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Come together, in the interests of animal welfare and present to the Government a cohesive policy for dealing with Foot and Mouth and other infectious animal diseases,

in such a way as to give each of the parties concerned, the essential objectives they seek for themselves, viz for:-


- fair, sound, markets for their products.


- a scientific, but humane, approach for dealing with and controlling diseases.


- education about vaccinated meat as a perfectly healthy product.

The wider rural community

- a countryside to enhance the tourist industry and make the nation proud of its achievement in leading Europe and the world towards a policy of sound science, rather than political expediency, as a matter of best practice in animal welfare.

Application form


The FMD FORUM was born out of the Bristol Forum and the Chairman's Challenge (attached for information).

It quickly became apparent at the beginning of this outbreak that things were not as they should to be.

All over Britain extremely talented and effective people were struggling against the relentless attitude of the authorities. Their voices were not heard and they should have been heard. Consequently, one of the many frustrations was, that the powers that be were able to divide and rule and belittle everyone's efforts. In fact, what was lacking in the action was, to coin a phrase, 'cohesion without coercion' and a central 'name' to use for extra weight if and when required.

This is the purpose of the FMD Forum, and, as you can see, we already have a powerful list of Founder Members.

If you have not already, we very much hope you will join us in the FMD FORUM. It will work closely with and to keep information flowing, but the real purpose is to create an all embracing data base able to be called on, as a force to be reckoned with should the necessity arise.

If you would like to join please fill in and return, by post or by email, the attached application form.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Alicia Eykyn