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Dear colleagues
A cow on a farm in southern Netherlands (within the existing 20-km zones, 13 km from the Belgian border and around 50 km from where a case was found near Antwerp) intended for export tested positively for BTV-8 today and so the Netherlands have got their first clear BTV-8 case for this year.
This follows reports from Belgium (now 11 cases?) and Germany (another two in Rheinland Pfalz, adding up to 9 now?)
I enclose some maps, for your information.
While the weather has not been unusually wet and we did not have real summer weather  one would expect (or hope for) around this time of the year, the BTV-8 virus seems to be able to spread. Based on last year's data, it was said that the Culicoides needed average temperatures to be over 18 degrees to be able to breed and spread BTV virus across large areas.
It is expected that the five Member States concerned with BTV-8 will reach a new agreement on movement of livestock between their territories next week.
I've heard that Spain reported BTV-1, which would be the second case of this serotype in Europa, after Sardinia last year. In Southern Europe, serotypes 1,2, 4, 9 and 16 have been found in one or more regions.
yours sincerely
Klaas Johan OSINGA






























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