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Sept 29 2006: Warmwell has been asked by John Bashiruddin at Pirbright if we could post the following Disease Control Workshop Recommendations (below) on warmwell while the EU-funded FMD & CSF Coordination Action website is temporarily out of action. A covering message for people to go to warmwell for the latest CA information will be posted there.

"Disease Control Workshop: Stakeholders' Interests in the use of Science/Technology and Decision Making"

was held on 12 May 2006 by the EU-funded FMD & CSF Coordination Action ( see ) at the Institute of Animal Health - Pirbright.

The participants included representatives from the

NFU, BVA, RCVS, RVC, VLA, Elm Farm Research Centre, COPA-COGECA, European Livestock Alliance, NBvH (Dutch Smallholders Association), European Livestock and Meat Trading Union, Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, Defra, SVS-Scotland, and the Netherlands Ministry of Agriculture.

Discussion focused on

Specific (draft) recommendations:

Comments are welcome on the CA Forum and information pages will soon be available.

Expressions of interest in participating in the CA's large stakeholders meeting to be held next year should be sent to and/or





































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