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"There are 29 strains or spoligotypes of bovine TB, of which 17 are found very infrequently. In the UK the most common is type 9 with type 11 being more common in Devon, type 21 and 9 more common in Somerset and Dorset, and Cornwall being higher in types 9 and 15. The geographical distribution of spoligotypes of bovine TB in badgers has a high level of correlation with the distribution of spoligotypes in cattle. Spoligotype 35 has recently been identified in farmed deer near Ulverston, Cumbria, and linked to a spread to cattle there."

From: Bovine TB Control in Great Britain A Paper for Discussion (pdf) by the National Beef Association. It makes 18 recommendations, including "the obvious potential of a portable PCR cycler machine" (here)

July 24th 2011 ~ More bTB in Cumbria It appears that two cows sold from the Penrith dairy herd in the months before the outbreak was discovered at Plumpton Head Farm, have reacted to skin tests.

June 30th 2011 ~ A decision has to be made by July 19th

June 29th 2011 ~ Grim news from Cumbria

April 30th 2011 ~ Closed farm near Penrith in Cumbria - a TB mystery