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DEFRA spent more than £130,000 of taxpayers' money in an attempt to justify the Department's stance in this case. The raw emotions of the Boxster case bring into focus the worry that at present there are many other bovines killed on evidence that may be far from water tight - but most farmers are unable to fight a bureaucracy that is adamant about its own right to withstand challenge

The Champion British Blonde bull, Hallmark Boxster, won his category in every show he entered in 2009. His value can undoubtedly be calculated in five figures - but DEFRA wanted him slaughtered after the gamma interferon test gave a "marginal indication" that he was a TB carrier. His owners continued to maintain that the tests had been incorrectly carried out and they fought for a retest against all the might of a DEFRA determined to slaughter the bull rather than risk it being shown that their test had been wrong.
The bull will be five years old in October 2011 and has been out of action for nearly 18 months of the prime of his life. The story begins at the bottom of the page (then scroll upwards.)

January 11th 2012 ~ "Boxster's Story - The Truth Behind The Lies" the book will soon be out.

Dec 12th 2011 ~ "Pinches vary. Animals vary. Kate is writing a book explaining how they came to doubt almost everything the vets said was certain."

The Jackson's daughter, Kate, started off as a lab technician.

August 27th 2011 ~ "Upon being let loose from the pen the animal charged gleefully into the field, playing with the other members of the herd and lifting his legs high in the air..."

August 20th 2011 ~ The legal costs of court action over Hallmark Boxter - " a huge waste of public money".

August 16th 2011 ~ Vindication at long last for Hallmark Boxster

August 15th 2011 ~ We wait for confirmation of the news that Hallmark Boxster has passed the next test

July 18th 2011 ~ A poignant moment at the Great Yorkshire Show

12 July 2011 ~ Hallmark Boxster's son, Stubbs Walden Endeavour, judged best male and reserve junior champion in his breed

June 12th 2011 ~ Hallmark Boxster passes new skin test "with flying colours" - but DEFRA now demands another

May 7th 2011 ~ Hallmark Boxter: DEFRA statement "We have decided not to appeal. ..our immediate priority is to continue to work with the owners of Boxster to resolve the TB problem in their herd."

April 16th 2011 ~ Another note on Hallmark Boxter

April 16th 2011 ~ a complete lack of imagination and enterprise

April 14th 2011 ~ Judge, quashing slaughter notice on prize-winning bull, tells DEFRA it had made "a policy mountain out of what was a farm molehill".

January 23rd 2011 ~ "Boxy" the bull reprieved while his owner makes one last bid for a re-test

1st September 2010 ~ Many will be watching and waiting to see the outcome of the "Hallmark Boxster" case