on its own indicate that active ("live") virus is present."

December 7 2008 ~ The term "carrier" is open to misinterpretation. A PCR positive result doesn't always mean the animal is infective for the midge

December 5 2008 ~ EU Commission is urged to establish a European Bluetongue vaccine bank

December 5 2008 ~ Can the Commission explain why it is planning a vaccine bank for African Horse sickness but not for Bluetongue virus?

December 4 2008 ~ Prionics offers the PrioCHECK(R) BTV DR, a diagnostic test that detects all 24 BTV serotypes known.

December 4 2008 ~ " EU to rewrite vaccination and livestock movement rules" says Farmers Weekly

December 4 2008 ~ Yesterday's EU decision brings pre-emptive vaccination nearer

December 2 2008 ~ DEFRA's Bluetongue Control Strategy has been updated.

December 1 2008 ~ SCOFCAH to discuss plans to re-vamp Europe's bluetongue controls tomorrow

November 30/ Dec 1 2008 ~ they 'know' because the labs are too secure that Bluetongue type 6 did not escape from the Central Veterinary Institute (Wageningen)

November 30/ Dec 1 2008 ~ Report from the Symposium Emerging vector borne viral diseases - Lelystad, November 28, 2008

November 27 2008 ~ "inactivated vaccines against BTV serotypes 1, 2, 4, and 8 should be currently available.....the industry needs EU coordination - Member States to launch a call for tender ... rapidly followed by confirmation of orders ..."

November 27 2008 ~ ProMed posting on BTV1 in the UK and BTV-1 ex France, BTV-6 in the Netherlands

November 25/26 2008 ~ Pre vaccination blood tests should be undertaken by the exporter and insisted on by the importer

November 25/26 2008 ~ "Regarding the origin of the BTV-6 strain.. the "flower" route has yet to be ruled out, but is far from being confirmed.."

November 25 2008 ~ BTV1 in North West - reports from both Farmers Guardian and Farmers Weekly

November 25 2008 ~ BTV1 is now in England, a farm in the North West, near Blackpool.

November 25 2008 ~ Only a properly encouraged vaccination coverage can stop Bluetongue in its tracks - post import checks won't do it.

November 25 2008 ~ What systems exist to monitor the prevalence of blue tongue disease throughout the UK? asked James Paice

November 24 2008 ~ EFSA's attempt to assess risks linked to Bluetongue transmission during transit

November 23 2008 ~ "Due thanks MUST be given to researchers at Pirbright, who have done a fantastic job in unwravelling the conundrums that the appearance of BTV in Europe posed."

November 22 2008 ~ "Not a single vet in the room could report a genuine side effect in cattle sheep or goats which was not subsequently explained by other disease or mishap."

November 21 2008 ~ Nigel Miller: "We need a UK-wide health policy and we need it now.".

November 20 2008 ~ "DEFRA remains alert to the spread of BTV-1..."

November 20 2008 ~ Vaccination in the north of England "may be less than 40 per cent." - and over 5 million pounds-worth of BTV-8 vaccine remains unsold

November 20 2008 ~ East Yorks NFU "delighted with the way farmers have responded" - but questions remain

November 19 2008 ~ EU proposals to permit vaccination in disease free areas

November 19 2008 ~ More cases of BTV1 found in France yesterday and today

November 14 ~ BTV-6 - That only one to 2 animals per holding have been found infected by BTV-6 on each affected farm "is puzzling"

November 14 ~ Origins of this "enigmatic outbreak" of BTV6 not yet solved

November 14 ~ BTV-6 "...more needs to be done to determine and confirm the origin of this outbreak"

November 12/13 ~ vaccination plan for 2009 will be published "by December of this year"

November 11 2008 ~ Christiane Glossop warns "the risk of bluetongue continues to be high"

November 10 2008 ~ Updated map of European restriction zones from EU

November 9/10 2008 ~ BTV-1 - "a significant leap of this virus"

November 9/10 2008 ~ BTV-6 "source of the infection and/or the route of its introduction remain, for the time being, unknown"

November 8 2008 ~ Agrarisch Dagblad report on BTV-1 in the Netherlands

November 7 2008 ~ "inspection authorities are always one step behind or cannot get a grip on the complicated networks of trade contacts and transport movements"

November 7 2008 ~ BTv-6 - EU Commission plans to reevaluate the situation and measures on 11 Nov 2008.

November 7 2008 ~ More on the virus "Toggenburg Orbivirus [TOV]"

November 7 2008 ~ Extract from pdf file "Genetic Characterization of Toggenburg Orbivirus, a New Bluetongue Virus, from Goats, Switzerland"

November 7 2008 ~ Qiagen has licensed a molecular assay to detect all 24 strains of bluetongue.

November 6 2008 ~ Merial says, "..nothing in the pipeline for BTV-6."

November 6 ~ And now, more cases of BTv6, this time in Germany

November 5 ~ First case of Bluetongue in Austria - vaccination to take place in 150 km ring

November 4 2008 ~ The government does not know how many bluetongue vaccines have been administered in the last 12 months

November 3 2008 ~ When to vaccinate pregnant animals against Bluetongue

November 2/3 2008 ~ The compulsory vaccination of more than 7 million cattle and sheep in Scotland begins

November 2/3 2008 ~"Swiss virus is clearly a novel bluetongue virus (BTV), not a mutant/recombinant/reassortant of previously characterised viruses"

October 31 2008 ~ An extra 100 million euros on fighting bluetongue in 2009, on top of the 60 million euros already pledged

October 31 2008 ~ Netherlands BTv6 report : "The virology is excellent and the conclusions are carefully worded..." says ProMed

October 31 2008 ~ New strain of BTv in Switzerland, says Farmers Guardian

October 24 2008 ~ BTV6 is the "new" strain found in Holland

October 24 2008 ~ "persistent rumours are gradually taking momentum away from the vaccination programme..."

October 23 2008 ~ New vaccine supplier on the block

October 22 2008 ~ Holland's supposed "ban on breeding" - (and the "new" strain seems to be limited to the three farms)

October 22 2008 ~ ProMed carries Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, press release

Oct 22 2008 ~ Can the Dutch have really banned animals from breeding during the ban?

October 22 2008 ~ Wales: "I am sure that many if not most farmers will vaccinate in the Spring of 2009. Some locals have said as much to me."

Oct 22 2008 ~ Scotland: "This worrying development serves as a sharp reminder.."

October 21 2008 ~ If animals are tested negative with this ELISA it does not mean that they have not been vaccinated, says VLA

October 21 2008 ~ "sometimes there are larger interests at stake" - the story of the possible new strain in the Netherlands

October 21 2008 ~ Questions needing answers

October 20 2008 ~ Dutch agriculture department has ordered a export ban for breeding cattle from 6.00 pm today

October 19 2008 ~ ProMed comment on the apparently new strain in Holland

October 18 2008 ~ New serotype discovered in Holland?

October 16 2008 ~ Switzerland - GIS and transmission models used to improve larger and more targeted surveillance

October 15 2008 ~ "Our fear is that without adequate funding we will not be able to maintain the high standards of livestock disease control and provide such vigorous enforcement."

October 13 2008 ~ Eradication cannot result from unco-ordinated piecemeal action in Europe

October 13 ~ If the vaccination message has not got through, why hasn't it?

October 12 2008 ~ "stop pushing the golden egg over the edge!"

October 9 2008 ~Compulsory bluetongue vaccination in Scotland starts on November 3 for all cattle and sheep

October 7 2008 ~ French cases of both serotypes continue to rise. BTv1 zone continue to extend northwards

October 6 2008 ~ "We can definitely say that any rumours of health issues with the vaccine are just nonsense" Malcolm Corbett, North East livestock representative, NFU

October 3 2008 ~ Veterinary expert, Dr Johannes Winkelmann, says peak periods for bluetongue infection are September, October and November.

September 30 2008 ~ Welsh Liberal Democrat, Kirsty Williams, urges farmers not to import - and to vaccinate.

September 29 2008 ~ "peanuts compared with the cost of treating even a couple of sheep which get the disease "

September 28/29 2008 ~ "All the rumours re the vaccine causing infertility and abortion are tosh- the real and actual risk is the infection with the BTV8 virus...."

September 26/27 2008 ~ "DEFRA has given farmers a chance to show that we can act collectively and responsibly"

Sept 25 2008 ~ Ruthin: the risk of transmission is "negligible"

Sept 25 2008 ~ The march of BTv1 in France

Sept 23 2008 ~ "mine were the only vaccinated female sheep offered for sale out of over four thousand auctioned in Llandovery mart...."

Sept 22 2008 ~ First batches of Fort Dodge cattle vaccine, Zulvac, in the UK today

Sept 22 2008 ~ "low levels of seroconversion post-vaccination should not put people off vaccinating their stock..."

September 22 2008 ~ "this detailed, pacifying information will encourage animal breeders... to complete the timely vaccination.."

Sept 20 2008 ~ Third Denbighshire bull confirmed after further tests.

September 19 2008 ~ Fears that vaccine may affect breeding has led many to leave vaccine in the fridge. "Bloody idiots," says Alun Edwards of the FUW

September 19 2008 ~ Vilnius Conference press release "permanent surveillance and vaccination: best tools for containing bluetongue"

September 18 2008 ~ Wales - 7 cattle are being re-tested to discover the "extent" of the infection

September 18 2008 ~ The Netherlands considers buying BTv1 vaccine

September 18 2008 ~ "cynical" Scottish farmers reminded of the midge's ability to live in cold climate

September 17 2008 ~ Romania reports bluetongue test results from animals imported from the UK

September 16/17 2008 ~Scotland: "Around seven million farm animals will be vaccinated to stop the "clear and present threat" of the bluetongue virus"

September 16/17 2008 ~ Bluetongue tests positive in Denbighshire (Wales)

September 16/17 2008 ~ "the maximal period when ruminants are thought to be infectious to competent insect vectors..."

September 15 2008 ~ German Bluetongue Expert coming to Hexham Northumberland

September 15 2008 ~ "So many rumours are circulating regarding this problem, many of which are totally untrue"

September 15 2008 ~ "narrowing down the list of suspects"

September 13 2008 ~ Hungary has its 1st case of bluetongue

September 13 2008 ~ Switzerland: "Unvaccinated cows, sheep, and goats currently returning from summer pastures, should be vaccinated immediately".

September 12 2008 ~ More post import tests show traces of Bluetongue

September 11 2008 ~ Cattle in Somerset have "tested positive"

September 11 2008 ~ If active BTV is not present, there is no actual risk of further infection or spread..."

September 11 2008 ~ Recent evidence indicates a drop or delay in take-up of vaccine in counties recently brought into the PZ.

September 10 2008 ~ Bluetongue in 18 imported cattle in County Durham

September 10 2008 ~ Fears of importing serotype 1 from France

September 8 ~ Bluetongue in Sweden

Sept 6/7 2008 ~ Vaccination guidelines, UK

September 6 2008 ~ ProMed posting on situation in Germany and France

September 6 2008 ~ The question of how bluetongue virus survives through the winter

Sept 4 2008 ~ New cases of BTV1 in South West France

Sept 4 2008 ~ Devon MP Richard Younger-Ross questions why imported cattle are tested on arrival rather than before export.

Sept 4 2008 ~ Tiverton BTV positive heifers showing no visible signs of bluetongue

Sept 4 2008 ~ A new technique for genetically "bar-coding" biting midges

Sept 3 2008 ~ Worrying new cases in South West France

September 3 2008 ~Bluetongue: SCFCAH agenda

September 2 2008 ~ Clarification - Vaccine (vaccine uses killed virus) itself cannot, of course, produce viraemia.

September 1 2008 ~ Intervet has found low level viraemia in vaccinated animals after vaccination. (Please see clarification above)

September 1 2008 ~ Nigel Gibbens defends the decision not to slaughter the animals at Tiverton

August 31st 2008 ~ Mass vaccination can begin in Wales tomorrow

August 30th 2008 ~ BTv-1 on the march northwards in France

August 29th 2008 ~ More bluetongue imports

August 29th 2008 ~ First new case in Denmark

August 28 2008 ~ Bluetongue vaccine may arrive too late to help Cumbrian farmers

August 28 2008 ~ Cow infected in Switzerland between first and second vaccination

August 28 2008 ~ "It was entirely predictable..."

August 27 2008 ~ Post import testing has found Bluetongue in imported rams in Southern England

August 27 2008 ~ Scotland - the price of delay

August 25 2008 ~ Grim statistics from France

August 22 2008 ~ Pictures of misery

August 22 2008 ~ "alleged that the uptake of voluntary bluetongue vaccination in the areas south of Cumbria and Northumberland has been alarmingly low"

August 21 2008 ~ Scotland reacts to news that all England will be a PZ by September

21 August 2008 ~ Welsh unions are worried some producers may gamble and wait to vaccinate their animals next spring to save money.

20 August 2008 ~ Bluetongue Protection Zone will be extended into Northumberland and Cumbria "shortly", says DEFRA.

20 August 2008 ~" the north of England and Scotland may well be hit harder by bluetongue disease.."

20 August 2008 ~ First Swiss case in 2008 - in an unvaccinated sheep

18 August 2008 ~ Wales: "Farmers who intend to take their animals to sales in the current disease-free areas of Scotland and northern England are advised to move them before the end of August "

16 August 2008 ~ five new cases in the north of the Netherlands confirmed yesterday

16 August 2008 ~ "....the challenge is really to try and persuade Scotland to speed up its vaccination programme so that everyone is in the same zone as quickly as possible...."


15 August 2008 ~ NFU Scotland is calling for a halt in the bluetongue vaccination programme before it reaches the north of England..

While one sympathises of course with the Scottish farmers, the idea that vaccination should be halted just at the most critical time for midge activity is not helpful. It seems that even Nigel Miller himself realises this. As the FWi says, "he conceded that it was an issue for DEFRA and farmers south of the border to decide."
The article concludes with the acknowledgement from NFU chief livestock adviser Dylan Morgan that the over-riding consideration was halting the spread of bluetongue.

15 August 2008 ~ "in contrast to the 2008 situation in continental Europe, no renewed BTV-8 circulation has been recorded on the British Isles so far..."

15 August 2008 ~ The adjuvants present in Bluetongue vaccine can cause false positives on TB tests

15 August 2008 ~Sheep farmers are being advised not to use the vaccine within two weeks either side of tupping

14 August 2008 ~ "the need for a concerted effort from the livestock industry to reignite their interest in vaccination"

11 August 2008 ~ Defra: "As of 00.01 Monday 11 August 2008 the Protection Zone will be extended again...

8 August 2008 ~ Why is the Lake District - with all its hill farms and sheep - still left out of the PZ?

7 August 2008 ~ 2008 virus in Holland

6 August 2008 ~ All Wales to become PZ by the end of the month, it is hoped

5 August 2008 ~ Protection zone set to extend further on Thursday (August 7) after Merial delivered the first batch of its 13 million doses

1 August 2008 ~ The strain originates from sub-Saharan Africa

1 August 2008 ~ New EU -wide Bluetongue legislation comes into force today

31 July, 2008 ~ Current situation in France

31 July, 2008 ~ vaccination programme "at risk of becoming a victim of its own success": Peter Morris

July 28 2008 ~ " potentially very damaging to Scotland's livestock, let alone livestock throughout the EU...".

July 26 2008 ~ PZ expands again on Monday 28th July

July 25 2008 ~ There may not be an absolute vector-free period in some areas, says EFSA

July 24 2008 ~ Cumbria is not yet in Protection Zone

July 21 2008 ~ Latest map of zones

July 21 2008 ~ Insecticide manufacturer PelGar International has published a free booklet

July 21 2008 ~ Wales may change its strategy to incorporate the whole of Wales in a protection zone.

July 18/19 2008 ~ In Wales, the roll-out of bluetongue vaccine has suffered a setback.

July 17 ~ Protection Zone will be extended again on Monday 21 July

Monday 14 July ~ "a particular threat to our Farm Animal Genetic Resources"

Monday 14 July ~ PZ extended today..

Saturday 12 July ~ "It's all very well talking about the successes of bluetongue, but what hope is there of people working together now?"

Friday 11 July ~ The National Beef Association says breeders looking for replacements, or store stock for feeding, will soon require proof of vaccination before they purchase

Friday 11 July ~ Risk involved if pregnant cows are imported

Wednesday July 9 ~The new declaration comes into force on the 14 July 2008 at 00.01.

Wednesday July 9 ~ a DNA-based system has been developed that may "pave the way for the development of a highly safe, and successful vaccine against bluetongue"

July 8 ~"From today, the details on the VLA webisite of our turnaround time for the Bluetongue PCR have been modified..."

July 8 ~ NFU and BVA "fully supportive of this investigation"

Tuesday 8 July ~ widespread ignorance around about the seriousness of the disease

Tuesday 8 July ~ no infrastructure in place for accurate checking on the numbers of vaccinates

Tuesday 8 July ~ A worrying abrogation of responsibility

Monday July 7 2008 ~ The Protection Zone will be extended again today

July 3/4 2008 ~ The VLA addresses concerns about the turn round time for the Bluetongue PCR, particularly for goat breeders.

July 3 2008 ~ South West Wales will be next

July 3 2008 ~ Experts have predicted an early influx of the Culicoides midge

July 3 2008 ~ Scotland's vaccine is to be available in 100ml bottles only.

July 2 2008 ~ Another new case in France

July 2 2008 ~ Testing other ruminants for export "...the turn round for these tests is 7 working days! How on earth are we meant to cope with this?"

July 1 2008 ~ PCR test for Bluetongue

Tuesday July 1 2008 ~ Vaccine arrives in South East Wales

June 30 2008 ~ PZ now covers the whole of France

June 29 2008 ~ "..may be the best option from the point of view of trade restrictions in the short term, but it is not the best way of controlling spread and therefore of protecting trade in the longer run."

June 27 2008 ~ NFU Scotland has welcomed the announcement that the Scottish Government has placed its order for Bluetongue vaccine

June 27 2008 ~ Zones will be extended today. Latest vaccine batch has cleared

June 25 2008 ~ As expected, no order has yet been placed for Bluetongue serotype 8 vaccine (BTV8) for Scotland.

24 June 2008 ~ DEFRA issues New Licence

June 24 2008 ~ Worse and worse..

June 24 2008 ~"I've done my best to explain why but keep feeling I shouldn't have to do this..."

June 24 2008 ~ Fort Dodge has begun to supply Italy with BTV8 vaccine

June 24 2008 ~ "We are based on Dartmoor and to my concern a significant number of our neighbours have decided not to vaccinate .."

June 24 2008 ~ Austria will start vaccinating livestock in the regions bordering Germany from July.

June 23 2008 ~ 3D model of the Blue Tongue virus 5,200,000 times the size of the real thing has been created by Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) engineering researchers

June 23 2008 ~ Open Letter to Charles Milne asks for early vaccination in Scotland to be accompanied by a voluntary import ban while effective vaccination is being completed

June 20 2008 ~ "...as Anna Hill finds out, vaccination is patchy and there is no system in place to monitor how many animals have been treated."

June 20 2008 ~ Federation of Veterinarians of Europe warning revisited

June 20 2008 ~ June 2 batch of vaccine clearing for shipment - we hope

June 19 2008 ~ Roll-out of the vaccine to the South East Wales bluetongue restriction zone "imminent".

June 19 2008 ~ DEFRA's next batch of vaccine from Intervet, already prepared, has been undergoing "rigorous quality control testing"

June 17 2008 ~ "no significant fertility problems have been reported"

June 17 2008 ~ Midgeater and Barrfly technology "This technology is an essential building block in ensuring we can control the disease.." Nigel Miller

June 16 2008 ~ Farmers should vaccinate and not be deterred by unsubstantiated rumour

June 13 2008 ~ Farmers should always read the insert that comes with animal health products says Intervet Animal Health.

June 13 2008 ~ OIE booklet on Bluetongue in Northern Europe

June 12 2008 ~ "English colleagues show that it is very difficult to isolate infectious virus from these calves," says Van Rijn

June 12 2008 ~ consensus for the possible vertical and horizontal transmission of BTV during "vector-free period"

June 12 2008 ~ Welsh Assembly has today announced that they will allow the movement of animals from the English PZ direct to slaughter to designated slaughterhouses in the Welsh Free Area. See movement licence page.

June 11 2008 ~ UK now has two suppliers and Merial is delighted with the order.

June 11 2008 ~ 13 million more doses for England and Wales

June 11 2008 ~ flukicides and wormers.

June 11 2008 ~ Fuel strikes stop vaccination in Germany

June 10 2008 ~ Agrarisch Dagblad on the rapid spread of BTV-8 compared to bluetongue in North America.

June 8 2008 ~ Vaccine is in short supply. The vector free period is now over.

June 7 2008 ~ 136 holdings now....

June 6 2008~ "I'm not sure exactly who should have told me. "

June 4 2008 ~ Germany opts for CZV of Spain to supply 14.8 million doses of BLUEVAC-8

June 3 2008 ~ DEFRA ".. the batch of vaccine which was due this week needs to undergo further testing before it can be released"

June 3 2008 ~ Deer at a Kent woodland have been vaccinated

June 2 2008 ~ Vaccination against bluetongue is expected to begin today in in the current restricted zone in south-east Wales

June 2008 ~ FAQs - Intervet website

May 30 2008 ~"culls would take place at the centre of an outbreak" ???

May 30 2008 ~ Successful vaccination will protect stock and livelihoods

May 30 2008 ~ What about camelids?

May 27 2008 ~ EBLEX online 'how to' guide on Bluetongue vaccination for beef and sheep producers.

May 26 2008 ~ Current Protection Zone map

May 26 2008 ~ Wales will vaccinate in a week's time but supplies could be low

May 23 2008 ~ "from my point of view I have to congratulate the UK, the zones will be extended again and vaccine is available..."

May 23 2008 ~ New Chief Vet

May 22 2008 ~ "Bovilis® BTV8 The data below is specific to the United Kingdom..."

May 19 2008 ~ Bluetongue Protection Zone was extended again at six o'clock this morning

May 19 2008 ~ 12 per cent cut back in Defra funding affects vital animal health work in Mid Wales.

May 18 2008 ~ "Vaccination of animals kept for breeding will reduce the chance of infected calves during the following season"

May 17 2008 ~ Unborn calves can be infected with bluetongue from the mother-cow - says agrarisch Dagblad

May 17 2008 ~ It is likely that the current restricted zone in south east Wales could be declared a Protection Zone within weeks.

May 16 2008 ~ " a real chance of holding the disease in the Eastern counties" - provided there is blanket vaccination

We had been fortunate in terms of midge activity, in having a cold April, and in Intervet's ability to come up with the vaccine sooner than predicted, he said.

May 16 2008 ~ "success depends on vaccine supply and speed of applying it..."

May 16 2008 ~ "a logistical nightmare to get them back in, in batches, to vaccinate cows and their calves when these are at the "right" age"

May 16 2008 ~ DEFRA reports the PZ will be extended again on Monday

May 14 2008 ~ Record lamb prices at Shrewsbury. Can vaccination save UK farming?

May 13 2008 ~ Appeal for bluetongue protection zone status 'as soon as possible' in Wales

May 11 2008 ~ "In the absence of any response from The Scotsman.."

May 10 ~ Report of the National Emergency Epidemiology Group 18 April 2008 [Revised 30 April]

May 9 ~ Declaration and changes to the Zones come into force on the 12 May 2008 at 06:00.

May 9 ~ The Netherlands: No Dutch vet = No Dutch vaccines

May 9 ~ Sheep farmers not impressed by odd advice to delay vaccination in sheep

May 8/9 2008 ~ Are we in danger of forgetting that the reason to vaccinate is to prevent BTV 8 infection, to prevent BTV 8 from spreading further?

May 8/9 2008 ~Defra has today announced that the Bluetongue Protection Zones will be extended and merged on Monday 12 May

May 8 2008 ~ "not all farmers have ordered the BTV vaccine, especially those with large herds and conservation grazing and without access to mobile crushes"

May 8 2008 ~" the Dutch vet can have no grounds to claim the protection is so short that it should only be used in July to cover the next 4 months."

May 7 2008 ~ "we will expand the Protection Zones as soon as that vaccine is available.."

May 7/8 2008 ~ Vaccination of sheep now in May would cover them for the rest of the season, says Dr Ruth Watkins

May 7 2008 ~" It remains to see if vaccination, restricted to PZ's, will contribute to the prevention of BTV-8 spreading to the other regions .." ProMed

May 5 2008 ~ "young animals can be expected to respond well to vaccine from birth"

May 3/4 2008 ~ British Veterinary Association (BVA) website's key considerations for veterinary surgeons

May 3 2008 ~ Vaccine guns cannot deliver 1 ml dose from the 20ml vaccine bottles

May 2 2008 ~ "... wait-and-see policy favoured by farmers is fully supported by the Scottish government."

May 1 2008 ~ "one of the positives to come out of FMD 2001 ....a 'progressive', intelligent and humane response"

May 1 2008 ~ Peter Kendall launches the national campaign "Don't hesitate, vaccinate" from a Norfolk farm today

Thursday May 1 2008 ~ Vaccination should begin today in the protection zone

Wednesday April 30 2008 ~ Postcard campaign well under way in the South East

Tuesday April 29 2008 ~ Intervet has released the first batch of Bluetongue BTV8 vaccine for Northern Europe.

Tuesday April 29 2008 ~ Farmers Guardian Bluetongue Q and A page

Friday 25th April ~ "vaccine could begin arriving at wholesalers next week in readiness for distribution"

25 April ~ "Registering for vaccination with your vet must become a top priority. Do it today. There is huge urgency."

Friday 25th April ~ How to vaccinate. Videos on Farmers Weekly site

Friday 25th April ~ "We have no plans to hold discussions with the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe to discuss DEFRA's vaccination plan."

Thursday 24 April ~ Realisation dawns...not enough vaccine

Thursday 24 April ~ Farmers Guardian will be interviewing some of the key players

Monday 21st April ~ Draft European Commission regulation modifying movement rules now approved.

Sunday 20th April ~ "DEFRA ... will have no way of knowing what percentage of animals in an area or on a holding are vaccinated"

Friday 18th April ~ " ... The second that I can get my hands on the vaccine, it will be done."

Friday 18th April ~ Tim Farron says vaccination for rare breeds should be a top priority

Friday 18th April ~ DEFRA is being persuaded to order 8 million more doses - we hope

Wednesday 16th April ~ "Animal health and welfare is simply too important to remain as at present..

April 16 2008 ~ BBSRC Chief Executive Steve Visscher : "The BBSRC Council and Executive are extremely grateful to Professor Beringer and his review panel for the thoughtful and incisive nature of their report.

Friday April 11 2008 ~"responsibility without power" No-one wants to be the next Chief Veterinary Officer?

Friday April 11 2008 ~ Will inactivated vaccine protect the foetus?

Friday April 11 2008 ~ end the complexities

April 10 2008 ~ Several hundred French farmers block Mont Blanc over compensation

April 10 2008 ~ "Dear members of the Council, and Mrs Androulla Vassiliou..."

April 9 2008 ~ Scots to vaccinate in compulsory campaign....now confirmed...

April 9 2008 ~ Under new EU rules, decided today, vaccinated animals and those considered immune will be free to move from bluetongue zones into bluetongue free areas.

April 9 2008 ~ "....accumulating evidence that infection with BTV-8 during pregnancy in cattle may lead to congenital brain defects..."

April 9 2008 ~ Switzerland has ordered 4 million doses of bluetongue vaccine - from all three manufacturers: Fort Dodge, Intervet and Merial.

April 9 2008 ~ "Many of my cows have again developed bleeding from the nose..."

Tuesday April 8 2008 ~ Are recovered animals really immune?

Tuesday April 8 2008 ~ JAB's progress

Tuesday April 8 2008 ~ Veterinary profession tries to voice its advice and concerns to the Government "not always as successfully as one might have wished"

Tuesday April 8 2008 ~ Bluetongue causes a loss of over 39 million pounds to Dutch Livestock sector

Monday April 7/8 2008 ~ failure to communicate effectively with farmers or with vets, despite "consultations" and road shows

Monday April 7 2008 ~ " High time the whole country was treated as infected and an urgent all out campaign adopted to vaccinate everything..."

Sunday April 6 2008 ~ Direct link to the NBA petition

April 6 ~ " three million doses will be delivered in May"

April 5 ~ " scientists who, if they were truly independent, should be shouting from the roofs of their institutes (or homepages of their websites) .."

April 4/5 2008 ~ Defra officials ignore their own notices

April 4/5 2008 ~ More a plug for themselves than emergency information for worried farmers?

April 3 2008 ~ Bluetongue vaccination roll out plan published

April 3 2008 ~ vaccination "could significantly reduce bluetongue virus circulation .." says Jonathan Shaw - but uninfected zones stymied by EU legislation

April 3 2008 ~ ProMed informed by Pirbright that no new cases infected in past four months "as far as we are aware"

April 3 2008 ~"..... the reality of the "vector-free" season"

April 3 2008 ~ Departments in part of S W France now regulated for both BTV-8 and BTV-1; vaccination will be reassessed to take into account the evolution of the disease.

April 2/3 2008 ~ "the lack of scientific evidence to support an immediate prospect of eradication through vaccination suggests that the case for compulsion is weak." Jonathan Shaw

April 2 2008 ~ Scotland - although the livestock industry is unanimous in its demand for the vaccine, none has yet been ordered

April 2 ~ "We, the undersigned, call upon the European Commission to....:

1/2 April 2008 ~ Dutch appeal to the Commission and Member States to take measures to guarantee free trade of products from vaccinated animals.

1 April 2008 ~ Intervet vaccine granted approval

1 April 2008 ~ Welsh farmers anxious that not enough vaccine is on its way to achieve viable coverage

March 31 2008 ~ Germany moves without waiting for federal regulatory approval

March 31 2008 ~ Merial is the first supplier - to France

March 28/29 2008 ~ "It is expected that France and England can start vaccination in April..."

March 28 2008 ~ Bluetongue in the New Forest

March 28 2008 ~ "Vaccine will be too late for us.."

March 27/28 2008 ~ Intervet's BTV-8 vaccine is about to get official authorisation

March 27/28 2008 ~ Bluetongue serotype 8 in Italy

March 27 2008 ~ "We need to place orders for that vaccine now" Dr Ruth Watkins

March 27 2008 ~ " It seems ridiculous to a virologist to make rules about not vaccinating in the surveillance zone or outside the surveillance zone..."

March 26 2008 ~ The risk of reassortment of individual BTV gene segments

March 25 ~ SCoFCAH to discuss new draft proposals

March 25 2008 ~ "....they should be running a simultaneous petition whereby vaccination with accredited vaccines should be allowed in a Bluetongue-free country like Scotland"

March 24 2008 ~... this complicated and terrible disease": Christianne Glossop

March 20 2008 ~".....what are we worrying about? We can let the whole lot have bluetongue and save a lot of government money."

March 20 2008 ~ The Countess of Mar has raised the serious question of maternal transmission, saying that it is vital that we understand the overwintering process for bluetongue

March 19 2008 ~ 2 more premises

March 19 2008 ~ "We hope...we don't expect anything any more..." Dutch vet, Toon Meesters

March 18 2008 ~ Joint Campaign Against Bluetongue (JAB)

March 15 2008 ~ "Sabine Zentis' exemplary contribution is gratefully acknowledged." - ProMed moderator

March 14/15 2008 ~ Transplacental movement of BTV is being taken very seriously.

March 14 ~ "The 22 million vaccine doses that the Government have ordered will not be sufficient for blanket vaccination in the time necessary. "

Martch 14 ~ Fred Landeg hits back angrily at the FVA, wanting it to 'publicly retract' its statement.

11 March 2008 ~ FVA says the UK Bluetongue vaccination plan "was probably driven by a strong desire to cut costs, and has little to do with animal health and welfare"

11 March 2008 ~ "in terms of logistics and economics, it was preferable to adopt a voluntary approach."

11 March 2008 ~ Fort Dodge: "we are on track to provide much needed vaccine by May..."

11 March 2008 ~ Wales: only enough vaccine for two counties and then only for 70%

10/11 March 2008 ~ Intervet's Bovilis BTV8 "Summary of the Characteristics of the Product"

9/10 March 2008 ~ Can the midges be controlled with insecticides?

Sunday March 9 2008 ~ "Working hypothesis•Transplacental infection of 3 calves..."

Saturday 8 March ~ " Could this be taken to suggest that the BTV-8 virus involved is a vaccine strain after all?"

Friday 7th March 2008 ~ DEFRA's update shows the UK over the 100 barrier for infected holdings

Friday 7th March 2008 ~ Scotland agrees at stakeholders meeting to order Bluetongue vaccine without further delay for all its cattle and sheep

March 7 2008 ~ "The main question is whether the virus has overwintered..."

March 7 2008 ~ Research on the overwintering of the virus

March 6 2008 ~ New Scientist: "EU puts farmers in a bluetongue catch-22"

March 6 2008 ~ News from Brussels

March 6 2008 ~ VAT will be added to the cost of bluetongue vaccine

March 5/6 2008 ~ "...recent observations in Holland and the UK that indicate that ruminant offspring that are weak, still-born, and/or PCR positive are now being born to dams that were infected with bluetongue virus last year"

March 5 2008 ~ Italy has restricted trade from France to vaccinated animals only - and vaccination in France has begun

March 5 2008 ~ NFUS press release on vaccination. Charles Milne will wait for Epic team's economic report on March 21 before advising Richard Lochhead, it seems

March 4 2008 ~ The possibility of maternal transmission is being discussed in The Hague today, along with vaccination strategies

March 4 2008 ~ Bluetongue vaccine production remains on track?

March 3/4 2008 ~ ProMed requests "available scientific evidence" on BTV-8 viraemia observed in bovine and/or ovine foetuses

March 3 2008 ~ "It has now emerged that maternal transmission is another possible means.."

March 3 2008 ~With farmers and vets preparing to vaccinate, Jack Davies and Alistair Driver look at the key questions surrounding vaccination.

March 1 2008 ~ " The European Commission is now looking at changing its rules on animal movements... " Belfast Telegraph

March 1 2008 ~ " The need for vaccination and its urgency have been underlined..

..since the onset of the epizootic in Europe. Already one-season-too-late, significant additional losses may still be prevented. This relates in particular to receptive, not yet infected areas, where the vaccine should be applied before summer 2008" - Mod.AS at ProMed today in a comment following the posting of a summary of the Bluetongue situation throughout Europe (but only as of 8 Jan 2008) and, more particularly, yesterday's FG story about the expected U turn on vaccination in Scotland (below) It seems extraordinarily unfortunate that the urgent need for vaccination in "not yet infected areas" is only now being contemplated by Scotland and by others. We made this point over four months ago in the blog Scotland the Brave when Scots farming bosses were saying they "could not be party to a policy which could expose the Scottish livestock industry to this most dreadful disease" - ie by extending the Protection Zone into Scotland in order to be allowed to vaccinate.

February 29 2008 ~ DEFRA has extended the bluetongue protection zone

February 29 2008 ~ Intervet to supply France

February 29 2008 ~ Northern Ireland have suspended the import of certain cattle and sheep from bluetongue zones

February 29 2008 ~ "..the intention is to extend or modify the zone in order to permit further vaccination"

February 29 2008 ~ U-turn on vaccination from Scottish Government expected next week.

February 28 2008 ~ "DEFRA has admitted it culled the wrong animal

February 28 2008 ~ Danish scientists to investigate if satellites can predict when and where the midges are present in numbers.

February 28 2008 ~ France: "this year it is a matter of limiting symptoms and losses rather than eradication of the disease"

February 27 2008 ~ Some extracts from the French veterinary press..

February 26 2008 ~ "Animal Health" has launched today a free news alert service on notifiable animal disease.

February 26 2008 ~ Merial Licences restored

February 25/26 2008 ~ France way ahead on Bluetongue

February 25 2008 ~ "...unfounded suspicion that somehow vaccination allows animals to be infectious whilst concealing signs of clinical disease."

February 24/25 2008 ~ "Several export countries are playing politics with the Bluetongue virus, so says Veepro Holland Director, Johan van den Berg..."

February 24/25 2008 ~ "these are the kind of things that add fuel to my rage.."

February 24/25 2008 ~ Inadequate vaccine supply seems horribly likely

February 24 2008 ~ "European regulations are not adequate in light of findings that blue tongue is not just transferred by the midge population."

February 24 2008 ~ "the virus will become active again from the middle of March - months before a new vaccine becomes available..."

Sunday February 24 2008 ~ "Dr Dercksen stressed the importance of what he termed as 'loving care' and good animal husbandry..."

February 24 2008 ~ The effect of Bluetongue in the Moselle region of North East France

February 23 2008 ~ A report on the full BTV forum meeting

February 23 2008 ~ Under the Vector Free Period rules, animal movement must be completed by midnight on March 15th, the end of the VFP.

February 23 2008 ~ Scottish Cabinet secretary for rural affairs was questioned on the subject of bluetongue disease by James Irvine

February 22 2008 ~ Bluetongue risk starts "in April" says DEFRA

February 22 2008 ~ Tests are now being carried out on the foetuses of culled animals to check for cow to calf transmission across the placenta.

February 22 2008 ~'no guarantees' where the zones would be extended

February 21 2008 ~ "I have translated the article for your readers because I thought some farmers and vets in England might be interested.."

February 21 2008 ~ "My sister's cow Duchess, infected with BTV-8 in Norfolk, is shortly to calve...."

February 21 2008 ~ "We need the vaccine and we need it now."

February 21 2008 ~"... the mechanism by which the original animal and the calves became infected is uncertain"

February 21 2008 ~Germany announces plans for "mandatory immunisation" on German farms

February 20 2008 ~ "in total 30 animals were culled."

February 20 2008 ~ "....decreased public interest in agriculture in general and in non-zoonotic animal diseases in particular. Most unfortunate to Europe's farmers"

February 20 2008 ~ Welsh farmers anxious about vaccine stocks

February 20 2008 ~ NFU Scotland is inviting farmers from across the North East to its emergency meeting on Bluetongue and Sheep EID meeting on Monday

February 19 2008 ~ Stakeholder Meeting tomorrow

February 18 2008 ~ "... they were not viraemic upon arrival in Wales or Ulster and thus did not seem to pose a real threat to the local livestock..."

February 18 2008 ~ BVA President: "Our fragile farming industry cannot afford this.....We must persuade our clients of the necessity of mass vaccination and our target must be 100 per cent"

February 18 2008 ~ A voluntary scheme was what you wanted, says Hilary Benn

February 18 2008 ~ "Science should not be mixed with a commercial organization"

February 18 2008 ~ "NBA Scotland cannot understand the risk the Scottish Government is prepared to take by not ordering bluetongue vaccine..."

February 16 2008 ~ "farmers will be expected to fork out an average £330 if they want to voluntarily vaccinate their livestock "

February 16 2008 ~ "sporadic "out of season" (the so-called "vector-free" season) cases may still occur."

February 16 2008 ~ Vaccination is likely to be "a farmer hands-on voluntary operation"

February 16 2008 ~DEFRA is unlikely to consider it worthwhile applying for co-funding.

February 15 2008 ~ Fort Dodge: "It's so difficult to pluck numbers out of the air"

February 15 2008 ~ Another imported case. This time, Northern Ireland

February 15 2008 ~ Bluetongue: DEFRA has updated relevant pages

February 15 2008 ~ "While livestock is suffering, the bureaucrats are fighting over budgets."

February 15 2008 ~ France - "has launched a nation-wide vaccination campaign"

February 14 2008 ~ "NBA Scotland cannot understand the risk the Scottish Government is prepared to take by not ordering bluetongue vaccine for general use on livestock farms this summer."

February 14 2008 ~ First case (imported) in Wales "We remain free of the disease" says Christianne Glossop

February 13 ~ By 14:00 on 13 February 2008 there were 79 confirmed premises

February 12 ~ Meetings in Wales

Monday Feb 11 2008 ~ Two more cases over the weekend?

Monday Feb 11 2008 ~ "For regions affected for the first time in 2007, saving the costs for blood tests, whole herd vaccination would be the preferred option"

Monday Feb 11 2008 ~ The vexed question of EU funding to help us eradicate disease...

February 11 2008 ~ what is really behind the UK reluctance to apply for EU funding for Bluetongue?

Sunday 10th Feb ~ Infection predates "non vector period"?

February 9 2008 ~ More surveillance testing is needed.

February 9 2008 ~ "Surveillance must be targeted effectively ... we are making good use of data from existing infected premises, tracings, report cases and pre-movement testing"

February 9 2008 ~ The number of cattle infected in 2007 in the UK will be in the thousands.

February 8 2008 ~ Midges dancing in the vector-free period

February 7 2008 ~ Using only one vaccine producer has drawbacks

February 6 2008 ~ Surveillance Zone extended further into Dorset.

February 5 2008 ~ No problem vaccinating outside the Protection Zone - provided the area is then designated "Protection Zone"

February 4/5 2008 ~ A presentation by Intervet given in Germany has raised some concern about the immunity of cattle

February 4/5 2008 ~ There are no cheap short cuts to eliminate the disease and prevent its spreading to the whole of Europe and Northern Asia.

Monday February 4 2008 ~ The 4 new cases are in Kent, Essex and Haywards Heath

Friday February 1 2008 ~ "We desperately need the vaccine but Defra won't tell us what its intentions are."

Friday February 1 2008 ~ The new zones following today's announcement of Bluetongue

Friday February 1 2008 ~ Not enough doses ordered...dawning realisation

Friday February 1 2008 ~ New scares in Herefordshire, Hertfordshire and Sussex. NFU urges more vaccine to be ordered

Thursday January 31 2008 ~ 60% infection among Dutch cattle.

Tuesday January 29 2008 ~ "huge turnout of farmers for the East Midlands NFU bluetongue meeting

Tuesday January 29 2008 ~ mass-vaccination should be adapted to the unfolding situation - "beyond the declared protection and surveillance zones"

Tuesday January 29 2008 ~ "The next stage should be to persuade the EC to bring its rules pertaining to vaccination against Bluetongue (and indeed other viral diseases of livestock) up to date and relevant to the current situation."

Monday January 28 2008 ~ National Beef Association wants vaccine ordered for Scotland

Monday January 28 2008 ~ SVS vets expected to confirm Cheshire and Shropshire scare was false alarm

Sunday January 27 2008 ~ Scotland: Bluetongue meetings offer a chance to learn from European experience

January 26 2008 ~ new cases of bluetongue in Shropshire and Cheshire

January 25 2008 ~ The vaccination campaign in Holland will start in May

January 25 2008 ~ "While nothing has been finalised, vaccination will almost certainly be voluntary....and lack of surveillance is worrying.

January 25 2008 ~ "Surveillance and vaccination are two sides of the same coin"

January 24 2008 ~ "...practically compulsory by creating pressure on farmers..."

January 24 2008 ~ Farmers still to be " offered the opportunity to purchase vaccine from the bank.."

January 22 2008 ~ Intervet's news about its vaccine

January 21 2008 ~ "mild symptoms suggesting that infection occurred in December and even early January.."

January 21 2008 ~ the beginnings of a ground swell for vaccination in Scotland

Jan 20 2008 ~ Report of the conference at the IAH laboratory at Compton, Newbury

Jan 20 2008 ~" they have to opt for compulsory vaccination because otherwise they won't reach the target and Brussels won't pay"

Jan 19 2008 ~ Scotland -"rigorous monitoring"

Jan 19 2008 ~ First hand report - Brussels Bluetongue Conference

Jan 18 2008 ~ Conclusions - Conference on "Vaccination strategy against bluetongue" Brussels, 16 January 2008

Jan 18 2008 ~ "vaccination will, almost certainly, be on a voluntary, rather than compulsory, basis"

Jan 18 2008 ~ the UK government is adamant that farmers must pay. It is called "Responsibility Sharing"

Jan 18 2008 ~ Conditions to achieve eradication are not met, says Dutch Chief Vet

January 18 2008 ~ "timely vaccination is essential," says ProMed moderator

Jan 18 2008 ~ "necessity should be readily explainable in order to convince the farmers"

Jan 18 2008 ~ Are these indeed new cases, within the period which is expected to be "non-vector"?!

Jan 18 2008 ~ BTV-8 in Spain for the first time - and rather close to the BTV-1 outbreaks

Jan 18 2008 ~ French livestock farmers want the right to vaccinate their own animals

The French department of agriculture have reported some new cases with the total number at the beginning of this week standing now at 15,085.

Jan 18 2008 ~ " This is a catch 22 situation..."

Jan 17 2008 ~ "Our government must not always be so timid when it comes to asking for our money back from the EU."

Jan 17 2008 ~ "I urge the British government to apply for this funding immediately.." Robert Sturdy

Jan 17 2008 ~ Useful website for Wales on Bluetongue and FMD

Jan 16 2008 ~ "We count on all of you," says Markos Kyprianou, "This is a shared endeavour."

January 16 2008 ~ First hand from Brussels. The experienced countries are "pushing for compulsory vaccination".

January 16 2008 ~ nothing on the DEFRA website about any restoration of the SAPO licence at the Merial site.

January 16 2008 ~ Commissioner Kyprianou tells States to get on with ordering vaccine and that costs will be met. But will they in the UK, or will farmers have to pay?

January 16 2008 ~ "We must not allow this problem to drift."

January 15 2008 ~ The agenda for tomorrow's Brussels meeting is now online

January 12/13 ~"The whole integrity of regulations ... very much in the melting pot..".

January 12/13 ~ "Top priority is getting vaccination off the ground - and later they can do their research till the cows come home..."

January 12/13 2008 ~ "are they waiting for a barn door clinical case before they go out to test?"

January 11 2008 ~ Intervet's Bluetongue vaccine is ready.

January 11 2008 ~ A note of the Bluetongue Stakeholder Meeting, 18 December 2007 has now been published on the DEFRA website

January 11 2008 ~ Scotland wants compulsory post-movement testing of susceptible animals

January 10 2008 ~ DEFRA advises worried farmers to get hold of "disused refrigerated vehicle body or a shipping container "

January 8 2008 ~ "These meetings give everyone the opportunity to learn more about the problem and the existing movement restrictions."

January 7/8 2008 ~ Imported animals ~ a small paragraph on page 22 of the UK Bluetongue Control Strategy of August 2007

January 7/8 2008 ~ "a reservoir of infected blood even if all the diseased farm animals were killed off...."

January 7 2008 ~ BTv infected animals imported from the Netherlands to Worcestershire - culled but no compensation payable?

January 7 2008 ~ The EU has yet to decide what costs are eligible.

January 7 2008 ~ "What has happened to the concept of creating an effective barrier to the spread of the virus by using timely vaccination?" asks Dr Irvine

January 4 2008 ~ The country "sliced up" by restrictions

January 4th 2008 ~ for a vaccination programme to be successful every ruminant will need to be vaccinated....we should have started vaccination by now

January 3 2008 ~ Bluetongue Pre-movement testing 2008: Sample submission forms

January 3 2008 ~ More demands for ban on imports from Bluetongue areas of Europe

January 1 2008 ~ Declaration of Bluetongue Zones from Dec 31

January 1 2008 ~ The costs of tests to move from the Surveillance Zone

December 29 2007 ~ "the movement regulations are not clear.."

December 29 2007 ~ "The NFU's position on this would let down not just the exporters but also the buyers"

December 29 2007 ~ " EU countries depend on each other.. I'm completely underwhelmed by all this hypocrisy..."

December 28 2007 ~ The Dutch say that the 20 Worcester heifers were correctly certified

December 28 2007 ~ Scotland's first case of bluetongue virus has been found in a cow imported from Germany.

December 28 2007 ~ How did the Worcester bluetongue cows end up in the Surveillance Zone?

December 28 2007 ~ So many unanswered questions about the vaccination strategy

December 28 2007 ~ anxious farmer is denied a Defra derogation to ease his welfare and economic concerns.

December 27 2007 ~ Blood test costs are inhibiting movement

December 27 2007 ~ Temporary authorisation of use given to Intervet's first vaccine against serotype 8 in France

December 23 2007 ~ ProMed moderator wonders what scientific advice was sought for establishing VFP

December 22 2007 ~ Commission Decision of 30th November - but where is the UK?

December 21 ~ DEFRA confirms VFP

December 21 ~ "We deserve an explanation"

21 December 2007 ~ "It is understood that following an extensive surveillance programme, Defra will announce the amnesty on restrictions in the coming weeks."

21 December 2007 ~ 20 imported cows on premises near Worcester have tested positive for Bluetongue

21 December 2007 ~ "Defra are currently consulting with stakeholders on how a vaccination strategy can be put in place"

Once again, we are concerned at the use of the word "stakeholders". The "stakeholders" with whom DEFRA are consulting - Defra's selected "core group"- do not represent small and family farms, smallholders or companion animal keepers.
The Department's recent announcement of voluntary, rather than compulsory, vaccination has not been widely discussed, and a large portion of the livestock, veterinary and scientific sectors would not agree to support it - if they were to be given the chance of being consulted.

21 December 2007 ~ German exporter's checks for Bluetongue before exporting the Middlesborough cow

20 December 2007 ~ More imported Bluetongue infected cows - from the Netherlands

20 December 2007 ~ "How is infection maintained during the colder time of the year?"

Dec 20 2007 ~ "with new tags it is asking flies to attack sheep as soon as they smell blood "

Thursday 20 Dec 2007 ~ UK sheep are not traceable in the way cattle are - but it is vital that they are vaccinated.

19 Dec 2007 ~ The German veterinary organisation is requesting compulsory vaccination for all bovines

19 Dec 2007 ~ Firm UK vaccine order placed for 22.5 million doses. Farmers to be asked to pay for it in spite of EU agreeing to contribute costs

Dec 19 ~DEFRA "more likely they will want farmers to pay for it from the start and get used to doing so, as the EU won't pick up the tab for ever .."

Wednesday 19 Dec 2007 ~ questions over the safety of allowing animals from EU bluetongue zones into free areas of the UK.

Tuesday 18 Dec 2007 ~ The EU committee agreed yesterday to contribute to the costs for vaccination.

Monday December 17 ~ BVA says rules make no sense

Dec 15 2007 ~ "If DEFRA feel it is safe to forego the declaration of new control and surveillance zones around the Middlesborough cow, then people ought to be free to move animals out of the Surveillance zone into the unrestricted areas without expensive testing."

Saturday Dec 15 2007 ~ Vaccine for Wales

Saturday Dec 15 2007 ~ email received from Sabine Zentis about the imported cow found to be infected with Bluetongue in Middlesborough

Friday December 14 2007 ~ UK imports Bluetongue infected cow.

Friday December 14 2007 ~ The cow "..should never have received papers for export."

Friday December 14 2007 ~ "Member States agreed that the deadline for submitting their vaccination plans for 2008 to the Commission could be 31 January 2008"

Friday December 14 2007 ~ "Vaccines producers provided assurance that they have enough production capacity to supply vaccines for mass vaccination in the EU "

Thursday December 13 2007 ~ Most recent UK bluetongue report (No. 10) does report 66 confirmed BT outbreaks.

Thursday December 13 2007 ~" it will be impossible for the Scottish Government and Welsh Assembly to enjoy the benefit of having a full range of options at its disposal if it has not ordered vaccine and there is none to hand.."

Thursday December 13 2007 ~ "Get vaccine for bluetongue now" Daily Post

Thursday December 13 2007 ~ ProMed's BTV-8 Update for week 48 (26 Nov - 2 Dec 2007)

Wednesday December 12 2007 ~ Has vaccine been ordered or not? The government still "plan to make an announcement on the outcome shortly."

Dec 12 2007 ~ Animal disease cost sharing consultation launched yesterday

Dec 12 2007 ~"....it is surely crazy for Defra to suggest that it should achieve its spending cut targets simply by transferring costs to the industry..."

Dec 10 2007 ~ Accuracy of Bluetongue presentations reporting is questioned

Dec 8 2007 ~ There are now 66 premises on which Bluetongue has been found (Defra website not yet updated) in the existing Protection Zone.

Dec 7 2007 ~ Worries that BTV-8 in the north of France and BTV-1 in the South might meet and cause even more problems are probably groundless

Dec 7 2007 ~ 20 million doses have been ordered by DEFRA for England


Dec 7 2007 ~ "Let them eat hay"

December 7 2007 ~ "work is being done at Tetracore to develop test reagents for on-site Bluetongue testing.."

December 7 2007 ~ " if you think education is expensive then try ignorance."

December 5 2007 ~ The Dutch Ministry has already sent a report of the meeting to all those concerned in its own country

December 5 2007 ~"not only has DEFRA offloaded on to unions, charities and advisory groups the problems of responding at farm business level to bluetongue and foot and mouth, but it has not had the decency to tell them that it has done so."

December 5 2007 ~ "As far as DEFRA is concerned, there are 21 drowning cattle and their newborn calves."

December 5 2007 ~ The case of the stranded cattle. Is the SVS liable under the new Animal Welfare Act for allowing unnecessary suffering?

December 5 2007 ~ "I rather doubt that many who have had to contend with DEFRA over the years will share in the general air of back-slapping. .."

December 5 2007 ~ "It's vital that an effective vaccine is widely available as soon as possible, ideally before next Spring.." Peter Barr CBE

December 4/5 2007 ~A chance to put questions to Merial

December 4 2007 ~ Tests for the bluetongue disease on a Scottish cow returned negative results.

December 3 2007 ~ Who is advising the government on Bluetongue?

December 1 2007 ~ "....The increased budget for 2008 from €52.97.000 in 2007 is mainly due to an increased allocation to counter Bluetongue disease in many Member states."

November 30 ~ " the PZ will be expanded west and vaccination will follow it. Apparently, the PZ can be expanded to cover the whole SZ"

November 30 ~ "There is no timescale currently for any reinstatement of the SAPO licence," Defra spokeswoman

As we reported below, the SAPO licence was revoked yet again following the latest bio-security incident at the Pirbright site. The Farmers Guardian, (Alastair Driver) however quotes a Merial spokesman who says, "We are still confident Merial will be able to supply BTV vaccines in time to protect cows and sheep effectively in Europe next year,"

November 30 2007 ~ Bluetongue has now reached the Czech Republic

November 30 2007 ~ " To hold up vaccination for sheep and cattle until the appropriate vaccination strategy has been decided for goats would not only be highly irresponsible, it would endanger all three species."

November 29 2007 ~ "get out the word that goats will not be spared.."

November 29 2007 ~"at this time of year I would not expect to find the virus on the move significantly out of the control or protection zone" Dr Ruth Watkins.

November 29 2007 ~ "CLA Wales is urging the Assembly Government to stop dallying and order in stocks of bluetongue vaccine to create a firebreak along the border."

November 29 2007 ~ "There appears to be no intelligible strategy as to how the 10 - 20 million doses would be deployed."

November 28 2007 ~ Bluetongue situation in the EU and Bluetongue vaccination strategy for 2008 - items 5 ande 6 on Monday's Agenda in Brussels

November 28 2007 ~The vaccine industry has indicated they can together produce sufficient vaccine for the whole European market.

November 28 2007 ~ When will vaccine be ordered? Which animals will have priority? Why cannot zones be widened?

November 28 2007 ~ "The movement restrictions and the UK export ban have had a particularly heavy impact on hill sheep farmers."

November 26 2007 ~ Is the EU offer to pay for bluetongue vaccine dependent on EU-approved traceability?

November 26 2007 ~ What happened to plans for a National Livestock database?

November 26 2007 ~ Three years later, the UK has no viable Livestock database along Dutch or Irish lines.

November 25 2007 ~ Extraordinary rumour

November 24 ~ "Vector-free periods"

November 24 ~ "We know that properly vaccinated animals do not present any risk." EU commission official

November 24 ~ No mass vaccination until 2009?

November 23 ~ Bluetongue numbers

November 23 ~ Why are the CVOs dragging their feet on ordering vaccines?

November 23 ~"If Brussel decides on compulsory vaccination..."

November 21 2007 ~ "The zones to control movement of animals do not prevent the spread of the infection,"

November 21 2007 ~ Vaccination to be voluntary or compulsory? The decision "has not yet been taken"

November 21 2007 ~ That "bluetongue virus can be sustained over the winter period" is officially admitted

November 21 2007 ~ DEFRA pleased with its communication with farmers

November 19 2007 ~ A basic grasp of virology and maths makes compulsory rather than voluntary vaccination the obvious choice

November 16 2007 ~ Farmers or their vets are not being sent copies of the laboratory report, merely informed by telephone

November 16 2007 ~ "....you cannot count on the winter season. The only means of coping with it is vaccination," Stanislav Jas, livestock policy adviser at Copa-Cogeca

November 16 2007 ~ Amendment Regulations coming into force tomorrow

Tuesday November 13 2007 ~ Mr Benn on BTV vaccination. He does not mention the EU Fax requesting numbers of doses to be ordered

Tuesday November 13 2007 ~ Britain's pastoral landscape risks going to seed unless consumers buy more British beef and lamb

Monday 12 November ~ The preferred option for the EU harmonised approach towards Bluetongue Vaccination is "Mass vaccination using all available types of vaccine in 2008"

Sunday 11 November ~ Farmers in Europe have spent a fortune on repellents without any assured protective effect... no benefit."

Sunday 11 November ~ Talking head talking through hat?

10/11 November 2007 ~ What we can expect next year without vaccination

Saturday 10 November 2007 ~"The French government pay to collect fallen stock, which encourages farmers to report cases"

Saturday 10 November 2007 ~ The farmers seemed surprised to be told that next year's bluetongue infection will be worse -

Friday 9 November 2007 ~ Bluetongue strain BTv-1 in Spain and Southern France

Friday 9 November 2007 ~ The tender for vaccines applies only to England and DEFRA still thinks it is up to farmers to pay

Friday 9 November 2007 ~ "Defra appears reluctant to opt for compulsory vaccination, partly because this would require new legislation."

Thursday November 8 2007 ~ Cases still increasing

Thursday November 8 2007 ~ "Mr Drecksen said he personally favoured compulsory vaccination aimed at eradicating the disease, but this would need the cooperation of Holland's neighbouring countries."

Thursday November 8 2007 ~ Animal health budgets are cut because of a funding shortfall

Wednesday November 7 2007 ~ Moves made towards a common compulsory vaccination programme throughout the EU

Wednesday November 7 2007 ~ " it should be no problem to send animals to the free area if bloodsampled"

Wednesday November 7 2007 ~ The vaccines will be funded by the EU if there is a policy to control BTV-8 in England and Wales

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~ "key decisions apparently not yet been made as to how we are to control its inevitable resurgence in the south of England, and its vicious spread northwards, next year."

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~ Work on bluetongue vaccines at Merial resumes

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~ "No-one can control the midges that spread the disease. It's a very painful thing to work out where the protection zone boundaries should be.."

Tuesday November 6 2007 ~ Wales and Scotland - hoping and waiting?

Monday November 5 2007 ~ The Bluetongue Order 2007

Monday November 5 2007 ~ Deeper and deeper into the mire

Sunday November 4 2007 ~ Scotland rejects bluetongue survival plans

Sunday November 4 2007 ~ DEFRA's 'arbitrary lines' bring chaos to sheep farmers

Sunday November 4 2007 ~ Surely with a negative blood test result and stringent precautions, livestock should be able to move to all parts of the country?

Saturday November 3 2007 ~ Bluetongue Order 2007

Saturday November 3 2007 ~ New EU amendment to Bluetongue controls

Saturday November 3 2007 ~ "I think everybody is reducing their flocks, or going out of sheep, if they can."

November 2 2007 ~ "...wasting endless time arguing about trade matters"

November 2 2007 ~ "The vaccination should be carried out before the expected onset of next year's (2008) BTV season. 2007's season started in north western Europe in June"

November 2 2007 ~ "The vaccine is going to be priced at a level where even with low beef and lamb prices one would assume that people will still do it."

November 2 2007 ~ Merial to resume production "within the next few weeks"

November 2 2007 ~ the breeding sheep sector faces disaster before the end of the year.

November 1 2007 ~ Still no indication of when production could resume at Merial in Pirbright

November 1 2007 ~ "livestock keepers will be offered the opportunity to purchase vaccine from the bank.."???

November 1 2007 ~ " The Government must get a grip of this problem and a vaccine produced."

November 1 2007 ~ The park requested extra time to await the complete results of the blood test but this was not granted and all the sheep were culled.

November 1 2007 ~ ".. the Government has been unprepared. They should have developed a vaccine and the restrictions they are imposing are ludicrous."

November 1 2007 ~ Neigbouring auctioneers co-operate to beat bluetongue controls

Wednesday October 31 2007 ~ "With every passing day, this map looks more like the opening credits of Dad's Army..."

Wednesday October 31 2007 ~ Marks and Spencer has now announced that the price it pays to "some of its farmer suppliers" will return to pre-FMD levels.

Tuesday October 30 2007 ~ The epidemiological report on bluetongue is excellent

Tuesday October 30 2007 ~ Journalists still suggesting that the disease "can be controlled" and that it may not overwinter, still talking of 70% mortality in sheep

Tuesday October 30 2007 ~ Bluetongue epidemiology

Monday October 29 2007 ~ Zones merge

Monday October 29 2007 ~ Royal Veterinary College and BBSRC hoping to fill the veterinary skills gap in disease control

Sunday Oct 28 2007~ A first farm in Switzerland has been confirmed positive for Bluetongue

Sunday Oct 28 2007 ~ Defra 'puts UK last' for bluetongue vaccine

Saturday Oct 27 2007 ~ Ann Widdecombe: "the authorities handled recent foot and mouth and blue tongue outbreaks badly"

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ Robert Forster: it's the EU regulations that need to be changed.

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ "killing the industry in a misplaced determination to control the virus"

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ "the first thing is to have the facts" Transparency and clarity in disease reporting

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ Farming Today - the bottom line on vaccine production by Paul van Aarle

Friday Oct 25 2007 ~ ~ The ELA resolution on a BTV-8 vaccine plan - signatories invited

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~~ Ruth Watkins' proposal for a vaccination plan

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ Are the livestock controls are actually playing any useful part in preventing spread of the disease?

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ 'If the Bluetongue Control Zone is not extended to the whole of the country, we in the CZ are all finished'

Friday Oct 26 2007 ~ "We have no hesitation in calling on all the UK governments, and the European Commission, to commit to immediate vaccine development"

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ Ruth Watkins: "I would like to find out in detail what the diagnostic testing is on bluetongue at Pirbright."

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ Jan Mulder says good vaccines "crucial" in combating disease

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ The website of the German ministry has been updated, case numbers (infected holdings !) are 16.222 and an additional 40 cases in wild ruminants.

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ A third company, Fort Dodge, is developing a BT vaccine

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ Merial and Intervet say that, between them, they could meet demand in 2008, provided there is a plan.

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ Holland orders 1 or 2 million vaccine doses for sheep -decision will be taken on the 6th of November for cattle

Thursday October 25 ~ "Don't let people confuse you, It is just a matter of political will".

Thursday Oct 25 2007 ~ "Fit, clean and off the hills, they are going for burial. Only the sheep-fat will be used, for biofuel."

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ Bluetongue Talk "It went well"

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ France orders 33.4 million doses of vaccine

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~Germany plans to order 5 million doses of BTV8 vaccine

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ British MEPs not up to speed

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ New Bluetongue Zone

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ "We therefore conclude that:- the disease situation does not allow further inaction...."

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~"not having a vaccine is a major risk"

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ The Midges have Landed

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ "When those who rule us go off their heads, it is often the tiny detail rather than the big picture which brings home just how far into the realms of lunacy they have travelled...."

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ bluetongue straitjacket

Wednesday October 24 2007 ~ " the cost of prevention of these diseases ....extremely low compared to the cost of crisis."

Tuesday October 23 2007 ~ New map of control zones

Tuesday October 23 2007 ~ Affected holdings across Northern Europe

Tuesday October 23 2007 ~ "a range of speakers, covering topics including disease diagnosis, treatment, vaccination and control"

Monday October 22 2007 ~ These disease controls are killing animals

Monday October 22 2007 ~ Germany holds emergency meeting to order BTV-8 vaccine

October 21 2007 ~ Vitally important to vaccinate against BTV-8 - for more than the UK

October 21 2007 ~" Issues of trading in the case of vaccination have no logical reason to hold up vaccination policy."

October 21 2007 ~ Vaccination policy for the UK

October 20 2007 ~ The chairman of the British Wool Marketing Board, Frank Langrish, is one of the latest farmers to have livestock infected with bluetongue.

October 20 2007 ~ New cases in the UK, first case of BTV-8 in Italy - urgent need for appropriate vaccine to be ordered now

October 15 2007 ~ "containment of slaughter animals is a step too far"

October 15 2007 ~ German cases now over 14 thousand

October 15 2007 ~ "a fair number of these tough, resilient men tell me that they have had enough..."

October 14 2007 ~ Bluetongue hits goats in Holland

October 14 2007 ~"by a malign stroke of fate....work there is now at a halt while the clapped-out buildings are brought up to scratch."

October 13 2007 ~ Bluetongue outbreak detected in Denmark

October 13 2007 ~ Approved" slaughterhouses means that those outside the Bluetongue Zones have to apply to the Meat Hygiene Service

October 12 2007 ~ Astonishing and alarming spread in Europe

October 12 2007 ~"We welcome this announcement and are grateful for all the work that has been done to make progress in reaching this important stage".

October 12 2007 ~ Movement to slaughter outside the Zone must be allowed - urgently

October 12 2007 ~ Killing business

October 12 2007 ~ "a vital section of our national industry will be suffocated"

October 11 2007 ~ "Entomological research deserves to be prioritized."

October 11 2007 ~ A coming national catastrophe - but consigned to the Letters pages

October 11 2007 ~ "....more than 30 animals have been put down."

October 10 2007 ~ Four cases near Folkstone?

October 10 2007 ~ "I have written to Elin Jones our Minister for rural affairs about bluetongue vaccination and ordering some 40 million doses for Wales"

October 10 2007 ~ Unbelievable

October 10 2007 ~ " It is a Don Quixote fight...because of the vast numbers of midges these measures don't work ."

October 10th ~ The massive accumulation of red dots says it all

October 10th ~ unconfirmed reports that the Bluetongue Protection Zone has been expanded following the discovery of the disease in Essex.

October 10th ~ " If it indeed it is a true case of infection in situ in England, I would fully expect the epidemic to take off next year."

October 10th ~ "Will the Secretary of State confirm that, by a cruel twist of irony, work on a vaccine to protect against bluetongue has been put on hold..."

October 9th ~ DEFRA - "sharing responsibility"

October 9th ~ "Epidemiological data should be complete, including locations, species, morbidity, and mortality".

October 8th ~ "living with these restrictions not as bad as watching animals go down with BT"

October 8th ~ Vaccination for Europe?

October 8th ~ Bluetongue Research cost UK taxpayers 4,000,000 euros (sic)

October 6 2007 ~ " UK farmers haven't understood the implications of declaring GB as a BT zone..".

October 6th 2007 ~ "movements straight to abattoirs outside the restricted zones should be permitted as soon as possible."

October 6th 2007 ~" I pushed very hard for slaughter on suspicion because I felt at the time that it was the right thing to do."

October 6th 2007 ~ A midge repellent recipe

October 6th 2007 ~ From ProMed Mail - Moderator comment

October 5th 2007 ~ General licence for the movement of ruminating animals out of a Bluetongue Protection Zone to slaughter

October 5th 2007 ~ Mr Landeg said that vaccination could lead to the eradication of bluetongue.

October 5th 2007 ~ Don't try using flea repellents

October 5th 2007 ~ Pressure to allow bluetongue vaccine production to restart.

October 5th 2007 ~"Environment secretary Hilary Benn will consider extending East Anglia's bluetongue disease controls to a national zone

October 5th 2007 ~ UK midges and the wonders of research

October 4th 2007 ~ "People are getting very agitated....we have just got to hope that there's a vaccine by the spring."

October 4th 2007 ~ The EU has insisted on a ban of meat exports from inside a 200 kilometre exclusion zone around the FMD cases

October 4th 2007 ~ DEFRA's report from three days ago to SCoFCAH

October 4th 2007 ~ The NFU leaders have rejected the calls for expanding the zone saying "tackling the disease must be the top priority" Without a vaccine?

October 4th 2007 ~ "a live-attenuated BTV-8 vaccine, tested for its safety, has been recently mentioned and remains a subject for discussion"

October 3rd 2007 ~ "The need for urgency cannot be over estimated"

October 3rd 2007 ~ Bluetongue zone can export beef and beef products with NO restrictions, the only restrictions are for susceptible live animals, semen and embryos

October 3rd 2007 ~Michel Barnier, Hilary Benn's French counterpart, calls for laboratories to produce a bluetongue vaccine ready and available for spring 2008.

October 3rd 2007 ~ Farming Today asks "Should the whole of Britain be place under Bluetongue disease restrictions?"

October 2nd 2007 ~ the number of cases of bluetongue in the UK has now reached 19 ....... (20 this evening BBC )

October 2nd 2007 ~ "the decision needs to be based on science.... if they think they need a vaccine and they need it urgently, then I don't really see why they can't start to produce a vaccine at the Merial site for Bluetongue"

October 2nd ~ The NFU is now calling for "every non-scientific obstacle to the development and the deployment of a vaccine" to be removed

October 1 2007 ~ "Checks to ensure that the site is now safe, risk delaying vaccine production."

Monday October 1st ~ Different clinical symptoms between bluetongue and FMD

Monday October 1st ~ BTV-8 vaccine development at Intervet

Monday 1st October ~ "It wouldn't surprise us in the least if there are quite a few more cases..."

Sunday September 30 2007 ~ "deltamethrin can be used as a repellent, again as a pour-on or perhaps as eartags..."

Sunday September 30 2007 ~ DEFRA won't say how many farms have been affected by the new cases.

Sunday September 30 2007 ~ Advice from an expert

Sunday September 30 2007 ~ DEFRA says live virus work may resume at Pirbright "within weeks"

Saturday 29 September ~ a retired Veterinary Surgeon warns that bluetongue could be spread by contaminated needles

Saturday 29 September ~ presentations from the April 2007 BT symposium in Lelystad - interesting papers

Saturday 29 September ~Speeding up the licensing of vaccines

Saturday 29 September ~ We now have the map

Saturday 29 September ~"Hilary Benn will within the next few days consult with the farming industry all over the country."

Saturday 29 September ~ "They also told me if I had the internet I could check out their website...."

Saturday 29 September ~ Eleven cases have so far been detected.

Saturday 29 September ~ BBC still sticking to "nearly 3,000 cases of bluetongue"

Friday 28 September ~ "The hope must lie in vaccination"

September 28 ~ Bluetongue Outbreak confirmed

September 28 ~ "A Control Zone will be set up in east Anglia, as well as a 150km Protection Zone over a wider area stretching west."

September 27 ~ Fifth case

September 27 ~ "Nor is culling sick animals likely to be effective against bluetongue, says Matthew Baylis, a professor of epidemiology at Liverpool University."

September 27 ~ "When I hear stories of milk having to be poured away, calves assembled for export having to be slaughtered and high quality breeding pigs unable to be shipped, I am not just dismayed, I am furious."Peter Kendall

September 27 ~ "Sticky nets?" Reaction to the Farmers Guardian article

September 27 2007 ~ DEFRA have revealed that vaccination will not be used as a front-line defence against the bluetongue virus.