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"Here is a sample tube. You twiddle your swab in here and put the sample in it. You attach it to this tube here. All the reagents are self contained inside. You press the button, close the lid - and 45 minutes later it gives you an answer. 60 minutes later if it's reverse transcriptase. That's it. That's the technology, that's the skill level you need - and you put the test you want into that..."

Roger Breeze and Robert Carlson at "Life Science Trends Worth Watching" (Panel discussion) held March 3, 2011, in Washington, DC.

This conference focused on the increasingly important and transformative role that the life sciences will play in the 21st century and the expanding and evolving connections between advances in the life sciences and U.S. national security.

"For a hundred years or more, diagnosis has actually been all about the process. Now it's really all about the result. This particular machine you can link to a cell diagnosis now is actually a cell phone accessory - state of the art diagnostic detection, it's a cell phone accessory. So if you look at what's been going on with disease reporting - official, cumbersome, disease reporting systems, they have really been circumvented by cell phone based ones, ProMed, Health Map and all the rest of them, where people are providing all this information. Now, if you couple that cell phone (there are 6 billion of them in the world) with a very simple device which feeds in to the cell phone with a state of the art detection that you' transfer that equipment, for the first time it gives a person almost anywhere..the first person to turn up at the site of a problem, the ability to investigate, do a state of the art detection, and report the information in close to real time. So this has been happening all around us - mostly outside Government - happening in the private sector - which is why this is all so important. And people no longer have to be dependent on Government actually giving them access to reagents. You have got the reagent because you have got a sequence on the internet and you can actually do all this yourself."

YouTube video. Warmwell transcript begins at 18.36 mins:

Roger Breeze